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Coed Dorm

Kathy walked down the hall of her dorm to return Jenn’s psychology notes. She noticed that Jenn’s door was partially open, and tapped on it and it opened a little bit more.

“Jenn?” she called. Kathy peeked in the door and saw Jenn’s boyfriend, Josh, asleep on the bed, naked. Her jaw dropped as she surveyed his fine body. She’d always thought Josh was cute, but had no idea just how built he was. She stared at his expansive chest and longed run her fingers across it. His cock was limp, but she imagined what it would look like fully erect.

After looking both ways down the hall, Kathy stepped into the room and shut the door. She dropped the notebook on the floor and noticed his nose twitch. She quickly removed her nightgown and underwear, her breath now coming fast. She crawled naked into the bed and lay next to Josh with her cheek on his chest.

His arm instinctively wrapped around her. Kathy swung her leg across his body, her leg brushing over his dick as she sat on his tummy. His eyes opened and a shocked look crossed his face. Kathy quickly leaned down and kissed him.

“What are you doing Kath?” He whispered. “Jenn’s in the shower. She’ll be back soon.”

“This won’t take long.” Kathy reassured him. She kissed him passionately, almost wildly. Josh began to relax his muscles as his tongue entered Kathy’s mouth in response to her advances. His hands pulled her face closer for a deeper kiss. Her hands caressed his chest oh yes, that beautiful chest. His hands moved down Kathy’s back and grabbed and pinched her ass. She began to moan quietly with pleasure.

Getting into the spirit of the thing, Josh flips Kathy over onto her back. She moves her hands down to his stiffening tool. His fingers slip inside her moistening pussy. She breaks the kiss and pulls his head down to a nipple.

This forbidden interlude was having an exciting effect on both of their young bodies. Kathy’s motion’s against Josh’s chest and stomach was giving her constant tiny orgasms. Her body was so sensitive to his that she was light headed. He understood, and sucked her nipples, and rubbed my clit with increasing lust.

Neither Kathy or Josh had ever felt such ecstasy before.

Kathy’s ready, more than ready, she has to be fucked by this man, nothing can stop what’s going to happen. She guides his throbbing head toward her hot, wet pussy. As she inserts his erection, and he feels her wonderful hot moist walls gripping his cock, Josh’s hand leaves her mound and encircles her waist to lift her back up for leverage.

Kathy bites her lip as his hard member enters her deeply. She leans over and sucks his neck as he begins to thrust into her. His rhythm starts out slow and then builds in intensity. Their hips move in time with each other, like well oiled machines.

His hips buck as he coats the insides of Kathy’s slit with his hot come. Kathy can feel his intense re- leases, as he spurts again and again deep inside her. On his third spurt, the sensations are just too much for Kathy, and she squeals as her orgasm seizes her beauti- ful young body. Now it’s her turn to buck and thrust under Josh. The young couple catch their breath and quickly roll apart.

Kathy stood up and stretched like a satisfied feline, as Josh reached out to touch her thigh. Kathy brushed his hand away and quickly dressed, peeked out the door and stepped out into the hall.

As Kathy passed the bathroom, Jenn said hi to her, as she was leaving to return to her room.

“Jenn,” Kathy cry’s. “I left your notes in your room. Thanks.”

“No problem. Anytime you need to borrow anything help yourself.” She turned and continued down the hall.

I smiled. “I will, thanks.”

Updated: June 9, 2010 — 12:01 am


  1. Mhm, happens all the time…

  2. Collage girl shut the fuck up bcuz u dnt kno what gonna happen after

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