Beach Bang

I was walking on the beach early one summer morning. The surf splashed water on my legs as I waded knee deep in the cool ocean.

The beach was empty of other people this morning; which seemed strange to me as it was a relatively hot and humid day.

Off in the distance I spotted the lone figure of what appeared to be a very pretty blonde. She was lying face down on a beach towel, obviously trying to catch a few rays of the warm sun overhead.

Seeing no one else around, I walked towards the pretty fugure before me. Might as well try to make friends with her if she would let me.

As I approached the prone figure; I couldn’t help but notice the long, sexy, legs stretched out on the large towel. Looking up her legs, my gaze stopped at her smooth, round butt. She was wearing a red thong bikini bottom which showed all of her tight, well tanned, ass.

My gaze traveled further up her long slender body. She was topless; face down on the towel. Her face was turned away from me as she seemed unaware of my presence.

I caught a glimpse of one of her pert, alert nipples on one of her small, but well rounded, breasts. This small sight caused a predictable response from me. My penis began to slowly stiffen as I finally arrived at where the blonde beauty was sunning herself.

She suddenly raised herself up off the towel and turned her face towards me. Even though she was wearing sunglasses, I could tell that my appearance had surprised her.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I appologized. “Didn’t mean to give you a start, pretty lady.”

“It’s alright. I could faintly hear your feet shuffle through the sand as you walked up.” She answered me in a very familiar voice. I knew that voice from somewhere, I just couldn’t quite place it.

She looked at me through the dark lenses of her sunglasses. Most likely she was trying to size me up as a friendly guy or a possible pervert. Which one; I didn’t know.

Her long, silken, blonde hair, fell upon her shoulders. Her mouth was round and full lipped. I knew this pretty lady from somewhere. It was bugging me that I couldn’t remember where it was.

She made no effort to hide her small, but perfectly round breasts, from my sight. The unknown blonde noticed me staring at her perfect, lovely, mounds of womanhood. She also could not help but notice the bulge in my shorts as my manhood was at its fullest.

“Is that for me?” She asked as she took off her sunglasses.

When I saw her big blue eyes; along with the wide smile which crossed her full, pouty, lips; I knew who this beautiful mystery lady was. I found myself standing before the Amazon Goddess of the Foxxy News Network: Laurie Dhue!

“Is that for me?” Laurie repeated as she fixed her eyes on the bulge of my manhood. My penis was stretching the cotton fabric of my shorts; struggling to be free from its confinement.

“It’s for you alright. That is if you really want it!” I replied as my dick became even fuller and more erect under the scrutiny of Lauries’ beautiful blue eyes.

She didn’t say a word in response to me. She positioned me in front of her lovely face and took my shorts down and off me with one quick movement.

My rigid cock sprang out at pretty Lauries face; stopping just short from her full, inviting, lips. She gave me a lustful stare as I realized that my wildest wet dream was about to come true!

Laurie opened her lips and began to kiss and suck the head and crown of my penis. Her soft lips and expert tongue swirled around my cockhead; creating waves of pleasure to surge throughout my groin.

When Laurie finally opened her mouth and slid the length of my cock down her throat; I was in heaven!

The pretty Foxxy News blonde began to bob her head to and fro on my engorged manhood. Her sensuous mouth and tongue was sucking and licking the entire length of my soon to erupt fuck tool!

Laurie Dhue was giving me a blowjob! A great blowjob to be precise!

After a couple of minutes of torrid deepthroat action on my shaft; I could feel the impending buildup of cum in my balls. Sensing that my orgasm was near; Laurie grasped my ass cheeks and prepared to recieve my load of jism.

I groaned in pleasure as my penis spurted and jerked as it deposited its load of creamy love goo deep inside of Lauries’ lovely mouth and throat. She eagerly slurped and swallowed each stream of my hot, tasty, cum as it hit the back of her throat!

When my, now flacid, little friend had finished emptying its cargo into Lauries lovely mouth; she looked up at me with her soft blue eyes as if to say she enjoyed the taste of my cum.

Breathlessly I pulled Laurie up off of her knees and kissed her full, sensuous, mouth. Our tongues searched the inside of each others throats. The soft, but firm, feel of her lips on mine, was exquisite.

When Laurie was standing all the way up, I found myself eyelevel with her two small, but oh so perfect breasts. The tall, lovely lady was at least four inches taller than my average five foot eight inch heigth. I didn’t mind this at all as my mouth and tongue was at the perfect spot to to kiss and suck on Lauries mounds of pleasure.

I took one breast into my mouth; I was able to handle it with ease; and proceeded to lick and swirl my tongue around its’ erect nipple. I used my hands to carress and fondle the smooth skin of her other breast. I moved my mouth and hands from one beautiful breast to the other.

My mouth and hands were like a pleasure machine. Their purpose in life was to make Lauries breasts come alive with passion!

Laurie moaned at each kiss, lick, and suck of my talented tongue and mouth on her mounds! She held my head in her arms; not wanting me to stop. But Stop; I Did!

My goal was Lauries lucious blonde pussy. I had to savor her love nector; and more importantly; feel the sweet tightness of her lovehole around my cock!

I kissed my way down Lauries lean, lovely body until I reached her bikini thong covered, love gash. I took the thong off and laid the beautiful naked news lady down on her back on the beach towel. The warmth of the sand from the morning sun only served to intensify the comming love session.

She spread her legs apart for me; revealing to me; the tight blonde haired pussy which I had to devour and make my own!

My head made its way between her lovely stretched legs. My mouth and tongue began to explore the fruits of the inner sanctum of Lauries’ lucious pussy.

My tongue licked and sucked on her hot, juicy slit. Finally it found its’ goal; Lauries’ delicious, erect, clitoris. I kissed and licked on her love nub. I savored the flavor of her love nector as my tongue lashing of her pussy continued.

A moan burst forth from Laurie as she grabbed my head tightly with her hands and supple thighs. I knew her orgasm was near.

A cry of pleasure erupted from Ms Dhues’ lips as her climax hit her like a tital wave from the ocean floor! Her love hole spewed forth its tasty treat into my waiting mouth and on my face!

I swallowed and licked every droplet of Lauries’ love nector I could find. Her pussy was indescribably delicious!

And then her orgasm was over. The soft heavy breaths comming from Laurie; along with the smile on her face; told me that my cuntlapping was a success.

I raised my head from between her thighs and positioned myself in front of her lovehole. My rigid penis was more than ready for its entry into Lauries lovely quim.

I thrust myself hard and deep inside of the beautiful blondes pussy. I thrust myself in a steady rythym; in and out of the clutching hot confines of lauries arroused love mound.

Laurie pushed her hips back at me at the same tempo; hard and fast!

Our breaths became short and labored as our love dance intensified.

Finally Laurie arched her back and moaned as her orgasm overcame her. Lauries pulsating pussy grabbed and pulled my thrusting love pole until I couldn’t take it anymore! My penis spasmed and jerked over and over as I ejaculated my creamy gift of love deep within the confines of Lauries hot, honeypot!

When I finished my orgasm, I laid there for a couple of minutes. I savored the feel of my now spent penis; still embedded inside of Lauries hot, juicy, and still spasming pussy.

I pulled my penis out of her love mound. A creamy stream of love juice; hers and mine; dribbled out of her fuck hole and onto the towel beneath us.

I kissed the beautiful blonde softly on her lips and gazed into her lovely blue eyes.

Laurie Dhue looked back into my eyes with a gleam of total sexual satisfaction.

“Cum here very often, stranger?” She playfully asked me.

Looking at Lauries beautiful, lovely face I answered back; “I intend to cum here every chance I can from now on!”

You know; a walk on the beach can be real, real fun!

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