I glanced across at my wife in the passenger seat. If the seat belt hadn’t been holding her in position she would have been on the floor; she was well drunk when we left the restaurant and now she had passed out. So? What else is new?

Normally when we got home I would have carried her into the house and into the bedroom, undressed her, fucked her if I was feeling like it or put her nightie on and tucked her up in bed. Putting her nightie on didn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t going to get fucked, sometimes, when I eventually went to bed, I would fall into the temptation of lifting her nightie up and fucking her anyway.

What was different tonight was that our friend Gloria was in the back seat. Her husband was away and we had asked her out for a meal. The plan had been to take her straight home from the restaurant but since my wife was out of the game Gloria acquiesced in my plan to take my wife home first.

When we got home I gave Gloria the house keys and asked her to open the door for me. I lifted my wife out of the seat. Gloria closed the passenger door and went ahead to open up the house and put on the lights. I carried my wife past her and into the bedroom. Gloria came in and asked if there was anything she could do. Like I said I have undressed my wife many times and didn’t really need any help but I asked Gloria if she would give me a hand since she was being solicitous. With Gloria’s help it was more complicated than usual but we finally had my wife, naked, sprawled over the bed.

Force of habit I suppose but , without thinking about it, looking down at my wife who was breathing strenuously, I slipped my hand between her thighs and my fingers found their way into her cunt. “Why are you always so wet when you are drunk” I mentally asked myself. It was a shock when Gloria said “Is she?” Firstly I had forgotten she was there and secondly I didn’t realize I had spoken out loud. I glanced at Gloria and she was gazing, transfixed, down at my wife watching me finger fuck her.

I took my fingers out of my wife’s cunt and took hold of Gloria’s hand “See for yourself” I said and guided her hand into my wife’s crotch. After a moment’s hesitation she slipped three of her fingers into my wife and began to carry on where I had left off. “Oh! ” she said, “it feels different” I looked at her quizzically and she explained that she knew what her own cunt felt like to her because she masturbated from time to time but my wife’s cunt felt different because the only feeling was through her fingers.

I watched, a bit bemused, as she carried on finger fucking my wife. Her fingers moved faster and went deeper into my wife’s cunt. She leant forwards and put her left hand onto my wife’s right breast, she squeezed her nipples, which reflexively hardened to her touch. I felt an erection developing quickly, stimulated by watching her fingers going in and out of my wife, listening to the squelching sound they made, my wife’s snoring and Gloria’s own breathing speeding up as she became aroused.

I moved round behind Gloria and put my arms around her, feeling her already hard nipples pushing out against her blouse. I slid my hands down her body onto her hips and she parted her legs as I moved my hands over her thighs in her tailored slacks. She turned round and our lips met in a passionate kiss. In a matter of moments we were lying naked next to my wife, I was on top of Gloria my erection housed in her vagina, and I was driving into her cunt like a man possessed. No foreplay had been necessary or wanted, the foreplay on my wife had aroused us both to fever pitch.

Our fuck didn’t last long. As I shot my load deep up inside her she screamed in ecstasy! We lay motionless for a few minutes before I rolled off her and stood up. I looked down at the two women lying side by side and saw my cum oozing through Gloria’s pussy lips and realized that I hadn’t worn a condom. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m on the pill.”

I helped her up off the bed and we stood with our arms around each other looking down at my unconscious, drunk wife.

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