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Very Dirty Dancing

Posted in blowjobs, cheating, exhibitionism, first times on August 15th, 2014

My wife was a normal, loving, if somewhat shy, twenty-three old. That was until our visit to a special club. The lads and I made a habit of going out on a ‘lads night’ at least once every month, and Gail had often pleaded with me to let her come along. I had managed to fob her off on many an occasion, but she finally insisted that if I didn’t take her she would not let me go either. I decided to confess why I did not want her to come, and poured out the confession that we visited a strip club at the end of our nights out, and this was why I did not want her to come along, besides, it would not be a ‘lads night’ if she did.

Although somewhat upset at first, within a few days, Gail was teasing me that she was coming along to ‘keep an eye’ on me. I had already told the others that I was having problems, and despite expecting them to moan, they all seemed keen for her to come along. It took my closest friend to find out why. Mark told me that all the guys fancied Gail, and the reason the others said that ladies were not welcome, was that they all thought their own wives were ‘mooses’, compared to Gail. Gail had always drawn looks from guys, and it was no wonder. Her hair was a dark auburn mane, flowing down to the middle of her back, and she had a nice pair of firm 36C’s, put this along with her shapely ass, you will understand the attraction.

It took me a while to come to terms with this information, that all my friends were jealous of me as I took Gail to bed every night. I found that I liked the idea of my friends being jealous, and decided to allow Gail to come along. Having told the lads, and then Gail, I waited the following days in a state of near permanent arousal, waiting to see what would unfold on the night.

Mark called me at work on the Friday morning to check that all was still okay for the night out, and he said that all ten of the guys had decided to make the night out, despite two or three always backing out, I took this as a compliment, and smiled all the way home.
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Stacey and the Bachelor Party

Posted in anal sex, blowjobs, cuckold, exhibitionism, groupsex on August 7th, 2014

It was a Saturday night and my wife and I had just finished dinner at a nice restaurant. My wife had a couple of glasses of wine and she was feeling buzzed. I could tell she was feeling good because she had been flirting with the waiter.

We have been married seven years and every time she gets drunk, she gets very flirty. I really do not mind, since she is a very attractive thirty-year-old woman and I get off on the fact other men would like to fuck her. She is not bone thing like the supermodels, but she has curves in the places where it counts the most.

As we went out to the car, Stacey suggested we go over to a local strip club. When she suggested this, I knew I would probably have a night of wild sex. Every time we had ever gone to the club, she always got worked up getting lap dances from the strippers and watching me get a lap dances also. One of the reasons we liked this particular club was the private couples dance floor that really let us get down and dirty.

Since I am never opposed to seeing gorgeous naked women, I readily agreed to Stacey’s suggestion. I could feel a bulge in my pants thinking that maybe she would end up on stage again. The last time we were there, the stripper pulled her up on stage and completely disrobed my wife. Seeing the other guys drool at my wife’s naked body definitely got me hard that night.

As I looked over my wife, I knew a stripper would not have any problem getting her clothes off. She was wearing a plain white, three-quarter sleeve oxford shirt. She had it buttoned so that you could some cleavage, but not the lace push-up bra she was wearing underneath that pushed up her c-cup tits. Her khaki skirt went to just above her knee. Underneath I knew she was wearing the briefest of g-strings, which covered a beautiful bald pussy.

My anticipation of the club only grew in my mind. However, I was not expecting what eventually happened.
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Pregnant Wife Gets What She Needs

Posted in blowjobs, cheating, Pregnant, slut wife on July 25th, 2014

Steven drove home from another long and rough day at the office. His recent workload was taking its toll on him…mentally, physically and emotionally. By the time he rolled into the driveway each night at around 9 o’clock, his wife, Karen, was already in bed sleeping after leaving his cold dinner on the counter.

Steven and Karen had been married for five years. The two met as college sophomores and began dating in their junior year. Steven was tall (6’2″) and well-toned for his 200-pound frame, with solid good looks, cobalt-blue eyes and light brown hair. He had been an excellent baseball player in high school, but didn’t continue playing in college. Karen was athletic at 5’5″ and 105 pounds, with deep green eyes and long dark brown hair that she usually wore in a ponytail. Her smooth skin had a natural “tan” color to it, making her appear as thought she spent all her time in the sun. Karen’s body was perfectly proportioned, with full and pert breasts complemented by a subtle curve to her hips. Karen’s ass was also perfect, slightly round and without any dimples or imperfections. Physically, Steven and Karen were the perfect couple.

Steven and Karen dated for three years after graduation before tying the knot. Now at age 30, Steven had a job that paid extremely well, but demanded more and more of his time. Steven’s long hours at work were poorly timed in another regard…Karen was five months pregnant. Steven felt increasingly guilty over his being away from home so much while his wife was feeling the hormonal and emotional pulls of her pregnancy. He tried to ease his guilt by focusing on the financial security he was providing for his wife and future family. But each night when he entered his quiet home, it became difficult to truly believe that he was doing the right thing for his marriage.

Tonight, Steven was actually able to leave work “early” at around 6 o’clock. He was simply too tired to work anymore, and he felt strongly that he needed to spend more time with Karen. Steven and Karen had been arguing more often lately and he had concluded that it was largely because he was away from home just too much. In one confrontation, Karen told Steven that she thought he was no longer attracted to her since she became pregnant. Steven told her that it wasn’t true; in fact, Steven found Karen extremely beautiful pregnant. Karen had not exhibited many of the classic symptoms of pregnancy. Her ankles and legs had not swelled, and her weight gain was very minimal. Her belly was swollen, but it looked perfectly proportioned with the rest of her figure. Karen’s breasts had swelled nicely and her nipples, while not any larger than normal, were a much darker brown. Steven did have to admit, though, that they were not having sex as often as they used to, but that was due to the strain of his job and not any lack of attraction to his wife.

Steven pulled down his street and passed an overnight courier van parked near the corner. He noted that someone must be receiving a late delivery. He pulled into the driveway as usual, though Steven was unaccustomed to seeing his house in the early evening daylight. He walked to the end of the driveway to retrieve the empty trash cans from the morning’s pick-up, which we carried to the rear of the house. Following his usual routine, he entered the house through the backdoor which opened into the kitchen. He dropped his keys onto the counter and noticed that the kitchen light was off. Steven had assumed that Karen would be in the middle of making dinner and that he could surprise her by coming home from work so early. But there were no pots, no bowls, no signs of making dinner visible in the kitchen. Steven thought that perhaps Karen gave up on making a real dinner anymore because he was never home to eat it with her.
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Kissing The Bride

Posted in Big tits, cheating, exhibitionism, family, masturbation on July 18th, 2014

“Kissing the bride is such a sexist tradition.”

“You would prefer that guests just fuck the bride?” I joked.

Kimmy’s reply shocked me. “You would just love that, wouldn’t you Jeff?” Then she stuck her tongue out at me. “You are such a perv.”

Though no prude, she was by all appearances conventional about sex. I enjoyed teasing her about the contrast between her gender liberation and her sexual conservatism. Occasionally, I hinted at the ‘open marriage’ lifestyle I shared with her mother, but never to explicitly. There were certain rules that Ruth, my wife, Kimmy’s mom, insisted on. Not letting family know was one of them.

Like her mother, my step daughter liked to defy expectations. Ever since she was a young girl, life played by Kimmy’s rules, not the other way around. Now as she her wedding approached, her mother, and her future mother-in-law, wanted to run it all. Kimmy would have none of that. So, since her biological father was again half way around the world on an oil rig, she turned to me to mediate.

My reward was watching her, now a week before the wedding, model gowns for me. The stuffy traditional model favored by the mothers, and the low-cut backless sheer designer gown she preferred. With both of them, she wore stay up stockings and an under wire half cup bra. I was so busy bobbing my eyes from her legs to her chest I barely registered the dresses. Still, while she switched back into her casual clothes behind her half shut door, I had sensibly agreed with her choice.

When she emerged, tiny diamond glistening in her ‘slut gut’, I had a hard time not preferring the loveliness of her tan legs bared against the ivory hose, and her extraordinarily large but naturally firm breasts hardly needed the enhancement of the bra. ‘But why,’ I puzzled, ‘did she want the demi-cup? What if her nipples got stiff?’

As quickly as her tongue snaked out to tease me, it hid again in her pearly white teeth, as we sat in the kitchen to await her Mom’s arrival. Kimmy’s full lips turned up in a tiny ‘just kidding’ smile. Images of that tongue tip caressing the slit of my manhood made my cock stir in my shorts. Kimmy’s knee chose that moment to bump mine. Did I just imagine her hand brushing my knee?

“Which would you like better, Jeff, your turn fucking the bride, or watching everyone else do it first?”

Kimmy leaned back in her chair, away from the kitchen table. Her breasts bounced with a nineteen year old’s firmness. This time her cheeks flushed, not blushed. Then, she saw an opening to put me back on the defensive.

“Like my titties, do you Jeff? I bet you wish Mom had big boobs like these. I’m lucky the women on my Dad’s side gave me favorable genetics.”

If she hoped to embarrass me, she turned it on herself. My semi tumescent organ surged to full erection, the tip ticking my leg at the edge of my shorts. Her nipples stiffened as she contemplated what she had just said. The red of her face deepened to scarlet. Time to cool this down or I would be in real trouble.

“Well, it’s too bad your Dad isn’t here to help control your mother.”

“No one can control Mom, you know that. His attempts to try to control her are what split them up. You are so much smarter to treat her with respect for her independence. I respect you so much for that. Mom can be such a pain in the ass.”

“Well you inherited that from her, I guess.”

Kimmy shoot her tongue out from her teeth again, letting it linger a bit longer.

“So, do you fantasize about fucking brides in general, or just me?”

That question definitely gave Kimmy the upper hand. I felt my cheeks blush warmly.

“I bet you pretend it’s me when you fuck Mom. Don’t you, you old perv?”

I was too shell shocked to answer. My cock started shrinking from shame, but then images of how Kimmy might look naked, bent over the kitchen table, my eight inches plowing her doggy style, returned me to full erection.

“You do. I knew it. Does Mom know?”

“There’s nothing to know.”

“You liar.”

“It’s not like I’ve ever seen you naked. How much fun could it be fantasizing about you?”

“You mean you wish you could see these?”

Kimmy whipped her T shirt over her head, holding her arms up. Her braless breasts rose with the motion, pink nipples extended towards me.

“Kimmy, your Mom will be home any minute.”

“So? I bet she’d get really wet if she came in and saw you licking my cherries.”

Still, she let the shirt fall back down her body. My cock drooped as it dropped.

“There’s nothing cherry about you.” Renewing the banter made fresh blood surge into my cock.

“Oh, yeah, Mom’s been great about letting Eric and I fuck in my bedroom. Too bad we had to wait until I was eighteen before she would allow it. My Dad would have freaked, and doing it in Eric’s compact car would have sucked, so we had to wait. I’m really lucky Eric was patient.”

“Did you at least blow him in the car?”

I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation. Kimmy had never lived full time with us, but in the ten years I had lived with her mom, she had visited often, sometimes for extended periods, since her dad traveled to job sites often. She was not quite a daughter to me. I had never tried to be a Dad. I had never disciplined her (except in my dreams). Still, we were too close for this sort of chat. My mentioning her blowing her boyfriend created disturbing pictures in my mind. I had never seen Eric’s cock naked, but judging from the bulge in his pants, it was medium length but fat. In my twisted brain, I imagined Kimmy’s lush lips stretched wide, her head bobbing up and down, swallowing his cock whole, her fist pumping the shaft on the up strokes of her head, squeezing his balls on the down strokes. When I was fucking her Mom and thinking off Kimmy, it was my cock in the fantasy. Putting Eric in the picture was a new taboo. It made my cock throb harder.

“No, I never did. I told Eric that if we started down that road, either I would do something I would regret, and resent him for, or he would get really frustrated. Being older, he had lots of experience with older girls. So I just told him to get his on the side. That was Mom’s idea.”

I wondered whether her Mom had recommended getting some on the side with a testimonial based on personal practice.

“Are you paying attention, Jeff? Where’s your brain?”

My brain was too busy picturing Eric’s cum dribbling from Kimmy’s lips.

“But you won’t quite be a virgin bride.”

“The only thing virgin about me is my anus. I told Eric I’m saving that for the wedding night. Eric ass fucked that slut Melody Ann Thomas, and was all hot to bugger me, but I made him wait. Do you think I’ll like it?”

I’m sure my face was crimson. My cock was now so hard that instead of snaking down the leg of my shorts, it strained the top button. I stroked it without thinking whether Kimmy would notice.

“Does Mom like anal?” Kimmy asked, now looking sheepish.

“I think you would need to ask her that.”

I wasn’t about to tell her that her Mom had a bad experience with a boss with too big a cock, and had sworn off anal years before we met. Especially since the boss had been her lover while still married to Kimmy’s Dad.

“Has Eric been your only lover?” I asked, trying to turn the focus away from her Mom and me, and our odd marriage.

Kimmy blushed again, hanging her head. Her bangs hid her face but not her embarrassment.

“You remember how Eric and I had that big fight after he sided with his Mom about holding the wedding at the castle? I already agreed to include that bitch Melody Ann as a bridesmaid just to even out the numbers, because Eric’s mom wanted all those guys as ushers. I was really angry. Wendy took me out drinking to calm down. Instead of cooling off though, I got really horny dancing at Chico’s.”

Chico’s was the latest dance club popular with kids. I felt like a grandpa every time I went there, but had stopped in often enough to now that the driving music, the heaving boobs in slinky tops, the guys in tight jeans, all spelled troubling amounts of pheromones in the air. I had no luck finding women there, but often brought new fantasies home to Ruth, or whatever fuck buddy I was stopping off to see on the way.

“So, what happened?”

“We met these guys. Firemen. We were so drunk; we thought it was funny when they offered to show us their hoses.”

“There were two guys?”


“Did you…?”

“Yes. They were married guys, so we got a hotel room. There were two double beds in the room. Wendy paired of with one guy, Warren. He was the oldest, about thirty. Red hair like Eric, but not as tall. Very muscular. At first, I just sat on the other bed in between the other two guys watching and Wendy making out. You know how Wendy has smaller tits than me?”

I just gulped. All my blood had rushed to my cock. There was none to power my brain. “Wendy’s chest always looks nice to me.” I admitted finally. “But , of course, I’ve never seen her naked.”

“Yeah, Warren liked them too. They don’t droop at all even braless. She got his shirt off first. I almost came looking at his pecs. Dennis having a paw inside my bra tweaking my nipple helped too.”


“The guy on my right. Blond. A rookie. In fact, Warren was his training officer. They had told their wives it was night orientation. The one on my left was Hispanic. Cruz. He was compact, tight, all muscle.”

“You were saying about Wendy’s tits…”

“Warren finally got her sweater off. She was braless of course. Her cherries really are the color and size of maraschinos. If I hadn’t seen them after she showered, I would think she had rouged them.”

Imaging Wendy showering was almost too much. I was now openly rubbing my cock through my shorts. I noticed that Kimmy’s nipples tented her T-shirt even further as she continued. ‘What did these girls do on their sleepovers?’ I wondered. I would soon find out.

“Watching Warren cup Wendy’s wonderfully firm puppies in his big strong hands really got me going. He leaned over and almost inhaled her left nipple. His flaming hair contrasted with her porcelain skin just as sensuously as her raven hair. I couldn’t hold myself back. I dropped my drink onto the carpet and started kissing Dennis. Cruz didn’t want to get left out, so he started kissing my neck and ear from behind. Four hands practiced at working together quickly stripped my halter over my head, and loosened the zipper on my miniskirt. Dennis started with my left nipple. Warren was doing the same to Wendy. She saw how excited I was getting, so she blew me a stage kiss. Cruz noticed it. He took his hands out of my lap, where he had been trying to get my panties down. He walked across to the other bed and dropped trou. Wendy lay back. Warren didn’t miss a beat, licking down her body as Cruz fed her his cock.”

“What were you doing then?”

“Struggling to watch and get Dennis’ pants off, without Dennis having to stop what he was doing to me.” Kimmy paused. “You really like this, don’t you? You are a total perv. I thought Mom was due home soon.”

“Don’t stop. If she gets home, I’ll just….”

“Jeff! Am I your fluffer now? I get you hard so you can fuck Mom?”

“Uh, no, Kimmy. That’s not what I meant.” I blushed.

“Better keep it in your pants though. In case she objects to me seeing it.” She giggled, and resumed her story. “By the time I got his pants off, Dennis was fully hard. Even though Eric was the only guy I had fucked, I had seen other cocks. Like one time, Eric and I did it in my room while Wendy’s boy friend fucked her on the floor. Dennis’ was longer than those, but narrow. He saw me staring at it. He said ‘Never seen a perfect ass fucking cock before?’”

“What is it with you guys and ass fucking anyway? ‘ Its not going in my ass’ I told him.”

“That chilled him a bit. He kind of lay back pouting. So I watched Wendy deep throating Cruz. When she fucked her boyfriend, they skipped the oral. This was the first time I saw her giving head. At least to a guy. Her technique was better than mine.”

“Maybe it was just different,” I offered.

“Well, Mom taught me with a banana. But I kind of wish she had shown me using you or Eric. I’ve gotten better, but Wendy was a real expert. She took a firm hold of it, staring out with a single long flat tongued roll around the rim at the bottom of the head. Then she stuck her tongue into his peephole. His butt flexed as she did that. The most amazing part was she did this while Warren rimmed her navel. He was soon kissing her tummy. In one big gulp, she chugged Cruz’ length into her mouth. She bobbed up and down just a few times. Then, she ran her tongue around the whole head, in slow motion. All the while, she never let go of the base. The pulsing of his cock must have hurt. He was moaning, like begging. She teased him, trailing her tongue down to the bottom of his shaft. Warren nibbled inside her left thigh and she accidentally bit Cruz’ scrotum. He jumped.”

“What were you doing?”

“I had three fingers of my left hand in my snatch, silly man, what else? Oh, I was using my right hand to tweak my nipples, teasing poor Dennis. He was still slumped in the corner, but now he was stroking his cock. Sorta like you’re doing now, except naked.”

I gulped, trying hard to breathe. I prayed Kimmy finished before Ruth got home. But should I finish or save it for Ruth? In part, that depended on what she was up to while out. If her shopping had included a good fucking, she would let me eat the cream pie, but might be too sore for more. If she had found girly action instead, she would be craving cock, the harder the better. I noticed Kimmy was now leaning back in her chair, fingers lazily tracing circles inside her left thigh as she continued.

“Jumping hurt Cruz more, because Wendy never released his meat. His cry startled Warren, who paused to lift his head, then dove back between Wendy’s thighs. She licked the top of Cruz’ shaft, then offered to kiss his balls better. Of course, he liked that idea.” Kimmy grinned at the memory. Her fingers now slid up under the school uniform skirt.

‘Why is she wearing that on a Saturday?’ I wondered, and then grinned myself. I realized this was no accidental event. Kimmy was really no innocent. Seeing her Mom leave, she had obviously decided to seize the opportunity. Maybe Ruth had even been part of the scheme. It had her touch to it. I sat back, waiting to se where this all lead. Kimmy’s fingers moved faster as she picked up her story.

“Wendy twisted around. Warren lost contact with her pussy for a moment. But firemen are trained to react to the unexpected. Instantly, he was on his back underneath her, licking up the juices sluicing down her thighs. I knew then what I needed to do. I dropped to my knees between the beds. I unzipped Warren’s pants. His one-eyed monster burst up so fast it almost hit my chin. I copied Wendy’s style. Warren seemed to like that.”

“What did Eric think when you came home with new moves?” Ruthie’s philandering habits had been betrayed by new techniques. I wondered if Kimmy’s beau would be as adaptable as me. I sensed marriage would never rein Kimmy in.

“I brought Wendy over, and we play acted her teaching me. Eric loved providing the demonstration cock.” Her hand lifted her skirt as her fingers eased under the edge of her lacy thong. She smiled, as sweetly as the little girl I first met a decade ago. “I see you like this.”

“Go on.”

“I was concerned that Dennis might try fucking my ass as I knelt there, so I didn’t polish Warren’s wood for long. Instead, I climbed right atop his upright hose. I was so wet he sunk in up to the hilt without a pause. He was so big it hurt until I got my rhythm going. Dennis was still in the corner. He seemed unable to decide whether to stare at my tits flop up and down, or Wendy suctioning Cruz down her throat. So I took pity on him and called him to get his cock over for tonguing. His cock hit the back of my throat, but it was thin enough I could breathe around it pretty easily. Even though his was only the third cock I had swallowed, I figured out how to deep throat him. He had been wanking so much, he came almost immediately. Meanwhile, Wendy proved those years of ballet lessons were worth something. She spun around to sit on Warren still, but facing me. She never stopped sucking Cruz.”

Kimmy’s skirt was bunched up around her waist. Her thong was shoved aside. Her long index finger stroked her slit progressively faster as she spoke. Her eyes moved from mine, traveling down my body. “I don’t care if Mom likes it or not. I need to see your cock, Jeff. Staring at that lump in your shorts has got me wet, but even if you need to save your load for Mom, please let me see it. Or I won’t continue.”

“Why do you want to see your old step father’s cock? A cock is just a cock.”

“Seeing how pervy you are has turned me on incredibly, just seeing it will help me cum. I bet you’d like me to touch you. Lick you. Swallow you. Then fuck you. Gawd, you must imagine that I’m as big a slut as Melody Ann. Which I’m not. I love teasing you, but I never thought of going even this far before today. You’ve been so kind, and you’re not even my real dad. But know, we’re getting carried away. Besides, even if I would let you do those things, we don’t have time for all that before Mom gets home. Please show me? Pleeeease.”

She licked her lips wantonly, but then gave me that little girl pout she used for years to get treats. My resistance melted away. I stood and slowly teased her unzipping my shorts. Kimmy leaned forward in her chair, her giant boobs squashed together, displayed to my gaze. Her breathing was shallower, her nipples even stiffer.

I paused, my hand holding the zipper. “Say more to see more.”

“Seymour? Should we call your cock Seymour, Jeff? I think that’s its new name.”

“What happened next? You had Dennis in your throat, Warren in your pussy. Wendy was on Warren’s face, with Cruz in her mouth.”

“Warren was so worked up he didn’t last much longer. Watching Wendy’s perfect tiny white tits with those huge red nipples sticking out at me had me even more excited. I was really anxious to lick them, but first, I wanted to trade cumballs with her. I came a few moments after Warren.”

“Hold on. Trade cumballs with Wendy? Was that something you had done before?”

“Show more Seymour before I tell more.”

I lower the zipper another inch. The helmet of my organ was now half exposed, straining to be released. Kimmy licked her lips.

“We screwed in the same room, like I said, but because the guys were there, we didn’t kiss. We only do that in private. No point freaking the boys. But I wanted to kiss her so badly that time in my room that when Dennis painted my tonsils, I knew we had to share.”

Kimmy grasped her right nipple in her fingers and pulled it hard, twisting at the same time. Her left hand was deep in her pussy. “Your nipples are so neat, Kimmy. Ever think of getting one pierced?”

“No. That slut Melody Ann has two nipple rings. I never would copy her. If I get another piercing, it’ll be in my pussy lips. How about that for a wedding present from my step dad?”

“Lets seee…”


Kimmy leaned back, and lifted her ankles onto the table. She opened her legs as far as possible and with both hands pulled her pussy wide. “I thought right about heeeere….”.She caressed a spot just below her clit on her inner labia.

“I can’t tell if that’s the lip or the clit hood, let me lean in closer.”

“Not yet, you dirty old man.” Kimmy dropped her feet to the floor. Her finger continued stroking inside her lips, but the table hid them from my view. I watched how even this gentle hand motion translated into playful bouncing boobs.

“It’s a deal if I can watch you getting pierced. Now tell me more about you and Wendy. Quickly, before Mom gets home.”

“As if squared.”


You Are Invited

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Tara Andrews muttered as she walked to her closet. What on earth was she going to wear? Dan, her husband, had received an invitation to an exclusive party held by his boss. These parties were known throughout town as ‘social events’ and a personal invite was a coveted treasure.

That still didn’t solve the problem of clothing. It had to be perfect. Tara wasn’t sure why she felt that way, but she did. And though excited about attending such a famed party, she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong. It was nothing she could put her finger on, just an unsettling sensation deep in her stomach.

In an attempt to rid herself of the feeling, she pulled the terrycloth towel off her head, allowing her wet dark hair to tumble down. Tiny rivers of water ran down her delicate shoulder blades to the small of her back. Her alabaster skin goose-bumped from the slight chill. With a toss of the towel knotted around her, Tara made her way to the closet for one last perusal.

She decided on red. The red slinky dress with the spaghetti straps which clung to her figure so nicely. It was elegant, dressy and had just a touch of sexiness. The mid-length hem would be appropriate while still showing off her well-toned legs. Confident in her selection, she finished her make-up and started on her hair. There was still forty minutes before they had to leave. A quick blow dry and a simple twist and she would be on time.

Exactly on schedule, Tara walked down the stairs to see Dan patiently waiting for her. His eyes shone bright as he watched her approach. Yes. She had made the right selection. Tonight would be a night to remember.

Tara sat in awe as they drove up the long driveway. The house that stood before them was vast in size and stature. This was not a house, but a mansion. Never had Tara seen anything like it. The whole front was done in a stone and brick design, interweaved perfectly to create an old English design. The front lawn and gardens surrounding the walk were immaculate. Flowers and shrubs of every variety detailed the curved entrance.

“That’s some house, huh, babe?”

“Oh, yes. It’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Well, you will tonight.”

“Yes, and only because we were invited. This house is magnificent. I wonder why they’re so hidden at the back of the lots. I would love to be able to drive around this area and see all these beautiful homes.”

“It’s for privacy. Otherwise, they would have all us gawkers around constantly.”

Tara giggled. “You’re right. And I would be the number one gawker. Can you imagine living in a house like this? What a dream.”

“Maybe one day, babe. Dreams do come true.” With his final words, Dan got out of the car and came around to let Tara out. He held out his arm to his beautiful wife, and together, they climbed the stairs that led to the front door.

Tara let out a slight gasp as they entered the house. The large foyer was candle-lit, marking the way into the large party room. More bouquets of flowers were placed around the room, sending a sweet fragrance into the air. The aura in the room was electric. People mingled and stood around a small make-shift dance floor. The floor itself was lit with colored spot lights which flashed and moved, seemingly in time to the music which filtered through hidden speakers.

Seeing the only other couple they knew, Dan led Tara over to where Brian and Linda stood. Tara breathed a sigh of relief before giving Linda a tight hug. “Can you believe this place? It’s like out of a fairy tale.”

“I love it here,” Linda answered. “I’m not sure I want to leave.”

The two women continued to point out other aspects of the room they liked while the men went to get the group drinks. Tara was about to point out the elaborate fireplace in the corner when she spotted Garrett and Lucinda Robertson, their hosts, coming down the grand staircase.

“Oh, my,” Tara gasped as she watched them. Their entrance had been well-timed and orchestrated. Everyone in the room had a full view of the attractive couple as they entered their own party. Ohs and ahs were heard around the room as they made their way through to greet their guests.

Tara watched them in a hypnotic trance. She was mesmerized by their elegance and class as they circulated through the room. They were everything she had always assumed of the wealthy. Well bred, classy, beautiful and distinguished. And under it all, a sense of power that energized the room.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she, Tara?” Linda said, pulling Tara back to attention.


“Check out that dress. It’s exquisite,” Linda continued. “How much do you think it cost?”

“A lot, I’m sure,” Tara answered in reply but her attention had switched from Lucinda to Garrett Robertson. The black tux fit him to perfection and suited his dark Mediterranean looks. His hair was cut short and groomed neatly. It wasn’t his good looks that affected Tara, it was something else. As she was trying to place what it was, he looked at her and gave a small nod.

Caught off-guard, Tara blushed and turned away. She inwardly groaned at being caught staring at him like a schoolgirl with a crush.

Linda giggled at her pink-face friend.

“Oh, be quiet,” Tara said with a laugh. “Let’s go find those men and get our drinks.”

They found their husbands talking with a small crowd of colleagues from work. The group talked, laughed and enjoyed themselves. They ate, drank, danced and continued to mingle throughout the room.

Coming back from the dance floor with one of her husband’s co-workers, Tara excused herself and made her way to the powder room. It was on her way back that Tara was stopped by Lucinda Robertson.

“And how are you doing tonight, love? Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh, yes, thank you,” Tara replied. “It’s been absolutely wonderful. And can I say, you have a beautiful home.”

“Thank you, dear. Perhaps you will see more of it later. But first, let me introduce you to my husband.”

Tara turned. She hadn’t seen Garrett approach and again blushed slightly. “It’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Robertson. Thank you for inviting us. I was just telling your wife…”

He cut her off. “You will be the one.”

“Um, the one, what?”

“That will be on her knees, sucking my cock, before the night is through.”


“I’ll call for you later.” With that, Garrett walked away without another look, at Tara or his wife.

Tara looked quickly to Lucinda to try and explain that she would never, but was struck quiet with the look she saw there. Lucinda did not look shocked or upset. Instead, she almost looked pleased. The grin on her face made Tara’s face turn from red to white.

“Hey, hun, you okay?” Dan’s words brought Tara out of her spell. She hadn’t even noticed Lucinda walk away.

“Um, no. I mean, yes. Yes, I’m fine, Dan, thanks.”

“Are you sure? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

“No, I’m fine, really.”

“Are you ill? Do you want to go home?”

“No!” The intensity in which she said the word shocked both of them. Although, she didn’t know what to think of the earlier encounter, she didn’t want to leave. But why? Garrett couldn’t have been serious. He hadn’t meant that. It was a joke at her expense, wasn’t it? It had to be. Plus, she would never do such a thing. She was a married woman and he was a stranger. Not to mention the fact, civilized people didn’t act that way.

Tara let out a shrill laugh that was unlike her. “I’m sorry, honey. I don’t know what got into me. I’m okay and I really do want to stay. Maybe I’ll just get a drink and go sit down for awhile.”

“Okay, Tara. But if you change your mind, let me know.” He walked her to the bar and ordered her a drink before leaving her on one of the many sofas to relax. She was acting peculiar tonight. He would keep an eye on her.

Tara knew she had alarmed Dan with her behavior. She could see him watching her as he mingled through the crowd. Damn. He couldn’t watch her all night. Tara swallowed a sob as the thoughts came. Why couldn’t he? It wasn’t like anything was going to happen. All she was going to do was sit here and regroup, then act like an adult and enjoy the rest of the party. Although her thoughts were logical, Tara felt upset. Did she want it to happen? To be on her knees before Garrett, sucking his cock? No. It was ridiculous. Then why did her mind keep going back to the idea. She knew she wasn’t drunk; she was only sipping on her second glass of wine. It had to be the shock of hearing something so blunt and forward. The absurdity was the reason it was still in her mind. Feeling better, though somewhat disappointed, Tara stood and made her way back into the crowd.

Tara laughed and was enjoying the conversation of the group of people she was with when a shiver ran down her spine. Garrett had brushed up behind her and let his hand rest in the small of her back. He whispered in her ear, “Third floor, second door on the left. You have five minutes.”

Tara’s face went white then blushed to deep crimson. He was serious. A nervous excitement ran though her before fear set in. She watched Garrett make his way up the stairway without even looking back. His posture said he knew she would be there as commanded. The arrogance of it put her off. How dare he. Did he really expect her to follow? He did, and deep down, she knew she would.

Tara excused herself from the group and headed to a small alcove along the wall. She needed to think. What was she doing? Was she really contemplating this? The nervous energy that flowed through her made her think so. She was on fire with heat and excitement. Even her pussy was wet with the thought of it. But how could this be? Normally, she would be offended beyond belief if anyone, even her husband, spoke to her that way.

No. It was absurd. She wouldn’t do it. Garrett Peterson may be powerful and rich, but he didn’t own her. No one could tell her what to do. Then why did the thought of being degraded like that turn her on? She did want this. Every fiber of her body was telling her so. Tara’s mind spun out of control as she battled being the good wife versus being a whore.

Unbeknownst to Tara, Lucinda had filled Dan in on the earlier conversation and of what had just transpired. Together they stood by the back bar and watched Tara with her inner struggle.

“If she goes, you will get to watch a treat, indeed.” Dan remained silent, his own thoughts whirling around in his head. Lucinda leant in, brushing her breasts against his side. “Oh, Dan, this is just the beginning. Imagine all the fun to be had.” Her smile was sinister as well as alluring.

Just as Dan was about to speak, both noticed Tara slowly make her way up the stairs.

“Let’s go up the back. Quick, follow me.”

Each stair was a painful experience for Tara. Her emotions boiled and she swallowed back a sob. What was she doing? Why was she doing this? Tears filled her eyes and threatened to spill over. Confused and frustrated, she climbed her way to the third floor.

The second door on the left loomed before her. This was the moment of truth. She could still leave. Turn and run away. But she knew she couldn’t. Her will was no longer her own. Somehow, Garrett had reached a place deep inside her soul with his prediction. He had sensed something in her she hadn’t realized. But now, here at the large oak door, she knew it was true. She wanted this. Needed it. This desire to be dominated and humiliated as he had done earlier. It had stirred desires in her that burned hot and deep. She couldn’t turn back now. This was her destiny and she hadn’t cared if anyone noticed her as she walked up the stairs. Even Dan was far from her mind. She belonged to Garrett in this moment and she knew she would do as he instructed. With a fire in her belly and a shaking hand, Tara turned the doorknob and entered the room.

“You’re late.” His voice was not loud but his disapproval was evident.

Tara stood dumbstruck. All her earlier confidence in her decision shattered. Fear stood out in her brilliant blue eyes.

“You must be punished for your tardiness. Strip, slut.”

Tara was not sure if she was more shocked from being told to strip or being called a slut. Whichever it was, both turned her on, and added to her confusion. Her fingers fumbled as she slipped the straps of her dress over her creamy shoulders. The dress fell away leaving her in only a pair of panties and black stockings, along with the four-inch heels she had worn. She looked at him with desperation.

“Now the panties.”

Tara couldn’t believe her hands as her fingers slipped away her black panties. Here she was, stripping away her clothes in front of this man, and she still didn’t understand why. What shocked her more was the knowledge that she liked it. Though her skin flushed red with embarrassment, she was sexually excited.

Garrett sat on the edge of the king-size bed and continued to look over her almost naked body. With a slight nod and a pat of his lap, he summoned her to him. “Over my knee, slut.”


“Let’s not play games. You were late and you will be punished for it. Come here.”

On shaking legs, Tara approached and stood at his side. She knew what was expected of her. Gingerly, she lay across his lap. She gasped as his hand rested on her backside.

“A very lovely ass, indeed. Let’s see if we can make these cheeks blush as nice as the ones on your face.”

“Oh, god,” Tara moaned before the first smack came down. His hand continued to slap her ass in a rhythmic pattern and beat. And although it stung, Tara found she enjoyed the warmth and sensation it caused in her.

As the blows carried on, the heat and pain increased. Tara yelped with each new smack. But it was not the pain that fueled her desires. It was the fact that she was spread over a stranger’s lap and being punished. The shameful thought was bringing her to a peak. Before she could explode with pleasure, Garrett stopped and had Tara stand to face him.

He walked to the bureau before speaking. “I think you enjoyed that. Your pussy is soaked and ready to cum, but that’s not the reason you’re here.” Garrett stood and unzipped his trousers. Tara looked at him with wide eyes. “On your knees, slut.”

Tara started to walk to him.

“On your knees, now! You will crawl to me, understand?”

Shocked and with tear-filled eyes, Tara nodded and dropped to her knees. His displeasure added to her humiliation of having to crawl like an animal. “That’s better. Now kneel before me and open your mouth. Wider!”

Tara complied even though it was uncomfortable to have her mouth so open. The tears which had been welling in her eyes earlier spilled down her cheek as he slapped his cock against her lips. She tried to capture him in her mouth but he was intent on teasing her. He moved his cock just out of her mouth’s grasp.

“Look at the little slut trying to get that big cock. Come on, slut, get it.” His words chided her as he kept just out of reach. “What’s the matter? Open your mouth and take it. I know you want it, now come and get it.”

He stepped back every time she almost had his organ in her mouth, making her continue to crawl forward to stay in reach. It was humiliating and exciting at the same time.

Finally he allowed her to take him into her mouth. Her lips wrapped instantly around his rigid pole. Tara was so in need of him by this time that she eagerly sucked him deep into her mouth. Her rhythm was fast and urgent. The taste of his pre-cum fueled her desire and she thrust herself forward causing his cock to hit the back of her throat. She let it sit there before slowly gliding her lips along his shaft as she released him.

“Very nice, slut, but a gift like you have must be shared.”

Tara gave no thought to his words but rather concentrated on taking his cock back into her hot mouth. She didn’t notice that he had pressed a small button on the bureau as he spoke. It was only when a shadow passed over her did she open her eyes and stop.

Two men had entered the room. One was an older man who looked as if he had seen better days. He looked disheveled and dirty. The other was a young black man. Although he too looked out of place in this majestic house, his looks were very manly and rugged. These men had not been present downstairs but were obviously known to Garrett.

Tara was left naked and kneeling on the floor while he re-zipped his pants and spoke in a hushed tone to the two. She turned beat red with embarrassment while the men ogled her as they listened. Paralyzed with shame, she didn’t try to cover up her nakedness with her hands.

Tara watched in shock as the older man approached. “I got something for you to suck, girl.”

In disgust, Tara shook her head vehemently.

“Listen, bitch, take it out and suck it.”

“No. I won’t,” and then more weakly, “I can’t.”

Garrett’s voice cut in. “You can and you will.”

Tara looked to him immediately. She was ready to plead until she saw the look on his face. This was what he wanted. He had set it up. His eyes calmed her and she knew she would be okay. The need to please him overtook her earlier denial. Hesitantly, Tara took the old man’s cock into her mouth. After a few strokes, she forgot about him and concentrated on doing it for Garrett. The thought both excited and shamed her. She loved the feeling of giving into his control. At the same time, it made her feel used and like a toy. The idea that she was nothing more than sexual entertainment ignited her passions further.

So much so that when the young black man started to fondle her pussy, she let out a loud guttural moan. Tara tried desperately to hump his expert fingers while she blew the older man. Her sexual nature had been released and her body responded to her actions. All the while, she was aware of Garrett’s watching and tried her best to give him a good show.

Dan could not believe what he was seeing. There was Tara, sexually involved with two men while another watched. He might have burst into the room in anger if it hadn’t been for Lucinda. She had sensed his discomfort, and in an effort to sate him, started rubbing his cock through his pants while whispering in his ear.

“Doesn’t that look good, Dan? I bet you want some of that too, don’t you?” She paused for just a second. “I know I do.” Soon Lucinda was on her knees with Dan’s cock in her mouth. What could he do now? Tara was sexually satisfying strangers while his boss’s wife worked his own cock. What a party this had turned into. Dan continued to watch as the two men switched places on his wife.

“I got to try out that pussy now. Get up here and let the slut work on your package.”

By now, Tara was eager to see what the young black man had to offer. Her eyes grew wide when he pulled out his enormous member. Not only was it longer than she had ever seen, but thicker too.

Her attention was stolen momentarily by the older man’s grip on her hips before he plunged inside. “Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so good.”

Tara looked up to see Garrett still watching intently. He gave her a slight nod to continue. She wished it was Garrett who was fucking her but she was strangely satisfied knowing he was enjoying watching her. Taking the young man’s large cock in her hand, she placed her lips around its head. It was too large to take in fully but she pleasured him as best she could.

“You can take more.” Garrett’s voice invaded the air. “Come on, girl, show me what a slut you are.”

Fueled on by his words, Tara tried to take more of the massive cock into her mouth. She choked and gagged on it as the older man pushed her forward with his thrusts. The pain of her mouth open so wide was offset by the pulsing in her pussy and Garrett’s crude comments. He called her a slut. A whore. How she was nothing but a toy for their pleasure and amusement. She wanted it and they were going to give it to her. His comments sent her over the edge and she exploded in climax.

Dan had also climaxed at the same time as Tara and delivered his load into Lucinda’s eager mouth. She gently licked him clean and nuzzled his balls before standing up and excusing herself. When Dan turned to see where she was going, he noticed Brian and Linda standing there. They had not only been watching him and Lucinda but had full view to see the scene Tara was involved in as well.

Brian spoke in a hushed voice, “Sorry, man, but we came looking for you guys and kind of stumbled in on this. I have to say, we’ve quite enjoyed it so far.” The grin on Linda’s face said she was in full agreement.

“Um, I, um. I don’t know what to say,” Dan stuttered.

“Don’t say anything,” Linda whispered, “just watch.” The three focused their attention back to the main bedroom.

“I’m going to blow,” the older man called out. “Turn around, bitch and open wide.”

Tara released the big black cock from her mouth and turned to face the older man. She wrapped her lips around his shaft and swallowed his hot seed as it shot into her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, that was great, slut. Did you like that?” the older man asked.

Tara nodded in answer.

“Good. Then you’re going to love what’s coming next.”

“Yes,” Garrett chimed in, “and we shall enjoy watching her take it.”

Tara looked at Garrett in confusion and then felt the young man behind her. Ah. Now she would feel this massive cock in her pussy. Tara groaned in anticipation. His cock head dipped into her wetness. She tried to push back against him but he pulled out. When he brought his organ back to her, Tara jumped forward in shock.

“Remain still,” Garrett ordered.

Fresh tears spilt from her eyes as she knew she would not resist what was coming. Once again, she felt his huge member press against the delicate opening of her ass. In one slow, excruciating thrust, his cock invaded her inner sanctuary.

Tara cried out in sobs. She tried to breathe deep and allow her body to adjust to this huge invasion of her body. He started to fuck her ass with long slow strokes. And although each new drive made her gasp, soon she was thrusting back in rhythm.

“Now!” Garrett’s voice rang out. “Punish her ass hard.”

The young man increased his intensity and drove his cock deep into Tara’s ass. She screamed out with each new thrust. After a rapid flurry of strokes, the young man gave out a moan and unleashed his hot spunk into Tara’s ravaged ass.

As soon as he pulled out, Tara slumped to the floor in exhaustion.

“Oh, my, don’t tell me I’ve missed the party.”

Tara looked up instantly to the sound of Lucinda’s voice. Her eyes widened as she took in the vision before her. Lucinda was totally naked except for her heels and a humungous dildo strapped to her body.

“Ah, dear,” Garrett responded, “you know the party doesn’t start until you arrive.”

Lucinda grinned and stood directly in front of Tara. “Such a pretty little slut. Garrett always picks the best ones. Come, dear, let’s get you positioned properly.”

With a hold of Tara’s hair, Lucinda dragged her over to where Garrett sat on the edge of the bed. He had already taken off his pants and his organ was fully erect.

“Lay back, hun, and let our toy climb aboard.”

Tonight had been everything from a mixture of shame and embarrassment to excitement and sexual turn-ons for Tara. Whatever the consequences of her actions, tonight had opened her mind and allowed her sexuality to soar.

With a sense of complete lust, Tara climbed over Garrett and lowered herself onto his waiting cock. She moaned loudly as his hands grabbed her breasts and pulled her down. He twisted and pulled her nipples causing her to crush her chest against him in relief. Sensing Lucinda approach, he released his grip and moved his hands to spread Tara’s ass cheeks apart.

In one vicious thrust, Lucinda entered Tara’s ass with the huge strap-on. Tara cried out in pain and pleasure. The feeling was intense. She felt as if she would explode with the fullness. Lucinda continued to fuck Tara’s ass with hard strokes. With Lucinda’s forcefulness and Garrett’s cock hitting its mark inside her, Tara exploded in a flurry of orgasms.

Garrett followed soon afterward. Seeing the two were spent, Lucinda removed the strap-on from Tara and sat on the bed beside them with a pout.

“What’s the matter, my dear?” Garrett questioned.

“Our slut had all the fun and I still haven’t cum.”

“Well, dear, maybe our friends standing in the hall can remedy that,” Garrett said, acknowledging the voyeuristic trio with a grin.

4th of July

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A few years ago, coming out of my divorce, I found myself hooked on multiple commitments. If having one woman in love with you was good, how about having two or three or more in love with you? Of course, the answer is that just as the pleasure is multiplied, so is the pain. I would experience the “pain” side of things time and again later that summer, but one Fourth of July weekend I would experience the pleasure, with a perfect alignment of sorts.

Thursday Night: My current lover, we’ll call her Contessa, was over at my house the night before, on the 3rd. A tiny, curvaceous dark-haired Mediterranean beauty in her mid-30′s, she had small breasts and a round, firm, fuckable ass. We went to bed at the usual hour, but before we fell asleep, my excitement got the better of my and, reaching over, I felt her ass and pulled her towards me. She pushed back against my rapidly hardening cock. My right hand came around her right hip, slowly moving down into her black, see-through panties, pushing them down until I found her dripping, wet pussy. My left hand came up around her neck, pulling her into me, as my right hand pulled down her panties. She helped me, kicking off her panties.

We rolled onto our stomachs and my legs parted hers. With little foreplay, I entered Contessa from behind, my cock splitting her pussy into as I breathed in her sweet, soft dark mane. Quite expressive, Contessa purred with appreciation as I entered, lifting her hips up off the bed to match my thrusts. I held her down as I pumped her, completely enveloping her petite frame, all the while thinking about tomorrow’s planned activities, and when I couldn’t take any more. I exploded inside of her.

My cock still inside of Contessa , we fell asleep. I knew that sharing my precious bodily fluids might sap some of my strength on Friday, but the sexual energy was high
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Coed Shower

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It took me months to talk her into it, going to a nude beach. I remember the first time I mentioned it to my wife Susan, she just looked at me like I was crazy and said “you’ve got to be out of your mind.” We have been married 18 years and have never really done anything too adventurous sexually. Don’t get me wrong, our sex life was great, after 18 years I’m still as turned on by her as I was when we were dating. Susan is 5’6,” 115 pounds and has shoulder length blonde hair. She also has the most beautiful green eyes you ever saw. Her skin is that of a 20 year old, still so soft and smooth. Time has been extremely kind to her.

It was after months of reading erotic stories on the internet that I started thinking I’d like to visit a nude beach. Voyeur and Exhibitionism were my favorite erotic story subjects so the idea of visiting a nude beach would let me experience a little of what I’d been reading. I wanted Susan to go because one of the fantasies I have is to have some guy see her naked. That’s all I wanted, I could never think about some other guy doing anything to her. I just thought it would be a huge turn on to have some stranger see her naked, and to see some good looking naked female strangers too! Like I said, we never did anything too sexually adventurous and Susan was quite shy. When we went to a pool or regular beach she never wore a swimsuit that was too revealing. She always got uncomfortable when she thought some guy was checking her out at the beach even without a revealing swimsuit.

So I kept bringing up the subject a couple times a week for a few months, she always thought it was a stupid idea and kept asking me why it was on my mind all of a sudden. She does not know about all of the erotic story reading I’ve been doing. Finally one day she agreed but only if I didn’t pressure her to get naked if she felt uncomfortable and only if I promised that we would find a secluded part of the beach. I agreed thinking this was the most cooperation I was going to get. I already knew of a place to go about 150 miles from where we lived. I had done my internet research! The following Saturday was the day.

We got to the beach around noon. It was fairly crowded. As we walked along on the beach looking for the right spot we saw some people who had swimsuits on, some women were topless and fewer were completely nude. It was enough to make Susan turn bright red with embarrassment though! Especially when we walk past a naked guy, she just glanced at him and quickly looked away. We kept walking until the crowd thinned out. As I promised her we found a secluded area far from the crowd and stretched out a blanket. She had on a 2-piece swimsuit that wasn’t too revealing but for her it was more than you’d expect. We had a nice afternoon, I got naked for awhile and she would only take her top off after looking both ways down the beach to make sure nobody was walking towards us. We splashed around in the water a bit and got some much needed sun.

When it was time to go I felt a little disappointed that she didn’t go full nude and nobody came anywhere near us anyway, but I had a nice day with my wife and maybe next time she’d let us spend some time around other people. As we were walking back toward the crowd Susan was looking for the showers we saw earlier in the day. She wanted to wash the salt water out of her hair, she always said it always made her hair feel funny the next day. We found the shower and as she was walking up to the entrance she realized there was no “men” or “women” sign. Then we both realized this was a nude beach so there was really no point of having separate showers.
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Football Fun

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Being in the military, I’ve met friends from all over and we often get into discussions about which football team is the best. My good friend Rick is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and I’m a hard-core Oakland Raiders fan. We often give each other a hard time about how well our teams played that week.

This friendly competition progressed until we began putting a bet on each season. The guy whose team had the worse record had to buy $50 worth of football memorabilia for the winner.

For the last couple of years my Raiders, while not playing championship ball, were at least outplaying the Bears. This had earned me a lot of stuff, as well as bragging rights.

At the end of last season, I was over at his house, harassing him about another losing season while we drank beer and joked. His wife, also a Bears fan was getting a little tipsy and said that next year would be different; her team would win for sure. I asked her if she was looking to lose a bet along with her husband. She said she’d love to earn some free Bears stuff.

Joking with her, I said that her team sucked so bad that I already had all the Raiders stuff that was made, but that if she was interested, we could make the bet a little more interesting.

When she asked what I meant, I told her that if I won, she would have to wear nothing but Raiders stuff one night, and do whatever I said for that night. She thought about it for a moment and then agreed. She looked over at her husband for his permission and he smiled and said it was fine with him. The bet was on.

Fortunately, that was the season that the Raiders decided to show the league they knew how to play ball, while the Bears kept up their recent mediocre play. As the season wore down, I started getting everything together that I needed. When it was obvious that I had won I went over to their house to collect my prize.

Rick’s wife Sandy is a petite little brunette with a dynamite body. I’d always lusted after her in silence and envied Rick, but tonight I was going to do more than lust after her, that is, if I could actually get away with it.
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Wendy And Kim

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The game.

It was a simple game. Do anything to win. Do anything to get in. And I had done everything I could. In the end we reached a point of no return. Simple. The game started with five of us, but each round one player made her way into the sorority. It was a simple; cut of the deck of cards high card would win. We had fought through all the other battles to get in. But with this game the last girl standing would face a dilemma.

As always the problem was I couldn’t see the future. It was truly an unsure and unsettling feeling. I was, a nineteen-year-old naïve virgin facing fate head on.. The choices at this point were to keep playing or quit and fail. If I won I was in as well, so I had to keep playing. We all knew that.

I knew the winner was in, the loser could drop her pledge or take a chance on a mission. The dilemma was the ten possible mission cards on the table, the winner would chose the losers mission card if the loser would dare go on. There would be no backing out. If there was a tie, we both chose the others mission card. If either of us refused in the case of a tie we both would be losers and out. Now, of the ten missions eight were manageable, it was the last two that made the gamble frightening.

Mission 8 – Run a mile naked through town on Saturday night. Mission 9 – Go a week without underwear while wearing a sorority skirt. Mission 10 – Have sex for money within a week.

Our choices

Simple, I was left facing Kim.

The President, Susan informed us “No girl has ever pulled the ten card, yet. So ladies, are both of you still in the game?” Kim immediately replied “I’ve come this far, I’ve gotta keep going.” “Wendy?” Susan asked. “Yes, I’m in.” I replied meagerly.

Both Kim and I pulled a card from the deck. I pulled the seven of clubs. “Shit”, I thought to myself.

“Ladies please show your cards.” Susan demanded while the sisters waited in anticipation of the mission.

I turned my seven over slowly; an “ooh” could be heard from the ladies in the room. I was right in the middle of the deck.

Kim giggled as she slowly dropped her seven of hearts on the table.

“We have a tie, for the first time in sorority history ladies.” Susan laughed and continued. “You have both agreed to draw missions. Betsie will separate the ace through ten of hearts so our pledges can pull a number for each other’s mission. The mission will be your opposites corresponding number. If either of you chose not to play, you both lose. If both of you play, then both of you are in. There are no other options. You have five minutes to decide if you will play and accept your mission without doubt or hesitation.”

The sorority girls then left Kim and I to debate the risks. The ten cards lay on the table waiting to chose our fate. Everything was in place for us to pull each others mission. Here were the odds, a 80% chance that for a manageable mission, and a 10% chance on an embarrassing mission and 10% on offering up sex for money. Wow.

Fearful of letting each other down. We agreed to risk everything.

The ladies all returned for our verdict. “What is the choice ladies?” Susan asked. We both replied “we’re in”.

“OK” Susan answered questioning our wisdom.. “Betsie please shuffle the cards well.” After an agonizing couple of minutes Betsie lay the cards face down on the table while spreading the cards aroung randomly. Giving us both all the opportunity to back out Susan asked once final time “If you both take a card then the game is complete, you agree to complete your mission if you play.”

Kim slid a card from the middle of the pile, my mission. I looked at her nervously as I did the same.

“Cards Ladies?” I watched Kim’s pretty face as she slowly flipped over my card, it was a nine. No panties, my God, I thought! Then it was my turn, I flipped Kim’s mission over, “oh my God” I thought again turning over a ten. A gasp went through the room, “Fuck” Kim screamed.
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The Exhibitionist

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My name is Michelle and I enjoy being an exhibitionist. I like to tell true stories of exposing myself or being exposed by my boyfriend. If I get a good response to this story, I’ll write more. I think true stories are much more exciting to read than made up stories, although true stories tend to be a bit less wild.

I had an exciting weekend. My boyfriend Jim took me out on the town on Saturday, and I wore one of the sexy outfits he’d bought me for Valentine’s Day. The cut off crop top and hip hugger type, micro mini skirt were more appropriate for warmer weather, but I was anxious to wear them. It was the first time I’d tried it on, and you wouldn’t believe how low it dips down in front, almost down to my hairline (that is if I wasn’t shaved). You could actually see my hipbones and lot’s of skin lower down when I walked. I felt almost naked. The skirt was almost low enough to expose the tattoo right above my pussy which says, “Watch out, it’s really hot down here” with an arrow pointing down. My bikini panties only just barely cover up what it says down there. I was shaved when the artist wrote it for me, so if I let the hair grow out, it covers the sentence up.

Jim took me out to dinner at a very nice place. I had a black blazer on over the crop top because Jim had snipped a bit too much off the lower portion of the crop top. It was so high, most of my breasts were exposed out of the bottom when I’d reach up or arch my back or put my hands behind my neck. I’m only 34B, but my breasts are still nice and firm for my young 32 years of age. My breasts are topped by what Jim describes as prized, very pink nipples. I’m 5’8″ tall with very long legs. My torso is quite long as well, so when I’m wearing a bikini or crop tops with shorts there is a lot of skin showing. And if you got to know me personally you’d find out I like showing as much skin as possible.

After dinner Jim took me to a nice, rather dark nightclub that had a live band. The club was packed mostly with people in our age group. After three drinks I was feeling no pain and mentioned to Jim that I was getting very warm. He quickly suggested I take off the blazer. I reminded him that I had the short crop top on, that he’d trimmed even shorter, and the hip hugger micro mini skirt that was almost exposing my pussy. He said, so what, we both know you like showing off a bit, and besides I don’t see anyone here that we know. Do you see any of your friends? I had to say that I didn’t see anyone I knew. “Well, then” he said, “why not take off the blazer or at least open the two buttons and see if you don’t feel a lot cooler?” I remember saying “oh I suppose.”

At first I felt more comfortable just unbuttoning the two buttons, but keeping the blazer close together in the front. While sipping still another drink, I felt Jim pulling the blazer all the way open for me. Isn’t he nice? Although there were other young ladies about my age in the place, none of them had crop tops on that were shortened anywhere near as much as mine. Feeling the effects of all the drinks, I was really enjoying all the guys and even their dates or wives seeing so much of my exposed body. At first I was careful to lean forward and keep my elbows on the table to keep the cropped top down. But it wasn’t long before I sat up straight and got a little more careless, exposing the lower part of my breasts for everyone nearby to see. I get very wet between my legs when I know I’m creating a spectacle and I love being noticed. Jim gets quite turned on himself whenever I’m showing a lot of my body. He likes to reach down and open an extra button or two on my already too short skirts. He loves seeing my exposed upper thighs and really gets excited displaying me to complete strangers.
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First Black Sex and Lactation

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This story is going back to when I was a young wife and mother. My husband, Harry and I had been married only a few months when he decided to enlist in the Air Force. I was 19 and he was 20 when we got married. I was seven months pregnant at the time he entered the Air Force so I stayed home until the baby came. After my 6-week checkup, I joined him along with our new born son. We had a 1-room efficiency apartment, which was all we could afford at the time.

Harry’s Squadron Sergeant met all new comers and their wives (if married) so when I arrived we had an appointment to meet Sergeant Philip S. Singer. Sgt Singer was about 40 years of age, big muscular jet- black man with sparkling eyes and a nice smile. He greeted the baby and me and welcomed me to the Air Force team. Of course at 19 years of age and not too well traveled, I was awe struck with all the attention.

We sat around a coffee table and had coffee and donuts and chatted. I might have been somewhat naïve however I did not miss that look that every gal gets to know where men signal their likes of what they see. I could tell that he was sizing me up a little more than is normally done when meeting someone.

In high school I know that it was not uncommon for the black guys to hit on the white gals and try to have sex with them. I was wondering if Sergeant Singer has any ideas along them lines.

When it came time to depart, Sergeant Singer made a special effort to look me in the eyes and tell me what a pleasure it was to meet me and hoped that we would meet again soon.

It was not long until the Squadron picnic, which was a time for the members and their families to get together for social activities and eat and drink which included plenty of beer. Harry and I went. As the baby was too young for the activities, we decided to get a baby sitter for him.

My husband has a weakness, he loves beer and when it is free he thinks he has to drink it all up. Well this day was not an exception, as the afternoon wore on, Harry got drunk and soon passed out on a picnic table. Sergeant Singer got a couple of guys to get him into his car and took Harry and me to our apartment. After I sent the baby sitter home and Harry was safely in bed sleeping his drunk off, I had to feed Junior.

Sergeant Singer had sat down on the couch to watch a football game on TV. I needed to breast feed Junior and as I could not just ask the Sergeant to leave, I giggled and said, “Sergeant Singer, Hope you like white titties as I have to feed Junior.”

“Well, don’t mind me and of course I appreciate nice young breast of all colors,” as he chuckled in a deep throaty manner. “I have seen women breast feeding before, so just do what you have to do and by the way, I would like for you to call me Phil.”
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The Rich Party

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This is a story about my wife, Leanne, and her best friend, Anna. Leanne, I should add, is a very well preserved 38 years of age, about 165 cms tall & 57 kilos. We have two children of school age. She exercises a lot, including weights, and has size 34b boobs with very responsive nipples on top of a perfect round bottom and a pussy that cums like a gusher when she is really turned on. She truly loves sex, but is surprisingly shy around people she does not know well until the alcohol has lubricated her inhibitions!

Her friend, Anna, is quite different. She is a divorced single mum in her mid?40s. She has bottle blonde hair to keep the grey and look fresh. She is quite buxomy (about size 38 tits), and a hot body – trim, taut tummy & tight bum. I had never fucked her, but geez if I could! She owns her own little place with no debt, working hard to pay it off and is quite independent. She has had several boyfriends in recent years, but in her words mostly likes to have “fun”.

Leanne & Anna go out together of a Friday night about once a month. They go to clubs, dancing and stuff. They regularly talk about sex, and Leanne often comes home with raunchy stories of what Anna has been up to. I do not think they have ever played up together of a Friday night, but they have got into some situations where they could have (like the time they went to the art show opening in a group of eight and were asked back to one of the guys’ apartment). Still, I can’t say I had ever felt Leanne’s pussy to be puffy and “used” on coming home – but she has sure as hell come home hot for a fuck at 11pm quite often!

Anyway, this story is about what I understood to be the first time my wife has “stepped outside” our marriage (after 12 years). Oh, we have talked about things a lot – I get very excited, as does she. But we never took the plunge ourselves. I registered us on websites, and all sorts of things, but we never got beyond sexy talk. Leanne likes all manner of straight sex, but has to be in the “right mood” to take my cock up her arse. It took Anna to do it and take us to the other side, with my consent of course. I can honestly we haven’t looked back, as you will see it was no ordinary act that occurred!
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New High School Friend

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Becky sat on the cracked red plastic of the coffee shop’s last booth and glumly stared into her cup. Her whole life seemed, at that moment, to stretch out as an unending source of boredom. Two weeks out of High School, two weeks for the excitement of graduation to wear off, and she had to face the reality that High School was going to be the absolute best time of her life.

It made her want to cry. “Damn it! It wasn’t even that good!” She told the salt and pepper shakers, “I don’t want that to be the best there is.” Angry tears, the same angry tears she’d been fighting for days, welled up and threatened to drop. One day she’d let them fall. She hadn’t already because she’d a good idea it wouldn’t help.

“Um, Hi, Becky.”

It was Christie, the most popular girl in the school. The head cheerleader. The Homecoming Queen. The Prom Queen. Becky had always been torn between hating Christie’s guts and envying her everything.

“Hi, Christie.” What does she want? Becky wondered.

“Can I, uh, can I join you?” Christie was nervous about something, it was plain from the hesitancy and the way she shifted from one foot to another. Her big, cornflower colored eyes stared anxiously into Becky’s. Intrigued, Becky nodded and motioned to the bench opposite.

“Go ahead.”

Christie slid into the booth and smiled brilliantly at Becky. “Thanks. So what have you been doing since graduation?” Becky knew she was staring, knew she should stop, but it was so strange to have Christie even talking to her, let alone making conversation.

At school Christie was the center of the in-crowd, and they almost never mixed with the black kids. “Nothing, much. I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do.” Christie hesitated then looked at her hands as she said, “I sorta thought you were going to marry Richie.”

Did she want Richie? Was that it?

“No. I’m not getting married. I don’t think I’ll ever get married.”

Why did she say that? Becky didn’t want Miss Popular knowing she wasn’t wanted; even if she didn’t want any of the guys.

“Really? I… Me either. I mean, it’s such a dead end, you know?”

Christie started to relax. “I didn’t want that and it seems like everybody pushes you to do it, all the guys, my friends, my family… I just don’t want to. I think it’s great that you don’t want it either. It’s like a validation of what I’m feeling, y’know?”

“You don’t need validation from me!” Becky snapped. It made her angry, whatever little game Christie was playing was not something she wanted any part of. She looked around for the rest of Christie crowd, wondering when the laughter would start, wondering what the joke was.
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Wife Shags The Boss

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I recently got a job with a large aerodynamics company. I thought of it as a going stepping stone in my career. What I didn’t know is just how well it was going to be for my sex life as well.

I have been married to my wife for 3 years. Marnie stands 5’4, weighs about 130 and has brown eyes and hair. She has one of the sexiest asses I have ever seen. Her measurements are 38-26-26.

She had always been faithful till a few months back she and I managed to get involved with two other guys and before we knew it my wife was fucking and sucking both of them back at their hotel room. Not much else happened after that till recently. Like I said I just got a new job recently which gave me a well paying job and something that allowed me more time at home (I like that a lot). I met my new boss on a few occasions. He is a tall a very attractive black male. He is 29 years old and stands about 6’2. From what I can tell he was well put together. He has a shaved bald head with deep brown eyes. His name was Sam and I got along with him quite well. It came to the point where we started going out for lunch with one another and hanging out in general.

Back at home I was telling my wife about my boss at work and how great he was to work for and what a good friend he was to have. Things were going good, but they were about to get better.

My wife and I have had a threesome once before. I was the voyeur as she fucked and sucked two guys who were on a sales trip into to town. That was my fantasy which was fulfilled. We never got the chance to do that again more recently.

I decided that since I kept talking about my boss it was time for my wife to meet my boss. I invited him to come to our house for dinner. The night had arrived and my wife dressed her usual best and was stunning in a red hot dress. It was backless which showed that she was not wearing a bra. When she turned to face me, I looked and told her, “you look incredible!” All she could do was blush and said, “Thank you.”

The doorbell rang and I went to answer the door. I let my boss in and called out to my wife, “Honey come and meet my new boss.” Marnie came around the corner and looked at Sam and gasped. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. “Well hello there, Marnie”, Sam said. “Oh you two know one another?” I questioned. “You can say that,” Sam replied. “Aren’t you going to say hello to an old friend?”, Sam asked Marnie. “Oh hel llo,” was all she could mutter out.

I did not know what was going on, but I asked Sam to sit down and asked if he wanted a drink. I told him we would be right back. I then took Marnie into the kitchen and asked her, “What was that all about?” She said that before she met me she use to date Sam and that she was saddened when he got a job in another part of the world. So they decided to call it quits. I asked her if they had sex before and she said, “Yep! Don’t get me wrong, sex with you is great, but sex with Sam was unbelievable. He had a cock to die for.”

That got me going and I said, “want to rekindle someone of that magic with your current and former lover together?”

Her eyes lit up and she replied, ” Hell yeah!”
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Welcome To The Neighborhood

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“Hold the elevator!” Called Brad, as he and his wife Sue raced along the empty corridor of their apartment bock. As the door began to close, he saw a small, slender hand hit the door open’ button on the control panel, and the door slide smoothly back with a quiet hum.

“Thanks” he said as he stepped aside, allowing Sue to enter first.

“No problem”

Brad looked at the owner of the voice. A young woman he had not seen in the building before. A petite frame, clothed in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. Brad smiled at a pretty, heart shaped face framed by short, rather severe, brown hair. Brad saw that his wife had also noticed the woman and was also smiling sweetly at her. Brad had known that Sue was bisexual before they were married and that she had enjoyed several sexual liaisons since. He didn’t mind in the slightest, as long as she related her experiences to him later when they went to bed! The one thing that they had never yet managed to accomplish, was for Brad to watch his wife with another woman. Still, he lived in hope!

As the elevator came to a halt on the tenth floor, Brad and Sue let the young woman exit in front of them. Brad felt his arm being squeezed tightly as they followed her along the landing towards their apartment, and were both highly surprised to see her unlock the door to the apartment next to their own. It had been very obvious from the way that Sue first looked at the young woman, that there was an attraction there. Definite electricity, almost like an animal magnetism. As Brad and Sue entered their apartment, their hushed conversation was immediately concerning how Sue would approach the woman next door. Personally, Brad could not see the immediate attraction. He preferred to see women in attire similar to that which his wife habitually wore and that she wore then.

As Sue entered the kitchen to put the groceries that she was carrying away, Brad slipped up behind her circling his strong arms around her small waist. He put his face to her hair and inhaled the fresh scent.

“Mmmmmm, what are you after!” Sue commented with a small laugh

“Just you baby” He replied letting his hands drop to the front of her short leather skirt and lifting it slightly to reveal her smooth black stockings and matching suspender belt.

“I could see the way you were looking at our new neighbour. I know you too well. Was she making you just a little warm down here?

“Oh God …yes!” she whispered as her husbands insistent fingers found the front of her small lace panties.
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Neighbors Hot Wife

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For almost three years now, I’d had a unfulfilled fantasy. Last summer, that fantasy was fulfilled. Karen and Dave are next-door neighbors, both in their mid twenties. Karen is in good physical shape, even though Karen and Dave have three young children. She has blond hair, large breasts, a flat stomach, fairly wide hips, and a lovely, heart-shaped ass.

Believe me, I’ve enjoyed the fact that my bathroom window gives a view of their back yard, complete with Karen laying out in a skimpy bikini. Dave is built solidly, with lots of muscle. Though I’m only 20, I can’t compare to him.

However, Dave flies for one of the airlines and is often gone for a week or even more. That is actually what my fantasy centered about. While a three-some would certainly have been enjoyable, I had often thought about Karen and I having an encounter when Dave was gone.

On the day it finally happened, I had the day off. My sister, mom, and dad were all at work. It was hot, about 110, but there was little humidity, as we were in Phoenix. I had gone biking early that morning, returning at 7:00 to see Karen looking good in a knee- length robe.

She whistled at me in my biking shorts, the first indication I’d ever gotten that she was flirtatious; uncharacteristically cocky, I flashed her a smile and wiggled my rear at her, yelling out “You want it — come get it!” She laughed and went back inside, her hips swaying from side to side. I wheeled my bike in the garage and stretched down, thinking of her.

Later that day, I was out in the back yard “painting” the fence that hides the pool filtration stuff. Because I was “painting” with a clothes-hostile mixture of linseed oil and turpentine, and because of the heat, I had taken my shirt off, leaving only my old, faded bathing suit on. The other advantage to the bathing suit, of course, was that I could jump in the pool whenever I got too hot (as, shortly, I was going to get).

Anyway, I heard the Karen’s door open and shut, followed by the sounds of the chaise lounge scraping on concrete, which soon quieted. I set down my brush and pot of goop and went over and stood on the diving board, which gave me a view over the cinderblock fence. Karen was lying out about ten feet from me, at an angle, facing towards me, her eyes closed.

I felt stirrings in my pants as I took in her long, tanned legs, the string bikini covering her pubic region, her flat stomach, her glorious breasts accented by the bikini top, and the cloud of long, blond hair around her face. Rather than have her catch me staring, I called out “Looking good,” also unusually bold of me, given how she and my mom talk together.

Karen’s eyes popped open and quickly found mine. She looked a little startled, but also a little pleased. She got up and came over to the fence, giving me a great view of her breasts, which were pressing together due to their confinement. I felt my dick harden in response. Then, she mentioned that their pool filter was acting up and that she didn’t know how to fix it. “Would you be willing to take a look at it?” was said with a perfectly innocent look. I readily agreed, hard- on or no hard-on.
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Kathys Panties

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Kathy knew she had to hurry, her husband’s friend Craig was waiting for her downstairs in the kitchen. She turned and looked in the full length mirror one more time at her fancy dress costume she was wearing to the work party that night. Her husband of ten years, John, had been dropping unsubtle hints lately about her old school uniform, wondering aloud if she could still fit into it after two children. To her delight, Kathy could still squeeze into the little pleated skirt, although her hips and thighs had spread just a little. To complete the effect of the naughty schoolgirl she had bought some black shoes and knee length white socks.

The white blouse was easily found as was the tie. As for the little pleated skirt, Kathy took up the hem, and she liked the effect. It was almost obscenely too short; whenever she did anything other than stand still, it would ride up and give a teasing glimpse of what lay beneath. To finish the costume she chose her underwear with care. A push up bra and black, high cut, very sheer and flimsy panties was a wicked contrast to the demur innocent schoolgirl on the surface.

The effect on her husband had been explosive; he had fucked her lustily for hours the night before. The first was a ribald face fuck. He had wanted to save his strength for a more regular screw, but when she batted her eyelids up at him and said, ‘please sir, don’t come in my mouth,’ that was too much. He emptied his balls into her mouth. The semen had oozed out the corners, ran down her chin, and dropped to her small but well formed breasts. Next, was a traditional, flat on back missionary with legs in the air, panties pushed to one side, balls slapping on arse. She was then finished off with a teeth clenching, gut wrenching, mind blowing anal.

The housewife touched her sore pussy but the memory of last night throbbed with lust in her womb. She skipped down the stairs and laughed when she saw Craig dressed in a Roman Toga.

‘Hey Craig,’ said Kathy, spinning lightly so the little skirt rode up, ‘Do you like my costume?’

Craig’s jaw had dropped and Kathy enjoyed the effect it was having on her husband’s friend. She decided to flirt a little more. She reached across the table to pick up her handbag. She could almost feel Craig’s eyes on her panty encased bottom. ‘Gotcha!’ she thought to herself. Staying where she was and turning to look at the almost slobbering Craig, Kathy continued.

Do you really like my costume, Craig, you didn’t say.’ Craig gulped and stood motionless except for an expected stirring in the groin.
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Just a Good Night Kiss

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My husband, Jim, has been so understanding of my need to try dating outside of our marriage. I know it was a shock at first, but he seems to be more welcoming to the idea lately. He thinks it’s because I envy Anita’s freedom and want material possessions; but that’s not it. Ever since Jim’s promotion as Director of the Botanical Garden, we could afford anything I wanted. The truth is, Anita has awakened my sexual desire. For some time, we have been lovers, although we both consider ourselves to be straight. She, quite simply, is an insatiable nymphomaniac. She has taught me how to satisfy her needs and, in the process, has created the same needs in me. She has aroused passions in me that I never knew existed. My date with my husband only made me more aware of these needs—he didn’t satisfy them. I now have a deep-rooted need to be fulfilled by a talented man who understands a woman’s needs and knows how to satisfy them.

With her wide array of lovers, Anita recruited her most prized lover, Warren, to be my first date. Warren is an ex-football player who played for our local NFL team. He has gone on to own his own insurance agency and is very successful. He managed his salary from the NFL well, and with his insurance business, he is now a very wealthy man. He has never married, but did have a live-in girlfriend for several years. That relationship produced a daughter who is now 17 years old. His daughter lives with him and he remains close to his former lover.

I have never seriously dated anyone other than my husband, and have never had sex with another man—certainly not a black man. Warren was to be my first. Anita warned me that his penis was very large and that he has long lasting power. For days before, we conditioned my pussy with a ten-inch dildo that Anita said approximates his size. “Just in case,” Anita joked.

Finally, Saturday night arrived. I hadn’t told Jim who, specifically, I was dating. I just made general comments about his work and his status. Of course, being a huge fan of our NFL team, I knew he would recognize Warren the minute he met him. I wondered what his reaction would be.
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Block Party

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The balmy early evening slowly slipped into night. As soon as it was dark, he gave me a knowing look and quietly snuck away from the block party. I calmly rose from my chair and followed him away from the crowd.

He was waiting where he said he would: half way down the block; well out of sight from any of our party-going neighbors. I nervously walked up to him.

“Come on, let’s go,” he whispered to me. “This way.” He placed his hand on the small of my back, sending shivers through my body. “Careful you don’t trip on any bushes.”

He led me between two houses, away from the ambient glow of the street lights, into the deep shadow of the night. We got to a fence and he deftly maneuvered the gate open. We passed through and he closed it behind us. We made our way across this back yard of one of our neighbors, to the tall wooden fence at the back of their lot.

“It’s over here. Can you make it over the fence?” he asked.

“Hey, I’m not as old as you might think,” I whispered. I was however worried that in my attempt to calm my self, I might have had a few too many drinks. He placed his hands on the top of the fence and scaled up and over with the grace of youth.

My attempt was decidedly less graceful. I pulled my self to the top of the fence and got one leg over, but there I stopped. I reached my hand out to him and he pulled me the rest of the way over.

A dull ripping sound escaped from my thigh area. He placed me gingerly on the ground. I examined my pants.

“Shit, I snagged my pants on the top of the fence. How embarrassing,” I whispered.

“Here we are,” he said.

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Wife Has A Young Black Lover

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So what is it about us older white husbands who fantasies about other men sexually pleasing our wives.

Why was it that for years I imagining my beautiful big breasted wife having long and erotic sex with a young well-hung black buck?

Well, from my very recent and extraordinary experience, I now know a lot more about why us voyeuristic husbands always think along those thoughts: ….it’s because we have a ‘sixth’ sense that there is, in actual existence, a strong sexual magnetism of a married white women to sample a young inexperienced Negro male; especially those wives who are seasoned and confident in the ways of sex and sexuality: like my own wife. We also know, whether we admit it or not, that to the sexually charged married women: size does matter.

For the last seven months, my wife, who is 33, and stunningly beautiful, has had a young black male lover of only 19 years of age.

At our invitation, he visits’ us in our country home for the sole purpose of sexually fulfilling my wife’s unbridled sexual appetite for deep penetration sex. His youthfulness and rawness were what attracted my wife to him, not least his superb black musclebound physique.

My wife’s new young lover is an extremely good-looking black youth with an appealing smile which never seems to leave his attractive face. He is very striking in his appearance. Deep dark chocolate smooth skin, cropped hair, chiselled features and a very athletic and muscular body.

Sure, for me there is an incredibly erotic “something” about this young black lover of 19 who is muscular and strongly built—and my wife’s young Negro lad is very athletic, strong and supple, wide-shouldered, broad-chested, flat-bellied, narrow-waisted, slim-hipped and long- legged, and of the medium to slimmer build with beautifully defined muscles everywhere. One look at him and you would see he is certainly built as an athlete. Not just for the gym, but as the lover of a beautiful woman.

That woman being my wife, at present, who understands perfectly how beautiful her lover must appear to others. We first invited him to our home one weekend last summer and I spent most of the time observing from a discreet place, this young black boy having incredible intercourse with my stunning blonde wife. The fact that my wife is a very beautiful woman with a body to match was what drew this young black male to our home; like a magnet. He was equally admiring of her bronzed physique as she was of his.
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Dorm Room Strip Poker

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Cam had been waiting for this night for over a week now. It had taken him a little over a month of coaxing to convince Lanna and Kara to come over and play some strip poker. Lanna and Kara lived across the hall from Cam and his roommate Cory in the college dorm. The girls had finally agreed after Cam had suggested that they play during spring break when most of the students would be back home or off on vacation.

After the girls had agreed to play Cam had given them a task. They were each to write down three sexually suggestive activities. These activities would go into a bowl in the middle of the table, that way if you lost the hand and didn’t have any clothes left you would have to draw from the bowl. Cam had set up the card table in the middle of his dorm room and was finishing getting dressed when he heard a knock at the door. Cary stuck his head into the room.

“You want me to get that?” said Cory.

“Sure, thanks Core.” replied Cam.

Cam took a last look in the mirror. He was a skinny guy, fairly good-looking and very charismatic. He was dressed casual in Jeans and a tight black shirt. After fussing a bit with his hair he turned and walked out into the main room. There he saw that Cory was getting drinks for everyone. Cory was a well-built man with sort blonde hair. The girls were sitting on the coach. Lanna was a petite blonde with shoulder length hair and a tight little body. She was dressed in a short black skirt and a tight long-sleeved red shirt. Kara was a brunette of average height. Her hair was long and very curly. Kara was bigger then Lanna but still thin, she did however have much larger breasts then Lanna. She was dressed tight black jeans and a tight white tank top, under the tank top you could see a bright yellow bra.

After a couple of drinks the four sat at their seats at the table.

“How about we just play some regular poker? I don’t know about this.” Said Lanna.
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Jesse and I had worked together at the ad agency for about a year. She was the account executive and I was the lead creative. Truthfully, we were a pretty good team. She had a good head for the media side of the business and I knew the strategy, creative and production. It was a good pairing of strengths and the client seemed quite pleased.
Jess was also going through a stressful time as her son was headed to college and was having trouble with that transition, her hot little 16 year-old daughter was coming of age as a cheerleader and her marriage to a real mook had come apart. Since we worked together every day I heard all that went on and commiserated. My own marriage was not the best and we were working through a separation.

We had spent the past two weeks working late getting material prepared for a client trade show and flew off to Atlanta to work the show. As we headed down the airport concourse I couldn’t help but watch her walk just ahead of me. She had a great sway and a terrific butt. For a 40-year-old woman she was very well put together. She had told me once that she’d had breast reduction surgery and from the tight shirts I’d seen her in, the doctor was more sculptor than surgeon. Her figure was perfect. Long legs, great curves, perfect C-cup breasts and a beautiful face, framed by dark red hair. Plus she was fun to be around and a pleasure to work with.

The trade show was a trade show. We’d done several of these and a couple for this particular client so everything was old hat, until the third night of the show. Typically, we always dined with the clients but they had a major prospect show up unexpectedly and we were dumped to our own devices. We decided we’d just grab something there at the hotel and head to our separate rooms, but once inside the restaurant everything sort of moved in it’s own direction.
First off there was a problem in the kitchen – a gas line had been cut somewhere, the ovens were out and they weren’t serving hot food. So we simply rerouted to the bar. We took a table and ordered drinks and began to munch on the trail mix that passed for bar food. The band was good and we sat and listened and shot the breeze and soon two and a half hours and several rounds of serious drinks had passed. Jesse, I noticed, was lit and I was working on a decent buzz myself.

I needed to get some food in me so I asked Jess what she wanted to have for dinner and she leaned across the corner of the table and put her hand on my thigh. She looked at me with an enormous pair of exotic brown eyes and in a very sultry voice said simply, “You.”
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The Masseuse

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My wife and I have been married for three years now. We often fantasize about different scenarios while we screw. Most times I think it turns me on more than it does Marianne but there was this one particular fantasy that never failed to get her really hot.

She would put on a blindfold and pretend I was a masseuse she had hired for the evening. Sometimes I would see a side of her I didn’t know she had. She would get really wild and get into the part. It was a real turn on just watching her react as she pretended to fuck another man.

I always wondered how she would react if she was faced with the real thing. Would she get as hot if she knew it was a real masseuse and not me? I was pretty sure she would get even hotter and the idea of that made me secretly want to see it happen.

I guess I had really been keeping an eye out for someone to play the part for several months now but it wasn’t until I ran across Pete that I realized I was serious. We met in a bar and got to talking. It turns out that he is a real masseuse and that made me think, “I wonder what my wife would think of this guy?”

He was as tall as me at six feet or so but he was a bit better built from what I could see. “Yes, she would definitely want to fuck this guys brains out if I let her,” I thought, “Especially if his cock is as big as he is!”

Then from out of no where I blurted out, “That’s pretty funny, just last night my wife was telling me her fantasy about her, a masseuse, and me and here I meet one!”

“What does she look like?” he asked.

I pulled out a picture of my sexy wife. She was wearing a black teddy that left the nipples exposed and stretched between her pussy lips.

“Wow,” he said, “I’d love to fuck her!” He looked at me to see my reaction and handed me the picture back. “How would you like to really make it happen?” he asked, a little more serious.
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“You’re not a whore. You’re a slut,” his deep resonant voice sounded confident as he faced her. His denim shirt was open at the neck, hinting at the tanned muscular slabs of his chest. His shoulders seemed incredibly broad to Janine as she looked into his crystal blue eyes.

“There’s a difference. A whore charges for her services, but never gets involved with her customer. She never even falls in lust. You will fuck anybody, anytime. You’re in lust with every man you meet.” He smiled into her eyes as he traced the opening of her blouse, then followed the V of her bra to the depth of her cleavage. His hand followed the soft curve and then he hefted and squeezed her firm, fully-rounded tit, feeling her sensitive protruding nipple rubbing sensuously against the palm of his hand. He flicked the hardening bud of her nipple with his finger. He stepped closer to her, feeling her other breast pressing against his hard chest. His other hand slid confidently between her legs to massage her mound through the fabric of her dress.

Janine swayed firmly against his chest. Her tits seemed to thrust brazenly at the bra restraining them.

“What about my husband,” she whispered. They could hear him about in the living room, watching football and waiting for them to return. The knowledge that he could enter the room at any time and catch them added a heady spice of danger to their lust.

“That poor, stupid jerk. If he knew I was in the room next to him feeling up his wife like some street tramp, he’d probably have a coronary. Open your shirt. I want to see your tits.”

“I can’t. He’ll come in and catch us,” she said.

He kissed her deeply, his tongue first pressing against her inviting lips, then exploring her mouth. Her tongue began dancing with his, and she moaned deeply. It was obvious that she liked his kiss.

The kiss ended, and he smiled into her eyes again. “Open your shirt. I want to see your tits.”

Janine fumbled briefly with the buttons of her blouse, then paused. “What if he comes in here?” she asked.

“He won’t come in here. Hell, he won’t even get out of his chair to get his own beer. That’s why I’m in here,” he reassured her, as he massaged her pussy through her skirt.

She looked skeptical at the same time her body began to sway to the movement of his fingers.

“Hey, how about bringing us out some sandwiches when you come,” her husband called from the other room.

“You see?” he asked as stroked her pussy, massaging her inflamed flesh slowly, sensuously, teasing her passion, his finger tracing her slit.
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The Slut I Married

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When I married Jane, I knew she was no virgin. She was easy to get in the sack and had no inhibitions. But little did I know she was as experienced as I later found out she was. We were both in college and fell madly in love and married after our junior year. When we returned to school after our marriage, everything seemed normal as we got to know each other better. It turned us both on to talk about our prior sex adventures as foreplay to love making.

Jane gradually began to open up and I learned that she had been quite a party girl. She told me that her panties had become trophies for many horny guys. I imagined her panties hanging on the wall of more than one dorm room. She hinted at being the center attraction at a gang bang, but I could not tell if it was fantasy or reality. I found that the thought of her fucking a room full of guys excited me immensely. Jane had a great ass — one of those that was soft and round and made for fucking. Her tits had enormous nipples that stuck out when she got horny. She kept her blond bush well trimmed.

Sometimes when we would go to the bars she would point somebody out and tell me that he had fucked her before we got married. Sometimes this irritated me and sometimes it turned me on, but it was always the prelude to a wild night of fucking. One night we found ourselves in a bar in a nearby town. We were about to graduate and we were in a party mood. We got separated from the friends we came with. I did not recognize anyone, but Jane seemed to know several guys. The music was loud and it was hard to hear what they said to her or what she said to them. It was spring time and it was hot and muggy. Jane was wearing a sun dress with just a pair of white string bikini panties on underneath.

We were sitting at the bar. Once when I came back from the rest room, I was sure that I saw a guy’s hand under her dress but it was dark and I was a little drunk. When I approached and sat down, the guy just smiled at me and remained seated. Jane introduced me to Dirk. He said he played football for a nearby college. Jane excused herself to go to the restroom and we ordered another round. Dirk told me that he had dated Jane a couple of years ago. I immediately wondered whether this guy had fucked Jane. Later, I wondered how many times this guy had banged Jane! He told me that he and some of his friends were going back to their place to celebrate the end of the spring football season and invited Jane and I to return to his place also.

When Jane returned Dirk told her that he wanted us to come to his place so he could introduce me to some of his friends. Jane looked startled and said she did not think we should because we had to find our friends to get home and it was late. I was drunk and ready to party. I told Jane I wanted to go and it would be fine. Dirk whispered something in her ear, but I could not hear. I noticed that her nipples were sticking out and you could see them poking through the fabric of her sun dress. Dirk left to round up his friends and told us to meet him in the back parking lot in fifteen minutes.

Jane asked me if I was sure that I wanted to go to this party. She told me that some of the guys that would be there had fucked her before we were married and she thought it might embarrass me to party with them. I told her that, to the contrary, it turned me on. As I told her that, I slid my hand between her legs and right up to her pussy.
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