Elevator Stranger

Immediately upon stepping into the elevator, Kate could feel his eyes upon her. While he was not the most handsome man she had ever seen, there was something incredibly attractive about him. He never took his eyes off her and she found herself starring back. His eyes were somehow familiar and seemed to be looking deep within her. Everything else seemed to fade away and though she could not quite understand why, she found him so extremely arousing. She imagined him coming toward her, panting with desire, grabbing the hair behind her head in his hand to pull her to him and kissing her passionately. Then, without a word, taking her right there on the floor of the elevator.

Her nipples began to harden as she began playing through the entire scenario in her mind. She blushed slightly as she wondered whether he could see the effect he was having on her, through her sheer bra and light colored silk blouse. Kate dared not call attention to it by looking down at her chest, but something about the way he was looking at her told her. He was taking in every inch of her in such an intimate way that she found it titillating just to return his gaze.

“This is crazy,” she thought. “I’m fantasizing about strange men in elevators.” But she could not take her eyes off him and he returned her gaze so intensely, it made her again blush. This time more deeply. The air between them had become tantalizingly charged, the sexual chemistry between them was unmistakable.

Just then, the elevator door opened on the ground floor and brought her back to reality for a brief moment. But as she stepped out, the man moved up behind her, gently took her arm and as he led her down the hall whispered in her ear, “I want you, now, let’s stay in the moment. Come with me.” His voice was deep and bewitchingly sexy yet somehow soft and soothing at the same time.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she thought about what she was planning to do, but she could not stop herself, his voice in her ear, his warm breath on her neck, the way he had looked at her, had aroused her beyond the point of caring. She wanted him, now.

Before she realized where they were going, he had slipped into the men’s room of the hotel lobby and into an empty stall. By now she was not thinking about who might see or hear or that she was about to have sex in a public restroom with a perfect stranger. She was incredibly aroused and hot with desire. In what seemed like an instant, her shirt was open to the waist and she could feel his mouth and tongue tease her nipples into a rock hard state. She moaned softly and reveled in the exquisite feeling of his warm tongue as he continued to arouse her beyond the bounds of anything she could recall. Kate had lost all awareness of where she was. All she could do was anticipate breathlessly the pleasure to come.

In what seemed like an instant, Kate was wet and so filled with desire she felt she could not stand it another moment if he did not fuck her now. She unbuttoned his trousers, unzipped his fly and took his cock into her hands as she whispered “Take me now, please”. He was hard and she could already feel a drop of fluid on the tip of his cock. She wanted to take him in her mouth and lick it off but couldn’t seem to move as she quivered in anticipation of what he was about to do.

In that same sexy voice now filled with lust, he murmured ” not just yet” as he smiled at her and started licking her neck. His right hand slid down her torso giving her goose bumps as it moved over her bare skin. He slowly slipped his hand up under her skirt, beneath her panties to that warm wet pleasure spot between her legs. “Oh God that feels soooo good.” She felt she would cum all over his fingers if he did not take her now.

As though he were reading her mind, he took his fingers away. Then, in what seemed like one swift movement, he slipped her panties off, lifted her skirt and thrust his manhood deep within her. For Kate it was like opening a floodgate, she came with an intensity she had long ago forgotten yet could still not get enough on him. She pulled him so close she felt he would go right through her. She found herself murmuring “Deeper, harder, faster” over and over into his ear.

By now, he had lifted her off the floor and she had wrapped her legs around him and as he came he let out a soft moan of ecstasy, which made her smile. As aggressive and passionate as he had been, he very gently let her down, looked deeply into her eyes, kissed her softly on the mouth and walked out of the stall, without saying a word. Now alone with her thoughts, Kate contemplated what she had just done. She knew what she had done was crazy, but all she could do was smile.