First Black Sex and Lactation

This story is going back to when I was a young wife and mother. My husband, Harry and I had been married only a few months when he decided to enlist in the Air Force. I was 19 and he was 20 when we got married. I was seven months pregnant at the time he entered the Air Force so I stayed home until the baby came. After my 6-week checkup, I joined him along with our new born son. We had a 1-room efficiency apartment, which was all we could afford at the time.

Harry’s Squadron Sergeant met all new comers and their wives (if married) so when I arrived we had an appointment to meet Sergeant Philip S. Singer. Sgt Singer was about 40 years of age, big muscular jet- black man with sparkling eyes and a nice smile. He greeted the baby and me and welcomed me to the Air Force team. Of course at 19 years of age and not too well traveled, I was awe struck with all the attention.

We sat around a coffee table and had coffee and donuts and chatted. I might have been somewhat naïve however I did not miss that look that every gal gets to know where men signal their likes of what they see. I could tell that he was sizing me up a little more than is normally done when meeting someone.

In high school I know that it was not uncommon for the black guys to hit on the white gals and try to have sex with them. I was wondering if Sergeant Singer has any ideas along them lines.

When it came time to depart, Sergeant Singer made a special effort to look me in the eyes and tell me what a pleasure it was to meet me and hoped that we would meet again soon.

It was not long until the Squadron picnic, which was a time for the members and their families to get together for social activities and eat and drink which included plenty of beer. Harry and I went. As the baby was too young for the activities, we decided to get a baby sitter for him.

My husband has a weakness, he loves beer and when it is free he thinks he has to drink it all up. Well this day was not an exception, as the afternoon wore on, Harry got drunk and soon passed out on a picnic table. Sergeant Singer got a couple of guys to get him into his car and took Harry and me to our apartment. After I sent the baby sitter home and Harry was safely in bed sleeping his drunk off, I had to feed Junior.

Sergeant Singer had sat down on the couch to watch a football game on TV. I needed to breast feed Junior and as I could not just ask the Sergeant to leave, I giggled and said, “Sergeant Singer, Hope you like white titties as I have to feed Junior.”

“Well, don’t mind me and of course I appreciate nice young breast of all colors,” as he chuckled in a deep throaty manner. “I have seen women breast feeding before, so just do what you have to do and by the way, I would like for you to call me Phil.”

I always liked to breast feed Junior on the couch so I sat beside Phil, took one breast out and placed a nipple on junior’s lips and he started eagerly taking his dinner.

At the time I knew very little about how things work but I know that nursing Junior always made me a little horny and this was not an exception. I could see that Phil was watching intently as Junior suckled my breast and I also noted that Phil had a huge bulge in the front of his pants. My head seem to spin as I looked over on the bed at my passed out husband and back to Phil’s obviously aroused cock. I was now feeling damn horny and didn’t know what to do or what to think.

I was asking myself questions like: What is Phil thinking? Why am I getting so damn horny? Does Phil want to have sex with me? What should I do if he starts hitting on me? I am 20 years of age and he is twice that. He is married and I am married. I wonder what a black man would feel like in my white pussy? Are they big, do they really want to fuck white wives like I have heard?

I was in my own little world when Phil spoke up and said, “I think Junior is finished. He is already asleep.”

“Oh,” I replied. “He has only finished one. The other is about to pop. Guess I had better pump it out so it won’t get stale.”

Phil sort of let out a sign and said, “I can help you out if you don’t mind. I can be your baby too,” and laughed. “I can handle the other one,” as he looked me in the eye, and reached over and placed a hand on my full breast, lowered his lips, took the nipple and started suckling. I was taken by surprise but it felt so good and I laid back and said, “Yes baby Phil. Mom has lots of milk for you.”

I was glad I did not have to answer and give my approval. I was happy that he took charge and made the move. A man old enough to be my father was now suckling me and I was enjoying it. I ran my fingers through his black kinky hair, and whispering, “Your white Mommie has lots of milk for my sweet baby.”

I pulled him close as he continued suckling until my breast was empty. I was limp and I could tell that my juices were flowing in preparation for my black baby daddy to take me. He kissed all down my front and then back to my lips. We locked our lips together like two high school teens about to fuck for the first time. I knew now that there was no turning back. I could not say no even if I wanted to. I was now eager for Phil to give me a good black fucking.

Phil moved down on his knees in front of me and pulled my jeans off followed by my panties. I opened my legs offering myself to him as he kissed around my thick black muff, and then licked my clit circling it and teasing it as I let out little screams of delight. Phil was now licking and slurping my juices like a hungry dog.

I whispered to Phil, “This couch makes into a bed. Let’s get it opened.” We opened the bed and I sat on the side as Phil stood in front of me and said, “Undress me baby”!

He had already taken his shirt off revealing his hairy muscular chest and nice arms. I pulled his jogging suit down and he stepped out. I then removed his jockey shorts and out came this huge black shinny cock, which was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I knew that it would soon be mine as I licked the clear liquid from the head and then took the end into my mouth. As I ran my fingers down the shaft feeling the veins, Phil moaned passionate moans as I sucked and licked. I could feel his large balls in a sagging velvet black sack. I ran my fingers in his tight curly black pubic hair. He was now gently pushing into my mouth as he held my head close.

I did not have much experience in sex but I knew I wanted to be taken by this older black daddy and did not want to wait any longer so I laid back on the pull- out bed and Phil followed moving above me as I opened my legs wide to receive my black daddy. Phil placed the head of his cock into my muff parting my slick wet lips and started the head into my love canal. Our lips locked as he pushed deep into my waiting vagina knocking on the door of my womb as if to announce that he was getting ready to plant my husband’s private garden with his black seed.

I pulled Phil to me as he placed his hands beneath my buttocks, and he started thrusting. My legs went up and I thrust back. We were now sweating and as we squirmed and thrust at each other our sweat mixing into one. Faster and faster Phil pumped me with his big black cock. I was screaming with delight and Phil was grunting like an old bull fucking a young heifer.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Phil’s long hard black cock slammed against my cervix announcing to my womb to get ready to take his black seed that were ready to blast out of his huge black balls.

Phil suddenly pulled me tight and started thrusting deep holding it then relaxing and thrusting deep again as he mumbled in my ear, “I’m breeding you baby. I am emptying my balls.”

“Oh Daddy,” I moaned. “Breed me! I’m all yours! Ohhhhhhhh yesssss! Oohhh daddddy you are soooo gooood. Giveeee me all you haaaaaavee! Now Daddy! Now Daddy!!!

I was now having an earthshaking orgasm as I held Phil tight taking all his black sperm into my womb. I shook all over then went limp, as I had climaxed like no other time in my life. Phil was now lying on top of me relaxing as we held each other.

After a few minutes, Phil rolled over and lay beside me. I looked down at his now soft limp black cock and knew that it was I who had made it that way. I felt between my legs and felt the thick gooey sperm slowly seeping out and knew that those black balls on my Black Daddy had been thoroughly drained just as he had drained my breast of its white milk. I reached over and felt of Phil’s soft cock and his empty balls. They felt so nice and soft.

I looked over at my hubby on the bed sleeping off his drunk and I realized that I, his wife, had not only just fucked a black man, but it was his boss, while he was only a few feet away.

I said to myself, “Well, if he had not gotten drunk and had been there to protect his wife, this would not have happened.”

I was actually very pleased that he had drunk too much beer and that Phil had decided to take us home. I closed my eyes as I thought of how Phil had suckled me like a big black baby nursing on a white momma’s milk wondering if it would happen again. I was thinking of how good our lovemaking had been. Yes, I was sure I wanted to do it again soon with my black Daddy.

There is an old saying, “If the tomcat is away, his pussycat will play.”

I guess that fits in this case. One never knows when something like this will develop. Even today I look back and marvel at how it all happened.

In case you are wondering, yes me and Phil got together several times during the next year, until Harry was transferred overseas and I went home to live with my older married sister, which is another story to be told sometime in the future. Thanks for reading.