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Getting Knocked Up By My Sisters Husband

Posted in cheating, family, Pregnant on February 17th, 2013

From the first time I had sex with a man I became addicted to feeling him shooting his cum inside my pussy. When I felt it would make me cum twice as hard. It’s hard to believe I never got pregnant. I started having sex at 17. I was 23 when I had my first baby with my husband. Four years later we had another. Then three years later me and my sister’s husband had another one. Yes my sister’s husband.

I found that the more intense the man’s orgasm, the more intense mine was. I didn’t really care much about size as long as it was at least six inches. I found out young that almost all men like to cum inside a girl and get them pregnant. I love the feeling and the rush of possibly getting pregnant. So this is always how I had sex.

I found that some of the most intense orgasms men have is when I would have a boyfriend I would always have sex with another guy. Yeah I cheated! So what! Do you know how intense a mans orgasm is when your having sex with him. He knows I have a boyfriend and you tell him too shoot in you so you so he can get you pregnant. OH MY GOD!!! Intense!

I love my sister a lot but when she first introduced me to her new husband I have to admit my body temp went up and I got wet. Damn he was hot! I was really impressed. I thought for sure he could be a perfect candidate for my infidelity. But I wanted to be sure first so I got to know him slowly. After a while I flirted with him. He didn’t seem to mind to I would go further each time.
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How It Started

Posted in Big tits, exhibitionism on February 11th, 2013

It all started one night, years back, when my friend was at our house playing cards with us. Just your normal card game, not strip poker or anything like that.

Because it was a hot night, no AC, my wife was wearing a pair of silk pajamas. A button down top with the shorts bottom. My wife has blonde hair and at that time, 36C tits, and a sweet ass that got plenty of looks from guys.

As we were playing cards, I accidentally slid one of her cards off the table. I never thought much about it, until I dealt the next card to my friend. It was then that I noticed his eyes were on my wife and not on my dealing. It was just a quick glance, but enough that I noticed it. I acted as though I was busy dealing and hadn’t seen him, but it had got my attention, and my mind racing. Different emotions were going through my mind.

At first I was pissed, but the more I thought about it, it kind of excited me! Hell, if the situation had of been reversed, I’d have done the same thing. After that, I noticed once in awhile when he was dealing, he would “accidentally” slide a card of the table – always hers of course.

I also noticed, when he thought no one was looking, he’d adjust himself from time to time. After awhile, I decided that he’d had enough peeks for this night. Then I thought, why not one more?
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Little Sisters Initiation

Posted in anal sex, blowjobs, cum eaters, exhibitionism, first times, groupsex on February 1st, 2013

Ashley attended a large university, which was infamous for being a huge party school. She was passing with no problem, though she loved to party more than study.

Ashley partied all over the school, but there was one particular frat house that she liked to

party at the most. She loved to party there because she always seemed to be the center of attention. Everyone always focused on her, and wasn’t because she could drink as much as the guys. It was because she was so hot. She knew it herself, that is why she always dressed for the parties. Whether it was a tight shirt with a tight pair of jeans or if it was just a miniskirt she always had all the guys attention.

She always went to these parties with her girlfriends, Tara and Jenna. They were the ones that had brought to the frat house originally. They would spend most of their time partying and hanging around with all the brothers from the fraternity. The brothers would make passes at them and Ashley would note that her friends didn’t mind this, so she wouldn’t let it bother her as well. Ashley’s appetite for sex was equal to her appetite for partying, so she liked the attention she received when they made passes at her. She had actually taken one of the brothers up on a gesture he had made at one time. She thought that that was a wild night for her. Ashley had told Tara and Jenna about everything that they had done that night. When asked if she liked that she replied to them

“Of course I did!” They all just laughed about it.

A couple of days later when they were having lunch, Tara had ask her if she would like to be a little sister of the fraternity, since her and Jenna were already little sisters to the fraternity. “I guess, what would I have to do to become a little sister?” she asked. “Well, you would find that out at your initiation. I’m not quite sure what you would have to do.” Tara told her. “Well, what did you guys have to do for your initiation?” Ashley asked. “Unfortunately, you know we can’t discuss that.” Jenna had with a smirk on her face. “I don’t know…..” Ashley said hesitantly. “It won’t be that bad, besides we’ll be there with you.” Tara said so to reassure her. “It’s not like you’re going to have to do anything gross or disgusting.” Jenna added. “OK, since you’ll be there with me I guess it can’t be that bad.” Said Ashley. Tara and Jenna both looked at each and started laughing. “What?” Ashley asked. “Nothing, we are gonna have a blast!” Tara had said and with that her Jenna started laughing hysterically. Ashley just shook her head.
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Ball Game Balling

Posted in Big tits, blowjobs, exhibitionism, groupsex, slut wife on January 25th, 2013

“Oh, c’mon honey. We can’t see the screen with you standing there!”

Janice gave myself and my two friends a petulant, sulky look and stomped off to the kitchen.

“Oh well,” I said to Frank, sitting next to me, “I guess we better not ask her to bring us a beer!”

Frank and my other friend, Joey laughed as I got up from my seat to get the beers myself. “Tell me if I miss anything.”

The ball game had been an exciting one so far; the lead switching from team to team as the game progressed. I was reluctant to tear myself away from the TV, but we all needed that liquid refreshment essential to watching any sporting event!

“How long is this stupid game going on?” asked my wife as I opened the fridge, “I’m bored!”

She smiled that impish little grin at me. The one she knows I find hard to resist. “I’m also feeling a little horny, baby. C’mon, get rid of these guys and forget the game, I got something hot just for you!”

I thought about it. My wife can be a hot little bitch when she wants. But I stood firm. “Sorry honey, It’ll have to wait a while, the game’s just getting interesting, and the guys want their beer!”

I could almost feel her icy stare on my back as I returned to the lounge to resume watching the game. Frank, Joey and myself watched, drank and cheered as our team increased their lead. At one point I heard Janice stomping up the stairs and assumed that she was going to watch a soap or something on the TV in our bedroom. I paid no more attention to her until, several minutes later I heard her returning. Joey was sitting by the door and was the first to see her as she entered the room. His eyes stood out on stalks as he looked at my wife. Whilst she was upstairs, she had changed her clothes and now appeared before us barefoot and wearing only the briefest pair of shorts and a thin cotton t-shirt. It was obvious that she had not worn a bra under the shirt and her large breasts bobbed and jiggled under the thin material as she walked. Her attitude had changed as well. She stood in front of us smiling sweetly.

“Can I get you more drinks, boys?”
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First Gang Bang

Posted in exhibitionism, fingers, first times, voyeur on January 10th, 2013

I still remember the first gang bang I participated in like it happened yesterday. It was the early 70′s and I was in college. I roomed with two other guys in a run down, three bedroom house. Paul was my best friend from high school and I met Steve my freshman year at college. We all had just started our sophomore year and this was the first time any of us had lived off campus. Jill was a cute little sorority sophomore who Paul picked up at a party. Steve and I had struck out and we were sitting around smoking pot when Paul and Jill came in. They both looked disappointed to see us. I was surprised when Paul did not usher Jill to his bedroom, but maybe he was not sure she was ready to fuck him. Or maybe he took her for a slut. They sat down with us and shared a joint.

The light was dim and we were all getting really stoned. The music was loud and I was lost in my thoughts. Suddenly I became aware that Paul was making the move on Jill and I was only a few feet away. Paul was kissing Jill deeply. She was responding. Paul’s hand was exploring the buttons on her jeans. Jill’s legs relaxed and parted ever so slightly. Paul’s hand continued to caress her pussy through her jeans. I was mesmerized watching Paul. I looked over and saw that Steve was watching as intently as I was. I was holding my breath because I was sure Jill would come to the realization that Steve and I were present and watching her seduction. That would be the end and I would be relegated to beating off.

Jill was getting turned on by all the attention from Paul. She was not resisting his advances so he moved his hand beneath her sweater and began caressing her tits. She moaned and moved her hand to Paul’s crotch. Paul returned his hand to her jeans. I held my breath. If he got in her panties, maybe she would get so hot that she would forget we were present. I had never seen anybody else fuck a girl. I listened to a girl give a friend a blow job in the backseat of my car while I made out with a girl in the front seat, but it was too dark and I was too scared I would screw it up for him if I looked. So I never saw anything.
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First Experience For Ally

Posted in blowjobs, first times, slut wife, swingers, teasing on December 20th, 2012

Dan had always talked about fantasizing about other men touching and pleasing his wife, but never thought he would go through with it. They had read magazines and stories of other couples trading partners and men watching their wives with other men.

Dan could always tell that Ally really enjoyed reading these stories. The first time they read one together Dan had slid his hand down Ally’s leg and slipped his finger into her panties. She was sopping wet! Dan had never seen or felt ally more turned on then right then. Her pussy was on fire. His finger easily slid right into her hot moist pussy. Dan’s cock instantly became rock hard. His mind racing with thoughts of his wife and what she was thinking about.

This continued for many months and the sex was wonderful. They would read a story and play it out in their heads while exploring each other’s bodies. Dan loved to go down on Ally. The taste of her pussy was like nothing else in this world. His tongue would lap up all her juices that were flowing out of her pussy. He knew all the right places to rub his tongue. Never forgetting to slide his finger inside of her. She loved feeling his fingers slowly making there way in and out of her pussy. She laid there in ecstasy reading her favorite stories of some housewife being ravished by their husband’s friends.

Even though Dan loved how his wife got so wet when they read these stories, he never thought he could go through with it. One day they were on a website and were enjoying chatting with other couples about sex and watching them play with each other. They had met other couples on there and had fun chatting, but things had ended there.

Well that night turned out to be something a little different. Ally had been on her computer and chatting when a single guy IM her. She saw his picture and thought he was an attractive young man. He immediately starting commenting on how nice her tits looked. (she had the computer camera on them) Dan had looked over and saw she was chatting with him, but decided to see where things would go.
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Pregnant Lust

Posted in at work, blowjobs, cheating, first times, fucking, Pregnant on December 13th, 2012

Teri’s body had always fascinated me. She was in her early 20s, slender, with medium sized tits, and a well maintained figure. It was obvious to me she was proud of her body and took good care of it. She wasn’t tall, about 5′ 1″, and had brownish blonde hair, which she wore a little longer than her shoulders. She was invariably pleasant and always had a “Good morning, Mr. Franks” whenever she saw me.

Teri worked down the hall from me as a secretary in another office. She and my secretary were office pals and often had lunch together or chatted during their coffee breaks. Whenever she would stop by to talk with Marcia, I’d see her in the outer office and would fantasize about what her body looked like without clothes.

In my day-dreams, she had shapely legs, a tight ass, slender waist, and mouth-sized tits with pert nipples just a little darker than the rest of her skin. The hair covering her pussy was the same color as the hair on her head, letting me know it was her natural color. Of course, she would always want me to fuck her right there in the office and I’d always oblige.

I’m not sure what is was about her, but I started to become a little obsessed with her. I knew she was married, but I figured I could always look and dream. Little did I know what was waiting for me.

Since Teri was pretty career orientated, I was a little surprised when Marcia told me Teri was pregnant. She and her husband were pretty happy with the prospect and I congratulated her. A couple of weeks went by and she was just starting to show. I thought I’d lose my desire for her, but I didn’t. I’d still daydream about her, even as her tummy got bigger.
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Stripping For the Guys

Posted in anal sex, blowjobs, cheating, fingers, first times, groupsex, slut wife, voyeur on December 6th, 2012

The owner of our neighborhood bar is a friend – not a good friend, because he is the kind that you hesitate to trust very far. But he is a great guy to be around. He knows everybody and everything, just ask him. He has plenty of wild tales about his youth and seems to have done about everything. Harry is definitely a guy’s guy.

My wife Sally and I frequently stop for drink after work and we often meet friends there before we go to dinner or whatever. Sally is very outgoing and friendly to everybody. She always kids Harry and sometimes flirts with him. Once when she was mad at me she sat with Harry and one of his friends at a table while I sat with two of her friends and sulked. I was certain that I saw Harry and his friend both slip their hands beneath her dress on more than one occasion, but I was too stubborn to go to her rescue. I thought it would serve her right if they took her into Harry’s office and had their way with her.

When we finally got ready to go Sally was ready to make up. When we got in the car, we kissed and I put my hand up her dress. Boy was I surprised when I found that she had no panties on. I was sure that I had seen her in panties before we left for the evening, but when I asked her about it she assured me that she had not worn panties. Sally always could talk her way out of a fix and I believed her. She could not deny that she was wetter than hell and ready to go. I took her right there in the parking lot.
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Beach Cousins

Posted in exhibitionism, family, first times on November 25th, 2012

It wasn’t unusual for people to see my cousin and me together. We had spent hours together as kids and so as adults it was only natural for us to be comfortable with each other and want to spend time with each other. We had even taken a number of vacations together once we were both “single” again. This time it was to Europe and the wonderful beaches of France. We both loved swimming and water sports and the beaches in the South of France we wonderful.

Whenever Larry and I vacationed together we stayed in the same room to save a little cash and of course people mistook us for being married because we got along so well and were inseparable. We just played along whenever the mistake was made and had a good laugh about it later.

This particular day it was turn to pick the beach so I chose Cap d’Agde which I’d heard was a beautiful sandy beach along the coast. It was certainly beautiful as Larry and I could see, but what we didn’t expect is that it was also clothing optional. And as far as I could see most of the beach-goers had decided on the no swimsuit option.

Larry I could see was a little put off but that didn’t keep him from ogling the women on the beach who were either topless or completely nude. A touch of jealously went through me, I’m not sure why.
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Posted in Big tits, blowjobs, cheating, cum eaters, exhibitionism, fingers, first times, slut wife, teasing on November 11th, 2012

I was in the concessions line at Tampa Stadium when it happened. I’d sweetly volunteered to get the next round of beer for my boyfriend, so he could keep watching the half-time show. I knew he enjoyed watching the cheerleaders. I knew I had no reason to feel jealousy, as he would never cheat on me.

I’m sure every stadium concession stand is the same, especially at half time. The huge halls were jam-packed with people, you couldn’t even see your feet, there were so many people. I wore a mini, a full flouncy. Even the lightest breeze would whish up under it and tantalize my pussy. I loved the feeling and am always so hot in the stadium I’ve started dressing for comfort more than appearance. I wore a little tank top that matched and low-heeled sandals. All and all I was comfortable, and didn’t think I looked too bad.

A person is often jostled about in these lines, and more than once someone rubbed against my ass or my tits. I didn’t know if sometimes it was on purpose or not, and I didn’t really care. If the guy turned around and smiled an apology I always sent him a forgiving smile or pretended not to notice.

I’d been in line about ten minutes when I finally noticed the man behind me. I didn’t turn around to actually look at him, but I could feel his proximity against my back. He didn’t seem overly tall or intimidating, so I continued to ignore him and wait for my turn in line. When I felt a hand on my ass, I knew it was his. Should I turn around, I thought? But no, I don’t want a confrontation. Besides a part of me wondered what he planned. Did he think he could just touch me in plain view of all these people?
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Sisters on the Subway

Posted in exhibitionism, twins, voyeur on November 4th, 2012

Sam had lived in Northern New York State his whole life. Right on the Canadian border. It was a forty- minute drive to Montreal from his front door. He had the best of both worlds he lived in a quiet rural farming community, but the big city was only minutes away.

Sam had met his friend Dan while in college. They had been roommates for four years, and got to be the best of friends. They partied hard while in school, and the three years since graduating had gotten together often. Sam going to Dan’s home- town of Poughkeepsie, from which they could either party there, or drive to Albany or New York City.

Dan had finally agreed to drive the four hours north to Sam’s house. Sam had a great weekend planned for them. Montreal was home to a lot of great strip clubs, and they were going to visit them all!

Dan drove up to Sam’s house immediately after work Friday night, and crashed at his place so they could get an early start in the morning. The drive form Sam’s house to the U.S./Canadian border was a short one, and the passage through the border itself simple. You drove your car up to a booth like any toll booth, and the border guards asked the car’s occupants their names, where they lived, asked them where they were going, and how long they would be staying…Standard questions. Two minutes and they were on their way.

The drive from the border took no time at all, and the rural landscape gradually gave way to a more metropolitan setting. The suburbs were typical of any large city. The Saint Lawrence River separated them from their destination. They crossed the Jacques Cartier Bridge, one of many that spanned the river, and drove a short way to a parking lot that Sam knew was well manned, and cheap. They would be taking Montreal subway system, the “Metro”, to get around the city. Sam claimed it was faster, and the “scenery” could be really good.
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First Black Cock

Posted in blowjobs, cuckold, interracial on October 19th, 2012

The First Time Joni and I had been married several years when the subject of Black men first came up. She told me one night, while we were fucking, that she had fantasized about fucking a extremely well hung Black man. She said she had always wondered if what they said about Black men’s cocks was true. I told her what I had seen in the showers on-board ship while I was in the Navy. Some of those guys had cocks that would make a horse green with envy. This really turned her on. She got on top of my cock, shut her eyes and fucked my brains out. I could tell by her frenzied pace that she was thinking about what I had told her.
Quickly she started to come, I could feel her juices flowing down onto my balls as her first orgasm turned into her second. Then I started thinking about watching her get thoroughly fucked by a big Black cock. After about ten seconds of this I started cumming with her. Afterward we both calmed down and talked about the fantasy. She admitted that someday she would like to fuck a Black cock and sheepishly I told her I would like to watch. This was the first time we had ever discussed swinging. For several weeks after that we fantasized about it, but then it sorta faded away.

Several months later we were at a college football game. We got to the game early and were drinking from a flask Joni had in her purse. A couple of Black men came to claim their seats next to Joni. As one passed in front of Joni, his crotch was merely inches from her face. He had on very thin running shorts and she could easily see the outline of a huge cock. She stared at it with great interest. She looked up and saw that he had seen her and she quickly looked away. After a moment she looked at me and realized I also had seen her.
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Avon Lady

Posted in blowjobs, cheating, pussy licking on October 11th, 2012

My wife, Becky, started buying products from Avon about a year ago through an Avon lady named Susan, who had several accounts in our rural neighborhood. She would come in, sit down next to my wife on the couch and go through the catalog, the sales, etc. explaining the products. Becky would always buy something, even some of the men products like after-shave and cologne for me.

Susan was gorgeous with a great personality which no doubt helped her succeed in the Avon business. She was like 5’6″, reddish hair, perfectly styled to her face, fair skin, blue eyes and a sweet smile. I would guess she weighed in at about 125 with no fat and a shape other women surely envy.

There were times I would be home and often got a glance up her dress as she pulled it over her knees while sitting there on the couch with Becky. She saw me looking a few times and came back with a quick smile letting me know she knew that I had seen up her dress. A few times, while Becky had her eyes on the catalog, Susan spread her legs for just a second so I could see up further up her dress. Her inner thighs were beautiful and very inviting to my hungry eyes.
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The Nudism Defense

Posted in exhibitionism, first times, voyeur on September 30th, 2012

One of my friends suggested that I put a sign next to my front door to repel unwanted visitors. You know the sort, religious people trying to give you their propaganda, siding/vacuum cleaner/insurance salespeople, research/poll people, and all of those “unwanted visitors”. His suggestion was to put up a sign that said:

“The occupants of this dwelling are nudists. Please do not proceed if you are ofended by the human body in it’s natural state”

Well, I thought that this was a great idea! No more religious freakos interrupting my Sunday morning sleep-ins, no more “pushy” sales people… Yeah. This was the way to go…..

So I put up the sign, and for months had a wonderfully peacefull existance, free from unwanted visitors. All of my friends knew about this little ploy, and would shout: “Put your gear on!” when visiting, and it became a bit of an “in” joke.

I would watch in amusement as the car pulled up the drive, and the occupant, usually dressed in a suit, would head for the front door. Suddenly they would retreat to their car and drive away….

One day however, the door bell kept ringing. I peeked out of the window and saw a very young lady persistantly pressing the button. I checked the drive and saw an old model car, rusty and with a broken headlight lens.

OK, I thought, if you are prepared to keep ringing my bell, then you get what you get.

I stripped off and opened the door.
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My Wife Lisa

Posted in cheating, cuckold, fucking, groupsex on September 23rd, 2012

My wife Lisa is all that I could ever hope for and more. At 27 she is bright, full of energy and fun. I met Lisa three years ago. A friend of mine was doing some computer work for a real estate office and had become friendly with several of the agents ( Most of the agents where woman ).

As it turned out every Friday night these agents would go out for drinks after work, and one night David (my friend) invited me to meet them at a small club nearby. When I arrived there was David sitting with four girls from the real estate agency. David introduced me to girls and after a short time we where all drinking and having fun when Lisa arrived. I guess she had been working with a customer and so was a little late meeting everyone. Lisa was then 24 with long honey blond hair pulled back from one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen.

Lisa is about 5″7 with a small but firm chest, long legs and an ass from heaven. I was soon introduced and found Lisa also was Incredibly smart and funny. Looking back I realize that she basically owned me by the end of that first night. At the Time I was 34. Ten years older than Lisa. Lisa and I started going out after that first night and every time I saw her things just got better. On our third date Lisa and I went out for drinks and dancing. Lisa was a knockout dressed in a short, tight black skirt with a button down white silk blouse and shear white camisole underneath and with her Black high heels to accentuate her already great legs… wow.

About midnight Lisa suggested we go back to my place just to have a drink and relax. I was or course all for it. Once we were at my apartment Lisa asked me to get us some wine from the kitchen. When I returned Lisa was standing in just a white silk thong and camisole and still wearing her black high heels. She looked so incredible I was speechless till she called me to her. That night was incredible. We made love all night and most of the next day. Lisa and I became closer and closer and just as things looked like they could not get better they got worse. All of a sudden Lisa became with drawn and quiet around me. I had a hard time just getting her to smile. Then finally one night she just started crying. My heart was breaking watching this girl that I was so in love with in such pain. I begged her to yell me what was wrong. I would never have guessed what she would tell me next.
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Wifey Sandwich

Posted in anal sex, cheating, first times, slut wife, swingers on September 15th, 2012

To set the scene I’ll describe us briefly, my wife Maddy is slim with an almost boy-like figure, small breasts, blond pubes and quite a tight little cunt, whereas Peter’s wife Anne is more of a girly rounded figure although I haven’t seen it in any less than a bikini yet. I’m average as is Peter in all areas – so nothing really amazing just your normal ‘meet down the road’ type people.

We’ve known each other for some long while and are on kissing and cuddling terms. In fact a couple of times when we’ve all been in their spa together after more than a few too many drinks, I’ve had my hand in Anne’s bathers playing with her cunt. As my fingers recall it feels looser than Maddy’s and definitely has more pronounced lips. I’m pretty sure the others have also engaged in a little of this, although we’ve never talked about it!

This one time Anne had to go north to look after her sick mother for a few days and Peter had walked round from their place for the evening for a bit of company. We had a barbecue going but moved inside later in the evening and were sprawling around listening to music and having the occasional wine. Three or four bottles of into the evening, Maddy managed to spill a glass of red all over her self so off she weaved to the bedroom to change, coming back in a light dressing gown and panties.

We’d all been sitting on the floor (not so far to fall) and she’d flopped down leaning back against Peter with her legs straight out in front, he’s given her a quick kiss and his hand has slipped into her dressing gown to fondle a breast (nothing that hasn’t been done before, but not quite so blatantly). At this point she would normally just slide away once he’d had a quick grope – this time however, she just lay back across him and kept on sipping another glass of wine.
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Slut Mode

Posted in at school, pussy licking, revenge on September 8th, 2012

Deborah dug the way her husband Kenny didn’t dare stop after he came but went right on rodding and reaming her country crock until every ounce of the hot cream was beaten into butt-butter. She was rocking forward on her knees to his top-speed tempo, slobbering and smiling into the stiff white hotel room pillow. She loved the jerky splatter of his cum inside her cunt, loved the anxious snarl of the blond moustache on Kenny’s face as his dick went semi-soft and she took control away from him and got him started tending to her own business. Deborah was kicking and thrashing with urgency, her rump tipped high up and jolting juicily along his boner. Keeping a guy going when he thought he was coming. That was just one of the things she had learned in the ten years since high school. It was all part of getting into slut mode.

“Hurry up, Deb. You’re gonna be late,” Kenny gasped. He was squeezing her tight rear-end tight around his fat ten-incher, trying to put a fuck-lock on her furry fundaments. But Deborah fought back. She wouldn’t let him make her. He had no right. No right at all. Not when she was just finally getting her ass into slut mode.

The best part was, he actually could do it, if she could just keep his prick hard long enough. He was pounding her veal cutlets flat and hot and tender, tickling her titties, taking her right downstream no matter how hard she swam away. Deb knew there was more than one reason she had married this fucking stud–she just couldn’t remember what the other one was. “Oh GOD, yes. SCREW me!” He had her by the ankles now, running her chin crazily down the mattress like a wheelbarrow race.
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Dorm Room

Posted in at school, exhibitionism, fingers, first times, teasing on August 25th, 2012

Anne was our best friend. We were inseparable the last two years in college. My wife and I lived in university housing for married students, Anne in the towers across campus. On any giving night we could be found either in our apartment drinking and partying or in the dorm room doing the same. Somehow we still managed to get to class the next day. I still don’t know how.

This night found us an Anne’s trying to console her latest failing attempt at a relationship. My wife and I couldn’t understand it. Anne was pretty, sexy, petite, 5’3″ tall, with the most incredibly green eyes I had ever seen. She had long silky blonde hair, and small but perfectly shaped tits. Her ass was tight and tiny, and her lips were just asking to be kissed. But no matter what she did, the guys would date her once and then vanish into the ozone. And it wasn’t because she was a prude.

She had often told us tales about “the one” she had meant last night at the Petals, our local drinking spot and how they had gone back to her dorm room and fucked each other crazy all night.
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The Birthday Bang

Posted in blowjobs on August 18th, 2012

It was a boring evening. All that I could do is to stare at the television and look at the usual news. The Mets are losing, crime is up, and much like my love life, the stock market is down. Nothing new or exciting. And then the telephone rang. I answered it and it was a woman on the other end. “Hello”, she said.

“This is Mary, is Kevin there?” How nice!! A sweet, sexy woman’s voice calling me but asking for another guy.

“Sorry, ma’am”, I answered, “You have the wrong number”.

We hung up. That voice stayed on my mind and I wondered what did this woman look like. Minutes later, the telephone rings again. When I answered, I was surprised and pleased to hear the voice again. She asked the same question. Only this time, I thought that I would be a bit flirtatious.

“No, Mary…. Kevin isn’t here but, if you don’t mind me saying, I truly love your voice and would love to entertain you just as good as Kevin could if he lived here”.

She laughed at my response and asked my name. “Well, Mary, I’m Roger. But you could call me Rog”.

She giggled a little and said, “Well, Rog. Your voice sounds pretty sexy too”. We ended up talking for hours that evening. We learned a lot about each other. Mary told me that she was a 39 year old office assistant and part time personal trainer at a gym franchise. She explained that she just had her divorce of 5 years finalized and that she was looking for her friend, Kevin, to spend a few hours with to relieve her of her misery. However, our telephone conversation managed to do the trick. I kept Mary laughing and in a good mood. That one evening turned into a daily, 2 hour telephone conversation between Mary and I.
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My Dream

Posted in first times, lesbian on August 11th, 2012

It was a warm summer evening. My husband was out of town on a business trip, so I decided to ask my girlfriend, Brandi, over for dinner to commiserate with me, since her boyfriend was also out of town on the same trip with my husband.

I fixed us a nice dinner, put my girls to bed, then we sat down to drink some more wine and have some serious girl talk. We had been laughing and drinking for a couple hours then our talk turned to sex. Brandi is about my height, with long brown hair, brown eyes, and lips to die for. And her breasts, well, I could tell they were larger than mine, but I guess the rest was going to have to be left up to my imagination. I had many a fantasy about making love to her. Sucking on her breasts and nipples, making them respond to my touch, working my way down to her pussy; smelling her musky scent, and tasting her luscious pussy. Teasing her clit, making her scream out in orgasm. I had brought myself off plenty with those little fantasies.
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Seduced By My English Teacher

Posted in anal sex, Big tits on August 3rd, 2012

My eleventh grade English teacher was a short, full figured woman of 23 in her first year as a full fledged teacher. She had a classic hour glass figure, huge tits and a very full butt with wider than average hips. She was not the type that I was attracted to. I liked ‘em tall, lean and hard. Interestingly, her waist was tiny.

Martha was not beautiful, but she had a sexy, flirting smile that hinted at nasty. I was a straight ‘A’ student and she took an early interest in me and my college pursuits. I never had any thoughts about fucking her. She was a teacher, she wasn’t my type, and I certainly never felt that an opportunity would present itself.

At the end of the school year, just following my eighteenth birthday, my folks invited her to spend the weekend at our farm. My dad taught at the same HS and knew her from school. Her apartment lease was up; she was taking a summer job somewhere else and needed a place to stay for a few days.

My dad was working on his Doctorate and was gone that weekend. He was putting the final touches on his dissertation and was locked in a library at the University a couple of hours away. Martha took over the upstairs guest bedroom, sharing a bathroom with me. It was an odd arrangement; I actually had to go through her room at the top of the stairs to get to the bathroom. My parents slept downstairs.

As was the custom, I would give her a tour of the three hundred acre farm, to include the barns and other out buildings. I suggested that we could take a long hike the next morning to see the entire spread, which had numerous creeks and streams and pristine old growth forests. Having grown up in the city, she had never been in a barn, or visited a working farm.
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Posted in at work, voyeur on July 17th, 2012

About two weeks ago I was working late, this was nothing unusual as I worked till 7:00 or 8:00 at least three times a week. I was usually alone; most of my coworkers went home by 6:00. I enjoyed having the office to myself, it was quiet; no phones ringing, no bothersome questions…this was my time.

I had just finished a projection report and had made copies of it; I was delivering them to various other Director’s offices. I deliberately went to Kenneth’s office last, his office was next to mine and by dropping a copy on his desk last I could go back to my desk and get back to work. It was a little after 7:00 and I wanted to get my reports finished so I could be home no later than 9:00.

His door was closed; this wasn’t out of the ordinary because most of us closed our office doors when we left for the day. I couldn’t see any lights on so I opened the door and stepped in. He was sitting at his desk with his back to me, I could see his computer was on and I assumed he was working late too.

As I approached his desk I could hear him breathing hard and fast, concerned I quickened my steps and walked up next to him. That’s when I saw why he was breathing so hard…

He had his pants down to his ankles and his cock was in his hand. He was stroking it slowly, I watched as he rubbed his thumb across the tip and used his pre-cum to lubricate his shaft. I was mesmerized and just stood there watching. Kenneth is a great looking guy, he’s tall, dark and handsome and now I see he has a huge cock. He had one hand around the base of it cupping his balls and the other was working his thick shaft.
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Dees First Gangbang

Posted in anal sex, blowjobs, first times, fucking, groupsex on July 5th, 2012

It all started as an innocent bachelor party for my brother. My wife Dee helped me set it up, who to invite, food, drinks, & even hired the entertainment (a stripper). On the night of the party she stuck around until the guy’s started to show up. She knew most if them, and flirted a little on the way out. Frank came in as she was leaving and asked where she was going, wasn’t she going to stay and do the strip show for us? The three of us laughed at this as Dee left to spend the evening at a friends house. Little did we know at the time that Dee would be our entertainment and more that night.

The party started out well enough. We drank, ate and gave Paul (my brother) a lot of good natured ribbing. About an hour or so into this someone asked about the entertainment. I assured them she (our stripper) would be there in about an hour. In the mean time I put some porn tapes in the VCR to watch until she got there. We sat around drinking, bull shitting and watching porn. Well the stripper didn’t show in an hour, so I called Dee to see if she could call and find out what was up. She told me she could but, the number was home so she had to come home to do it.

When she got here I meet her at the back door and took her to our bed room to the phone. I asked her to hurry as the guy’s were getting a little drunk and horny watching the porn tapes. She made the call. A couple minutes later she motioned to me from the hallway. It seems there was a problem with the stripper, she had a party before ours and things were going so well there she wasn’t going to make our party. While we were talking Jim came down the hall to use the bathroom. When he saw Dee there he commented how he thought Frank was bullshitting about her being our stripper. He then took a 5 out of his pocket and told Dee this was an advance on the first dance, then excused himself to pee. When Jim closed the bathroom door she looked at me and said as it was her fault the stripper wasn’t there she would do some kind of strip show so the party didn’t go bust, besides she said looking at the 5 in her hand who couldn’t use the money? I told her it wasn’t her fault, but that it was ok with me if she didn’t mind. We have enjoyed some exhibitionism before and this kinda got my interest and juices going just to think about my beautiful wife dancing nude in front of all these guys. I reminded her there was 15 or so fairly drunk and horny guy’s in there though. She said it would be alright and that she would only go as far as I wanted her to. I told her that if she was going to be tonight’s entertainment she should come as close as she felt comfortable to as a real stripper. Dee went to our bedroom and I went back to the living room to tell the guy’s the stripper was here and would be out in a moment. I then went back to our room to help her find the right outfit.
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Buying a Bikini

Posted in teasing on June 8th, 2012

When I was in college during my Jr. year, I met two guys named John and Eddie. John and Eddie were freshman, new to the whole college scene. I met John first because he did a bit of copy editing for the school newspaper and I was one of the writers on staff. They both started sitting with me at lunch and I thought that they were both really funny and cute. They became my little tag-a-long buddies, and followed me around campus like hungry little puppy dogs. I thought they were adorable, and loved the attention they gave me.

They would inevitably show up at my dorm room on Friday nights, me being 21, so that we could go out for beer runs. We hung out and watched movies, or went to the Plaza and walked around acting like college kids do. There was, of course, unending flirting between the three of us, and the sexual tension was very high most of the time.

One late fall Friday afternoon, I came out of my 2:00 class to find them waiting for me. I announced to them that I had to run to the mall to buy a new swimsuit and they said they would tag along.

“Ohhh, no. I don’t think so boys.” I told them. I dreaded taking them out in public because they always embarrassed the hell out of me.

“Oh, come on Jen!” they said in unison.

“NO.” I firmly answered.

“The last time I took you guys to the mall, you were a mess, and I am going to do some serious shopping that DOES not require your being there.”

Well, after begging and pleading with me all the way back to my dorm, I finally caved and said they could come.

“But, you’re NOT going into the department store with me while I pick out my new bikini. You can go get something to eat or something.”

“Ok!” They were delighted to be able to tag along.

We got to the mall and I told them to meet me at the Orange Julius in an hour. I left them sitting on a bench staring at my ass as I stomped off in red platform shoes in search of my new swimsuit.

I was meandering around the store looking at different bikinis when I heard someone say, “OH MY GOD! Look, Eddie, it’s JEN!”
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Have You Seen My Virginity

Posted in blowjobs, cheating, exhibitionism, Fetish, first times, fucking on May 22nd, 2012

This is a true story — I’m posting it in the hope that someone else in net-land has run into these people…

It was about five years ago, late summer. My friend Mark and I had been working at jobs that we hated all summer in our boring small town, but soon we would be heading back to our respective colleges. We decided to go camping, get away from it all and unwind.

We went to my favorite park in southern Illinois, which has a real small camping area — about twelve campsites. We had been there about a week or so, drinking whisky while sitting on the sandstone cliffs watching the sun going down, making daily excursions to nearby parks, etc. But we didn’t see any women worth looking at for the whole time.

Until the second to last day that we were there, that is. We were basking in the afternoon sun after a lot of running around that morning, hanging out near the main scenic trail in the park. We saw this couple go wandering along — a guy with his blonde, skinny but shapely girlfriend. She was wearing tight cutoffs and an open shirt tied at the waist. This got us pretty horny, and we were getting to feel like we needed to get back to the civilized world.

We went back to our campsite, and noticed that there was only one other group of campers still there, at the other end of the camping area. So we cranked up the B-52′s on my boom-box and danced around on the picnic table and made dinner. We were sitting and having a couple of beers, when we saw this truck drive through the camping area real slow. It drove all the way through, and about five minutes later it came cruising past again and pulled into the spot next to us. Mark and I raised our eyebrows at this, since the place was so empty, but went about our business.

Then we noticed it was the same couple we’d seen earlier. They set up their camp, and, when it was dark, came over and asked us if we’d like to join them for a few beers. We grabbed our cooler and the boom box and followed them back to their campsite. We were having a lot of fun talking with them, when the conversation started getting sort of weird. The guy would drop suggestive remarks, the woman would get sort of embarrassed, and Mark and I would wonder what was going on. Then the guy (I’ve forgotten their names, I was slightly distracted) said to his girlfriend, “Hey, why don’t you show these guys your tattooes?”
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