Claire and The Bachelor Party

Claire and I were sitting at our Saturday morning breakfast table when I revisited an ongoing conversation that fascinated me, but one in which Claire usually showed very little interest — at least in the light of day.

“You’ve always liked getting felt up, right?”

“You know that. I’ve never hidden it from you. But I’ve also never hidden the fact that I’m going to fuck one man in my life, and you’re him. End of conversation. I’m NOT going to fuck Bobby. He’s nothing but a trophy hunter, and he’s not going to mount me.”

The good news was that Claire was the top trophy at the bank — and would be in virtually any environment she chose to frequent — but Bobby would never get into her pants. She was a classy 5′ 2′ blonde with long hair and a tight body. She played tennis several times a week, and walked or jogged the other days. She had absolutely perfect tits and wore a 32 “C” bra, but didn’really need it because gravity seemed to not notice how much mass she had attached to her chest. Yes, she was definitely a trophy, but she was a committed, one-man woman, and Bobby had no chance with her. Neither did any other guy. Still, I liked to tease her about Bobby — and other guys too. I knew that if anybody had a shot at her, it was Bobby — but, realistically, he had no shot either.

So, I pressed Claire for details on a minor little incident at the bank on Friday. He had succeeded in separating Claire from the other women and used a pretty transparent trick in an effort to get a little tit.

I tried again, cautiously, trying to build on what had happened the day before. “OK,” I said. “When was the last time you got felt up by another man besides me and Bobby.”

“First of all,” she said, “To say that Bobby felt me up is stretching the concept a bit, but for the sake of argument, let’s say he did. That’s it: finis. It’s over. No more tit for Bobby from Claire. Further, if you keep probing, you might hear something you don’t want to here.”

Ignoring her admonition, I tried another tact. “OK, Ms. Claire, how long has it been since another man felt you up?” I expected her to say that it was Dale, her boyfriend before she met me.

But she surprised me by answering, “Well, since you insist on pursuing this line of questioning, I’ll answer you. The last time I got felt up by another man was the night before our wedding. You were at that stupid bachelor party, and I knew the guys planned to get you laid, so I decided it was a good time to have just a little fun myself.”

A bit taken aback, I said, “OK, tell me who felt you up and how it happened.”

“Are you sure you want to know this?”

“Yes. I definitely do.”

“No, you don’t. You really don’t.”

“I’m thinking I really do, and I’m just on the verge of getting pissed.”

“You may get more pissed if I tell you.”

“Claire, quit playing games. Tell me the fucking story.”

“OK. Remember: you insisted. So, as you know. I had decided to have a quiet night and not go out and get drunk and be bleary-eyed for our wedding. Well, as I was sitting at home, staring at the walls, I decided that I might be able to have a little fun without drinking. So, I called up one of your old football teammates (I won’t say who) and told him that if he could get over to our apartment in five minutes, there was some bare tit waiting for him here. He made it in three.”

“Wait a minute: You invited him to our apartment?”

“Sure, I figured it was the best place. I knew you would be staying out all night with your buddies, watching strippers and getting laid — and I know by whom, by the way. It was planned way ahead of time. But that’s another story.”

“I don’t know what made you think I was getting laid, but we’ll talk about that later. Go on; finish your story.”

“OK. So I was thinking about what I could do to make the night memorable for your friend — and for myself.”

“As if feeling you up wouldn’t be memorable enough,” I interrupted. “So what did you do to make things so memorable?”

“There was just something I had always wanted to do for you, but somehow I had never gotten around to it, so since this was my last free night, I decided to go for it with your friend. When he knocked on the door, I opened it and stood in front of him wearing only a big, clear plastic bag — and I had a bow stuck to each nipple. I was a gift-wrapped treat.”

“You didn’t have a bow stuck to your pussy?”

“No, that wasn’t the present. My tits were the presents. He was there to feel me up, not fuck me.”

“So he could see your pussy?”

“Yes, of course. That wasn’t the present, so it wasn’t wrapped up. But it didn’t matter much. In less than a minute, my nipples were uncovered too. Without fanfare, he grabbed a tit in each hand and tweaked the bows off my nipples and started kneading them. I was immediately turned on. I had never had anybody just go for my tits that way. I was used to preliminaries. You know: a hug, a kiss, a grazing touch of a blouse-covered tit, then maybe a move for the tits. But not this time. Without so much as a hand-shake, he went straight for the tits.”

“And you let him? I mean, for Chrissakes, you just stood there and let him feel your tits?”

“Yes, I did — and it was really great too: no pretenses from him and none from me. He was there to feel me up, and I was there to get felt up. So, we skipped the preliminaries and got straight to the feeling up part. I repeat: it was great.

“As I stood there with a strange hand on each tit, the thought crossed my mind that you were downtown with your buddies getting a lap dance from some floozy, so I decided that as long as there were lap dances going on in town, there might as well be one in our apartment too.

“I sat him down in a kitchen chair, then straddled him and said, ‘Those ribbons made my nipples itch. Would you mind soothing them — with your mouth?

“Dutifully, he took my right nipple gently between his teeth, then let go with his teeth and sucked it inside his mouth. He kept nibbling and sucking until he had the whole nipple and areola in his mouth. Then he pulled back and stretched my tit away from my body. He looked me in the eye, then playfully let go of my right nipple and sucked the left one into his mouth. He put his hands on the back of my ass and pulled me firmly against him. I could feel his already hard cock against me. I playfully rubbed against him so that his cock was rubbing against the top of my pussy, exciting my clitoris. There were a couple of layers of clothing between his cock and my clit, but the sensations were electric. I knew this would be a night that I could cum — but not just from getting felt up.”

I protested, “That’s a little more than getting felt up, don’t you think? You’re staddling a guy naked, and he’s chewing on your nipples.”

“Oh, he was doing more than that! My legs had to be pretty far apart to straddle him, so since my pussy was right there, he rubbed two fingers up and down between the lips a few times. When he found out how slippery I was, he quickly slid both fingers up and inside. He didn’t even slow down at my clit. He just penetrated quickly and firmly, and I began to ride his fingers up and down. It felt almost like a cock.”

“So, this guy is in our apartment for ten minutes and you’re already completely naked with a mouth on your nipple and two fingers up your pussy?”

“Wrong,” she said. “It was more like three minutes, and he now had three fingers up my cunt. It was a first for me, and there was a little discomfort at first, but my pussy quickly adjusted, and it just felt like a cock. It felt pretty good, and it seemed appropriate. I thought of you getting your cock wet in some nasty stranger, and two fingers didn’t seem like enough. I quickly undid his pants and pulled them, along with his jockeys, all the way down and off. He was sitting there in the chair fully dressed from the waist up, but naked from the waist down, and his cock was sitting straight up.”

She smiled at me and continued, “I straddled him again and buried his face between my tits. I took his cock in my hand and gave it a few cranks. Then I eased it to my pussy and started rubbing it up and down my crack. By that time, I was really slippery. ‘I can’t let you fuck me,’ I told him. ‘ But I think it’s only fair that I help you get off. You can come right on my pussy when the time comes; I don’t mind, but you can’t put it inside. OK?’ Breathlessly, he said, ‘OK, you’re driving. Whatever you say is good.’ But I could tell from his breathing that he was getting way too worked up, so I eased off.

I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Take it easy, take it easy. Don’t go off too soon. I have plans for your cock, so think about something boring and unrelated to what’s going on at the moment. I want to get you off, but not yet.”

She smiled at me again across the breakfast table and said, “Are you sure you want to hear the rest of this?”

“I cautiously opened my mouth and murmured, “But I thought you were a virgin when we got married.”

“Oh, don’t be stupid, you had been fucking me for a year by the time we got married. You almost fucked me on our first date, remember?”

Of course I remembered. I was thinking figuratively: a virgin except for me.

She resumed. “Your forever unnamed teammate calmed down some, so I started working him again. I thought about your lap dancer easing herself up and down on your cock — up and down up and down. You were getting fucked, but I wasn’t. It hardly seemed fair.

“So, I resumed my machinations. I rubbed some, then I pumped some, then I sat down, flattening his cock against my pussy lips and thrust my nipple back in his mouth. As I did so, I said to him, ‘My fiance loves to watch my tits bounce. Do you like that?'”

“Without letting go of my nipple, he just nodded his head. So I sat up, pulling my nipple free and started bouncing up and down. I had done this before, for you, as you know, and you really liked it, but one of the reasons you liked it was because my pussy was surrounding you cock as I bounced up and down. So I took your friend’s hand in my hand and guided it to my pussy. I separated his index finger and middle finger from the others and guided them right into my pussy. It felt almost like a cock. Then, I started bouncing.

“But it was kind of awkward, so he stopped me and said, ‘I have to make an adjustment; I need another finger in there, just a second.’ He fumbled for awhile down there, then said, ‘OK, I’m ready. You can start bouncing again.’

I raised up high, and he grabbed me by both shoulders. Of course, I knew what was happening. I hesitated only briefly, then I came down hard. My tits bounced really good, but that wasn’t why my partner had such a big smile on his face. His cock was buried in my pussy all the way to our respective pelvic bones. We sat briefly, looking at each other trying to decide what to do next. ‘Oh what the Hell,’ I said. “No use wasting a perfectly glorious penetration.’ I pushed myself back up with my legs, then came down hard again. My tits bounced again, then again, then again, with each hard penetration.

“Then he picked me up and walked to the wall, without losing penetration. He put me against the wall and made my tits bounce some more. Then he put me down on the floor and bounced my tits some more. Then, I rolled him over and rode his cock with more tit-bouncing.

“We were having a great time. I was getting an unbelievably good lay, and he was getting a piece of ass from someone that was so unexpected he would probably never –ever — get that lucky again. Neither of us had come yet, but I thought both of us deserved an orgasm, so I said to him, ‘You know this is a one-time thing?'”

He nodded.

“Well, let’s finish it off good then.”

He nodded again.

“OK,” I’m going to lie here for five minutes. During that time, you can do anything you want to me that’s not dangerous or painful. A little pain may be OK if it comes from penetration, but I don’t like hitting, slapping, biting, or other cruel, mean acts. When the five minutes are over, you have to go home, so you’d better cum in that five minutes, and I think I deserve to cum too. You can’t cum in my pussy though. Agreed?”

“He nodded for the last time. So I lay down on my back with everything exposed.

“He was a very attentive and appreciative young man, as he explored my body. He moved around in front of the top of my head, and we looked upside down at each other, then we did an upside down kiss — the only kiss of the night. Then he stretched downward a bit toward my tits, where he looked closely at my tits, as he explored them with his hands and mouth.

“These are such perfect tits,” he said. “I would really like to take photos of them. I don’t have a camera with me now, but can I take them later?”

A thrill kind of shot through me. I had never had nude photos taken of me, but the idea excited me. But I managed to say, “I don’t know. Probably not.”

“He didn’t persist. Instead he continued to work his mouth down my front to my stomach, then over my neatly trimmed patch. He stopped at the top of my pussy and spread it apart with his fingers, exposing my clitoris. He blew gently on it, then reached down with his mouth and took it ever so gently between his teeth. It was so sensitive that I didn’t know, for sure, whether I was feeling pain or pleasure — or both. Then he let go with his teeth and started circling his tongue round and round. As he did so, his cock came to rest against my cheek.

“As you know, I don’t like to suck cock, but at that moment . . . well it was right there, so I impulsively grabbed his penis and took it into my mouth. As he tongued my clit, I stroked his cock with my tongue and the inside of my mouth. After only a few seconds, he pulled away from my clit and whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you again.”

“Do it.” I answered.

“So he swung back around and crawled between my legs, as I spread them far apart. He licked my clit one more time, then moved forward with his cock poised toward my pussy. I took his dick in my hand and moved it toward my cunt. I rubbed it up and down a couple of times to get the natural lubrication well distributed, then I flicked it against my clit one more time before pushing the head to the opening. Then I pushed his face away from mine with my free hand and whispered softly buy firmly. You can come on my pussy but not in it, so be ready. He nodded. I whispered again, “Fuck me now. Fuck me hard!”

“Without further delay, he thrust really hard and sunk himself to the bottom of my pussy, as our pelvises came together hard again. He was in as a far in as he could get. He lifted his face away from mine and looked me in the eye, smiling. He was so fucking proud of himself — as he should have been. He had just sunk his cock into a girl who just didn’t let guys do that. Secondly, he had gotten his cock sucked, however briefly, by a girl who just didn’t suck cocks, not even yours. Thirdly, this virginly girl was looking him back, straight in the eye, and was also smiling. She had a new cock filling her from top to bottom, and her cunt had just taken the hardest thrust of her life. So, I continued to smile and said, “Do it again. Harder, this time.”

“So he slowly pulled back — all the way out and remained poised, just outside my pussy, with his dick ready to plunge again. I held his cock in just the right spot and said, “OK, I’ll count to three. On three, let me have it again — hard! See if you can hit bottom again.”

“I counted one … two … — I spread my legs as wide as they would go … THREE! I grabbed his ass and pulled hard, as he impaled me again. It felt even better than the first time. He smiled; I smiled, then he did it again. It took about six big strokes before the rhythm smoothed into steady stroking. He was down to two minutes before he had to leave, so he began working on getting me off. He slid his body upward so that his cock rubbed against my clit as he stroked. It worked great. I kept my legs wide and kept my clit against his stroking cock.

“I knew what he was thinking: if he could get me off in the allotted time, he might get to fuck me again sometime. Truthfully, I was thinking along the same lines. So, shedding all my inhibitions I just let myself go. As you know, when I come, I only come once, but I can have long, intense, heaving orgasms — and that’s just what I did. His time was up, and he had given me an orgasm, but he hadn’t had one yet. So I just lay back, put my hands behind my head, spread my legs wide and said, “I’m not going to hold you to the time limit. Go ahead and use my pussy. Take as long as you wish, but I want you to get off before you leave.

I must admit that he took his time and seemed to relish fucking my wet, warm, but still tight pussy. He would take a few strokes, then stop and play with my tits, then take few stokes, then push himself away and look appreciatively at me. Once, he pulled completely out and backed away from me for several seconds while his eyes moved from my tits to my pussy. He pushed my legs apart for a moment and spread my pussy apart while he took one quick lick on my clit, then tongued one complete circle around it before pushing himself upright and grabbing my ankles. He pushed my legs apart while I pulled his dick back to the opening of my pussy. He pushed firmly and sunk himself again, then he spread his legs and pushed my legs together inside his without losing penetration. It closed my pussy really tight around his cock. Then he began a steady stroke. He kept at it without stopping for a long time, and just about the time my pussy was beginning to come around again, he came — inside my pussy. I didn’t care. He had done such a good job on me that he deserved to have an inside-the-pussy orgasm.

“As he was dressing he asked, ‘Did you like that?’

“Uuummmm, yesss,” I said. “It was delicious.”

“Did I earn another piece of ass down the road?”

“Noooo, I don’t think so. I’m getting married tomorrow. Remember?”

“What about those photos? I can do that without touching you.”

“Again, a little thrill went through my body. “I don’t know. Probably not.”

“Well, I’ll accept that. It’s not a no.”

“Nooo, it’s not a not a complete no, but it’s a mostly no.”

“Good enough. I’ll be happy to go home without a complete no.”

“He left soon after that, and you came home about a half hour later. I decided to let you have your second piece of ass for the night. That lap dancer must have really turned you on because you jumped me as soon as you got into bed and had your cock inside me by the count of three. The second time that had happened to me that night. Yeh, I’d say it was a pretty good wedding eve — for both of us.”