Co Worker Interracial

Ok, here goes. I’ve read these stories for some time now, so I decided to share my personal experience with everyone. First, I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I’m 37 year old mother of 2. I’m about 5’8, blonde(not naturally), I try to go to the gym a few times a week, so I have a really nice body I’m told. About 2 years ago, I got implants, so know I’m pretty curvy. I’m 34C-24-34. I am married, but due to my husbands job, he is normally away from home for about 3 weeks at a time. This has been the arrangement for years, so I have usually been pretty used to it. I get to go out with my girlfriends whenever I want, even though I have only cheated on him a few times over the years. We live in the southeastern United States. Enough about me, I guess I should get on with my story.

So, I work for in HR for a company, but our headquarters is in another state. It’s a pretty laid back job, not a lot of rules, so I really enjoy my job. Anyway, about 6 months before this encounter took place, I got a new manager, whom I had never met. Initially, all I really knew about him was that he was younger than I, around 28. I’m a natural flirt, so he & I had lots of flirty conversations on the phone, which led to us talking on the phone more often than needed & exchanging naughty e-mails. Jeff had a really sexy voice on the phone, & I’ll admit, sometimes, he got me really turned on. I sent him a few pics of me, but he never sent me any of him, although he told me what he looked like. Jeff told me he was tall, well built & handsome. As time went on, our talks got hotter & to be honest, all I could think about was fucking him. Eventually, he had to come visit our office, since he was a new manager, the days before he came, I could hardly wait. I told him that he better be ready when he got here. The day he arrived, I wore something very sexy, because I wanted him as hot to see me as I was to finally get my hands on him. I wore this black skirt that was really tight, split up the side to show my long tan legs & a yellow top that showed a lil more cleavage than was probably appropriate for work. To be honest, I really didn’t care. Jeff was coming in around noon, few quick meetings, a diner after work with a few in the office, then he & I were off to his hotel, to make reality out of all our talk!!

So about 11:45 a co-worker & I were sitting out on the steps of our office, smoking a cigarette when a SUV pulls in. Not recognizing the driver I paid little attention until he got out of the car. Walking toward us was this tall, very well dressed, very well built young, BLACK GUY. It still didn’t register to me who this person was, until he walked up to me & said “Hi Becky, I’m Jeff”. Honestly, I almost dropped my cigarette. This was not @ all what I had expected. Jeff didn’t sound like any black guy I had ever heard speak on the phone. I didn’t know what to do. This is a guy I had told time & time again all the things I was going to do to him & all the nasty things I was going to let him do to me. I tried to compose myself as my co-worker walked back inside. Jeff, looked at me, knowing he wasn’t what I was expecting. “Didn’t expect me to have such a great tan did ya?” No, I told him. “So I guess our private meeting is off for tonight, ” he said. I’ll have to think about it, I told him.

For the next 2 hours I sat thru a meeting, conducted by Jeff, all the while, thinking about the great sex he had promised me, and then telling myself, noway, I can not possibly have sex with a black guy. This is something that had never crossed my mind, & was extremely taboo. It just doesn’t happen. No Way, No How. But, as charming as he was on the phone, he was even more so in person. I was sitting there squirming in my chair, thinking of my wetness. Maybe I can do it, I’ll never tell anyone. No one will ever know about it.

So we attend our diner, all the while I’m thinking, what will I do, & what was even more impressive, Jeff never said one word to be about it the entire afternoon. Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe once he saw me, I wasn’t what he expected either. As our diner ended & the others began to make their way out of the restaurant, Jeff slide a card across the table. Room 576 he said. I just looked @ him, told him I would think about it. Well, it took me about the time I walked to my car to decide. The next thing I knew, I was wet between my legs & standing in the elevator waiting for the doors to open on the 5th floor.

I’m not sure if I’m just a slut, or it was the drinks over diner, but I was really horny & ready for anything when the doors of the elevator opened, luckily, his room was near, so I slide the card in the door, & found him sitting in a chair, expecting me. “I had a feeling you would walk thru that door”, he said. Oh really, and what made you think that?, I asked. Because, I could tell you were in deep thought all afternoon, and it wasn’t work related. From there, it got really hot, he grabbed me, pulled me close & began kissing me all over my neck & ears. I guess I told him that kissing my neck makes me super horny. He whispered in my ear, “remember what you said you were going to do as soon as we got in the room?” Yes, I told him. “What were you going to do?” he asked. I smiled, dropped to my knees. “I told you I was going to suck on your dick until u came in my mouth”. I did tell him that, but I wasn’t expecting to have a black dick in my mouth. I unzipped his pants, but before he took them down, he said, ” I know you never had a black dick, so I know you never had a dick like this.” I almost fainted when he pulled the biggest dick I hd ever seen out of his pants. It had to be 9 or 10 inches long & very thick. Nothing like my husband had. As I sat there in front of Jeff on my knees, he rubbed the head of his cock across my lips, but when I would begin to lick it he would pull it back teasing me. He told me to undress, so I slid my top off exposing my perky tan tits, then I took off my skirt & thong, only left with my boots on. Then as I got situated, I was finally allowed to put this massive black dick in my mouth. Sucking this dick was like nothing I had ever sucked in my life. I never thought I had a gag reflex until I felt him deep in my throat. While I sucked & sucked on his big dick, I did for a moment wonder what was I doing. I’m married, with 2 teenage children, here, in a motel room nude, sucking the life out of this strange big black cock. I gave him the blowjob of a lifetime, sucking his dick hard & fast until I finally felt him tighten in my mouth and explode with his load of hot cum into my throat, it was wonderful.

MMMMM, I swallowed every drop. His cum was thick and warm. I always did love the taste of cum, and even more loved the look on a mans face when I swallowed it all. I sucked him back until his dick was hard, because now it was my turn. I crawled on the bed & he followed. I laid back and he spread my legs wide. He started kissing & licking me on my neck then worked his way down to my tits, sucking my nipples as his big fingers worked my throbbing clit. Then he worked his way down to my dripping wet pussy. He looked up” I love white pussy’s that are shaved” I couldn’t laugh, I was breathing so hard, I just smiled as his tongue found my pussy. He licked my tight pussy until I was almost ready to cum, then he rose up from the bed holding his dick. “so you think your ready for this dick Becky? He said. I grabbed him by his arm, with my other hand on his dick, “I want you to fuck me! ” I moaned. “I have been wanting you to fuck me for months!” so with that, I spread my legs, and pulled them close to me, bracing myself for this big black dick to go inside me. OMG, he pressed a few inches to me and begin to work my pussy like it was the first time I had ever been fucked. Slowly, in & out, he worked his long dick until I was feeling his dick in places that had never been touched. With in a few minutes, I had reached an orgasm like I never had before. The more Jeff fucked me, the more he picked up speed. I don’t know if he was letting me get used to his dick or what, but whatever he was doing, he was doing oh so right. In no time, he was fucking me hard & fast. I could feel his balls slapping against me. Over & over as he fucked me he asked me how I liked feeling his dick, and all I could say was that I loved it!!!

After being fucked like this, he told me to roll over. So I got on my hands and knees, waiting to feel his big black cock enter my pussy again. He was a tease. While I was there, he took his dick, slide it down the crack of my ass, then teased my pussy with it before making me ask him to fuck me. I think this really got him hot because he began fucking me really hard, & really fast. So fast & hard my tits were almost slapping me in my face. Not too long though, I felt him grab my hips & fill my pussy with his cum. Which was a releife b/c I don’t know how much more abuse from his big dick my insides could have taken. I collapsed on the bed, but only for a few seconds. There it was. His dick in my face. “If ya wanna feel it, you gotta get it back hard” so I sucked his dick, got him back hard again. I wanted to ride it. I wanted to feel my pussy wrapped around that big black dick.

Ya know, I’m 36 years old, and I never knew a big long dick could be so much fun. As I rode him, things I had never been able to do, I could do, and still had his dick in me. I placed him on the bed, where I could see myself in the mirror. It was amazing seeing all his dick, and then seeing it disappear inside my pussy. That sight bad me even sluttier. I would stop riding him, take his dick out, and suck it for a few minutes so I could taste my cum on his dick. He loved that. I loved the way it felt when I took all his dick inside me, and then just rock back and forth with him totally inside me. I think all of this got him real hot too, because he finally grabbed me and flipped me over. Pinned my knees behind my head with my long tan legs in the air and fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. It seemed like Jeff fucked me for hours like this, but I know it was only a short time. The entire time he was telling me how good my pussy was & how he was going to cum all over my tits. He finally stopped fucking me, then slide his dick between my tits as I pressed them together, taking the head into my mouth. It didn’t take long and Jeff had shot another load all in my mouth & over my tits. It was amazing. By now, I had been in his hotel room, getting fucked for about 4 hours. Never in my life had I thought about having sex with a black guy. Now, as I sat on the bed, it was all I could think about. My pussy had been stretched and filled with cum like never before. What was I going to do? He was leaving in 2 days, and what would happen then? The next night, we went out for drinks again, and again, I ended up in his room having my brains fucked out, not that I was complaining. I even wore a short skirt to work the day he left & met him @ the airport parking lot. I rode his big dick one last time before he left & went back to work with the sticky feeling of his cum inside me. When I get the chance I always volunteer to go to our corporate office, just so I can have the chance to be fucked by him again. I guess it spoiled me. I have found myself going to clubs, sometimes alone, looking for sexy black guys. Found a few. But I guess that’s another story.