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Cum Princess

About two or three times per year my wife becomes a cum princess. Usually our sex life is active, but somewhat straightforward. But when my wife has to have cum, she is a different woman, and there is no stopping her. My wife loves having men cum on her. And try as I might, there is no way I alone can fill her desire to be drenched with cum from head to toe. She is possibly the most beautiful cum princess out there. Sonjia is a tight 33 year old. Her 5’5″ frame at 105 lbs is almost all breasts and leg. Except of course for her milky white face, with those big brown eyes. Milky white, no doubt, because of all the jism that has landed on it!

A conservative guess is that over 200 guys have cum on Sonjia. When she is in need of being used, as what she calls a “cum maid”, she will let me know a week or two in advance. My job is to try to find the right kind of gathering at which we can find the right guys. On the appointed evening I will usually fuck her before she starts to get ready. Of course, she dresses as sexy as possible when we head out to the party. Usually this consists of high, high heels, very demure lingerie, and a tight, sexy dress. She rarely engages a lot of conversation during the party, as she is usually somewhat nervous, but toward the end of the evening she begins to unbutton a bit of her dress, lick her lips, and will position herself in a very sexy position on a chair or couch. This raises eyebrows and expectations. And at this point the guys start to pay some serious attention to her. As the night begins to draw to an end she comments to me on the guys she’d like to have cum on her. I then do my part to get them interested. That’s the easiest part of the night!!

We then will head out to a predetermined hotel with 7 or 8 gentlemen, although we’ve had as many as 11. By this time she is usually visibly shaking with anticipation. We dim the light just a bit, place Sonjia in the middle of the room, and ask each guy to take turns removing one item of clothing, until she is nude except for her heels. I will then have to take over because I know that she wants to be “used” just a little bit at this point. I will “command” her to get on her knees for a few moments to show us the position she’ll be in when we drench her. Then she is made to lie on her back, on the floor, and spread her legs wide for 5 minutes or so. The guys love to watch her respond to these orders, and it’s a great way to set the tone for the night. That tone being, of course, that Sonjia is there as an object, for us to use for our pleasure. This is crucial for Sonjia, as she has told me watching the guys realize that they are in complete control of her, gives her an indescribable sexual high. Next I will “make” her crawl over to each guy, and get them undressed.

Finally its time for the coup de grace! Sonjia tells the men, who by now are sporting various levels of hard-ons, that she is theirs. “I am your cum-made, your cum-slave”, she says. And, while they cannot fuck her, they may come on her or in her mouth, anyway they like. They only need tell her how they would like her to pose, and she will assume that position until they are through with her. She then tells them that they should take as long as they want, and do whatever they want. “Enjoy”, she says, you probably won’t ever have another chance to use a woman like this again, so have your way with me”.

To get things rolling, I usually start. I will say to Sonjia something like: “ok honey, I want you to get down on your knees, put your fingers in your pussy, and open your mouth wide for me”. I then will slowly and leisurely jerk off on Sonjia’s face, breasts and in her mouth. I would guess that 90% of the guys who follow are so turned on by what they have just seen that all they can say to her is “stay just like that, don’t move, and keep your mouth open like that for me!” On other nights, some of the guys have wanted her to spread her legs, so they could come on her pussy. But the majority of men seem to prefer making her take their cum on her face, or directly into her mouth. The night can go on for hours and hours. Usually the guys will cum on her at least twice. By the end of the night Sonjia is caked with a mix of dried cum along with the fresh, warm cum of the most recent orgasms.

On one occasion we had eight young guys who had each cum directly in her mouth and face with really huge loads. Their loads were so big that I almost felt sorry for Sonjia. When they came they would place their cocks almost resting on her bottom lip, and just cum with these huge loads into her mouth. Naturally Sonjia couldn’t swallow more that half of their loads. When each of them was done cumming, they would use their cocks to gather up the cum that was running down her breasts and belly, and then wipe their cocks on her face. Knowing that Sonjia loves being used like this quickly got me through any thoughts I had about the humiliation she was enduring, and I stopped the action momentarily to give her a sound, but very quick fucking. I finished by cumming in her mouth. Unlike the “guests”, my load is to be swallowed completely. Next, we ordered her to get on her hands and knees and put her cum drenched face and breasts on the floor, so her behind was jutting into the air. Then they had her spread her ass cheeks wide. After spending several minutes commenting on her positioning, we spent the next hour jerking off directly into her wide-open ass. This was an amazing turn on.

When we were done with her ass, we had her get up just stand there in the middle of the hotel room, and bend forward slightly at the waist. We watched the cum drip out of her backside, and down her long legs until it finally reached her feet. We then had her put her high heels back on and serve us some drinks. Naturally, Sonjia knows that she is not to remove or wipe any of the cum off of her body or face no matter where or how it might land. It was great watching her serve us. As she moved slowly around the room the cum continued to drip down her body from when we had come on her face; and down her legs from when we had squirted into her ass. Her beautiful face too was laced with the crusty cum remnants of where she had been jacked off upon earlier. When she was through we commanded her back down on her knees. We enjoyed a beer or two, thinking that things were winding down for the night; but Sonjia, true to her “cum-maid-for-the night” status, stayed put on her knees, doing her best to keep her exhausted mouth open, and her fingers in her pussy. We just enjoyed our beer and snacks while we indulged in the sight of this kneeling, submitting, cum bathed beauty.

After about a half hour or so, a couple of the guys thought it would be fun to tie Sonjia’s hands behind her back and have us all jerk off into her mouth yet again. We all agreed, and Sonjia was game; but Sonjia could not keep her mouth open, as it was exhausted from the night’s activities. Coyly, she looked at us, and whispered almost breathlessly, “Guys, I can’t keep my mouth open, its too tired. Could you do me a favor, and just fuck my mouth, it would be a lot easier for me”. We were happy to help of course. What Sonjia didn’t think of when she made her request, was that this would be our third go at her of the evening, and it might take us a while to cum. For the next hour, at least, one after another, we all enjoyed the exquisite pleasure of fucking a woman’s mouth at will. As her hands were tied behind her, we slowly moved her head up and down the lengths of our cocks, picking up the pace as we came close to climaxing. Despite the face fucking she was getting, Sonjia submitted with perfect control, enabling us all to have another great orgasm into her helpless mouth and face, which was literally covered in semen. By now it was nearly 5 AM, and Sonjia had been pretty much on her knees basting in cum for five hours, and looked it. Despite that, the guys were trying to think of what they could do next to her, I decided enough was enough. Sonjia looked up at me from her knees thankfully as I ushered our guest out. “Thank you honey” she said to me, as I came back in and stood over her, “if you want anything else, go ahead”. With that, I gently lowered her head and breasts on to a large ottoman that was in the hotel room, and gently fucked her in her still well lubricated ass, before I untied her.

Updated: January 20, 2009 — 6:42 pm


  1. your a fucken idiot doing that to your wife, i would like to fuck ur mother instead

  2. It’s more intense if she allows feet sex! Damn, with her stilletos on, I could already picture how my cock could cum all over those toes. Then she’ll tickle me non-stop

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