Cheating Australian Wife

submitted by Vic Black

My wife and I have been married for five years and have two wonderful children. However, since our second child was born, she appeared to have lost her appetite for sex. Prior to that she was usually quite eager for sex, and often we screwed in public places etc, once in a spa whilst other people were in a pool 3 metres away!! So, basically, our sex life was almost non-existent for a few years, although she would occasionally “submit” to having sex with me about once every 2 months. Anyway, we both were exercising and becoming quite taut and terrific, and I noticed she was taking extra special care of her looks before she even went shopping, so the thought had crossed my mind that she may be having an affair, but I couldn’t catch her at all. one night, however, she was out for a few drinks with her sister, and when she came home she practically raped me, waking me by straddling my face with her dripping pussy and pulling my head into her. As you could imagine, I didn’t really question why she was so turned on as I was just glad to be having sex with her again.

Then one night after she had been out quite late, she slipped into bed with me and we began to kiss and cuddle. After a while I slipped a hand down towards her pussy but she grabbed it and pulled it to her breasts. I made a few more attempts, and even tried to go down on her but she instead removed her knickers and pulled me on top of her, slipping my dick into her wet hole. We fucked violently, her pulling me deep inside of her and gyrating her hips until she climaxed. As she knew I was close, she said “pull out and cum over my tits, I want you to cum on my tits”. I withdrew and stroked myself until I orgasmed, spurting my load onto her breasts, each spurt gradually travelling down her body until I dripped the last glob onto her tummy. I buried my head between her cummy breasts and began to tongue my salty semen from her body. I licked all the way down her body, then before she knew what was happening, plunged my tongue into her wet pussy. She first tried to push me away, then gave in and pulled my head into her groin. I ate her until she came again, then reinserted my again hard cock into her and began to pump her again. This time, before I came, I withdrew my cock from her, rolled her onto her stomach and entered her from behind. She raised herslef onto her knees as I doggy-fucked her and reached around her to squeeze her large breasts. I reached climax quickly, and grabbing her hips I deposited my load into her wet snatch. I collapsed onto the bed, then before I had recovered my horny wife was straddling my face with her dripping pussy. As I opened my mouth to speak, a huge stream of my cum landed into my mouth. I swallowed, then had to open my mouth again as more cum leaked from her pussy. I licked and sucked her until she was clean and she had orgasmed again, drenching my face with her juice.

As we lay recovering, she asked “Did you like that?”. “Yes”, I answered. “Not the sex, eating your cum from me”, she asked. I told her that I found it really exciting and different, but sid that it would be even better if it had been someone else’s cum I was eating. looking at me with a smile, she said “you already have”. Then I realised why she wouldn’t let me give her head. At first I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. Finally I asked who had fucked her. “Some guy I met at the pub a few weeks ago, who has been trying to get into my pants ever since, and tonight I just couldn’t resist anymore so I let him fuck me”. I asked her was she going to let him fuck her again, and when she asked if I wanted her to, I told her “Yes”. So that’s how it went for a few weeks, she would go out, fuck him in his car, then come home to me and feed me his cum fresh from her pussy. Then one night she came home really excited. She didn’t even bother to get undressed, she just pulled her knickers off, lifted her skirt and straddled me. As she sat on my face, she pulled my hands up to her shirt and I unbuttoned her. She had no bra on, and for some reason her breasts, seemed clammy to the touch. She told me that tonight he’d brought along a friend!!! She hadn’t fucked the friend, just given him head and then wanked him off onto her boobs. When I came up for air, I told her that I wanted to see them fuck her, I wanted to watch my wife being pleasured by two men. She was so excited that she impaled herself on my stiff cock and rode me like a cowgirl on a horse.

She took some time setting up the meeting, and we arranged a babysitter whilst we went to a motel room. Inside, she stripped me naked then tied me to the bed. She was wearing a short summer dress which unbuttoned at the front right down to her navel, and nothing underneath. She answered a knock at the door and admitted the two guys. Both were young and good looking, and both proceeded to kiss and caress her, not caring that I was watching. She led them over to the bed so I had a clearer view of the proceedings, then stood facing her “lover” while his mate moved behind her. Her guy kissed her passionately, and began to unbutton her dress as she stroked his hard cock through his jeans. His mate pressed his erection against her bum as he slipped both hands around her waist and reached up to cup her bare tits. She unzipped her young lover’s jeans and released his hard dick, slowly running her fingers over his purple cock-head as she tongued his mouth. He slid a hand between her legs and she opened them slightly to give him access to her wet pussy. She turned to face the second guy who by now had unzipped himself and was rubbing the head of his cock over her arse. She bent forward and took him into her mouth, sucking on his engorged dick, and her large tits dangled from her unbuttoned dress. Her lover moved behind her and, lifting her dress over her arse, eased his throbbing member into her hot love tunnel.

She began to moan as he began to thrust in and out of her, and her tits wobbled with each pump of his hips. After a while she pulled away from both guys and moved onto the bed. Straddling my face with her pussy, she leant forward and the 2 guys resumed thier positions, with her lovers balls dangling over my face as he fucked her. I could see every movement of his thick cock as it plunged into her pussy, and from the sounds that he was making I knew he was close to cumming. Suddenly he tensed, and I saw his cock pulse as it began to squirt it’s load into her. He withdrew and sent spurt after spurt of white semen over her cunt lips, then lifting slightly so the remaining dribbles fell onto her anus and bumcheeks. He moved away, then looked down at me and said “Lick her clean”. My wife lowered her cummy pussy onto my mouth, and I eagerly lapped the hot jism from her. She lifted up and dripped the cum from her used cunt into my mouth, at the same time pulling the other guy up so he straddled my chest. I could feel his hairy balls tickling against me as she used both hands to stroke his hard penis, and he reached out and caressed her firm breasts as she wanked him.

His breathing was becoming more ragged as suddenly she climaxed, drenching my face with her and her lover’s combined juices. When he announced he was about to come, she moved off my face and knelt behind him on the bed, impaling herself on my stiff dick. She reached around the guy and wanked him off as her lover lifted my head in front of his cock. He came violently, jetting his hot sperm over my face and into my waiting mouth. It was all too muck for me, and I came, shooting my load into my wife. She waited until the guy had finished coating me with his cum, then knelt over me so my cum ran out of her pussy onto my lips. After the had recovered, the second guy asked if he could fuck my wife. Her lover said that he couldn’t, but when he was informed that he had only been sucked, he said that if he wanted something to fuck, he could try some anal. My wife said that there was no way he was gonna fuck her arse, and her lover told her that he hadn’t been talking about hers, then suddenly they were all looking at me and smiling. They untied me and pulled me onto my hands and knees on the bed. She took some KY and fingered my arse while sucking the guy’s dick. He knelt behind me and slowly forced his rock-hard cock into my tight, virgin anus. It hurt, but also felt good at the same time. When he was all the way in, he withdrew almost all the way from my hole then plunged back inside.

I screamed with pain (and pleasure) as he continued to pump me, my cock was hard again, and she reached under me and began to stroke me in time with the fucking. It felt incredible. Her lover moved in front of me and waved his erection in my face. “Suck it, you little cum eating slut” he said. “Suck my big cock until you eat my juice”. Oh, I sucked him, sucked him so well until he held my head and face fucked me for all that he was worth until he began to empty his balls into my mouth. I gagged as I tried to swallow his salty cum, and some of it dribbled out from between my cocksucking lips and ran down my chin. His mate gripped my hips and yelled as he shot his load into my tight arsehole, pumping me until he was nearly limp and slid out of my hole. I looked across to where my wife was frantically masturbating herself to another orgasm, and I quickly moved across to stand in front of her. She sucked my knob as I tossed myself off into her mouth, and I could feel cum running from my hole and down my legs as I erupted into her mouth. I filled her face with cum, then she lifted from me and stood before me, then kissed me right on the lips, opening her mouth to share my sperm with me.

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