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Boat Fun

Last month my wife and I had the most exhilarating sexual experience of our marriage. The couple next door and invited us and one of my co-workers to a day on their new pontoon boat on a large lake near our North Carolina home. The neighbors, Ted and Susan, had meet Craig my co-worker and his wife Lacie at one of our backyard barbeques and us three couple hit it off quite well.

Theresa and I, as well as Ted and Susan, are in our early forties, both with two kids each, while Craig and Lacie are about ten years younger and childless. Theresa and Susan are both about the same size, and though heavier than in their youth, both are still well proportioned and still quite attractive; the good looking MILF of legend. Theresa is 5’4″, about 135#, and wears a very full 34C bra. Both women wear the hair just off their shoulders in fashionable but practical hair cuts.

Lacie, having not bore any children, still had her youthful figure; about 5’5″ and maybe 110 #. Her breasts looked to be more of a perky 34B and it was all capped by the most angelic face to grace an adult woman. Craig had confided to me that is was all show; there was nothing angelic about Lacie.

We met at the lake and after bringing our supplies aboard off we went. The lake is very large man-made and because it is used as an area water supple there are no homes along the shoreline. It is especially irregular in shape with many coves and bays all surrounded by forest. The plan was to cruise for awhile and then find an unoccupied cove for swimming and a cookout on the party boat’s built in gas grill.

As we cruised in and out of the various inlets, we three guys hung to the back of the boat under the roof that covered the rear section of the boat and the ladies went to the front to catch the sun on the uncovered part. As we started off we stripped down to our swim suits. Ted and I in our boxer type and Craig, after some kidding by Lacie, took his shorts off to reveal the new suit she had bought him. It was a Speedo type showing off what appeared to be an especially large package. I am certainly not an expert, or even an amateur observer of what male equipment looks like in that type outfit, but even to me it was very apparent that Craig was quite well endowed. Besides the lower portion we could see that his gym time was well spent and I guess you’d have to call him buff; solid and well muscled. Ted and I, though no bald fatties, are showing our ages and all those after work beers. We both carried 10-20 pounds we didn’t need with small love handles.

As I said Theresa and Susan where built about the same. Their hips and butts had broadened but still kept their nice shapes. Their waists, though thicker than before child birth, still looked good in the two piece swim suits they both wore. They both wore tops that displayed lots of cleavage that had the effect of drawing any attention to them. Lacie was just a knockout and wore a swimsuit to display her attributes. The top was two small triangles and the front as about the same with a two inch stripe on material just covering the crack of her ass.

As we cruised around the lake us guys enjoyed watched the ladies stretched out sunning themselves even more than the shore side scenery. As guys will sometimes do after a couple of quick beers, we started to compare the physical beauty of our spouses. Craig liked the larger tits Theresa and Susan showed and Ted and I were intent of seeing if those two inches of material covering the ass crack of Lacie would continue to slip between those lovely cheeks as it appeared to be doing. Craig admitted that Lacie had no modesty and loved to know guys were ogling her. Then he told us that if she knew us better she’d have worn her sheer thong bikini. I don’t know about Ted but the thoughts of that made my cock twitch.

As we toured the lake the girls chatted back and forth but beyond our hearing. Lacie then said something that make the other two giggle and then she looked back at us and announced that since the boat traffic on the lake was light that the women where going get rid of their tans lines. With that, without asking anyone, she reached behind herself and untied her bikini top and threw it back to Craig exposing her cute perky tits. With some giggle and bashfulness from Theresa, Lacie reached over and unsnapped Theresa’s bathing suit top. Though she blushed, Theresa shrugged off her top and flung it back to me; facing us guys with her tits in full view. It was very apparent to me by her erect nipples that Theresa was very much turned on by exposing herself to the others. I too was aroused, I think by seeing Theresa exposing herself even more than seeing sexy Lacie.

Theresa is a beautiful 34C and even though she nursed two kids her tits have very little sag to them. Her nipples are small tight little nibblets and are surrounded by very pale aureoles. Since she does not have the opportunity to sun bath nude with two children home her breasts are pale creamy white.

Susan, not to let the other girls out shine her, quickly removed her top also making sure us guys got a good long look. Her tits were heavier looking than I expected with large dark nipples and very large dark aureoles. Though not as perky as Lacie or even Theresa, she has full woman’s tits, begging to be sucked on.

With that the ladies turned back to the front of the boat leaving us guys speechless and with some discomfort in our suits. Ted and I, after making quick adjustments in our suits, noticed that Craig’s expanded dick was totally visible in his tiny tight bathing suit. We called that out to the girl’s attention but to our surprise instead of being embarrassed Craig gave the helm to me and stood up and walked up to the front of the boat. I then found out he too was not modest at all.

He stood up over the ladies and while Lacie, his wife laughed, Theresa and Susan stared up at his package which was quite impressive. They could see the outline of his large balls and semi erect large cock in so much detail that they could see the ridge and perfect outline of his cock head. If he grew another inch the head of his cock would be sticking out of his swim suit. Lacie laughed more and told the ladies that “yeah, I told you he was hung … he’ll grow another couple inches if we encourage him”. Theresa and Susan just stared at his cock, their mouths hung open until Ted called out that if they don’t close their mouths Craig may shove something it their mouths.

With that Craig sauntered back to the rear of the boat. I have to admit that I, and I believe Ted also, stared at his display of manhood.

This all was followed by silence by us as we continued down the lake and finally into a sheltered cove were we anchored in 4-5 feet of water off a sandbar. We then decided that before we prepared lunch that we should take a dip. It was very strange and exciting to have the ladies amongst us with their tits exposed, swaying as they moved about. The ladies slid into the water as we guys anchored the boat. The three of us stopped for minute to enjoy the view of the topless women playing in the water when Lacie bent below the water and came back up and threw her bikini bottom up on the boat deck. At her urging Susan and Theresa quickly threw their bottoms on the boat too.

Now we really couldn’t see anything besides their tits at water level but knowing the wives were stark naked affected us. Lacie promptly point out that Ted and I had tents in our suits and the tip of Craig’s big cock was trying to squeeze up past his bathing suit’s waistband. Susan and then Theresa joined her into daring us to join them in the buff. I hesitated less because of modesty but more wondering how much Craig was going to out stud us. Of course, Craig pealed off his suit first and stood proudly at the edge of the boat deck waiting for Ted and me who quickly joined him naked. Both Ted and I were not small, our dicks were semi erect; filled to close to their 6″ plus length and thickness but not quite hard enough yet to stand up rigid. Craig’s cock was also still hanging down but had swelled to a couple of inches longer than ours. With a shrug, as there was not a thing I could do about it, I jumped into the water with the others, for some splashing around and a little grab assing.

We played around with each wife and husband doing some fondling of the others spouses. Within a fairly short time I felt the tits of both Susan and Lacie as both of them had massaged my cock. Though I hadn’t seen either one yet, by feel I was able to determine that Lacie’s pubic area was shaved and Susan had a thick bush that was trimmed into a small thick bush. The whole time we played I kept an eye on Theresa. Seeing the other guys touching her was just as exciting as me fondling their wives.

After some of the play we decided to get back on the pontoon boat and have a few more beers. Now as each one of use got on the boat we could all see each other in our full naked glory. The ladies stretched out on their stomachs and requested us guys to rub them down with sun tan lotion. When we moved to do our wives Lacie interrupted us and said no fair, someone else would have to it other their spouses and requested Ted to apply hers. I was a tad put out as I had a desire to feel if that sexy little body of hers was as firm as it looked.

By this point us three guys were once again semi-erect, cocks full but hanging and swinging as we moved. Theresa turned her head and closely watched as Craig moved to kneel next to her to apply the lotion, her eyes staring right at his meat. She didn’t hide her interest and we all could see Craig’s dick twitch as he enjoyed her gaze. She didn’t lay back down to let him apply until Lacie called out that it’s wasn’t going away and to enjoy his hands.

I moved next to Susan who was lying next to Theresa with Lacie lying beyond. In this position not only could I work my fingers on Susan I could monitor the other guys progress. I started to very gradually and sensuously as I could, work in the lotion starting on her shoulders and moving down. Her warm flesh felt wonderful to my hands and as I reached her hips and butt I slowed down even more, not sure how personal I could get.

It was incredible erotic needing and feeling her as I also watched Craig doing the same to my wife and Ted moving his hands over Lacie.

As Ted hesitated at Lacie’s butt she told him that he better not stop now that he was getting to the good parts. With a grin he started to massage those firm looking buns. Craig got the hint from Theresa when she moved her legs apart, wide apart in what was an obvious invitation. Even from the rear Theresa’s pussy is unhidden as she has very light pubic hair and keeps it well thinned and trimmed. For my part I massage Susan wonderful ass and then slid just the tip of a finger between her ass cheeks just tickling the asshole with the nail of one finger. She moaned and spread her legs wide open to give me better access. Quickly we went from what had started as applying suntan lotion to fingering the butts and then the pussies of each others wives. Theresa for her part was moaning and thrusting back on the two fingers that Craig had inserted into her twat.

There were the six of us; the three women, lying on their stomachs stark naked while three men other than their husbands, knelt over them, sporting full sized erections, using their fingers to try and bring another mans wife to orgasm. Susan slowly moved her hips and moaned as I worked two fingers inside of her wet cunt strumming her G spot while Lacie wiggled on the deck and vocally urged Ted to penetrate her with his fingers to also bring her off.

Theresa went even further; while her chest and shoulders remained on the deck she had got on her knees and spread them wide open. Her head was turned looking at me fondling Susan as she urged Craig to work as much of his hands in her that he could fit. He had three fingers plunging in and out of her open hole and with his other hand he was moving his index finger in and out of her asshole.

As I watched he moved behind her and I was sure he was going to stuff that huge cock of his in her cunt. Theresa must have realized that too when she told him to wait a minute and she quickly flopped over on her back with her legs spread wide on either side of him. Craig moved as if to stick his meat in her when she grabbed a hold of it and using it pulled him up over her until he was on his hands and knees straddling her head, her lips just inches below the vivid cock.

She announced to all that she just had to taste his “magnificent cock” as she began to cover it with small kisses. From kisses she moved on to licking and lapping his rigid meat as Craig moaned with pleasure. I realized that I was not the only one enjoying her wonton display as the rest of them were closely watching my wife make oral love to Craig’s big cock. Her tongue was all over him from the piss slit in the head down to lapping his hefty balls like a bitch in heat.

Once his groin was soaked in her saliva she opened her mouth wide and took the considerable head of his cock into her mouth. We all could see by the hollowing of her cheeks that she was sucking on his man meat as he began to slowly move it in and out of her oral cavity. Slowly he fed her more and more of his cock as she continued to suck on him. One of her hands was fondling his thick balls and her other hands gripped his ass, urging him on, urging him to fuck her mouth.

As he knelt over her he flexed his hips to move his cock in and out of her mouth, she gagged a bit but when he moved to pull back she held him deep into her mouth. By this time she had a good six or more inches of his substantial cock stuffed in her face. At one point she removed his cock and looked around at her audience realizing that not only was she putting on a porn show for the five of us but that it was Sunday afternoon and she was outside in full view of whoever happened by on either land or water.

We are applauded her performance and as she conversed with us she continued to rub his wet, dripping shaft on her face. She told Lacie what she hoped Lacie did not mind but she just had to have Craig’s cock. She was in heat worshiping his firm cock with her mouth and lips as he continue to offer his dick over her head as he stayed on his hands and knees over her.. Lacie told her to go for it; once she had a taste of Craig’s manhood she’d want it forever. This was utterly amazing, seeing my wife devouring another man’s cock in broad daylight in full public view.

Though we continued watching her lewd display, us other four had moved beyond finger fucking. Both Lacie and Susan had moved on their hands and knees and Ted and I had moved behind them and pushed our stiff cocks into their waiting pussies. We slowly fucked them as we watched the show taking place between Theresa and Craig right between us.

After taking him back into her mouth and using her mouth to try suck the cum out of his balls for a while longer, Craig pulled his meat away from her. He moved back down between her legs and sat back on his heels as his throbbing cock quivered from her treatment. He then told her that is she wanted it put inside of her she had to beg for it. Us other four joined in urging Theresa to beg for it; beg for him to shove his cock up her fuck hole. Lacie and then Susan exhorted her to beg for his massive cock as the slut she really was would. Theresa held her legs as wide open as she could as she implored him to fuck her and fuck her hard.

Craig lifted one her legs and placed her ankle on his shoulder and then did the same with her other leg. As he leaned forward and supported his weight on his arms he pushed her legs back until she was bent almost in half and her cunt was facing up … up and open … offering herself for his invasion. I’m not sure why I did it but I reached over and grabbed a hold of Craig’s cock and guided it to Theresa’s wide open cunt. It was so damn hot, actually taking the considerable cock of another man and inserting it into my own wife’s hole as she continued to beg him to fuck her.

And fuck her he did … starting out with long slow strokes he sped up to powerful hard shoves of his cock totally inside of her. She was in heat to such a degree that she actually was softly crying as she urged him on to defile her gaping opening. By this time all three women had gotten soaking wet to such a point that the squishing sounds of the cocks ramming in and out of them could be heard clearly, most likely to the shoreline and more.

They ladies all moaned and urged us guys on; Lacie and Susan as well as Theresa vocally begging for harder and harder pounding from us three men. Though Ted and I certainly were into our fuck mates, Theresa and Craig continued to put on the biggest, nastiest show. Besides Theresa, losing herself into the hammering that Craig was bestowing on her with his massive cock, the sight of such a large hunk of cock slamming into her cunt was perfectly awesome.

All three men were fucking the ladies as hard as we possibly could when first Ted yelled out that he was going to cum and Lacie entreated him to fill her up. With both of his hands brusquely gripping her hips Ted stiffened and pumped all the cum he could deep into Lacie’s female hole. Within a few minutes I grabbed Susan’s ass as hard as I could, leaving my hands prints, as I dumped my hot scum deep inside of her womb. I spewed load after load as far into her as possible as she milked me with the muscles of her cunt. Gripping my cock with the walls of her hot wet pussy muscles she milked every drop of sperm out of me.

As Lacie and Ted and Susan and I caught our breaths Craig continued to pound Theresa. He was supporting most of his weight on his arms and on her legs that were pushed back against her tits. In that position he was able to gain maximum leverage and used it to roughly slam himself over and over in her. Theresa handled every hard thrust and gripped his ass propelling him to keep ravishing her slit. We could hear her murmuring over and over “yes … oh yes … fuck me…fuck me hard …harder …harder”.

It was obvious that she was having many orgasms with her moaning and thrashing about there on the deck of the pontoon boat. Finally after a super workout in Theresa’s hole Craig dropped his complete weight on her and wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tightly as he forced every bit of his cock inside her and pumped load after load of his cum into her fertile womb.

Afterward nothing was said as we gathered our strength. One after another we slipped into the water to rinse off and cool down. For whatever reason instead of gravitating back to our own spouses we sort of stayed near the ones we had just had sex with. Once cooled it was time for some serious beers and lunch. We all climbed back up on the boat and the guys prepared the built-in gas grill and the ladies the beers. Remember it was only about noon and some of us felt a little self conscious and Lacie did remind us about sunburn on flesh that had rarely seen the sun.

Susan and Lacie pulled on the bottoms of their suits and had Ted and I treat them with lotion. Ted and I pulled out suits back on and the ladies took care of us. Theresa said she was afraid of burning her light color nipples and put her top on but left her bottom off; leaving her swollen pussy lips exposed for all of us to see! When I looked at her questioning she said that it needed the airing and with a laugh that she wanted to make sure it was available.

Craig, to no ones surprise, remained buck naked. He was one of those men whose equipment remained 4-5′ long and hung down between his legs even when limp. I assume Ted was jealous, I know I was as Craig continued to display his buff body and large woman satisfier. Lacie just laughed at him telling us that Craig believed in advertising and both Susan and Theresa voiced their opinions that he should remain that way … forever.
Occasionally as we cooked, ate, and drank a boat would turn into the cove we were anchored in. Sometimes the boat would turn away immediately upon seeing that the cove was occupied however a few times after spying that two of the ladies tits were exposed the boat would do a leisurely loop around us before heading back out to the lake proper. One bass boat with two men aboard had slowed down when it appeared that they had spotted Theresa’s additional naked bush and pussy. This time they slowly circled us a second time and all three ladies, bless their horny hearts, stood up and waved at them, Susan and Lacie showing their tits and my sweet little wife Theresa naked from the waist down, snatch on display.

That exhibition by our wives got us guy’s attention and Ted and I now had tents on the front of our swim suits and Craig’s cock though not erect, had swollen to considerable size. By this time we had finish eating and as we cleaned up we noticed that that Theresa and Craig had their own agenda.

Craig was sitting on the lounge on the sunny open front of the boat and Theresa was kneeling between his out stretched legs. She had his cock in her mouth again and her head was bobbing up and down as she, once again, sucked on his cock. He was lying back relaxing as she did all the work with both her hands on his thighs and her mouth sliding up and down on his shiny meat. She cheeks were hollowed as we could see that she was endeavoring to suck the scum out of him and have him cum in her mouth.

The rest of us sat back and observed her degrading display of cock worshiping. Using only her mouth she was doing her best to masturbate him with her mouth, greedily feeding on his shaft. As we watched them perform, the bass boat with the two fishermen came back into the cove and very slowly started to circle us. When they came around to the front of the boat, were Theresa was blowing Craig in full open view, they throttled back to an idle, stopping maybe 30 feet from where my wife was doing her best to suck off another man.

Craig just grinned and waved at them and Theresa, who had her eyes open and knew exactly what was happening, also gave quick wave with one hand: never interrupting the cocksucking. The four of us and the two fishermen continued to watch as Craig began to thrust his hips up, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, getting in time with her head movement. That was followed up by him grabbing her head by her hair and holding her head down as he to commenced to thrust himself into her mouth with greater urgency. As he fucked her mouth harder and deeper she gagged a bit but made to effort to control or slow down his assault on her mouth. After a great deal of fucking her face he forced his big cock completely into her mouth and with a groan pumped his load of cum right down my wife’s throat to the delight of us four as well as the two strangers.

She continued to nurse on his dick until he became too sensitive and then let his softening dick slid out of her mouth. She remained on her knees between Craig’s spread legs planting little kisses and licks all over his sweaty groin. The fishing boat had drifted within 10 feet of our pontoon boat and one of the fishermen called out to us asking who the whore was. I answered that “the slut is my wife and she had never met him prior to today”. What could we say, a little applause and some “job well done” pretty much summed it up. With that the fishermen speed away with some laughing and a wave.

The afternoon continued with us slowly exploring the coves and inlets of the lake. Lacie and Susan remained topless and though there were not many boats on the lake they are managed to pass us and check out the ladies charms. Theresa kept her suit top on but left her pussy on display. She also kept close to Craig and two other times when another boat passed by us closely she took Craig’s limp cock into her mouth … showing the world she loved his dick. As it began to get late in the afternoon and we realized we would have to call it a day Theresa got on her hands and knees in front to Craig and told us that she didn’t know about the rest of us but she needed one hard fucking.

We quickly pull back into the cove where the first fun had occurred and Susan and Lacie also dropped their bottoms and followed Theresa’s example. Within seconds the three of us guy once again found ourselves shoving out cocks in a woman other than our wives. Since this was not the first time that day we all had very good staying power and we all managed to bring off our partners multiple times.

As we arrived back to the boat launch there where still some boats and their crews around. I’m not sure if she even checked for kids but as we disembarked I suddenly realized that though the other two women had put their complete suits on and we guys were now decent, Theresa’s snatch was still on public display. She climbed up from the boat once it was docked and slowly sauntered down the dock and across the parking lot with her pussy and pubic hair in full view. And most of the dozen or so people in the lot did take in a long look.

Though it was the most exciting day I had ever had, I thought that that would be it until we all got together again. Jealous as I was of Craig’s equipment and how well he used it, seeing Theresa worshiping it was just outstanding. However I guess my wife did not have the patience to wait until a possible other day. A couple weeks went by when I received a call at work from Lacie. It seems she had come home early and had gone around back and entered her back yard by their pool. There she found Theresa lying naked on her back outdoors by the pool with Craig and his big cock firmly planted in her twat.

They admitted to her that Theresa had been over every almost every day at noon and Craig had stuck his cock into her someplace. Not only did she suck him off and fuck him but she had managed to take his large cock up her ass! Lacie was astounded because as liberal and experienced she was, he had never been able to do her ass. But it seems that Theresa had not only been able to accommodate his dick in her ass but had acquired a fondness for it as well. Theresa was so bold that when Lacie doubted her she bent over a lounge chair and had Craig demonstrate by giving her a sharp, hard ass fucking right there in front of Lacie.

Lacie told me that she felt like in many infatuations it was better to let it run its course. As far as she was concerned they could do it when and where they wanted just no more sneaking around. She suggested I do the same and also pointed out that at this time I seemed to have only two choices; let them have at it or get divorced. Lacie was positive they get tired of it and Craig has had many lovers and was sure to go back to his fondness for much younger women, not older.

When I got home that evening Theresa knew that I knew and promised not go off behind my back. To demonstrate that what Craig got, I got, she went into the bedroom to retrieve something and when she returned she was naked from the waist down. She led me out into the back yard and got down on her hands and knees on the grass and handed me the Astro-Glide lube she had gotten. Telling me to lube up her ass she asked me to please fuck her asshole. Her asking “please, shove your hard cock up my ass” was more than I could resist and as she spread her ass cheeks for me I mounted her and stuffed my cock entirely into her ass in one plunge. Without any regard for her feelings, I ravaged her asshole out there in out backyard like two dogs in heat.

And that’s how it is: Lacie was right, Craig only does Theresa on occasion now but when he does I know it and Theresa makes sure I get everything that he got. I have to admit that I’ve gotten very found of fucking Theresa’s holes after Craig has had his big dick in them, opened her up fully, and filled her with his sperm. Different strokes for different folks.

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