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First Experience For Ally

Dan had always talked about fantasizing about other men touching and pleasing his wife, but never thought he would go through with it. They had read magazines and stories of other couples trading partners and men watching their wives with other men.

Dan could always tell that Ally really enjoyed reading these stories. The first time they read one together Dan had slid his hand down Ally’s leg and slipped his finger into her panties. She was sopping wet! Dan had never seen or felt ally more turned on then right then. Her pussy was on fire. His finger easily slid right into her hot moist pussy. Dan’s cock instantly became rock hard. His mind racing with thoughts of his wife and what she was thinking about.

This continued for many months and the sex was wonderful. They would read a story and play it out in their heads while exploring each other’s bodies. Dan loved to go down on Ally. The taste of her pussy was like nothing else in this world. His tongue would lap up all her juices that were flowing out of her pussy. He knew all the right places to rub his tongue. Never forgetting to slide his finger inside of her. She loved feeling his fingers slowly making there way in and out of her pussy. She laid there in ecstasy reading her favorite stories of some housewife being ravished by their husband’s friends.

Even though Dan loved how his wife got so wet when they read these stories, he never thought he could go through with it. One day they were on a website and were enjoying chatting with other couples about sex and watching them play with each other. They had met other couples on there and had fun chatting, but things had ended there.

Well that night turned out to be something a little different. Ally had been on her computer and chatting when a single guy IM her. She saw his picture and thought he was an attractive young man. He immediately starting commenting on how nice her tits looked. (she had the computer camera on them) Dan had looked over and saw she was chatting with him, but decided to see where things would go.

He was 25 with an average built. He had a shaven head and nice green eyes. His name was Ben. She was very timid about talking to him, because she didn’t want Dan getting angry. Never did she think that Dan would not only not be angry, but want her to take it further. They started out with small talk (after he stopped commenting on her tits) and eventually led into talking about what she liked sexually.

Ally was very hesitant to engage in this conversation but there was something about it that made her very horny. Ben began to tell Ally all the things he wanted to do to her, and that he would love to see her naked. Ally had been naked on the camera before, but only for a crowd, not for someone specifically. She was currently wearing a nice lace bra that barely covered her tits. She slowly lowered one side so her nipple popped out.

Mean while Dan was on his computer chatting away, acting like he didn’t know what was going on. She then began to caress her nipple taking her finger in her mouth and rubbing the saliva around her nipples. Ben couldn’t keep his eyes off his screen (or his cock).

He kept messaging her telling her how hot she looked and how much she was turning him on. (not knowing she was turning 2 men on at the time) He asked her to lower the camera so he could see the rest of her body. She had these nice lace panties on and by this time they were soaking wet with her juices.

She looked over at Dan to make sure he was occupied and slowly started to move the camera. She directed it right at her panties and she slowly spread her legs. Ben was getting very excited, and was trying his best to control himself while Ally lay there exposing herself. He started to adjust his cam as well, bring it down to his boxer shorts. Ally could tell he was excited as he caressed his cock through his boxers. She really wanted to see him stoke it outside his short, but was ok watching him like that for now.

She slowly reached down and started touching herself through her panties. Rubbing her clit ever so slowly. Ben continued to work his cock up and down. She would slowly slip her fingers into her panties and slide it across her slit. She was soaking wet! Just the thought of Dan sitting right there while she watched some other guy get off was sending her over the edge. Ben was loving the show, but wanted to see those wonderful pussy lips. He messaged Ally and asked her to slide her panties down. She very willingly slid them down and laid them on the floor. She spread her legs further apart exposing her wet pussy to Ben.

Just then Ben reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out. It was everything Ally could do to not cum right then. She watched as he stroked his long hard cock. She began to finger her pussy in the same rhythm. Watching his hand slide up and down his cock. She wanted so badly for it to be inside her. She then reached over and with her other hand began to slide it inside Dan’s underwear. His cock was throbbing! She looked up and saw that he was watching everything that was going on. She instantly started to climax her pussy throbbing over and over again.

She couldn’t believe he had been watching the whole time. Ben was getting close himself. His long hard strokes were becoming more rapid. She grabbed Dan and jerked him on top of her. Her computer still in view so she could watch Ben. Dan slid his hard cock inside of her. She felt her pussy lips wrap around his throbbing member. She loved Dan very much, but right then all she could think about was Ben thrusting his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Dan began thrusting in and out of her faster and faster knowing that her thoughts were on Bens cock. Just thinking about Ben fucking Ally was making him close to cumming. She could feel his cum building up inside his shaft. Just then Ben began to cum over and over again. Shooting hot cum all over his chest. Ally began to uncontrollably climax. Dan shot his hot load deep inside of her. Over and over again it splashed against her insides. Thrusting deeper and deeper inside of her. Ally had never felt Dan cum like that before. Her body continued to shake. As they all finished

Ally said her goodbyes and promised to chat with him soon. Dan just lay there on top of Ally with his cock still deep inside of her. Thinking about what had just happened and how much it turned him on.

After that night Ally and Dan had talked about doing it again. Dan knew he wanted to watch Ally with another man, but didn’t know if he could go through with it. They had decided to start chatting with Ben again and found out he lived in Arizona. They talked about maybe meeting up, but with the kids it was hard to find the time. They finally were able to come up with a night they could get away. The kids were at the babysitters and they had the whole night to go out and have fun. Dan wanted Ally to wear something very revealing and sexy. He loved when she put her hair into pigtails. She wore a nice blouse with the top two buttons unbutton exposing her lace bra. She had a nice short skirt on with high knee socks. She decided that since her panties would be sopping wet that she should probably go without.

Ben had decided that he would make the drive out to San Diego and they would meet at a local bar. Even though Ally had been so willing to expose herself on camera she was still very timid about what might happen that night. Dan was having the same reservations, but they had spoken with Ben and he was ok if they just hung out and saw what happened. They arrived at the bar and ordered drinks for the 2 of them. Ben had not shown up yet.

Ally knew that if she were going to go through with it she would need a few drinks to get her in the mood. (and to calm her nerves) Dan ordered a beer and she decided on something a little stronger. They were enjoying themselves when Ally noticed Ben enter the bar. She knew it was him by his picture. He was 6’2” and nicely built. He had on a button shirt with some worn jeans that showed off his ass. He had on flip- flops and a ball cap. He looked even better then he did on camera.

Ally tried not to look too excited, so Dan would not get jealous. He approached the table and Dan offered up a seat. They sat there for a while and ordered a few more drinks. After a while Ally decided she needed to go out to the dance floor. Ben and Dan followed her out.

Dan always liked watching his wife dance. The way she moved her body and the way all the guys checked her out. Dan decided to go and grab a few more drinks, so Ben asked if he could dance with Ally. Dan said it’s up to her, and left for the drinks.

As Ben watched Ally dance he couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits. Her blouse was barely holding them in. Right then Ally reached out and grabbed Bens hand and brought him in closer. Ben didn’t need to be told twice. He reached his hands down and grabbed a hold of Ally’s ass bringing her closer to him. Her breasts were rubbing against his chest as her nipples got harder and harder.

Ally could tell Ben was excited by the bulge that was pressed against her thigh. She closed her eyes imaging when she saw him on the computer cam. As he pressed against her, her pussy started to moisten. Thoughts of wild sex flowed through her mind.

All the while Dan watched from afar waiting with the drinks. Dan got back with the drinks and they decided to take a break from dancing. They wandered back to the table. With Ally in the middle and Dan and Ben on her right and left. They continued to talk and enjoy the music.

Ben decided that he would take this opportunity to explore Ally’s thighs from under the table. Ally had her legs crossed, but as soon as she felt Bens hand on her thigh she slowly uncrossed them. Ben’s hand began to caress her thigh and rub the inside of her leg. Ally’s juices were flowing from her pussy. Her pussy ached for him to touch it.

Mean while Dan had excused himself to go use the restroom. Ally took this time to reach over and grab a hold of bens cock. She could feel his throbbing member through his pants. It seemed bigger then what she has seen on camera. She slowly started to stroke him off. Ben’s hand slid farther up Ally’s leg until it brushed against her pussy lips. She shuddered when his fingers pushed against her. He slowly slid his finger deep inside of her.

Ally slid down in her chair giving Ben a better chance at her pussy. His fingers thrust inside of her deeper and deeper. Dan was watching everything from across the room. Watching his wife spread her legs wide open for Ben was driving him crazy. He decided that he wanted to see it all. He figured he better break it up now before they started fucking right there on the table.

He walked over to the bar and paid for the drinks and then returned to the table just in time to see Ben remove his fingers from Ally’s pussy. They all got up and headed for the hotel. Ally was in for a wild night. Two men with big hard cocks awaiting her wet pussy.

As they headed back to the hotel many things raced through Dan’s mind. Could he go through with this? Was he going to be able to watch another man ravish his wife? They arrived at the room and decided to make a few drinks and take them down to the spa. Dan and Ally went and got dressed in the bathroom.

Ally took advantage of Dan being naked and started to suck his cock while they were getting ready. Ally loved to suck Dan’s cock it felt so warm in her mouth. Sliding across her tongue. She could taste the pre cum forming on the tip of his throbbing member. Dan was about to lose it so he decided he better hold out till later.

He did want to taste her before they went down there though, so he put her up on the bathroom counter and spread her legs wide open. Her pussy was sopping wet from when Ben had his fingers in her. Dan caressed her clit with his tongue and slowly glided two fingers inside of her. She moaned just loud enough so Ben could hear her. She wanted so badly for him to be in there with them.

They eventually got dressed and headed down to the spa. Ally was looking so hot with her tits just barely staying covered. They got into the water and immediately the warm water made her tingle between her legs. It was pretty late at night, so there was no one around to see what was happening in the spa.

Dan suggested that they remove their bathing suits to get the full effect of the water. Ally very willingly agreed and started to take her top off. Ben’s eyes were locked on to Ally’s chest. Her nipples stood straight up as the water splashed onto them. She then reached down and slipped off her bottoms. The bubbles from the spa tingled against her pussy lips.

Ben decided to stand up to take off his shorts. I’m sure his intentions were to give ally a show. He slipped his shorts down revealing his semi erect cock. Ally’s eyes grew and she inadvertently licked her lips. She wanted so bad to just reach out and grab a hold of it. Ben sat back down and immediately hands started to roam under the water.

Dan had asked Ally if she wanted a foot rub, so she lifted her foot up out of the water to allow Dan access. Meanwhile Ben started to rub Ally’s leg just like at the club. Her legs were completely spread apart under the water. His hand slid up her leg and he made slow circles with his finger across her clit. Ally just laid her head back and closed her eyes taking in the moment.

She gently moved her hand over into Bens lap. Taking a hold of his massive cock. She began to slide her hand up and down his shaft. As she lay there she felt someone licking her nipples. She opened her eyes to see Dan taking his tongue across her tit. Dan made the comment that her other nipple was lonely so Ben immediately took her breast into his mouth. Swirling his tongue around her nipple.

Dan reached down and happily found Bens hand caressing his wife’s pussy. He slid his 2 fingers inside while Ben caressed her clit. Ally had reached over and had taken Dan’s cock into her other hand. She was in ecstasy. There she was with 2 hard throbbing cocks in her hands, and 2 hands working her pussy. She wanted so bad to feel them inside her.

Ben decided the water was getting a little hot for him, so he sat on the edge of the spa. His cock fully exposed now. Ally took full advantage of this and turned her head around facing Ben’s cock. She took a hold of it and started to lick the tip. It tasted salty from the water and the remnants of pre cum. She couldn’t resist anymore. She slid her mouth around his cock taking him all the way in. His cock felt so nice inside her mouth. She took her tongue and caressed his shaft as Ben placed his hand on the back of her head. Guiding her down further on his cock.

Dan continued to finger Ally’s soaking wet pussy. It ached to have Bens cock inside of it. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed both of them by the hand leading them back to the bedroom. This was it. She was going to have a cock in her soon. As soon as she entered the room she told Ben to lie on the bed. She climbed on top of him grabbing a hold of his cock from behind. Guiding it into her awaiting pussy. Dan stood there watching this all go down. His cocked throbbed as he held it in his hand.

Ally let out a scream of pleasure as Ben entered her. His cock felt so fucking good inside her pussy. She began to slide up and down on it hard. Pushing his cock deep inside her. She slid up and down his body as her pussy wrapped around his cock. Ben arched his back to slide ever inch of his cock inside Ally. She screamed as she climaxed onto his cock. Pussy juices dripping down his shaft.

Dan had come onto the bed and started to caress Ally’s tits from behind. She knew he wanted to place his hard cock in her ass. He slowly took his finger and started playing with her ass. He inserted it just enough so ally knew it was there. Ally pressed back on it so that Dan knew she needed more. Dan continued to work her ass with his finger as Ben fucked his wife in her pussy. Finally Dan took his cock and pressed it against her ass. She felt the pressure back there. Ally wasn’t sure she could take two men at once, but she knew she wanted to try. She gently pressed back on

Dan’s cock as it slid into her ass. It felt so good to have both of them inside her. Both shoving their cocks deep inside her. This was too much for Ally, she knew she was going to explode again. Her pussy started to tighten around Bens shaft. Ben moaned with pleasure. He felt his cum rising up his shaft. Ally let out a scream and started to climax again. This was enough to make Ben explode inside her. Sending hot cum deep inside her pussy. Splash after splash, hitting her deep inside.

Dan felt Ben cumming and immediately his cock plunged deep in Ally’s ass filling her with all his hot cum. As they lay there ally felt the semen running down her pussy, Dan and Bens cum mixing together on her leg. There was so much cum inside of her. She decided she better go rinse off and get ready for bed.

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