Cute Wife Gets It

I have to share this experience. I have always been turned on by the idea of wife sharing. My wife is very cute and small, and for some reason I am turned on when men give her that look. We expected these thoughts and ideas to remain fantasy.

Tabbi was asked to dance once at a bachelor party. She of course refused, but I think it flattered her. She certainly made me hard when she told me about the proposal. We have teased with the idea since, but she always said that she could not do anything like that.

Older men around the yacht club are always flirting with her. She dismisses this as cute and flattering. They are always polite and respectful as they shoot compliments at her. She thinks they are only only being nice. This is true, but she does not know about a particular serious offer from one older gentleman in his early sixties. He offered a nice sum if she would simply spend a little time on his boat and entertain him privately. He only wanted her parading around in a swimsuit for a little while. I wanted her to do it for free, but I did not expect her to do it. She was always too modest publicly.

She is thirty years old, five feet, and 101 pounds. Therefore, everyone thinks she is even younger. Her bottom has a great shape that anyone can’t help but to notice. She keeps her toes perfectly painted and her pussy almost completely shaved during the summer. This makes swimsuits say you need to fuck me.

Other than a little fantasy about what if she had danced at the bachelor party, I always assumed that she would never go through with anything sexual outside of our marriage except maybe a little teasing. She has teased a little when she was in the mood, but I never say any indications that she would ever do anything more

She enjoys posing for me to take sexy pictures. These were usually tasteful nudes and never pornographic. We finally decided to have a professional photographer do a shoot with her in our home. I was a little surprised but extremely excited about someone seeing her completely nude. I was hoping that she did not get too shy and not totally get nude for these pictures.

They took several pictures with her half covered before she warmed up and uncovered completely. She knew this was turning me on along with the photographer. He kept touching her to pose and position her. It soon became obvious that he was taking advantage of the opportunity to touch her. I was suggesting certain things so he knew that I didn’t mind and that I as turned on by it all.

I thought things might loosen up even more if I allowed more privacy, so I kept making excuses to leave the room for water and other small errands. Of course, I would peek in and watch what I could and stay out of the room as long as I could. Finally after positioning her legs and feet, he was rubbing on her inner thigh. I could see in her face that she was intoxicated by the attention. She allowed him to touch her breast briefly before opening her eyes. He must have thought it was a good time to just go for it, so he slipped his finger in to her. She must have been dripping at this point. It was no doubt obvious that her body was responding. This is probably why he thought he good get a little more. I was terribly nervous, because I did not know what she would do now. She seemed to be loosing control of her body responses.

I was at the door which was almost closed, but I could see pretty good through where the hinges are attached. After maybe a minute, she reached for his hand and I heard her say quietly, “No. We just can’t.” I was a little relieved and disappointed at the same time. She assured him that it was okay and it was not his fault. She said that she was getting out of control and started to dress. When she pulled her panties up, she decided to give a little tease to assure him that he was not to blame. She said, “I want you to take more pictures.” She put her hands on arm of the antique sofa that she had been lying on, lifted up on her brightly painted tippy toes, and pulled her panties to the side. Even I could see the moisture from where I was. Instead of taking up his camera, he undid his pants and out flopped a large erection. Her head was still turned when he took grabbed her waist and pushed it in her. She must have really been wet, because there was not too much struggle to get it on her. She seemed surprised and briefly hesitant. She appeared not to know if she was going to stop it or not. He reached down and lifted her right leg up to gain more access to her. He held her tight by her thigh and her waist and pumped pretty hard for only a minute or two before he came inside her.

He then kissed her back and let her leg down. Tabbi immediately pulled her panties back in place as he pulled out of her. She just turned around and stood there in her bare feet and soaked panties with a frightened look on her face as if to say, “What just happened?” Her pussy and panties were visibly full of cum. She suddenly seemed cold and was beginning to shake a little. He asked if she was okay as he handed her a robe which was actually mine. I’m not sure what her answer has. It sounded like she said, “I think so.”

I was so horny with mixed emotions. Feeling obligated to re-enter, I walked back in with a smile on me face. I did not want to make her any more uncomfortable, so I went right to her and took her in my arms. She could not have known what I had seen if anything at all.

I started kissing her right there in front of him. She quickly was back in the mood and all over me. I told her to let him keep taking more pictures, and she gave in to extreme passion. I turned her around and placed her knee on the sofa, pulled her panties down a little and entered her from behind. She was so messy from just being fucked. The sexual mood was so high by all of us at this point that I didn’t know what else would happen. I knew that I could not last long and came in her quickly when she began to verbalize her pleasure. I knew she needed more so I motioned to the photographer hoping that he could last longer his second go at her.

I began kissing her passionately to ensure her that it was all okay. I then pushed her bottom back up. I think she thought I was going to fuck her some more when she saw him undressing. I put her knee back on the sofa with her other foot still on the floor. I pushed the robe to the side with her panties still pulled down only a little. She could not spread her legs too much because of her panties being stretched as far as possible. I was kissing her again when he rammed it in her. I noticed her right foot begin to curl and her foot on the floor again raised to her toes. She clenched me tightly with her small hands as he fucked her harder that I usually do. This time he was prepared to fuck her good and she was ready to be fucked.

After he came in her again, she just pulled up her panties like she wanted all of that cum in her. By now it was time for dinner. We dressed her and took her to eat. She admitted that it was hot to her to have all of that cum in her while we went out. She said that she felt like everyone who looked at her knew what had just happened to her. This seemed to keep her in the mood, because she was a changed person the rest of the night. She even told me that she felt that she was different.

Wanting to take advantage of new mood, I took her to the yacht club after dinner hoping for at least more play of some kind, but I still did not expect too much. I bet a friend of ours that she was still messy from sex. Of course, he had to check to confirm. She was nervous about it but allowed him to reach under her dress and finger her under the table right there in the bar area. I knew that her body was giving in again when she grabbed my arm and her eyes rolled back. I was afraid someone might notice. I suggested that he could not know if she was only wet or freshly fucked and that we had to check her more. We took her to the men’s shower room. I was ready to fuck her real good this time. We playfully tied her hands to a changing bench and bent her over. I pulled her dress up and draped it over her head. I played with her tits as our friend fingered her more. She was kind of trembling but obviously horny out of her mind. I could not wait to fuck her. She complained that we had to get out of there, but we ignored her. He had just began to fuck her when another member came in for the restroom. She could not see, because we kept her dress over her face. I put my finger on my lips to motion for him to remain quite. He left after using the bathroom but returned soon with a few more members with smiles on their faces. I don’t think that they knew she was my wife because they too had not seen her face. As our friend fucked her good and hard, I kept near her face to be sure she was okay but didn’t look around. She was squealing when he came in her. As soon as he pulled out the next man was in her. I did not say anything and played along, because I did not want any trouble with complaints at the yacht club. Several men fucked her hard and came in her. Two men came in her mouth and she never does that. She apparently swallowed it all. She later complained that her stomach felt funny and blamed it on swallowing. I wanted to come in her mouth, but I did not want to hurt her stomach, so I just fucked her and came in her pussy more.

Her little body was so well used when we returned home. Tabbi claimed to be a little sore but was not complaining by the time she finally came herself. She seems to have changed since that night. She is more slutty in her sex talk with me. I told her about the older gentleman’s proposal, and she said she wants to do it. I hope she does. This hasn’t happened again, but it was all recent and I think it will. I want her to be my shared slutty wife and hope to get her fucked more. You may see her on our profile. And feel free to comment if you too would like to use and enjoy her small lovable body.