Barb On The Beach

Barb, I got a big promotion at the bank!!” I announced, as I entered the house.

My beautiful wife of 17 years turned around from the stove of our spacious kitchen, and hurried over to hug me as I strode across the room. “Oh that’s wonderful darling. I am so proud of you! You deserve it!” she smiled her teeth perfectly white. She pressed her well-toned body into me as we embraced.

My wife has a beautiful body! Even after 2 kids, Barb’s voluptuous body has been kept in shape by her daily exercise at the women’s gym in town. Her legs, thighs, and bottom are that of a 30 year old. You would never guess she has two teenage children, or that she was 38 years old. She always dressed in attractive color-coordinated outfits. Her clothes were elegant but conservative. She did not even own a sleeveless shirt. Barb always wore her make-up, and she looked as though she visited the beauty solon seven days a week. She didn’t. She was just a naturally neat and elegant lady with a hair never out of place.

As we hugged and laughed, I could feel her natural D-cup breasts press into my chest. With her neck high pressed blouses downplaying her figure, you would never guess she had firm, natural bosoms capped with ultra large and ultra sensitive nipples. As we finished our hug and parted, I could make out to Barb’s brown nipples through her white blouse. They had become suddenly erect from our spontaneous embrace. Her erect nipples were pressing against the material of her bra and blouse pointing right at me. If she had realized this, she would have quickly crossed her arms to cover up. My wife was very prim and proper, always changing clothes behind a closed and locked bathroom door. We made love only once every two months, and always with the lights off in the missionary position. She was passionate, yet always reserved during sex. She always seemed in control of herself.

As my wife returned to preparing our dinner, I said to her, “Barb, honey I am going to celebrate my promotion by taking my lovely wife to the islands!”

“Oh my goodness! Honey, are you serious?” my wife gushed.

“Yep!” I said. “I have already made the arrangements! We leave day after tomorrow. The kids are staying with my parents.”

“You are tremendous, honey! I love you!” my wife gushed. “I will need to tell Amanda, that I cannot make it to our garden club meeting, and I need to notify Jane that I will miss our bridge game. We always have an alternate.” Wow, I thought, these women were always organized to the last detail. My wife’s friends were just like her. They always displayed the proper social etiquette from the book of manners. Barb would not even watch R-rated movies, or anything approaching that subject matter.

Two days flew by and we found ourselves arriving on the island of Aruba in the tropical wonderland of warm sun and cool breezes. We taxied to our resort overlooking the crystal blue ocean and checked in to our two-room suite. Our accommodations were luxurious and spacious.

As we settled in our suite, my wife asked. “Oh darling are you sure we can afford this? This suite is beautiful and we have a living room and a bedroom to relax. You are something else!”

We slept soundly that first night. The warm breeze of the ocean was hypnotizing as it passed through our bedroom window, which we left open in the night. We did not make love, since we were both exhausted from our travel. We awoke the next morning more rested and alive than we had been in years. What a great night’s sleep, we thought!

After a late breakfast, we decided it was time to go down to the beach. My wife took her bathing suit from her suitcase and skipped off to the bathroom to change. As the bathroom door closed, I heard the clicking of the lock as she began to change into her beach attire. I quickly changed into my suit and waited for my sweet wife to join me. I heard the door to the bathroom open as my wife came strolling out into the living room of our suite. Barb had transformed herself into true island goddess. She had brought a pale blue, one- piece bathing suit on our trip. Her body filled out the suit perfectly. Her beautiful tan, smooth legs were topped with flared hips and round bottom. The top of her suit held her nice naturally round breasts and large nipples in a conservative cut, which sloped gently into her cleavage. Shinning, dark blond hair capped her 5′ 4″ frame, and her hairstyle was cut at medium length just above her petite shoulders. As my eyes drank in her beauty, I looked across her pelvis and noticed the plump lump of her luxurious, brown bush hiding beneath the taut fabric of her suit. Barb was not a true blonde, but the contrast of blonde hair and her dark bush was extremely erotic, I thought.

It was near noon as we made our way to the beach. I noticed several men eyeing my wife’s figure as we picked out two lounges to occupy and relax. Barb looked stunning lying in the sun as the ocean breeze lapped our skin. After laying out tanning for about 90 minutes, I suggested we take a walk on the beach. We strolled over a mile down the sunny, sun kissed sand along the edge of the water chatting and enjoying ourselves. Then the scenery changed to vacant rugged terrain along the waters edge and fewer people were around. My sweet wife did not notice any change, but I did. As I looked around I saw a topless lady sunbathing just to our right. We must have walked into a clothing optional area of the island! I thought we should turn back towards the resort, but continued on anyway. I guess to see my wife’s reaction when she realized we had stumbled upon naked people. Walking along with my wife, I suddenly heard her gasp. My eyes looked into her face and I heard her whisper. “Oh my God!!” She stopped dead in her tracks. Confused by her sudden stop, my eyes turned to follow her line of sight. Approximately 50 yards in front of us, a large naked black man was waking along the water in our direction. He had a smooth baldhead and muscular body with huge wide shoulders .As I glanced back to my still frozen wife, I noticed her eyes staring towards the black man’s mid-section. As I followed her gaze back to the oncoming man, I saw why my wife had come to a dead halt. This large black man had a huge dick hanging from his loins. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen in my life!! I was sure it was the biggest dick my wife had ever seen. I don’t think she had ever seen anyone’s dick but my own. It was approximately 7 inches long and thick, hanging almost halfway down his muscular thighs. It seemed to dance and bob up and down as he strode toward us. It was bigger than my dick when erect! Barb’s breathing was choppy as he approached. As he walked by us, he smiled at my wife and said hello. Her eyes were riveted to his big black appendage. He disappeared into the distance giving us a view of his black muscular ass.

As Barb and I turned to walk back to our resort, I tried to lighten the atmosphere. “I guess they grow them big around here, darling.”

Barb turned and said, “I didn’t know penises grew that big. His ding dong was the biggest thing I have ever seen in my life!!”

“You know they say black men are bigger, honey!” I quipped.

Maybe it was my imagination, but Barb seemed to be flushed across her face and shoulders. I glanced down and held my breath. My wife nipples were as erect as I have ever seen them and protruding through her bathing suit! Had she been turned-on by the sight of that man’s big black “ding dong”? My prim and proper wife had been exposed to black man’s penis. She had stared at it! I bet she would never forget that sight! As we finally made our way back to our lounges on the beach, Barb promptly ordered a rum drink from the beachside bar. She needed something to calm her nerves! She swallowed the drink in record time. Barb rarely drinks, and easily becomes tipsy with even with a small amount of wine.

That night in our bedroom we made love for the first time in 2 months. Barb seemed much more passionate than normal. Was she thinking of what she saw on the beach, I wondered? Was it the exotic location we were vacationing in? Barb had been turned-on by the sight on the beach earlier. I could tell when I had noticed her erect nipples, after the black man had walked by us that day.

The next morning I told my wife I was going to play golf that afternoon, but we could spend the morning at the beach. My wife ordered a rum cocktail as noon approached. It was not like my wife to drink so early in the day. I had a 2PM tee time and told my wife that it would probably be dark when I returned. I knew there would not be any sex that night, vacation or not. Barb just wouldn’t be in the mood 2 nights in a row. I left her on the beach and went the resort’s golf course. It was a scorching hot day and I decided to play only 9 holes. I figured I would surprise my wife with an early return, and take her out to dinner. I returned to our suite about 5PM and our room was empty. Where was Barb, I wondered? I looked out the widow toward the beach and saw my wife having a rum cocktail at the pool bar. I was stunned when my eyes wandered to the right, and saw whom my wife was talking to as she sipped her drink. My innocent, white wife was in fluent conversation with the black man we had seen on the beach the day before!! Barb had changed into a crisp white skirt and blouse and had put on her pearl necklace and earrings. She looked so dainty and elegant sitting there next to the big black man, who only had a pair of gym shorts on. She was laughing and talking like she was on a date! Barb would lean close to the huge, black man, as he would talk close to her ear. She was flirting with him!! She knew I would not be back at the resort for 3 more hours and had all this time to herself. All of the sudden they got up from the bar stools and began walking toward the hotel. Where were they going, I wondered? My petite, dainty wife looked so small walking alongside this large black man. Where were they going??

I thought I should go downstairs and let her know I was back. As I started to the door of our suite, I heard the key in the door! I dove behind the curtains and in walked my sweet, prim and proper wife with the huge black man!! I could not believe it! Barb was giggling, and I could tell she had consumed quite a few rum cocktails. After a few moments, this black man grabbed my giggling wife and kissed her!! Surely, she would scream and push him away, I thought. I was dead wrong. My bridge playing, garden club, white wife was kissing a black man!! I was stunned. Should I stop this? Should I burst into the room from behind the curtains and demand that this big black man stop kissing my wife? I was frozen in place and I suddenly realized my dick was rock hard!! The mother of my children was kissing a black man. Their bodies were pressed tightly together. I heard my wife groan as she ground her pelvis into the black man.

“I cannot believe I am doing this.” My wife groaned.

“You are in vacation, Barb,” the huge black man whispered. “A lot of white wives come to Aruba to explore their fantasies. The wives I meet always leave happy, baby. Some even invite me to their homes to visit them.”

“Oh, Marcus you don’t please everyone, do you?” My wife giggled. So, Marcus is his name, I thought.

“Only white women Barb.” Marcus answered. I could see his huge bulge in his shorts. I was impressed to say the least!! My wife had to feel the lump against her stomach. Marcus took her small white hand and brought it to front of his shorts. He rubbed my modest white wife’s hand across his huge bulge.

“Oh My God!” my wife groaned. “You feel so big down there!” Marcus then let go of her hand, and she began rubbing his crotch on her own free will!! They stood there kissing for several minutes.

Then, Marcus took my wife by the hand and led her into the bedroom of our suite. He sat down on the corner of the bed and opened his strong thighs. He led Barb so that she was standing between his legs. He looked into her eyes and smiled as he let his large black hand traveled over the front of my wife’s white blouse. I had moved to the doorway to watch as he felt-up my sweet wife. Barb groaned huskily and her large nipples shot to attention under her bra and blouse. My wife’s ultra sensitive nipples seemed to dance under his touch. He began to lightly pinch and pull on Barb’s erect nipples through her blouse. My sweet wife was allowing a black man to tease her soft white breasts!! Her tits were as hard as pencil erasers hidden in her white blouse. I could see the brown nipples trough the white fabric. I was going crazy!!

“Open you blouse Barb.” Marcus said. “Show me your pretty white breasts.”

My wife opened her blouse and showed the large black man her white breasts captured inside her plain white bra. Her brown nipples were the size of sand dollars, and her erect tits poked out through the white nylon fabric. Marcus reached up and eased her bra off my wife’s shoulders. Her beautiful white breasts tumbled out in front of his black face. Her breasts had goose bumps all over them and her large nipples looked like headlights in front of Marcus’ sparkling black eyes. He reached up and softly twisted and pulled on my wife’s erect nipples for several minutes. Barb was breathing huskily with her eyes filled full of pleasure. This guy is a pro, I thought to myself. How could my sweet wife allow this man to touch her like this?? My prim and proper wife was sighing in pleasure as a black man played with her breasts. Her chest was rising and falling under his expert manipulation. Slowly, Marcus took his hands away.

“Barb, lift-up your skirt.” Marcus whispered. Surely my wife would not do this, I thought. I was wrong. Slowly, she let her white hands fall to the hem of her skirt. She eased her skirt up and over her wide flaring hips. As the bottom edge traveled upward, it began to reveal her white cotton panties. With her skirt bunched up to her waist, my wife’s white panties were on complete display in front of this large black man. As I took in the sight, I focused on the details before my eyes. Looking across my wife’s pelvis, I could see the dark outline of her dense bush resting inside the material. I could also see that a few stray hairs of my sweet wife’s hairy pussy had escaped the sides of her panties. There were several brown pubic hairs peeking from the sides of the white fabric. Her underwear could not contain all of her sex. As I looked closer, I was shocked. The front of my panties were wet!! The white cotton fabric was stained from the wetness of her loins. Her pussy juice was wetting her panties!! Marcus took the back of his hand and index finger and rubbed it across the front of my wife’s bush on the outside of her panties. A few more stray pussy hairs popped from the sides as he moved his finger up and down.

As he flicked his black finger across the front of my wife’s panties, he began to tease my strait-laced wife. “Barb, you sure do have some pretty panties. That body of yours sure fills them out nice.” He whispered.

“Barb, take your skirt off” Marcus commanded as he continued to rub her. My wife dropped her skirt without hesitation. My wife was at this black man’s mercy, and he knew it!! He began talking dirty to my wife. “Barb your white panties are wet. Is your pretty white pussy wet, Barb? You are a naughty little wife.” He continued, ” Did your white, married pussy get this wet when you passed me on the beach yesterday?” Barb nodded yes, as she bit her lip. “Did you like what you saw? Tell me what you saw. Barb.”

“I saw your big ding dong.” My wife groaned. “You have the biggest ding dong that I have ever seen, Marcus.” My wife would never talk dirty, so “ding dong” was about all she would say, I thought.

“Had you ever seen a black dick, Barb?” Marcus whispered.

“No, yours is the first black one I have ever seen.” Barb moaned.

“Barb pull your pretty white panties down and show me your pretty white pussy.” Marcus commanded. My wife hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them down to her thighs. As they cleared her pelvis her dark brown bush popped out in front of Marcus’ black face. Her pelvis was creamy white and softly undulating back and forth. Her pussy mound rose from the center hips and was highlighted by a diamond-shaped jungle of thick pubic hair. Her lush brown bush was wet with dampness, as it glistened in the soft bedroom light. Here was my prim and proper wife, with her white conservative panties at mid thigh, was displaying her sex to a black man!! Her smooth white stomach and navel were countered with the exotic contrast of her wet, brown pubic hairs jutting from her sex. “Barb, you have a hairy pussy, baby!! I love a white woman with a hairy pussy!!” He whispered lewdly.

He took his large black finger and pushed it between my wife’s legs into the folds of her twat. Then he slowly withdrew his finger and I saw it was glistening with my wife’s wetness. He brought his finger to his nose and inhaled its scent. “Oh Barb, I can smell your naughty white pussy, baby. Your pussy smells so sexy, Barb. Your little white pussy smells like lust, baby. What would your husband think of you, Barb? Here you are a sweet pretty white wife, and you are letting a black man touch her hairy pussy!!” My wife was turning red from his dirty talk, but she getting turned-on even more. Her hips were thrusting forward to make contact with his large fingers.

“Turn around, Barb, and show Marcus your pretty, white butt.” My wife slowly turned and presented her white butt to this black man for inspection. Her round white buns jiggled when she turned and showed her butt to Marcus’ black eyes. My wife’s soft white buns were perfectly rounded and as smooth as velvet. I could see the goose bumps across her butt cheeks, as she waited for this black man to touch her backside. Marcus took his large black index finger and ran it up and down my wife’s soft butt crack. Barb’s buttocks pushed back toward his finger searching for his touch. “Barb, pull your pretty white buns apart and show Marcus your butt hole, baby. Show it to me!” My sweet wife reached behind her back, and slowly open her buns for this large black man. I could not believe it!! She would never let me near her butt. Here was my wife opening her buns to complete stranger! She was bent forward slightly, and her butt was pushed back toward Marcus’ gaze. I could see her brown bush fanning out from her pussy with the hairy trail continuing up between my wife’s white buns. In the center of her deep butt crack, the brownish, pink ring of her anus winked. It was visible, nestled in a forest of sexy butt hair. I was about to come in my pants!! Marcus ran his finger from her pussy up the crack of her butt lightly circling her butt hole as it traveled. Barb’s tender white butt was thrusting back to him as he repeated this motion over and over. My wife was moaning uncontrollably.

“Damn, Barb!” Marcus teased. “You got a racing stripe baby. Your bush goes all the way up your ass!” He said lewdly commenting on my wife’s hairy crevice. My wife’s butt hair was right in his face!! Her neat manicured hands held her smooth white buns apart displaying her randy sex hair! Oh the contrast!!

“Barb, turn around and get on your knees.” Marcus ordered. My wife promptly followed his instructions as she fell to her knees. Marcus then stood up displaying the huge bulge in his shorts. That huge lump was right in front of my innocent wife’s face. “Barb, do you want to see my big black dick?” He taunted. My wife nodded her head “yes”, staring right at his bulge. “Pull my pants down, Barb.” Without hesitation my innocent wife pulled down Marcus’ shorts revealing his tight underwear. It looked as if Marcus had a salami stuffed in the front of his underwear. As I took my eyes off his bulge, I was struck by lightening. Marcus was looking straight at me smiling!! “I want you to smell my black dick, Barb. Put your face in my crotch and smell my nasty black dick, baby.” I stood paralyzed as my prim and proper wife pushed her face into Marcus’ crotch like a slut! She inhaled his scent, and I saw one of her hands drop down to finger her pussy. Her sweet soft face was pressed against a hard black lump in the underwear.

“Take it out, baby.” Marcus ordered. My sweet white wife reached her dainty white hand into Marcus’ underwear, and pulled out his huge black dick. It leaped out at her striking her in the face. God it was huge!! 10 inches long and thick as a coke can!! My wife gasped as she saw his black dick in front of her face. She just stared in awe at Marcus’ huge black weapon. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. She reached up and grabbed it with her small hand, but her hand only reached halfway around his thick black dick. “You like what you see, Barb? Is your husband dick that big, Barb?”

“Oh yes, I like what I see, and, no my husband’s ding dong is not half as big as yours, Marcus. Oh my God!” She moaned. It was if the sight of his coal black meat set my wife into orbit. She began to talk with words I would never conceive that she would speak. “God your you’ve got a big dick! I cannot believe dicks are that big.” She was still playing with her pussy with one hand!! “When I first saw your big black dick yesterday, it made my pussy wet my bathing suit. I was so horny last night. I could not get your black dick out of my mind. I went in to the bathroom yesterday, after I saw you, and played with my pussy. I came all over my hand and wedding ring dreaming about you. I wondered if my white pussy would ever fit your big black dick. It’s just like now. I am playing with my hairy pussy right now, Marcus! God I am wet!”

Marcus sat down on the bed with his big dick slipping from my wife’s grasp and bobbing in the air. Barb leaned forward to kiss Marcus’ black dick. Marcus rubbed his dick all across my wife’s face. He then pulled his dick up and offered his huge black balls to my wife’s face. I was stunned as she began licking the huge black balls. “That’s a girl Barb. My. My. Aren’t you a naughty white wife?” My straight-laced, Sunday school teaching wife was licking a black man balls!! I looked at Marcus and saw he was smiling lewdly at me! Then he totally blew my mind. He lifted his legs back and up, and offered my innocent wife his black butt. Oh my God, I thought!! What would she do? My wife answered my question when she brought both her white hands up to his black buns and spread them apart. His smooth black butt crack was spread open displaying his black smelly butt hole!! “Lick my black butt hole baby.” My little white wife then leaned forward and tongued his nasty black crack from top to bottom. The sweet lips and tongue that I kiss when I come home from work were rutting their way around a black man’s ass!! “Barb, you are such a naughty lady! You have your pretty white nose stuck up my black ass like a dog!! Eat my black ass your white mouth! I bet your husband would die if he saw his pretty white wife with her tongue up a black man’s ass. You are so dirty. You are so naughty, Barb!!” Marcus scolded. Half my wife’s face was in his crack. I could see her elegant pearl earrings on her earlobes as she munched a nasty black ass!! I was coming in my pants!! Instead of playing bridge this evening, my wife had her pretty face stuck up a black man’s ass! What would her friends say!!

Marcus suddenly dropped his legs and stood up towering over my kneeling wife. “Get your married, white pussy on the bed!’ He ordered. ” Put a pillow under your hips and lay on your stomach” Barb scrambled up, and arranged herself as she was told with her white buns in the air. Marcus grinned at me. “Pull you pretty white buns apart and show me your hairy butt hole. That’s a good girl. Oh baby, you got a pretty butt hole!” Marcus moved to the bed and slowly ran his big black finger up and down my wife’s butt crack. Barbs hands were pulling her buns apart, and I could see her wedding ring glowing in the bedroom light. “Baby open it up for Marcus. That’s a good girl. Man you got a pretty butt hole. You got some butt hair lady!” Marcus was verbally abusing my wife. “What if your husband saw you showing a black man your butt hole” Marcus looked at me and smiled lewdly. My wife was going crazy, moaning over and over at his dirty words.

Marcus put his big black dick against my wife’s pussy and pushed forward stretching her tight opening. “Oh fuck me with your big black dick Marcus!” My wife cried thrusting her butt up to him. “Open me up! I don’t care who sees me!! Stretch me. Use me. Take me. Force me. Oh my God, I’m coming all over your big black dick!!” Marcus stuck his finger up my wife’s butt. She moaned and bit into the sheets on the bed.

Marcus drove his huge cock in an out of Barb’s pussy over and over. My wife came repeatedly. She was moaning and grunting as she humped her buns up to meet Marcus’ dick. Her smooth white buns were dancing wildly as she thrust her butt up to Marcus’ black loins. Over the next 20 minutes. My wife was brought to orgasm 7 or 8 times by this island stud. She was going crazy.

“Shoot your come up my white married cunt, Marcus!! Make me take it!” I could see Barb’s white, creamy pussy juice coating Marcus’ huge black cock. My church going wife was allowing a huge black cock to fuck her sacred hole!! “Oh, Marcus you are touching places in my pussy that have never been touched!!” She cried.

I watched as Marcus’ butt began to flex over and over. He was shooting his scalding hot come up my wife’s unprotected cunt!! Oh my God!! He shot come up my wife’s pussy for several minutes it seemed. He finally stopped thrusting and pulled his huge black dick out of my wife’s white pussy with a loud plopping noise. Come spilled out of her hairy cunt, and ran down her thick bush onto the bed below. He grinned at me as he rose up from my totally fucked and spent wife. He picked up his shorts and walked right by me standing at the door.

“Damn, you got a hot wife!” He whispered, as he passed me. “Tomorrow, I might fuck her in the ass!!”

I was frozen in place. My wife was passed out on the bed. Her thick bush was matted with come. Her pussy red and stretched open, and Marcus’ black cum gurgled out of her cunt. I stood there looked over the lurid sight before me. I was totally stunned!! This was going to be a hell of a vacation!