Ball Game Balling

“Oh, c’mon honey. We can’t see the screen with you standing there!”

Janice gave myself and my two friends a petulant, sulky look and stomped off to the kitchen.

“Oh well,” I said to Frank, sitting next to me, “I guess we better not ask her to bring us a beer!”

Frank and my other friend, Joey laughed as I got up from my seat to get the beers myself. “Tell me if I miss anything.”

The ball game had been an exciting one so far; the lead switching from team to team as the game progressed. I was reluctant to tear myself away from the TV, but we all needed that liquid refreshment essential to watching any sporting event!

“How long is this stupid game going on?” asked my wife as I opened the fridge, “I’m bored!”

She smiled that impish little grin at me. The one she knows I find hard to resist. “I’m also feeling a little horny, baby. C’mon, get rid of these guys and forget the game, I got something hot just for you!”

I thought about it. My wife can be a hot little bitch when she wants. But I stood firm. “Sorry honey, It’ll have to wait a while, the game’s just getting interesting, and the guys want their beer!”

I could almost feel her icy stare on my back as I returned to the lounge to resume watching the game. Frank, Joey and myself watched, drank and cheered as our team increased their lead. At one point I heard Janice stomping up the stairs and assumed that she was going to watch a soap or something on the TV in our bedroom. I paid no more attention to her until, several minutes later I heard her returning. Joey was sitting by the door and was the first to see her as she entered the room. His eyes stood out on stalks as he looked at my wife. Whilst she was upstairs, she had changed her clothes and now appeared before us barefoot and wearing only the briefest pair of shorts and a thin cotton t-shirt. It was obvious that she had not worn a bra under the shirt and her large breasts bobbed and jiggled under the thin material as she walked. Her attitude had changed as well. She stood in front of us smiling sweetly.

“Can I get you more drinks, boys?”

Frank and Joey seemed more interested in ogling her long, bare legs than watching the game as the quickly nodded their assent. Janice disappeared back into the kitchen and returned a moment later with three cold bottles. She sashayed around the room passing the drinks to my friends and giving them a good view of her legs, one of her best features, I might add. As she passed the last bottle to me she had a wicked grin on her face. I had seen this look before and it suddenly dawned on me what she was up to. Janice loves to flirt. She can be a real slut when she’s horny and we have both been known to take things further than just looking. The game was drawing to a close now and the result seemed settled. Perhaps it was time for a little bit of fun, I thought! I could see that Frank and Joey were trying to conceal obvious erections. Janice had been pestering me to buy her an expensive pair of shoes she had seen for the last two weeks. I had bought them already, but was keeping them as a surprise to give to her later. But now a different idea had formed in my head. Without a word, I quickly ran to the den and fetched the shoes, still neatly wrapped and in their box. I returned to the lounge and, opening the box showed my purchase to my two friends. They both looked and agreed that they looked really elegant.

“Would you like to try them on?” I asked looking at Janice’s excited face.

“Oh John, they are wonderful. Thank you so much darling!”

As Janice moved quickly towards me to thank me properly, I dodged out of her way.

“Well, I’m not so sure that you should have them just yet. I think that you should have to work for them first! What do you think, guys?”

Although Janice has never really been publicly promiscuous, her reputation was well rumoured within our close circle of friends and Frank and Joey were slowly beginning to realise what I had in mind. They both dumbly nodded their agreement and watched Janice for her reaction.

Janice sighed, hands on hips. Her petulant look now returned. “Okay, tough guys, what is it you want me to do?”

Great, I thought, she was going to play along. “Well, strutting around like that and showing off your legs like a slut, has got us a little horny too. To get your prize,” I indicated the shoe box, “you’re going to have to play a little game! You are the cause of all our erections, so you are going to have to relieve them. But there’s a catch. You can only use the part of your body that I nominate, to bring us off. That’s the rule and any deviation from the rule means that you fail and the shoes go back to the shop!”

Janice was now grinning openly at me. I knew that she was so horny and wanted the shoes so much that she would play along with my little game.

“Okay. She cried, looking at my two astonished friends, “who’s first!”

“Frank, I think,” I replied, trying to act cool. “He looks fit to burst over there. I want you to make him shoot his load using only…your mouth! No other part of your body must touch him and you have only five minutes to complete your task.”

Frank looked a little red in the face as Janice wandered over toward him licking her lips. He was sat in one of our armchairs and, as my wife knelt between his legs with her hands clasped behind her back, he quickly pulled down the zipper of his jeans and took out a very hard cock. Janice looked at it for a long moment. It was big but not huge, circumcised with a large shiny head and a long veiny shaft. Joey and I watched, fascinated, as Frank gripped the base and Janice began to lick up and down the sides of the shaft. Frank groaned deeply as her expert tongue swirled over his throbbing glans and then cried out loud as her head sank down and her lips closed forming a tight seal.

“Two minutes gone!” I called as I checked my watch.

Janice obviously recognised the significance of my words and immediately began bobbing her head up and down on Frank’s cock. Joey and I could clearly see his length slipping further and further into her mouth with each movement. Another two minutes had elapsed and I could see that Frank was close to cumming. Janice recognised the signs as well, and, adjusting the angle of her head slightly, swallowed his entire length deep into her throat. Frank moaned again and bucked his hips towards her, trying to face-fuck my wife. His eyes were tight shut and her let out a long sigh as he began shooting his cum into Janice’s throat. She swallowed, as she has always done for me, but we could clearly see the remains of Franks jism oozing from the corners of her mouth and dripping over her chin.

“Well done,” I said as she allowed Frank’s softening prick to slip from between her lips. “And with thirty seconds to spare! Joey’s turn next.”

Joey was way ahead of me and was already sitting on the sofa with his jeans and underwear around his ankles.

Janice was still swallowing Frank’s cum and trying to get her breath back as I issued her next set of instructions.

“Right. Off with the top. You have seven minutes to make Joey cum with those big tits of yours! You can hold your boobs together – but no touching him.”

I opened my wife’s purse and dug out a bottle of lotion. “Use this, Joey.” I said as I threw him the bottle, “a bit of lubrication should make it much better!”

Janice now took up a similar position as she had with Frank: knelt between Joey’s open legs. Joey unscrewed the lotion bottle and poured a liberal amount onto my wife’s tits and began slowly rubbing it in. Frank had joined me and we both now looked on and marvelled at the way that Janice’s nipples thickened and grew under our friend’s fingers. She was obviously just as excited as we were by this game. Joey moved his slick hands away from Janice’s tits and gently stroked some of the lotion onto his cock. I called out the time again just as she placed those large warm globes around Joe’s thick cock. “Mmmm….oh yes..that feels so fucking good!” cried my friend as Janice began massaging his tool between her big breasts. Joey obviously liked to talk while he fucked!

“Yes baby…oh yes…fuck my cock with your tits…mmmmmm…wrap those big mounds around me…make me cum, baby…oh yes!”

“Two minutes left!” I called out to my wife. Hearing the time, Janice became much more animated; squeezing Joe’s cock with her delicious breasts and sliding him deep into her slick cleavage. Her hands clasped her breasts as she pulled them back and forth quicker and quicker over his tool. I could see her eyes looking down onto his dick, obviously wanting to lick it as it flashed between her tits, but not wanting to break “the rule”.

“Oh god…” cried Joey. “Oh Jesus…yes..yes..yes…I’m gonna cum…nearly there…yes…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”

As Janice squeezed him one last time, she was rewarded by several great squirts of thick, hot cum that splashed over her glistening tits. Joey’s climax lasted longer than Frank’s and his cock spasmed several more times before he finished, leaving my wife’s breasts wet with a mixture of lotion and semen.

“What about you, John.” asked Frank. “What are you going to get her to do for you?”

I thought about it for a moment. It would be too easy just to fuck her sweet pussy.

“I know!” I said suddenly. “Sit back guys and watch my slutty wife give me a nice foot-job!”

I sat in the middle of the sofa with my friends on each side watching with fascination. I instructed Janice to lay on her back on the floor and place her sexy little feet in my lap. My hard cock was out in a second and Janice giggled slightly as she felt the head, already wet with pre-cum, slide against her toes. For several seconds I just let the dainty digits flick over my glans, luxuriating in the feel of her soft skin against my sensitive glans. I felt harder than I had ever felt before; my eight inches of meat throbbing and twitching almost uncontrollably. Janice was really good at this, and slid her soft feet up and down my erection from balls to tip. I could feel the tension starting to rise in my loins and knew that it would only be a few more seconds to “blast-off”! Roughly I grabbed her ankles and squeezed her feet around my throbbing meat. Furiously, I rubbed them up and down my shaft, using them to jack myself off, until with a deep guttural cry, I exploded over her toes. As Janice and I had done this many times before, my climax was not as strong as Joey or Frank’s, but having both my friends watch as I released over my wife’s feet was a big enough turn-on to make up for it. My cum coated her toes and dripped obscenely over her upturned feet. Looking down her legs I could see a damp, no, wet patch on the crotch of her shorts confirming that she was as horny now as she had ever been in her life! Her stained tits shone in the light and her long black hair fanned out on the carpet behind her head. She looked like a complete tramp!

I excused myself and went to freshen up. I had only been gone a matter of minutes, but when I returned the scene in the lounge had changed.

“We thought that she had earned more than just the shoes,” said Frank as I entered. He had Janice bent over the back of the sofa and was unceremoniously tugging her shorts down her legs. “She was practically begging us to fuck her! I hope you don’t mind?”

“Sure – go ahead guy’s! Give the bitch what she wants!” I replied as I settled down to watch the finale.

My wife’s shorts were off in a flash and it didn’t take much longer for Frank, standing behind her up turned butt, to bury himself balls deep in her wet snatch. Joey was also hard once again and was not about to be left out of the proceedings. Climbing up onto the front of the sofa, he grasped Janice’s head between his hands and plugged her mouth with his thick meat. My two friends fucked my wife front and back for several minutes, their big cocks alternately filling her mouth and cunt. Janice cried out several times during her assault, shuddering into orgasm time after time until eventually Joey filled her throat with his hot cum and Frank withdrew and released the contents of his balls over her butt and lower back.

After they had finished with her, Janice excused herself and went upstairs for a nap. Frank, Joey and myself drank one more beer before they reluctantly said that they would have to get going themselves. They both agreed it had been an afternoon that must be repeated at some time. Closing the door after they had left, I decided to look in on Janice. She had obviously been very tired, because she had fallen asleep on top of the bed without showering first. Her naked body was still streaked with cum and the box containing her well earned new shoes lay at the foot of the bed. As I looked at her I could feel my erection returning and, not for the first time, thanked my luck that I had married such a beautiful slut!

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