Daughter Goes Black

Six straight days of 90 degree weather and no end in sight. The humidity was also high even though there was no chance it would rain during the coming weekend. To make matters worse, Jay was finishing the last half mile of his run for the day, which happened to be mostly up hill.

As the terrain leveled out, he turned right on to the neatly kept little street where he had lived for almost a year now. It was only two blocks away from the college where he worked and while it was a pricey neighborhood it was well worth it. Now, he just needed to get through a few more minutes of huffing and puffing and it would be off to the pool for a much needed dip.

At 42 years old, he still had a weightlifter’s build, and still got out to run at least three times a week. He had retired from a full time career in television production to accept a position at the university, where he was charged with building a new and improved communications program. His investments had gone well also in the first 20 years, and now he was fully enjoying the less stressful and more peaceful environment that the world of academia provided him.

His marriage had ended almost a decade earlier. His single minded focus on work above all else had gradually eroded his relationship with his wife, who retained custody of their daughter Jaime. Luckily, the new job and house had allowed him to re-connect with his daughter, who had already been at that school for a year when he accepted his new position. The offer of free room and board just two blocks off campus in a big house with a pool had been too hard to turn down for his daughter. And while he and Jaime were close, there was some lingering resentment over the divorce and the difficulties it had cause during her teenage years.

Things had thawed nicely between them though, and they often spent time together during the week making dinner or enjoying a glass of wine on the patio. During the winter months however she wasn’t home much as her job as a manager for the men’s basketball team kept her schedule pretty tight. She had stayed on campus for the summer, rather than head back home primarily because it afforded her the opportunity to take a few classes and lighten her work load during the remainder of the year. Jay also knew it was because his rules were not in any way strict and she could come and go and party as she pleased. But whatever the reasons, he was glad that he and Jaime were patching things up and that he had some company around the big old house.

He clipped past the last few lawns on his way to the front sidewalk of his house. A look at his watch showed that he was slightly slower than usual, but he chalked it up to the heat. He stripped off his running shirt while walking around the back of the house, and could hear laughter. Jaime was laying on a chaise lounge in a tiny brown bikini, chatting excitedly on her cell phone. With a goofy grin, Jay ran four steps and plunged into the water feet first, and was rewarded with a scream from the side of the pool as the water splashed all over his daughter. He flipped onto his back in the water, and could see his daughter laughing and giving him a one-fingered salute while she still gabbed away on the cell phone.

The conversation ended with a snap of the cell phone, and his daughter who shared his passion for running and exercise said, “Well, you survived another five miles in this heat, but I don’t know why you don’t just come out with me in the morning!” Jay laughed as he splashed to his feet in the shallow end and responded, “Now what would the fun in that be? Besides, this heat can’t last forever, it just feels like it will.”

Jaime then launched into another of her endless stories, something about her Human Studies professor and the unfairness of the endless papers that had to be written for the course. While she talked, she flipped on to her stomach and untied the strings of her bikini top from around her neck and back. Jay found himself once again marveling at how much his daughter looked like her mother, a petite build, a perfectly flat stomach, and skin that just seemed to turn perfectly brown after a few days of sunbathing. Jay had fallen for her mother in about two seconds flat, long blonde hair, large heavy breasts, and an ass that stuck out “like a bookshelf” he had always playfully teased her. Now, as he clambered out of the pool he noticed that his daughter was every bit as lovely as her mother had been at that age, and her commitment to working out was more than evident as she was well-toned or downright muscular all over.

As Jaime continued rambling on about the unfairness of her class work, Jay found himself staring at her perfectly sculpted back and shoulders, and the well-defined muscles in Jaime’s thighs and calves. He snapped himself back to reality with a shiver, not knowing what to think as he realized he had been checking out his own daughter. With a few assuring clucks and head shakes, he sympathized with her and suggested that they forget about the week that had just ended and enjoy a nice dinner on the patio.

“That would be nice, Dad. By the way, Mom called earlier too, she said she’s going to stop by next week to drop off some stuff for me.” She re-tied her top as she said this, and flipped back over laying her head back to the sun, propping up her right leg and extending her left leg out into the air like a cat. “Well, that’s fine as always, just let me know what day it is so I can be sure to work late that night,” he teased. “Oh stop,” she feigned anger, “you two get along great now and you know it. Besides she’s still dating Ron and you always have some woman or another chasing you around!”

Jay laughed and said nothing, as it was true. He had always been a bit of a womanizer, and it wasn’t a secret he bothered keeping. He had always figured it was easier to be honest about his lifestyle, and playing the eternal bachelor was pretty much what he planned to do for the next forty to fifty years. Recently though his work had kept him from dating much, if at all. “You know, your mother still looks damned good for 40, if I ever get the urge to settle down again, I’ll be sure to give her a ring,” he laughed as he grabbed a towel and sat down on a chair next to her. The momentary silence to his left was broken by Jaime snapping to an upright position, rewarding him with a view of her large breasts, which were straining against the fabric of her bikini. “Do you still love her?” Another moment of silence followed, and Jay leaned back for a moment before exhaling slowly. “I love your mother and you with all of my heart. That is also the reason that we aren’t married anymore, because I didn’t feel like I could give her all she needed. I wanted her to be happy. I worked so much, and so hard to provide for you, but I lost track of some of the important things.”

Jaime surveyed his face closely, looking into his eyes from beneath her sunglasses. “Well, it’s never too late to correct some mistakes Dad. You have both been honest about the other women. But it’s never too late. Besides, I freaking despise this new guy she’s dating, if he looks at me one more time I swear I’m going to break his nose”. With a flourish she tossed herself back on the chair, her boobs bouncing hard against her as she did. Jay didn’t know what to say about that comment, as he had just caught himself staring at her in a rather un-father-like way. Obviously he wanted to wring the guy’s neck, but at the same time it wasn’t hard to imagine that most men probably took more than a short glance at his daughter.

“Well baby girl, if he does it again, I’ll take care of it for you, how’s that?” A small chuckle from the chair beside him was followed by, “Thank you Daddy, it’s good to know I can count on you to keep the old men off. Just let the young guys through okay?” She peeked at him from under her sunglasses as she said this, and they both laughed out loud.

Dinner came and went, as did the sun. They finished the bottle of wine he had opened, and Jay announced he would be parked in front of the television for the remainder of the evening watching the Orioles play the Yankees. Jaime teased him about being an old fart, and headed upstairs to change. She was going out with some friends, and as usual he didn’t expect to see her until the next morning. As she walked away, he found himself staring again at her perfectly rounded ass packed into a pair of shorts, and shook his head. “You are going to have to find a lady friend and fast my friend” he whispered to himself.

The thump of a car door outside the house woke him. He realized quickly that he had been asleep in his chair, and he moved quickly to the window to see if it was Jaime. He saw his daughter coming up the walk, but was not expecting to see her being propped up by an extremely tall young black man he immediately recognized as one of the university’s basketball players. Jaime was in a short black skirt and a belly shirt that didn’t leave much to the imagination, and she was carrying her high heels in her hands. Not wanting her to think he had been waiting up for her, he flipped off the television and slid into the shadows in the corner of the living room. He was listening intently to their muffled conversation outside the window as Jaime fumbled for her house keys.

“Are you sure it’s cool?” he heard the young man ask. “Trust me,” she giggled, “he sleeps like a log, and he snores so loud you could shoot a gun off in here and it wouldn’t wake him. Here, help me out.” A few seconds later, the door lock clicked and the door swung open. “Now be quiet,” Jaime hissed at him drunkenly. “The steps aren’t noisy if you walk on them slow, and my room is right at the top of the steps.” Jay didn’t know what to do, jumping out now and interrupting them would certainly cause one hell of a scene the next day, but he also knew that her intentions weren’t necessarily pure either. The debate raging in his mind was short-circuited by movement on the steps as the 5’3″ Jaime led the at least 6’6″ guy up the steps slowly. He instinctively huddled into the corner being careful not to breathe too loudly. His heart was practically beating out of his chest and he realized that if he didn’t say anything soon it would be too late. He ran out of time to make a choice however, as they reached the top of the steps and quickly shut the door to her bedroom.

Now, short of breath and with his head swimming, Jay found himself on the edge of a slippery dilemma. On one hand Jaime had the right to live her own life. On the other hand, he felt a responsibility to protect his daughter. And yet, there was something else, something he couldn’t deny. He was excited. His ragged breathing told the tale, and he realized that it was a pivotal moment. He could either march up there and ask the guy in his daughter’s bedroom to leave, and face the music in the morning. Or he could do nothing. But nothing was not what he felt himself doing in the next instant. Rather than marching up the steps, he was quietly sneaking on to the patio. Being careful not to be seen in the dim light outside, he stared up at Jaime’s window. No lights were on, but the streetlights showed that her curtains were open slightly in the middle.

He couldn’t fight the desire inside him to see what was going on inside that room. Jaime’s window opened on to the roof over the back porch. Moving like a burglar, he crept across the patio, and climbed on to the three foot retaining wall at the other end. Here he could actually climb on to the porch roof, and hopefully he could shuffle across the shingles quietly enough to see what was going on inside the room. After what seemed an eternity, he was finally close enough to take a small peek inside the room. All he could see was Jaime’s closet door. He would have to sneak closer if he really wanted to see inside.

Before he could debate that, a light flipped on inside the room. The sudden flash caused him to start backwards and almost fall before he regained his balance and quickly hit his stomach on the roof. He could feel the grit of the shingles under his hands and knees as he tried to catch his breath. Still, barely a sound could be heard. He realized now that he had a slight edge. She wouldn’t open the window in this heat, because the house was air-conditioned. And with the light on, as long as it stayed on he thought, they wouldn’t be able to see what was outside the window.

He crawled forward slowly, realizing that if he was caught he’d have some serious explaining to do. When he finally reached the window and raised his head above the sill, he was face to face with his daughter! The moment of pure panic passed quickly though as he realized she was not looking out at him. At the moment she was bent over at the waist, with her hands on her ass, giving her friend a little show while he reclined on the bed. Her eyes were half closed as she was still a little wobbly from the alcohol. Her skirt was on the floor and her top was pulled up, revealing a firm perfectly tanned set of breasts. Her hips were grinding to a silent beat, and slowly she stood and started to dance facing the bed giving Jay a view of what was quite frankly the most perfect female form he could ever remember seeing.

His cock was instantly hard and he didn’t bother to take the time to think of what he was doing. His own daughter was dancing, stripping, for some black guy in front of his own eyes. Jaime inched closer to the bed, turning again to bounce her ass up and down on the mattress. As she did this, the stud on the bed started to undo his jeans. Another minute passed and she was now on the bed, fully nude, on her knees in front of him rubbing her pussy and grinding her hips towards him.

Jay could see everything, and while his eyes were locked on to his daughter’s incredible body, he took a moment to glance at her date. In his right hand was at least ten inches of the thickest cock he had ever seen. It was shaped like a torpedo, fatter in the middle and tapering down to the head which looked as big as a baseball at the moment. The young man was slowly pumping his hand on it, staring right into Jaime’s eyes, and she was smiling, licking her lips, all the while grinding away on her own hand. They were speaking to one another now, but their whispered words were inaudible. He was instructing her, talking her to an orgasm, and she was responding to his words. The more he spoke, the more his hand moved up and down, the harder and faster she bucked against herself.

With a small cry, she pitched forward on to the bed, on her hands and knees, her face buried in the blanket. Her long hair was tangled all over her back and covered her face. And before she could recover, he was sliding his jeans off. Jay’s eyes bugged out when he saw the massive equipment that had been slightly hidden to that point. A set of balls larger than he had ever seen in a porn film was hanging between his legs. His cock, which was now only three quarters erect, was bent out at a bizarre angle making it appear even more gigantic than before.

With a slow and deliberate move, the young man reached down and pulled Jaime’s shoulder and arm towards him. She responded slowly, still obviously reeling from her first climax. He guided her towards his expansive balls, and with a flip of her hair he saw her close her mouth around them. Jay’s own balls were now tight, his cock was pushing so hard against the fabric of his shorts he thought they would explode. And as Jaime started to slowly worship and tickle her friend’s balls with her tongue, Jay found himself fumbling with his own zipper, trying to free his cock.

Before long Jaime had worked her way up the shaft of the monster with her tongue, she was on her knees between his legs now, and working away at her pussy again. She pulled the head of the thick black snake into her mouth and looked up at him, trying as hard as she could to get more and more inside her mouth. This bizarre attempt at swallowing even half of the cock in her mouth was obviously pleasing to the young man on the bed, as he kept whispering to her, smiling and forcing her head down even further. With a gasp she pulled her head off, drool and spit running down the shaft, which she greedily licked back up as she dived on it again. Ten minutes passed and Jaime had now gotten past the halfway point of the thick black rod in her mouth and was anxiously rubbing herself and those two grapefruit sized nuts.

Jay was now lost in the moment, pumping away at his own cock, which was almost eight inches and now seemed nothing more than a popgun compared to what his daughter was practically ramming down her throat. Her drool and spit was now all over the bedspread, and she had positioned her pussy over his knee and was grinding on the thick muscle above it with a fury. Her right hand had moved from his balls to the shaft and she was quickly pumping it into her mouth while pulling the hand all the way over the head. The black stud was now laying back with his mouth open, his hips slowly rising and falling in rhythm with her strokes. It seemed that he would cum any moment, but he never did.

With a jerk of his hand he caught Jaime by the hair and pulled her off of his cock. A brief moment passed while he stared into her eyes, her mouth hungry for more. And with a word, she was off her knees and positioning her ass over him. This wasn’t possible Jay screamed in his head, his tiny daughter was about to take this massive cock and the guy wasn’t even wearing a condom! His temper flared momentarily, he had to put a stop to this, it had gone on long enough. But the moment he saw the lips of his daughter’s pussy kiss the tip of that big black ramrod, he felt the beginnings of an orgasm in his own balls. There was no stopping it now, he was going to cum, right here on his porch roof while his daughter tried to stuff ten inches of black meat inside her.

Holding his cock around the shaft, not even moving his hand he fought the muscles, trying to hold back the explosion. He heard Jaime grunt a few times as she gamely fought to take all of the cock between her legs. But as soon as Jay saw her muscular legs and ass start to work up and down, he knew it was hopeless. Cum blasted out of his cock, each pump more sensational than the last. And as the last few dribbles of cum were still leaking out over his knuckles, his daughter had finally mastered the cock in her pussy. She was up on her feet now, digging in, absolutely pounding her ass against the rock hard thighs of her lover. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was hanging open, and he knew that she couldn’t last much longer after seeing her cum the first time.

She collapsed in a heap on top of her stud, every limb in her body twitching and her face contorted as if she were in pain. Her head was now wrapped inside his massive biceps and for the next minute she simply laid there jerking, trying to catch her breath. When she regained some semblance of composure, there was still the matter of that rock hard cock that was inside her. And it was obvious her friend had decided that he was going to take control.

He flipped Jaime over on to her back, and quickly climbed between her legs. His six pack of abdominal muscles was glistening with his sweat and her cum now, and he slapped the giant head of his cock against her pussy lips. She was almost unable to move against him, and that seemed to suit him fine. He was on his knees between her legs, and with a shove half the cock disappeared deep inside her. Jay could see a bulge rise up under her tight stomach muscles and he instantly realized it was his cock pushing against her from inside. Jaime’s lover was not gentle. He attacked her pussy, ramming more and more of himself inside her. She responded by reaching up to him, trying to pull him down on top of her. And with a final desperate shove, he responded by falling on top of her, and continuing to bang away as hard as he could. Jay could actually hear it now, their bodies slapping together through the window. And he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight.

Jaime’s ankles locked behind the muscular black ass, and with each stroke the two bodies on the bed bounced up and down. The muscles in Jaime’s legs were tight now, she was actually wrapped around the body of her young stud and Jay recognized that she was about to cum again. With a massive grunt, Jaime’s date reached his end at last, and as he took her pussy as hard as he could, she bucked against him, lost in a flood that didn’t stop for almost thirty seconds.

And just like that, it was over. The slightly deflated black cock slid out of Jaime’s pussy. It was slick and wet and cum leaked out of it immediately, running down to the bedspread. Her pussy was wide open, and she could do nothing but lay on her back, panting and still slowly grinding her hips. Two minutes later, the young man was dressed and pulling on his shoes. They never spoke. He reached across the bed, squeezed Jaime’s tits, and left the room. She responded by pulling the bedspread across her body and closing her eyes, a crooked smile on her face.

Jay didn’t sleep a wink that night. As he lay in his bed listening to the ceiling fan in his room, he though about what had happened. And stroked his still hard cock. And he hoped it would happen again.