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You Are Invited

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Tara Andrews muttered as she walked to her closet. What on earth was she going to wear? Dan, her husband, had received an invitation to an exclusive party held by his boss. These parties were known throughout town as ‘social events’ and a personal invite was a coveted treasure.

That still didn’t solve the problem of clothing. It had to be perfect. Tara wasn’t sure why she felt that way, but she did. And though excited about attending such a famed party, she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong. It was nothing she could put her finger on, just an unsettling sensation deep in her stomach.

In an attempt to rid herself of the feeling, she pulled the terrycloth towel off her head, allowing her wet dark hair to tumble down. Tiny rivers of water ran down her delicate shoulder blades to the small of her back. Her alabaster skin goose-bumped from the slight chill. With a toss of the towel knotted around her, Tara made her way to the closet for one last perusal.

She decided on red. The red slinky dress with the spaghetti straps which clung to her figure so nicely. It was elegant, dressy and had just a touch of sexiness. The mid-length hem would be appropriate while still showing off her well-toned legs. Confident in her selection, she finished her make-up and started on her hair. There was still forty minutes before they had to leave. A quick blow dry and a simple twist and she would be on time.

Exactly on schedule, Tara walked down the stairs to see Dan patiently waiting for her. His eyes shone bright as he watched her approach. Yes. She had made the right selection. Tonight would be a night to remember.

Tara sat in awe as they drove up the long driveway. The house that stood before them was vast in size and stature. This was not a house, but a mansion. Never had Tara seen anything like it. The whole front was done in a stone and brick design, interweaved perfectly to create an old English design. The front lawn and gardens surrounding the walk were immaculate. Flowers and shrubs of every variety detailed the curved entrance.

“That’s some house, huh, babe?”

“Oh, yes. It’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Well, you will tonight.”

“Yes, and only because we were invited. This house is magnificent. I wonder why they’re so hidden at the back of the lots. I would love to be able to drive around this area and see all these beautiful homes.”

“It’s for privacy. Otherwise, they would have all us gawkers around constantly.”

Tara giggled. “You’re right. And I would be the number one gawker. Can you imagine living in a house like this? What a dream.”

“Maybe one day, babe. Dreams do come true.” With his final words, Dan got out of the car and came around to let Tara out. He held out his arm to his beautiful wife, and together, they climbed the stairs that led to the front door.

Tara let out a slight gasp as they entered the house. The large foyer was candle-lit, marking the way into the large party room. More bouquets of flowers were placed around the room, sending a sweet fragrance into the air. The aura in the room was electric. People mingled and stood around a small make-shift dance floor. The floor itself was lit with colored spot lights which flashed and moved, seemingly in time to the music which filtered through hidden speakers.

Seeing the only other couple they knew, Dan led Tara over to where Brian and Linda stood. Tara breathed a sigh of relief before giving Linda a tight hug. “Can you believe this place? It’s like out of a fairy tale.”

“I love it here,” Linda answered. “I’m not sure I want to leave.”

The two women continued to point out other aspects of the room they liked while the men went to get the group drinks. Tara was about to point out the elaborate fireplace in the corner when she spotted Garrett and Lucinda Robertson, their hosts, coming down the grand staircase.

“Oh, my,” Tara gasped as she watched them. Their entrance had been well-timed and orchestrated. Everyone in the room had a full view of the attractive couple as they entered their own party. Ohs and ahs were heard around the room as they made their way through to greet their guests.

Tara watched them in a hypnotic trance. She was mesmerized by their elegance and class as they circulated through the room. They were everything she had always assumed of the wealthy. Well bred, classy, beautiful and distinguished. And under it all, a sense of power that energized the room.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she, Tara?” Linda said, pulling Tara back to attention.


“Check out that dress. It’s exquisite,” Linda continued. “How much do you think it cost?”

“A lot, I’m sure,” Tara answered in reply but her attention had switched from Lucinda to Garrett Robertson. The black tux fit him to perfection and suited his dark Mediterranean looks. His hair was cut short and groomed neatly. It wasn’t his good looks that affected Tara, it was something else. As she was trying to place what it was, he looked at her and gave a small nod.

Caught off-guard, Tara blushed and turned away. She inwardly groaned at being caught staring at him like a schoolgirl with a crush.

Linda giggled at her pink-face friend.

“Oh, be quiet,” Tara said with a laugh. “Let’s go find those men and get our drinks.”

They found their husbands talking with a small crowd of colleagues from work. The group talked, laughed and enjoyed themselves. They ate, drank, danced and continued to mingle throughout the room.

Coming back from the dance floor with one of her husband’s co-workers, Tara excused herself and made her way to the powder room. It was on her way back that Tara was stopped by Lucinda Robertson.

“And how are you doing tonight, love? Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh, yes, thank you,” Tara replied. “It’s been absolutely wonderful. And can I say, you have a beautiful home.”

“Thank you, dear. Perhaps you will see more of it later. But first, let me introduce you to my husband.”

Tara turned. She hadn’t seen Garrett approach and again blushed slightly. “It’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Robertson. Thank you for inviting us. I was just telling your wife…”

He cut her off. “You will be the one.”

“Um, the one, what?”

“That will be on her knees, sucking my cock, before the night is through.”


“I’ll call for you later.” With that, Garrett walked away without another look, at Tara or his wife.

Tara looked quickly to Lucinda to try and explain that she would never, but was struck quiet with the look she saw there. Lucinda did not look shocked or upset. Instead, she almost looked pleased. The grin on her face made Tara’s face turn from red to white.

“Hey, hun, you okay?” Dan’s words brought Tara out of her spell. She hadn’t even noticed Lucinda walk away.

“Um, no. I mean, yes. Yes, I’m fine, Dan, thanks.”

“Are you sure? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

“No, I’m fine, really.”

“Are you ill? Do you want to go home?”

“No!” The intensity in which she said the word shocked both of them. Although, she didn’t know what to think of the earlier encounter, she didn’t want to leave. But why? Garrett couldn’t have been serious. He hadn’t meant that. It was a joke at her expense, wasn’t it? It had to be. Plus, she would never do such a thing. She was a married woman and he was a stranger. Not to mention the fact, civilized people didn’t act that way.

Tara let out a shrill laugh that was unlike her. “I’m sorry, honey. I don’t know what got into me. I’m okay and I really do want to stay. Maybe I’ll just get a drink and go sit down for awhile.”

“Okay, Tara. But if you change your mind, let me know.” He walked her to the bar and ordered her a drink before leaving her on one of the many sofas to relax. She was acting peculiar tonight. He would keep an eye on her.

Tara knew she had alarmed Dan with her behavior. She could see him watching her as he mingled through the crowd. Damn. He couldn’t watch her all night. Tara swallowed a sob as the thoughts came. Why couldn’t he? It wasn’t like anything was going to happen. All she was going to do was sit here and regroup, then act like an adult and enjoy the rest of the party. Although her thoughts were logical, Tara felt upset. Did she want it to happen? To be on her knees before Garrett, sucking his cock? No. It was ridiculous. Then why did her mind keep going back to the idea. She knew she wasn’t drunk; she was only sipping on her second glass of wine. It had to be the shock of hearing something so blunt and forward. The absurdity was the reason it was still in her mind. Feeling better, though somewhat disappointed, Tara stood and made her way back into the crowd.

Tara laughed and was enjoying the conversation of the group of people she was with when a shiver ran down her spine. Garrett had brushed up behind her and let his hand rest in the small of her back. He whispered in her ear, “Third floor, second door on the left. You have five minutes.”

Tara’s face went white then blushed to deep crimson. He was serious. A nervous excitement ran though her before fear set in. She watched Garrett make his way up the stairway without even looking back. His posture said he knew she would be there as commanded. The arrogance of it put her off. How dare he. Did he really expect her to follow? He did, and deep down, she knew she would.

Tara excused herself from the group and headed to a small alcove along the wall. She needed to think. What was she doing? Was she really contemplating this? The nervous energy that flowed through her made her think so. She was on fire with heat and excitement. Even her pussy was wet with the thought of it. But how could this be? Normally, she would be offended beyond belief if anyone, even her husband, spoke to her that way.

No. It was absurd. She wouldn’t do it. Garrett Peterson may be powerful and rich, but he didn’t own her. No one could tell her what to do. Then why did the thought of being degraded like that turn her on? She did want this. Every fiber of her body was telling her so. Tara’s mind spun out of control as she battled being the good wife versus being a whore.

Unbeknownst to Tara, Lucinda had filled Dan in on the earlier conversation and of what had just transpired. Together they stood by the back bar and watched Tara with her inner struggle.

“If she goes, you will get to watch a treat, indeed.” Dan remained silent, his own thoughts whirling around in his head. Lucinda leant in, brushing her breasts against his side. “Oh, Dan, this is just the beginning. Imagine all the fun to be had.” Her smile was sinister as well as alluring.

Just as Dan was about to speak, both noticed Tara slowly make her way up the stairs.

“Let’s go up the back. Quick, follow me.”

Each stair was a painful experience for Tara. Her emotions boiled and she swallowed back a sob. What was she doing? Why was she doing this? Tears filled her eyes and threatened to spill over. Confused and frustrated, she climbed her way to the third floor.

The second door on the left loomed before her. This was the moment of truth. She could still leave. Turn and run away. But she knew she couldn’t. Her will was no longer her own. Somehow, Garrett had reached a place deep inside her soul with his prediction. He had sensed something in her she hadn’t realized. But now, here at the large oak door, she knew it was true. She wanted this. Needed it. This desire to be dominated and humiliated as he had done earlier. It had stirred desires in her that burned hot and deep. She couldn’t turn back now. This was her destiny and she hadn’t cared if anyone noticed her as she walked up the stairs. Even Dan was far from her mind. She belonged to Garrett in this moment and she knew she would do as he instructed. With a fire in her belly and a shaking hand, Tara turned the doorknob and entered the room.

“You’re late.” His voice was not loud but his disapproval was evident.

Tara stood dumbstruck. All her earlier confidence in her decision shattered. Fear stood out in her brilliant blue eyes.

“You must be punished for your tardiness. Strip, slut.”

Tara was not sure if she was more shocked from being told to strip or being called a slut. Whichever it was, both turned her on, and added to her confusion. Her fingers fumbled as she slipped the straps of her dress over her creamy shoulders. The dress fell away leaving her in only a pair of panties and black stockings, along with the four-inch heels she had worn. She looked at him with desperation.

“Now the panties.”

Tara couldn’t believe her hands as her fingers slipped away her black panties. Here she was, stripping away her clothes in front of this man, and she still didn’t understand why. What shocked her more was the knowledge that she liked it. Though her skin flushed red with embarrassment, she was sexually excited.

Garrett sat on the edge of the king-size bed and continued to look over her almost naked body. With a slight nod and a pat of his lap, he summoned her to him. “Over my knee, slut.”


“Let’s not play games. You were late and you will be punished for it. Come here.”

On shaking legs, Tara approached and stood at his side. She knew what was expected of her. Gingerly, she lay across his lap. She gasped as his hand rested on her backside.

“A very lovely ass, indeed. Let’s see if we can make these cheeks blush as nice as the ones on your face.”

“Oh, god,” Tara moaned before the first smack came down. His hand continued to slap her ass in a rhythmic pattern and beat. And although it stung, Tara found she enjoyed the warmth and sensation it caused in her.

As the blows carried on, the heat and pain increased. Tara yelped with each new smack. But it was not the pain that fueled her desires. It was the fact that she was spread over a stranger’s lap and being punished. The shameful thought was bringing her to a peak. Before she could explode with pleasure, Garrett stopped and had Tara stand to face him.

He walked to the bureau before speaking. “I think you enjoyed that. Your pussy is soaked and ready to cum, but that’s not the reason you’re here.” Garrett stood and unzipped his trousers. Tara looked at him with wide eyes. “On your knees, slut.”

Tara started to walk to him.

“On your knees, now! You will crawl to me, understand?”

Shocked and with tear-filled eyes, Tara nodded and dropped to her knees. His displeasure added to her humiliation of having to crawl like an animal. “That’s better. Now kneel before me and open your mouth. Wider!”

Tara complied even though it was uncomfortable to have her mouth so open. The tears which had been welling in her eyes earlier spilled down her cheek as he slapped his cock against her lips. She tried to capture him in her mouth but he was intent on teasing her. He moved his cock just out of her mouth’s grasp.

“Look at the little slut trying to get that big cock. Come on, slut, get it.” His words chided her as he kept just out of reach. “What’s the matter? Open your mouth and take it. I know you want it, now come and get it.”

He stepped back every time she almost had his organ in her mouth, making her continue to crawl forward to stay in reach. It was humiliating and exciting at the same time.

Finally he allowed her to take him into her mouth. Her lips wrapped instantly around his rigid pole. Tara was so in need of him by this time that she eagerly sucked him deep into her mouth. Her rhythm was fast and urgent. The taste of his pre-cum fueled her desire and she thrust herself forward causing his cock to hit the back of her throat. She let it sit there before slowly gliding her lips along his shaft as she released him.

“Very nice, slut, but a gift like you have must be shared.”

Tara gave no thought to his words but rather concentrated on taking his cock back into her hot mouth. She didn’t notice that he had pressed a small button on the bureau as he spoke. It was only when a shadow passed over her did she open her eyes and stop.

Two men had entered the room. One was an older man who looked as if he had seen better days. He looked disheveled and dirty. The other was a young black man. Although he too looked out of place in this majestic house, his looks were very manly and rugged. These men had not been present downstairs but were obviously known to Garrett.

Tara was left naked and kneeling on the floor while he re-zipped his pants and spoke in a hushed tone to the two. She turned beat red with embarrassment while the men ogled her as they listened. Paralyzed with shame, she didn’t try to cover up her nakedness with her hands.

Tara watched in shock as the older man approached. “I got something for you to suck, girl.”

In disgust, Tara shook her head vehemently.

“Listen, bitch, take it out and suck it.”

“No. I won’t,” and then more weakly, “I can’t.”

Garrett’s voice cut in. “You can and you will.”

Tara looked to him immediately. She was ready to plead until she saw the look on his face. This was what he wanted. He had set it up. His eyes calmed her and she knew she would be okay. The need to please him overtook her earlier denial. Hesitantly, Tara took the old man’s cock into her mouth. After a few strokes, she forgot about him and concentrated on doing it for Garrett. The thought both excited and shamed her. She loved the feeling of giving into his control. At the same time, it made her feel used and like a toy. The idea that she was nothing more than sexual entertainment ignited her passions further.

So much so that when the young black man started to fondle her pussy, she let out a loud guttural moan. Tara tried desperately to hump his expert fingers while she blew the older man. Her sexual nature had been released and her body responded to her actions. All the while, she was aware of Garrett’s watching and tried her best to give him a good show.

Dan could not believe what he was seeing. There was Tara, sexually involved with two men while another watched. He might have burst into the room in anger if it hadn’t been for Lucinda. She had sensed his discomfort, and in an effort to sate him, started rubbing his cock through his pants while whispering in his ear.

“Doesn’t that look good, Dan? I bet you want some of that too, don’t you?” She paused for just a second. “I know I do.” Soon Lucinda was on her knees with Dan’s cock in her mouth. What could he do now? Tara was sexually satisfying strangers while his boss’s wife worked his own cock. What a party this had turned into. Dan continued to watch as the two men switched places on his wife.

“I got to try out that pussy now. Get up here and let the slut work on your package.”

By now, Tara was eager to see what the young black man had to offer. Her eyes grew wide when he pulled out his enormous member. Not only was it longer than she had ever seen, but thicker too.

Her attention was stolen momentarily by the older man’s grip on her hips before he plunged inside. “Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so good.”

Tara looked up to see Garrett still watching intently. He gave her a slight nod to continue. She wished it was Garrett who was fucking her but she was strangely satisfied knowing he was enjoying watching her. Taking the young man’s large cock in her hand, she placed her lips around its head. It was too large to take in fully but she pleasured him as best she could.

“You can take more.” Garrett’s voice invaded the air. “Come on, girl, show me what a slut you are.”

Fueled on by his words, Tara tried to take more of the massive cock into her mouth. She choked and gagged on it as the older man pushed her forward with his thrusts. The pain of her mouth open so wide was offset by the pulsing in her pussy and Garrett’s crude comments. He called her a slut. A whore. How she was nothing but a toy for their pleasure and amusement. She wanted it and they were going to give it to her. His comments sent her over the edge and she exploded in climax.

Dan had also climaxed at the same time as Tara and delivered his load into Lucinda’s eager mouth. She gently licked him clean and nuzzled his balls before standing up and excusing herself. When Dan turned to see where she was going, he noticed Brian and Linda standing there. They had not only been watching him and Lucinda but had full view to see the scene Tara was involved in as well.

Brian spoke in a hushed voice, “Sorry, man, but we came looking for you guys and kind of stumbled in on this. I have to say, we’ve quite enjoyed it so far.” The grin on Linda’s face said she was in full agreement.

“Um, I, um. I don’t know what to say,” Dan stuttered.

“Don’t say anything,” Linda whispered, “just watch.” The three focused their attention back to the main bedroom.

“I’m going to blow,” the older man called out. “Turn around, bitch and open wide.”

Tara released the big black cock from her mouth and turned to face the older man. She wrapped her lips around his shaft and swallowed his hot seed as it shot into her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, that was great, slut. Did you like that?” the older man asked.

Tara nodded in answer.

“Good. Then you’re going to love what’s coming next.”

“Yes,” Garrett chimed in, “and we shall enjoy watching her take it.”

Tara looked at Garrett in confusion and then felt the young man behind her. Ah. Now she would feel this massive cock in her pussy. Tara groaned in anticipation. His cock head dipped into her wetness. She tried to push back against him but he pulled out. When he brought his organ back to her, Tara jumped forward in shock.

“Remain still,” Garrett ordered.

Fresh tears spilt from her eyes as she knew she would not resist what was coming. Once again, she felt his huge member press against the delicate opening of her ass. In one slow, excruciating thrust, his cock invaded her inner sanctuary.

Tara cried out in sobs. She tried to breathe deep and allow her body to adjust to this huge invasion of her body. He started to fuck her ass with long slow strokes. And although each new drive made her gasp, soon she was thrusting back in rhythm.

“Now!” Garrett’s voice rang out. “Punish her ass hard.”

The young man increased his intensity and drove his cock deep into Tara’s ass. She screamed out with each new thrust. After a rapid flurry of strokes, the young man gave out a moan and unleashed his hot spunk into Tara’s ravaged ass.

As soon as he pulled out, Tara slumped to the floor in exhaustion.

“Oh, my, don’t tell me I’ve missed the party.”

Tara looked up instantly to the sound of Lucinda’s voice. Her eyes widened as she took in the vision before her. Lucinda was totally naked except for her heels and a humungous dildo strapped to her body.

“Ah, dear,” Garrett responded, “you know the party doesn’t start until you arrive.”

Lucinda grinned and stood directly in front of Tara. “Such a pretty little slut. Garrett always picks the best ones. Come, dear, let’s get you positioned properly.”

With a hold of Tara’s hair, Lucinda dragged her over to where Garrett sat on the edge of the bed. He had already taken off his pants and his organ was fully erect.

“Lay back, hun, and let our toy climb aboard.”

Tonight had been everything from a mixture of shame and embarrassment to excitement and sexual turn-ons for Tara. Whatever the consequences of her actions, tonight had opened her mind and allowed her sexuality to soar.

With a sense of complete lust, Tara climbed over Garrett and lowered herself onto his waiting cock. She moaned loudly as his hands grabbed her breasts and pulled her down. He twisted and pulled her nipples causing her to crush her chest against him in relief. Sensing Lucinda approach, he released his grip and moved his hands to spread Tara’s ass cheeks apart.

In one vicious thrust, Lucinda entered Tara’s ass with the huge strap-on. Tara cried out in pain and pleasure. The feeling was intense. She felt as if she would explode with the fullness. Lucinda continued to fuck Tara’s ass with hard strokes. With Lucinda’s forcefulness and Garrett’s cock hitting its mark inside her, Tara exploded in a flurry of orgasms.

Garrett followed soon afterward. Seeing the two were spent, Lucinda removed the strap-on from Tara and sat on the bed beside them with a pout.

“What’s the matter, my dear?” Garrett questioned.

“Our slut had all the fun and I still haven’t cum.”

“Well, dear, maybe our friends standing in the hall can remedy that,” Garrett said, acknowledging the voyeuristic trio with a grin.

4th of July

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A few years ago, coming out of my divorce, I found myself hooked on multiple commitments. If having one woman in love with you was good, how about having two or three or more in love with you? Of course, the answer is that just as the pleasure is multiplied, so is the pain. I would experience the “pain” side of things time and again later that summer, but one Fourth of July weekend I would experience the pleasure, with a perfect alignment of sorts.

Thursday Night: My current lover, we’ll call her Contessa, was over at my house the night before, on the 3rd. A tiny, curvaceous dark-haired Mediterranean beauty in her mid-30′s, she had small breasts and a round, firm, fuckable ass. We went to bed at the usual hour, but before we fell asleep, my excitement got the better of my and, reaching over, I felt her ass and pulled her towards me. She pushed back against my rapidly hardening cock. My right hand came around her right hip, slowly moving down into her black, see-through panties, pushing them down until I found her dripping, wet pussy. My left hand came up around her neck, pulling her into me, as my right hand pulled down her panties. She helped me, kicking off her panties.

We rolled onto our stomachs and my legs parted hers. With little foreplay, I entered Contessa from behind, my cock splitting her pussy into as I breathed in her sweet, soft dark mane. Quite expressive, Contessa purred with appreciation as I entered, lifting her hips up off the bed to match my thrusts. I held her down as I pumped her, completely enveloping her petite frame, all the while thinking about tomorrow’s planned activities, and when I couldn’t take any more. I exploded inside of her.

My cock still inside of Contessa , we fell asleep. I knew that sharing my precious bodily fluids might sap some of my strength on Friday, but the sexual energy was high
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Wife Shags The Boss

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I recently got a job with a large aerodynamics company. I thought of it as a going stepping stone in my career. What I didn’t know is just how well it was going to be for my sex life as well.

I have been married to my wife for 3 years. Marnie stands 5’4, weighs about 130 and has brown eyes and hair. She has one of the sexiest asses I have ever seen. Her measurements are 38-26-26.

She had always been faithful till a few months back she and I managed to get involved with two other guys and before we knew it my wife was fucking and sucking both of them back at their hotel room. Not much else happened after that till recently. Like I said I just got a new job recently which gave me a well paying job and something that allowed me more time at home (I like that a lot). I met my new boss on a few occasions. He is a tall a very attractive black male. He is 29 years old and stands about 6’2. From what I can tell he was well put together. He has a shaved bald head with deep brown eyes. His name was Sam and I got along with him quite well. It came to the point where we started going out for lunch with one another and hanging out in general.

Back at home I was telling my wife about my boss at work and how great he was to work for and what a good friend he was to have. Things were going good, but they were about to get better.

My wife and I have had a threesome once before. I was the voyeur as she fucked and sucked two guys who were on a sales trip into to town. That was my fantasy which was fulfilled. We never got the chance to do that again more recently.

I decided that since I kept talking about my boss it was time for my wife to meet my boss. I invited him to come to our house for dinner. The night had arrived and my wife dressed her usual best and was stunning in a red hot dress. It was backless which showed that she was not wearing a bra. When she turned to face me, I looked and told her, “you look incredible!” All she could do was blush and said, “Thank you.”

The doorbell rang and I went to answer the door. I let my boss in and called out to my wife, “Honey come and meet my new boss.” Marnie came around the corner and looked at Sam and gasped. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. “Well hello there, Marnie”, Sam said. “Oh you two know one another?” I questioned. “You can say that,” Sam replied. “Aren’t you going to say hello to an old friend?”, Sam asked Marnie. “Oh hel llo,” was all she could mutter out.

I did not know what was going on, but I asked Sam to sit down and asked if he wanted a drink. I told him we would be right back. I then took Marnie into the kitchen and asked her, “What was that all about?” She said that before she met me she use to date Sam and that she was saddened when he got a job in another part of the world. So they decided to call it quits. I asked her if they had sex before and she said, “Yep! Don’t get me wrong, sex with you is great, but sex with Sam was unbelievable. He had a cock to die for.”

That got me going and I said, “want to rekindle someone of that magic with your current and former lover together?”

Her eyes lit up and she replied, ” Hell yeah!”
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Jesse and I had worked together at the ad agency for about a year. She was the account executive and I was the lead creative. Truthfully, we were a pretty good team. She had a good head for the media side of the business and I knew the strategy, creative and production. It was a good pairing of strengths and the client seemed quite pleased.
Jess was also going through a stressful time as her son was headed to college and was having trouble with that transition, her hot little 16 year-old daughter was coming of age as a cheerleader and her marriage to a real mook had come apart. Since we worked together every day I heard all that went on and commiserated. My own marriage was not the best and we were working through a separation.

We had spent the past two weeks working late getting material prepared for a client trade show and flew off to Atlanta to work the show. As we headed down the airport concourse I couldn’t help but watch her walk just ahead of me. She had a great sway and a terrific butt. For a 40-year-old woman she was very well put together. She had told me once that she’d had breast reduction surgery and from the tight shirts I’d seen her in, the doctor was more sculptor than surgeon. Her figure was perfect. Long legs, great curves, perfect C-cup breasts and a beautiful face, framed by dark red hair. Plus she was fun to be around and a pleasure to work with.

The trade show was a trade show. We’d done several of these and a couple for this particular client so everything was old hat, until the third night of the show. Typically, we always dined with the clients but they had a major prospect show up unexpectedly and we were dumped to our own devices. We decided we’d just grab something there at the hotel and head to our separate rooms, but once inside the restaurant everything sort of moved in it’s own direction.
First off there was a problem in the kitchen – a gas line had been cut somewhere, the ovens were out and they weren’t serving hot food. So we simply rerouted to the bar. We took a table and ordered drinks and began to munch on the trail mix that passed for bar food. The band was good and we sat and listened and shot the breeze and soon two and a half hours and several rounds of serious drinks had passed. Jesse, I noticed, was lit and I was working on a decent buzz myself.

I needed to get some food in me so I asked Jess what she wanted to have for dinner and she leaned across the corner of the table and put her hand on my thigh. She looked at me with an enormous pair of exotic brown eyes and in a very sultry voice said simply, “You.”
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Real Trophy Virgin

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I grew up in a small town in Kansas. When I was in the 6th grade, my breasts developed very fast. I was a full C cup and the end of the summer. Entering the 7th grade, I was busting out of my bra, and graduated to a D cup. All the boys looked at me constantly. I was always trying to hide my breasts. They were really hard to hide. My nipples would get hard and stuff, and the boys would just gawk at me.

I never had any sexual experience though, just masturbating at home. I really liked to masturbate a lot of the time. I would go into the girls room at school, sit in the stall and rub my clit until I came. I would stretch my legs out far, and one time, I kicked the door open by mistake! Luckily, no one was there! I think I became obsessed with masturbation, and would “do it” about 10-15 times a day. I was really afraid of being caught.

When I graduated high school, I was still a virgin. I was horny all of the time, but just never wanted to be with a guy. Thinking about a huge throbbing cock inside of me, scared me! I leaned to come using many crazy objects. I did not use vibrators. I used ashtrays, brush handles, hair clips, books and just about anything that was around at the time to rub my pussy. My underpants were always soaked, so I stopped wearing them completely. I would wear tight pants, so my lips would constantly be separated, leaving my clit totally stimulated all of the time. I could just come sitting on a bus, or in a restaurant by just squeezing my legs tight.
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The Undie Factory

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My name’s Tom, I am a manager at my Uncles factory, he is called George, aged 56. We make ladies underwear, lingerie, fun wear etc. My Uncle is basically – not a nice man, he takes great delight imposing his power upon others under him; he treats his work force (me included) like shit. Why stay working for him you might ask? I used to have my own business until things went bad, he bailed me out financially and now he holds the mortgage on my house, he owns the car I drive, and I am paying off money I borrowed from him. I dream that one day I will be able to break away, start my own business again but for now I need this job.

Late one Wednesday afternoon he called me into his office. He told me that he had two important buyers coming to see him on Friday, he was going to take them out for a ‘softening up’ dinner, then he intended to show them some of the new range we were currently working on. These guys represented the largest wholesalers in the country, they already dealt with us but if they liked the new range it would be worth a lot of money.

He said he wanted someone to model the range, someone who, as he put it would ‘try their hardest to achieve a big order’, someone who he could trust, and someone who had a lot to lose if the order didn’t happen. He had lost me, why was he telling me all this, what did he want me to do, model the range myself? He must have seen the puzzled look on my face, “I want Julie to model the range,” he said.

Julie is my wife; we have been married for 6 years. She is 28, tall, blonde and up until we got married she used to be a fashion / photographic model, she has still got her gorgeous figure and her sexy looks. When we first met she told me of her past, there was a time when she was short of money and briefly turned to glamour work to earn a living, sometimes posing with other girls and men for hardcore photos, I have some of the XXX magazines she appeared in and although I have never told her, I find them to be a big turn on.

I tried to tell him that Julie does not do modelling work anymore and would not be keen to start again, he looked at me with anger in his eyes, “let me put it this way Tom, if Julie does not do what I want you’re finished here, on the other hand, if she does and we get that order you can forget about the debt you owe me”. He knew I had no option, if I left now I would be ruined, bankrupt. “I will ask her tonight, it will be her decision”, I said.
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Pregnant Lust

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Teri’s body had always fascinated me. She was in her early 20s, slender, with medium sized tits, and a well maintained figure. It was obvious to me she was proud of her body and took good care of it. She wasn’t tall, about 5′ 1″, and had brownish blonde hair, which she wore a little longer than her shoulders. She was invariably pleasant and always had a “Good morning, Mr. Franks” whenever she saw me.

Teri worked down the hall from me as a secretary in another office. She and my secretary were office pals and often had lunch together or chatted during their coffee breaks. Whenever she would stop by to talk with Marcia, I’d see her in the outer office and would fantasize about what her body looked like without clothes.

In my day-dreams, she had shapely legs, a tight ass, slender waist, and mouth-sized tits with pert nipples just a little darker than the rest of her skin. The hair covering her pussy was the same color as the hair on her head, letting me know it was her natural color. Of course, she would always want me to fuck her right there in the office and I’d always oblige.

I’m not sure what is was about her, but I started to become a little obsessed with her. I knew she was married, but I figured I could always look and dream. Little did I know what was waiting for me.

Since Teri was pretty career orientated, I was a little surprised when Marcia told me Teri was pregnant. She and her husband were pretty happy with the prospect and I congratulated her. A couple of weeks went by and she was just starting to show. I thought I’d lose my desire for her, but I didn’t. I’d still daydream about her, even as her tummy got bigger.
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About two weeks ago I was working late, this was nothing unusual as I worked till 7:00 or 8:00 at least three times a week. I was usually alone; most of my coworkers went home by 6:00. I enjoyed having the office to myself, it was quiet; no phones ringing, no bothersome questions…this was my time.

I had just finished a projection report and had made copies of it; I was delivering them to various other Director’s offices. I deliberately went to Kenneth’s office last, his office was next to mine and by dropping a copy on his desk last I could go back to my desk and get back to work. It was a little after 7:00 and I wanted to get my reports finished so I could be home no later than 9:00.

His door was closed; this wasn’t out of the ordinary because most of us closed our office doors when we left for the day. I couldn’t see any lights on so I opened the door and stepped in. He was sitting at his desk with his back to me, I could see his computer was on and I assumed he was working late too.

As I approached his desk I could hear him breathing hard and fast, concerned I quickened my steps and walked up next to him. That’s when I saw why he was breathing so hard…

He had his pants down to his ankles and his cock was in his hand. He was stroking it slowly, I watched as he rubbed his thumb across the tip and used his pre-cum to lubricate his shaft. I was mesmerized and just stood there watching. Kenneth is a great looking guy, he’s tall, dark and handsome and now I see he has a huge cock. He had one hand around the base of it cupping his balls and the other was working his thick shaft.
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Overtime With Jenny

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I had always liked Jenny, though I didn’t know her well personally. We worked together on the night shift. Us night-timers have a slightly different perspective on the world that most other people on ‘normal’ shifts. We’re often driving on streets devoid of life at 3AM, and spend a lot of time at home because nothing’s open. And then we sleep through the morning, when everybody else is alive and awake. It’s a very lonely life most of the time.

Jenny suffered from this as much as I. She had come to town almost a year ago, and because of her hours, she hadn’t had so much as one date in all that time. Often she would grumble about the lack of a social/sex life. There were plenty of guys on the night shift, but for some reason she didn’t seem interested. More than a few of them were interested, though. She stood about 5 foot seven and was rather busty. She was a bit overweight, but not seriously and I found it quite a turn-on. It made her seem more real, somehow. More than once I had half-jokingly offered my services, only to be turned down with an appreciative smile. I could never seem to work up the nerve to come out and ask her for a date. Mostly it was because I was certain she’d turn me down and rejection was something I didn’t really care for.

I don’t know what got into me one night. It was a Saturday and we both had gotten roped into putting in a ‘little overtime’. If you consider 10 hours ‘little’. Anyway, it was about 9PM and we both sat down to lunch. Since there was no one else there we actually talked to each other. Somehow the conversation got around to dates, and I asked her just what it was she looked for in a guy.

“Well,” she said musingly, “looks aren’t all that important, I guess. A good personality is more important.” She was silent for a moment, thinking. “Right now what I would like to find most is somebody who’s good in bed. After a year of nothing I’m getting kind of, well, itchy.”
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Bananas For Sex

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My line of work involves delivering and hooking up TV’s to our customers who aren’t able to do so. Most frequently it’s older or informed people who require my services, which was the case – at least that’s what I thought – when I went into the showroom to cover for the manager. An older couple came in, purchased a cable-ready television and requested that it be delivered to their home. I informed them I was the one who took care of these installations and added that I’d be over the following day to hook up their system.

As they left the store, it appeared that their daughter or niece – a very attractive young lady or about 20 or 21. had come to the store to meet them. After a quick chat with the older couple, the girl came in and told me that she would be home the following day to accept the television deliver. I watched her exit the store, and as the light hit her sundress, I could see that she wore no panties underneath. Her perfect ass and crack were completely visible from my vantage point.

Upon reaching her home the next day, I was suddenly snapped into an advanced sexual state. The front door totheir home was open as was the screen door – and my hands were full of equipment, I let myself in. Instantly, the heady aroma of sex was in the air. I called out to Laura but received no reply. Then I saw her; totally naked, sprawled out on the floor with her back against the couch and a banana buried in her twat. “Close the door,” she said quickly! Now, this was a strange scene. Here was this gorgeous, young brunette, whom I’d only met a day earlier, laid out in the living room floor with Chiquita bananas all around her. Read the rest of this erotic story

Party Favor

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My wife, Annie, was brought up in a strict home, and hadn’t even been French-kissed until our first date in college. She was a virgin on our wedding night, and though we fucked only twice, we had sim- ultaneous orgasms the first time. Annie’s was so powerful she screamed. She also came very hard on our second coupling.

Annie developed such a voracious appetite for sex that we tried every nuance known to man and woman. She became an expert at giving head, developing a fondness for the taste of semen.

The internet has been a part of our lives for the past three years, and the erotic stories about men sharing their wives get Annie as hot as they do me.

This past New Year’s my firm gave a giant party to celebrate record profits. Annie came to it in a tight little black dress that had a mid-thigh hemline and spaghetti straps up above. The low-cut neckline revealed most of her back and an eye-catching amount of cleavage. The dress clung to her luscious body like a second skin, and caused every man in the room to do a double take.

I could tell Annie was excited because her firm nipples showed plainly through the thin fabric, and because her brown eyes were flashing with eagerness.

At this point James, the company president, walked over for an introduction. “I have to dance with this ravishing beauty,” he said.
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Wife At The Strip Club

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My wife never did mind me going to strip clubs whenever I felt like it. She actually would tell me to go. One day I asked her why?

She said that when I come back home, I really put a good pounding to her.

I told her that the reason why is because I always imagine her dancing on the stage and doing private dances with guys in the back rooms of the strip club. She looked a little shocked but thrilled at the same time.

She said, “that she couldn’t do that…. that she wasn’t built good enough to be interesting to any of those guys.”

I told her, “are you crazy! You’re built a hell of a lot better then any of those strippers….that she has a huge set of all natural tits while they have fake boobs…. that she was built like a brick house with just enough meat on her bones for a guy to really put a nailing to her.”

She just laughed and blushed. We then went to bed and fucked or brains out better then in years while talking about her being a stripper. In the end I just told her to come to the strip joint and see for herself.

Since I was a regular costumer of the strip joint, I knew the owner and manager and most of the people that worked there.

I approached the manager and owner about my idea of getting my wife to strip at their club. Both of the guys were egar to help out saying, “that they were always looking for new talent”.
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Volunteer Of The Year

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Men often complain that their wives aren’t interested in sex, but my husband doesn’t complain at all — I’m the one with the complaint!

From early morning to late at night, my husband works as a heavy equipment salesman. He makes tons of money, but he never makes love to me except for a half-hearted effort on some weekends. What’s even worse, when he gets home at night he usually falls asleep on the couch. We never see a movie, go out to dinner, or even just go to the mall to get out of the house. Yes, if it wasn’t for the fact that he gives me and the kids all the money we need, life would be unbearable.

The worst thing, though, is that I really loved him before he began to think of nothing but work. I still do love him, and that’s why for 15 years I never thought of cheating on him. I always thought everything would be allright if he’d just think of me sometimes instead of how many bulldozers he can sell to the big account in Idaho! Anyway, when I told him I was getting bored and needed something to do during the day (he doesn’t want me to work; he says he makes more money than we could ever spend, and he might be right!), he said “Why don’t you go volunteer to work at the hospital. That should keep you busy!”

Although I don’t like the sight of blood, I responded to an ad in the paper looking for hospital volunteers. As I was given a tour of the hospital, the volunteer coordinator explained that I would basically help the nurses — make sure ice water bottles in rooms are filled, maybe push a patient around in a wheelchair, get newspapers for the patients, and so on. It didn’t sound too dificult, so I told them I would begin on Monday.

Since I’m just 36, I was easily the youngest volunteer in the hospital. Most of the daytime help consisted of retired gents, or elderly widows after the retired gents. Still, everyone pitched in and made themselves useful. After the first week, I was finding the work very rewarding and I looked forward to my four-hour shift three days a week! I was still frustrated by my husband’s lack of attention, but the volunteer work provided some outlet and relief from my physical cravings for sex.
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Inventory Control

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God, I can’t believe that I did it! And anyone who reads this I want to be the first to caution you against doing what I did. It will really screw you up at work, and even if you do have a moment of nastily wonderful excitement, what comes after probably isn’t worth it.

It happened one Saturday afternoon when my boss Phil and I were doing some overtime trying to finish up the cycle counts on the inventory at work. We’d had nothing but computer problems all week and had fallen way behind with the cycle count updates. By working all Saturday we would be able to catch up so that the inventory would be totally caught up on Monday.

I had been working since 8 o’clock that morning and for some reason my thoughts kept going back to the weekend before when my boyfriend Rob and I had spent the whole Saturday in bed having great sex. He’s such a stud and he always makes me crazy with lust when we decide to spend the day under the covers.

Rob had been away all week on a trip back east to visit his ailing father. And I couldn’t get the memory of his big stiff weenie out of my mind. I could envision it in all its glory; the way it looked when we’d start out, so huge and thick. Then after his first orgasm how slick it was, almost like it was made out of plastic. The way it looked when I got on top of him and started riding him like a rodeo cowgirl.
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Accidental Voyeurs

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Our company sent us to New York on business and we were both booked into the same hotel, but in separate rooms. Julie, my co-worker and I were going to give a presentation the next afternoon, then catch a red-eye flight back to the coast.

We checked in, finding our adjoining rooms on the 23rd floor of a large luxury hotel. We’d both been surprised when we were booked into this hotel, expecting more modest quarters.

The rooms weren’t lavish, quite the contrary, they were simple, efficient hotel rooms. In a word, dull. But the interconnecting door gave me some thoughts, and I hoped Julie was thinking the same thoughts.

We settled into our rooms and I’d just washed up a bit when there was a light knock on the door between our rooms. I opened it and Julie standing there. She suggested that we have an early dinner somewhere nearby and perhaps a drink, as this would be our only night in the big apple.

We dined at a small Italian place, with high prices and equally good food. Afterwards, we visited a small night spot and danced a bit, then decided to return to the hotel. It was still early, only about 8 o’clock when we walked down the hall towards our rooms.

Julie had overdone her drinking a bit and I was helping her down the hall. She wasn’t sloppy drunk, but she was just a little tipsy, laughing and giggling as we entered her room. She used the bathroom, while I entered my room through the connecting door and called the front desk to check for any messages (just in case the boss checked up on us).

Having no messages, I kicked off my shoes to get comfortable, and returned to Julie’s room. She was looking out the window and as I came into the room, she waved me over excitedly.

“Take a look over there!”
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First Black For White Wife

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Being newly weds and short of money, my hubby encouraged me to take a job at a local department store to help with the living expenses. We had been married about 6 months at this time and it was the Christmas season. One Saturday the store had their Christmas party after closing. There was food and plenty of spiked punch.

Everyone was having a good time it seemed and it appeared that I had gotten the attention of my supervisor Zak. He was a middle-aged very handsome black man who seemed to be more attentive this evening than usual. I had carefully chosen my dress for the day to look like Christmas and to present a nice neat look. I wore black lacy undies (as if anyone would see them, but it made me feel good) and a red knit dress that clung to my 5′-9″ nicely shaped body.

I knew that Zak appreciated it as I could see it in his eyes as they would move up and down my body and stop at my 34-c white lobes. I could almost read his mind I thought. Periodically he would move near me and whisper things like, “You look very striking today, Molly,” or “That is a nice dress you have. I really love red.”

I don’t know if it was the drink or the attention that was getting to me, but I went to the ladies room and wiped the sweat off my forehead, took a deep breath and watched in the mirror as my breast rose and fell. I pushed on them, as they felt full and swollen, as if I were lactating which I knew was not the case. I realized that Zak’s attention was sending them a subtle message. I noticed that my black lacy bra was peeking out along the neckline of my dress. I decided to let it show and give Zak something to look at.
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The Office Fuck

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It’s funny how things happen. You go for years thinking you know someone reasonably well and then right out of the blue, you get the biggest surprise of your life.

That’s just what happened with me at work and involved a colleague I’d known for about five years. She was okay in the looks department, but had a nice figure and also a mischievous side to her. I’d been working in the office for a couple of years, when she joined as an assistant to a colleague of mine. Our office was open plan, so at times we all spoke with each other. When Ann joined she was quite shy, but gradually came out of her shell. She was in her mid twenties and single but, shortly after joining us, started a steady relationship.

Initially she didn’t seem to like me that much. I gave her no reason to dislike me, but we just seemed to get off to a bad start. However, gradually she started to warm to me and my sense of humour, and we often had little chats about family and stuff outside of work. There was no attraction from my side, but I just liked talking to her as a friend. We also sat opposite each other quite a lot of the time, so would share small talk throughout the day.

She often ate her lunch in the office and, after being there about a year, she was eating yoghurt. I noticed a bit of the yoghurt dripping out of the side of her mouth and pointed it out to her. She smiled at me and very provocatively wiped it away with a finger before licking it off. I know that seems daft, but there was just something really horny about the way that she did this.

Maybe it was the glint in her eye, or maybe the naughty smile on her lips, but at that moment I got the impression that she was flirting a bit with me. Later, when we were alone in the office, I asked her if she often let things drip from her mouth. She replied, “No, I always swallow the lot, doesn’t everyone?” That little remark made me so horny and I said, “what else do you do, that I don’t know about?” She replied, “Ah, that’s for me to know and for you to find out.”
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Watching Her Boss Fuck Her Silly

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[ Story by Forbes ]
If there was one thing my wife, Jill, liked it was a good fucking. She was a wonderful shag as well. However our sex life was pretty ordinary and not always happening. Once I was going there was no stopping my rampant cock from performing. Unfortunately my business life was pretty stressful and my cock did not always co-operate. Jill was slim, very attractive, with small tits but an arse to salivate over. She was size 8 and in great shape, even after 2 kids. Guys were always looking at her with their licking lips giving the thought away.

We had been married for 14 years and started to talk about juicing up our sex life. Sex was always good but needed to be stirred a bit. I thought about and suggested wife swapping. Jill, my wife was hesitant at first although keen to enliven our sex together. We had just moved to live outside Plymouth. I had been appointed to a prestigious job in Plymouth. Jill quickly found a job as secretary to a director of a shop fitting company. Eric, who was 15 years older, had the gift of the gab good at the grab as well. Our spicy sex began from here.
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Wife Gets Slutty

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My wife Helena was going to her company Christmas party which I unfortunately was not able to attend. I had to go to a friend’s to help him install his Christmas lights on his house so his old lady would stop bitching at him. I told my wife that I would pick her up at the party around two in the morning so she could have a safe ride home.

An old friend of mine who worked for the same company as she did said he would stop and pick her up for me. I was surprised to see to see the expression on his face when he saw my wife come out in her short skirt and tight silk blouse. She put on weight in all the right places a few years ago after having our daughter so she looked wonderful with her thirty four c breasts and her nice round ass in that skirt. So I nervously joked with my buddy John that he better keep the men away for me which he promised to do.
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The Perfect Office Xmas Party

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It was almost 5 o’clock on Friday, as I sat in my corner office, looking at the snow fall over the cityscape. I wondered what this first Christmas party would bring. You see I just started at this company at the beginning of the year. For the most part, I have found most of my employees to be very dedicated and creative when it came to the advertising campaigns that our clients present. The men and women here seem to be very outgoing and happy to be working here, could be something to do with we are one of the best advertising firms in the South and they make good money here. I took over the CEO job when the last person was found guilty of embezzlement and I was recruited by this firm. Everyone here received me with open arms, and was looking forward to working with me, as they had heard of my previous success of bringing in the big clients where ever I went.

The Christmas party was to be held on Saturday, and was being handled by my administrative assistant, Tonya, a bright and lovely 26 yr old who had been with the company for 5 yrs. She has been handling the Christmas party ever since she has been here, and she ensured me that it is always a great party and everyone who comes never goes home early. That most if not all the clients are represented by their top brass, and that they almost always resign their contracts with in the week after the party. This actually had my mind turning, why would our clients resign their contracts with us immediately after the Christmas party. Guess I would have to wait and find out.
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Wife Has Just One Drink

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I’ve lead a pretty normal life as a receptionist at a dentist’s office, but that all changed on my 33rd Birthday.

I was supposed to pick my husband up after dinner and had plans to take him to a fancy restaurant and seduce him when we got home. I was wearing a new red dress that I just knew would knock him out. He keeps on telling me to show myself off more and not dress like an old maid. Well…this dress showed off. It was so short that I had to keep reminding myself not to bend over and to keep my knees in tight while walking or it would ride-up and show off the garter belt and tiny pink panties that I was wearing.

I was waiting in the lobby at my husband’s office when he and his coworkers arrived all at once. A couple of the guys whistled when they saw me…all of them were staring. I hadn’t counted on this…I thought it would just be Vic (my husband). To make matters worse they invited us out for a drink and Vic obviously wanted to go along. So I told them “OK…but just for one drink.”

We walked over to this little bar a couple of blocks away. I kept having to pull down on the hem of my dress to keep it from sliding up as I walked. When we finally got to the bar, they sat me in the middle of a big ‘U’ shaped booth, the head of the table…’since it was my birthday’. Vic took everyone’s order and went to the bar for what seemed like a long time. While he was gone all the attention at the table was on me. The guys all wanted to know where I worked, what I did, what my interests were… It was all very flattering. Many of the guys were leering the tight top of my dress. The dress buttoned clear up to my neck, but it was tight on top and the buttons were a little strained at the bust. It was intended to get my husband’s attention at dinner, and it was obviously getting the attention of these guys.
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SHW8 Chrstine Makes a Deal

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Christine walked through the door home from a long day at work just in time to hear the phone ring. “I wonder who that could be,” she thought as she hurried to the phone.

“Hello,” the beautiful young wife said.

“Hi Christine,” returned a male voice.

Christine said pleasantly, “Oh hi Bob. I’m afraid Jim isn’t here. Tonight he has class.” Bob was a friend of Christine’s husband and was a real estate broker.

Bob replied, “That’s OK Christine. Actually, it was you that I wanted to talk to.”

Bob had been after Christine to help him show property for some time. Bob knew from watching other female agents that Christine had the potential to be a good agent. She was young, only 26 years old and a bit shy but she had a pleasant personality. The thing that convinced Bob of her potential was her looks. Christine was a very attractive woman. Bob just knew that she could charm the socks off any prospective male buyer. She stood 5’4″ with gorgeous legs and a 38DD-26-38 figure. Her reddish brown hair framed a beautiful face and hazel eyes. So far Bob had been unable to interest Christine in changing careers.

Bob continued, “Listen, I have an opportunity for you and I think you’ll like it.”

“You want me to show a house,” guessed Christine.
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The Extra

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Claudia Ryan gazed over the sound stage looking in vain for Aldo Marchetti. “Christ, Joan,” Claudia questioned her chief assistant, Joan Walker, “didn’t you tell Harry to make sure that Aldo would be an extra during this shoot!?!” Joan staring at the nearly empty sound stage herself replied quickly, “Of course I did, I practically made Harry sign a blood oath that he would have Aldo here for the entire shoot, I have no idea where he is!” “Goddam it,” spat Claudia, “get Harry on the fucking phone and find out for me, I’m not gonna do one scene until he’s here, got it!?!” Joan nodded her head and made a beeline for the phone back in Claudia Ryan’s trailer, and while it was only eight in the morning Claudia had already given her a splitting headache! “Do this, do that,” she thought grimly, “why can’t the old bat do something on her own for a change, you’d think her leg was broken by the way she acted!” Joan dialed Harry’s number, and in a few moments he was on the phone. “Well,” he greeted her warmly, “what can I do for you today, Joan, is the boss acting up again!?!” As executive producer, Harry Berson made just about every major decision connected with the movie, including the hiring of Aldo Marchetti as a personal favor to Claudia Ryan. “Jesus, Harry,” Joan said getting right to the point, “Marchetti’s nowhere to be seen, and Claudia’s throwing a hissy fit, says she won’t do a scene until he shows!!!” Calm down, babe,” Harry replied smoothly, “Marchetti isn’t needed until scene number four, so he won’t be showing up until later this afternoon, no problem, he just won’t be there this morning!” Joan knew that Claudia would be upset over this new bit of news, but thought that if she was assured Aldo would be there later that day she would hopefully do her opening scenes. “Okay, Harry,” Joan sighed, “I’ll try getting her to go ahead, but there are no guarantees!” “You tell Claudia that Marchetti won’t show until scene four is ready to shoot, so the longer she procrastinates, the longer it will be until he gets here,” Harry replied flatly, “so you tell the old bag she’d better get her ass on that stage and knock off those first three scenes, capiche???” “Yeah,” Joan answered tiredly, “capiche.”
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SHW2 Pennys Safety Net

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I awoke yesterday morning to the sound of my wife’s voice. Penny was on her way out the door to go to work. Through my sleepy head I heard her say, “Don’t forget Bob, I’m going out with Tina tonight…We’re going directly from work…Your mom will pick up the kids after school.” I cleared my throat and asked, “Where are you going?”. She yelled over her shoulder, “We’ll probably see a movie or something.”

I struggled out of bed, thankful that it was Friday. I showered and dressed and made the kid’s breakfast. After dropping the kids at school, I headed for work. A cup of coffee was the first order of business. I opened the mail next. After the usual solicitations for various items and services, I came across an invitation to a wedding. An old friend of mine, Tom Butler was getting married the following Saturday. A bachelor party was scheduled for the Friday a week before, which was today.

I hadn’t seen Tom in a while so I was looking forward to his party. With Penny out tonight with her friend Tina, I needed to find someone to watch the kids. I called my mother and she agreed to keep the kids overnight. With that settled I began to imagine what this bachelor party might be like. Tom is a pretty wild character. I expected that he would have a pretty wild bachelor party.
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The Dentist Is In

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“What’s next on the agenda, Carol,” Dr. Cameron Fixx asked his nurse, “nothing tough I hope!?!” “No such luck,” she said with a laugh, “we have a woman in the waiting room with what we think is and impacted wisdom tooth.” “Do we have a file on her already,” the doctor asked!?! “Nope, brand new patient,” Carol replied, “she just moved into town and says she hasn’t seen a dentist in over ten years, and I think I can see why, she’s scared to death.” “How old is she, anyway,” the doctor asked, “maybe she’s a prime candidate for our new treatment technique!?!” “She looks to be about forty five or so,” Carol replied, “and I was thinking the same thing about the treatment.” “Well, let’s not keep the lady waiting,” Dr. Fixx said with a smile, “ask her in.”

“I’m Dr. Cameron Fixx, and you’re Miss Winters, is that right!?!” “Uh, yes,” she replied, “Kaye Winters, I just got into town last week, I’m working as the editor of the local newspaper.” “Well it’s nice to have you as a member of our community,” the doctor said while ushering Kaye into the examination chair, “now, let’s have a look at that tooth.” After giving her teeth a thorough going over, Dr. Fixx ordered a series of x-rays to determine if Kaye Winters did indeed have an impacted tooth, but from the looks of things, that was exactly what she had.
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