Finally Creampied

My first creampie all started innocently but first, let me tell you a little about my wife. She is a beautiful woman. She is 37, (I am 38.) she has big brown eyes and long brown hair. Her long legs are what I noticed first about her. She weighs 120 lbs. She also loves to swallow.

One day, while she had been sucking me for a while, I told her to stop or I was going to cum. I must have been leaking precum into her mouth for a while because she would swallow and smile.

She looked up at me, while slowly sucking my cock. She said, “Baby you taste so good. Do you want to taste some?”

I didn’t know what to say. I had never wanted to taste my cum before. I didn’t want to disappoint her now, while she was being so playful. I said, “OK, if you want me too.”

She just smiled and took me deep into her mouth. She started sucking harder and faster. I felt my load build up and I finally I exploded. I felt wave after wave of my hot spunk fill her beautiful mouth. I laid there waiting for what was next.

She crawled up my body. I saw her face. Her lips were all shiny. Her cheeks were billowed out and she had a smile on her face. As she put her lips to mine, she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I immediately noticed a thick liquid enter my mouth along with her tongue. It was hot and a little salty but it didn’t taste bad. She then opened her mouth all the way and my cum poured across my tongue.

She pulled back from me and asked, “Well, what do you think? What’s the matter, the cat got your tongue?

I couldn’t answer because my mouth was so full of cum. I had to swallow at least twice before I could answer her. She began to laugh.

She said, “You looked so hot when you swallowed that big mouthful of cum. It’s just too bad that the kids will be home soon, or I’d let you eat me. I’m so wet I can feel it.”

The days went by and we didn’t mention it again. We had a busy week. We both worked every day to go away for the weekend. My in-laws were having an anniversary party at the beach and we were joining them there with the kids.

As we drove to the hotel on the beach for the party, my wife would make sure the kids were asleep and start to rub her crotch. By the time we got there I thought I would explode.

When we arrived we went straight to the pool. This didn’t help me any. I was getting hornier and hornier watching my wife in her bikini, as well as all the other ladies at the pool. It had been a week since we last had sex. All the teasing in the car was taking its toll on my cock.

The weekend came to a close and I was still without relief. We left the hotel at night. Again, she would rub her pussy and lick her lips whenever she saw me look over at her. When we got home, I took care of the kids and she took a shower. When I entered the bedroom my wife was wrapped in a towel.

She said, “I’m sorry but I’m really tired from the trip home. I’m just not up for everything tonight. Could you just use your tongue on me tonight? I’ll sleep so well if you do that and I promise I’ll make it up to you tomorrow? Please don’t be disappointed.”

She knew how much I loved to eat her. I would almost do that over anything else, except I was horny as hell. I needed release too, but it wasn’t coming tonight and neither was I. She lied down on the bed and removed her towel.

I started to kiss her neck but she grabbed my head and pushed me down to her crotch. She smelled so good and she was already wet. I pushed my tongue in deep. I must have bathed her with my tongue for over an hour. She came three times. Each time more intensely than the last.

Finally she said, “Enough, I can’t take any more. Look honey, I know it has been a while for you. When you cum in my mouth tomorrow. I promise to swallow every drop. Now I need to go to sleep.”

I lay back in bed. My cock was throbbing. I thought about jerking off. The thought of exploding a weeks worth of cum in my wife’s mouth changed my mind. I thought to myself that I hope she doesn’t choke on it all. My balls were fuller than they ever have been in my life.

We got the kids off to school and ran some errands. The thought of finally getting to explode in her was never very far from my mind. When we got home I told her that I would wait for her in the bedroom.

I ran in there and stripped. I was as hard as a rock. I got on the bed and noticed a pair of her panties by the bed. I brought them to my face and inhaled.

Just then she walked in. I was embarrassed, but she looked pleased.

She got into bed and we started kissing and fooling around. I kissed her breasts and then moved south. I wanted to get her wet so I could enter her but she was already soaking wet. Her fragrance was unbelievable. It had been several hours since her morning shower and her natural essence was permeating my nostrils.

I just licked her couple of times and moved to enter her.

She said, “What are you doing, aren’t you going to make me cum with your tongue first? You know, that’s how I love to cum the first time. You know what, never mind. I’ll cum with your cock in me. Just go slow and make me cum, Okay?”

Sounded like a pretty good proposition, so I entered her slowly. She was so hot and wet. As the length of my cock slid into her hot pussy, I thought I would cum right then and there. As I started thrusting, she started moaning. I had to stop. I told her that if I didn’t stop, I would cum. She looked frustrated with my explanation. I started thrusting again.

I raised her leg up and put her foot by my mouth. I love her feet and they were tan from the beach and painted red. I started to suck on her toes while I was thrusting into her sopping pussy. I had to stop again when she started to moan.

“I can’t take anymore stopping. Just go ahead and fill me up. You can make me cum later. You better promise to make me cum, no matter what.”

She made me promise. I thought that was strange, I would love to make her cum tonight. I almost certainly get lucky again, too. I began pumping again. As my cum started welling up in my balls, I knew there was no stopping this time. I literally exploded in her. I must have cum for, what felt like, an hour. When I finally stopped, I couldn’t believe how full she was. It had been over a week since I last came. Her teasing me last night caused me to produce this massive load. I was proud of myself. That was until I heard her say something.

“Please make me cum with my tongue. I’m so horny, please? You promised.”

My mind snapped back from its current state of bliss. I remembered the promise I made. I pulled out of her and I looked down. She was soaking wet. My cum was all over her pussy. I slid down her body. Not knowing what else to do, I moved forward a little. I was face to face with my first sperm filled pussy.

As I slowly extended my tongue, I felt her hands on the sides of my head. All of a sudden she pushed my mouth into her gooey pussy. My tongue penetrated deep inside. It felt like a water balloon had burst in my mouth. I had just moments before filled her to the brim. Cum just kept pouring into my mouth. The cum was so hot and thick. Her crotch smelled like raw sex. I had to swallow several times.

I looked up at my wife. She was smiling and laughing. She began to taunt me as she rode my mouth.

“How does it taste? I told you your cum was sweet. You never knew what you were missing. I feel it just pouring out of me. I don’t think I ever swallowed this much cum.You must have cum a gallon in me. It feels so hot and thick. Drink it all! You are going to be my cum sucker from now on. Make me cum so we can do this again tonight. Lick me out real good. Suck all your nasty cum out. Don’t stop! Suck harder! Ohhh……..

Just then, she exploded. I thought I would drown in cum. She ground her pussy on my mouth. She kept this up until she had enough. Then she fell off my face. I was feeling strange. I knew that I had made her happy, but I wondered what she thought of what just happened. I had just produced the biggest load of my life and then ate it out of my wife’s spent pussy.

“I never thought you would actually do it. You really surprised me when you did it. I thought that it was so nasty, yet exciting. Watching you suck it all out of me made me know that you would do anything for me. You did it out of love. From now on I want you to eat me before and after we make love, Okay?”

She stopped me before I could answer her.

“Uh oh, look who likes the idea? Here I was feeling bad at what I asked you to do. You are already hard again. This time I’m going to sit on your face, after you fill me up! Sound good to you? Let’s go again?”

Again, before I could answer her, I felt her lips tugging on my cock. I knew it was going to be a great afternoon.