GBV1 Bobbies Special Half-time

[ story by The Warthog ([email protected]) ]

It was day one of the new NFL season and the boys and I were set to watch some football. I had just put in a big screen TV and naturally all my friends wanted to watch the first big Giants game on my new set. The Giants were playing the Packers this afternoon. It was with great irony that before half-time was over the only Giants we cared about were those packing our shorts.

The boys showed up about 12:30 with beer and munchies in tow. It was the least they could do, since I was providing the TV. I didn’t realize I would be providing the entertainment as well. The guys handed the goodies to Bobbie, my wife, and took their seats in front of the TV.

Tim smiled at Bobbie and asked, “Bill, how did you get this beautiful lady to marry your ugly ass?”

I replied, “It must be my considerable charms.”

“Bull shit,” returned Tim. “If that was the case she would have gone for LD over there,” he added.

I chuckled and said, “You have a point.”

All this was lost on Bobbie who just smiled in her shy way. I should describe Bobbie. She is five feet, four inches of the cutest, sexiest female I have ever known. She has a tomboyish manner but her physical assets are all woman. She has natural long blond hair and light blue eyes. She won’t tell me her measurements, however, by my eye she probably measures about 36D-23-35. I’m certain of the first number because it’s written on the tags of her bras. Her fresh all American face looks ten years younger than her 26 years.

Bobbie has only seen my friends a few times before. She doesn’t really know any of them. This fact caused her to be a little shy at first. By the end of the first quarter she was becoming her usually friendly self. It was not a great surprise that my friends were paying almost as much attention to Bobbie as to the game. She volunteered to keep us all supplied with beer and chips even though she is a big football fan herself. She actually knows more about the game than I do. I was amused to hear her arguing with Paul and LD about the draft choices picked up by the Giants.

By the end of the middle of the second quarter the boys were getting pretty loud. They were going through the beer fast. Looking back, I think they were guzzling it so they could ask Bobbie for more. All eyes would follow Bobbie as she bounced up and hurried to the kitchen. She was wearing a tight tank top and short shorts that showed every curve. The top was cut low enough to show Bobbie’s substantial cleavage and the shorts did not fully cover the bottom of her ass.

She would return shortly with the latest order. I began to notice that she was walking with a little more shake than usual. Bobbie had evidently had a few beers herself. She knew how the guys were looking at her and she decided to put on a show. Her nipples were now poking through the thin material of her top. Knowing Bobbie as I do, it was just her way of a little harmless flirting.

Bobbie sat down and continued her discussion with LD about the Giants second round draft choice. After a few minutes of discussion the conversation lulled. Bobbie broke the silence by asking LD, “Is LD your initials? What do they stand for?” LD smiled and the rest of us just chuckled. Bobbie asked what was so funny.

LD answered, “You don’t want to know, Bobbie.”

She looked at all four of us with a hesitant smile and asked in a cute little voice, “Why not?” The laughter increased.

Bobbie’s expression changed from amusement to frustration. She said, “I don’t appreciate this kind of treatment, guys. Why can’t you tell me what LD stands for?”

I asked, “Are you sure you want to know?”

Bobbie nodded.

I again asked, “Are you sure?” Bobbie bellowed, “Yessss, Bill.” I motioned for LD to answer the woman.

LD began, “It refers to the size of my genitals. LD stands for ‘Long Dong'”.

Bobbie began to blush. She said, “Ohhhh.”

Every one kept smiling and looking at Bobbie.

After a pause she said, hesitantly, “Well, how long is it?”

LD’s face took on a more serious look as he asked, “Do you mean right now?”

Bobbie croaked, “I mean, how long does it get?”

LD proudly answered, “Fourteen inches!”

Bobbie shook her head and said, “I don’t believe it.”

LD looked offended by Bobbie’s skepticism. He said, “You want me to prove it?”

To my surprise Bobbie said, “Prove it!”

As far as I knew, Bobbie had never seen another man naked. We had dated since we were both fifteen and were both virgins when we were married. Without hesitation LD pulled down his shorts revealing a huge bulge. He continued by hauling his briefs down to his knees. LD’s big schlong was folded under his balls between his legs. It must have been about eight inches long soft. Bobbie rose up out of her chair to get a better look. She was obviously impressed with the size of his cock but she tried not to let on.

Bobbie smirked, “It doesn’t look like fourteen inches to me!”

LD loudly replied, “Well, its not hard yet.”

Bobbie said, “Am I supposed to take your word for it?”

LD angrily said, “Why don’t you come over here at stroke it a few times? Then you will see fourteen inches.”

LD shot me a look and then said in a calmer voice, “I’m sorry Bill, I forgot who I was talking to.”

I said, “It’s all right LD, she asked you how long it gets not how long it is.”

Bobbie looked at me with sort of an inquisitive look. I figured that she wanted to see how big LD’s cock would get, but she didn’t want to jerk him off. She asked, “Is there any other way you can get it hard without me touching it?”

LD thought for a moment then said, “Well, if you or Bill don’t mind, you could do a sexy dance.”

Bobbie looked at me to see my reaction. I looked at Bobbie and sort of shrugged my shoulders with my hands out, leaving the decision to her.

I left it up to her because I like to look at her sexy body and I really don’t mind if other men do as well. I secretly hoped she would do a sexy dance, but expected her shy nature to keep her from doing it. Bobbie looked back at LD and his cock and at me again. We all held our breath to see what she would do. Suddenly she jumped up and hurried from the room. I thought that she had become embarrassed. I started to go and see about her when I heard music.

Bobbie appeared again with her boom box in hand. It was playing the Michael Jackson tune that goes, “Pretty baby with the high heels on…” I noticed that instead of bare feet she now sported a pair of 4 inch red spiked high heels. She set the box on the coffee table and began to strut around LD and his cock. Her fresh face now had a lusty look to it. She never took her eyes off LD’s cock as she wiggled and bumped. She would alternate thrusting her big tits out as she bent over, her hands on her ass, and thrusting her hips and pelvis out in a motion that looked as if she were fucking. I didn’t know that she could dance like that. She had never done it for me. It must have been the beer.

Bobbie was having an effect on LD’s cock. It was no longer soft. However, it was not yet fourteen inches. When the song had ended, Bobbie looked at LD’s cock and observed, “It doesn’t look hard yet.” She pouted and added, “Am I dancing right?”

Everyone chimed in, “Yes!!!!”

Bobbie continued, “Then, why isn’t LD hard?”

LD reluctantly replied, “Your dancing is great Bobbie, but what I probably need is something a little more revealing.”

Bobbie looked at me as she asked, “You mean you want me to strip?”

LD looked at me apologetically and said, “Well yea, that’s what I had in mind.”

I could see in Bobbie’s eyes that she was torn. She had obviously worked herself up but wasn’t sure that she could take her clothes off in front of these men. She looked to me to help her solve the dilemma. I looked at her for a moment or two then I nodded. A smile immediately came to her face. I knew then that she really wanted to do a strip tease for all my friends.

Bobbie bounced over to the boom box and started the music again. She set the song to repeat over and over. I guess she figured that she would dance as long as it took to get big LD hard. She began to dance as before, with lots of suggestive moves. After a minute she crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her tank top. She slowly raised it over her breasts and then over her head. She was wearing a shear red bra that gave her support but very little coverage. Her big tits were essentially uncovered.

Bobbie then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and struggled out of them. That left a pair of matching panties that amounted to a small triangle of semi-transparent cloth covering her trimmed pubic hair and held in place by thin spaghetti straps. The strap in the back disappeared into the crack of her ass. Her bottom was naked. When she would bend over and thrust out her tits, her cheeks would separate, clearly revealing her asshole, bisected by the strap.

Bobbie continued to dance. The boys seemed eager for her to take it all off but she seemed reluctant. She glanced my way to get my reaction. I again nodded and she blew me a kiss. She reached behind her back to unhook her bra and then stopped. She blushed red in the face as she realized what she was about to do. I thought she might stop. The boys egged her on. They yelled how beautiful and sexy she was. She smiled and regained her confidence. All this was having a positive effect on LD’s cock. As Bobbie looked at it, she seemed more determined than every to make it grow.

Bobbie turned her back on us and reached back to unhook the bra. She held the cups against her tits as the straps popped when she released them. She slowly turned to face us as she swayed her hips. The blush had gone and lust had replaced it. She hefted her big tits, pushing them together. She slowly lowered the cups revealing her large rock hard nipples. She continued to sway, her tits attempting to keep up. Bobbie noticed LD’s cock twitching as it lay on his belly. It was still not fully hard.

Bobbie hooked her thumbs in the straps of her panties and began stretching the material away from her mound. Her soft blond curls became visible. She turned around and slowly bent over pushing the flimsy garment to her ankles. This exposed her asshole and pussy to all assembled. To exaggerate the view Bobbie spread her legs farther apart causing the folds of her pussy to open. It was clear that she was sopping wet. The spot on her panties confirmed the fact. I never thought I would ever see my beautiful innocent wife dancing nude in front of a group of men. She was obviously very turned on.

Bobbie returned her attention to LD’s cock. It was still lying on his belly. However, it was longer. Bobbie asked with a frustrated tone, “What do I have to do to make it hard?” We all knew the answer to the question. The question was, did Bobbie know. She continued to dance but there was indecision on her face. She looked at me a couple of times but I was just enjoying her sexy dance.

Slowly Bobbie moved closer to LD. She nudged her knee gently into LD’s crotch, making contact with his plum sized balls. She rubbed him gently for a few moments and was rewarded by a twitch or two in LD’s cock. He still was not fully hard. Bobbie looked at me with a frustrated look. I just shrugged and her frustration turned to determination. As she looked at me she slowly sank to her knees. It finally dawned on my pea brain that Bobbie would do anything to get LD hard. She continued to watch my face for reaction as she grabbed LD’s cock with her right hand and slowly began to stroke it. I could see the passion in Bobbie’s eyes. She was daring me to stop her from going further. I was tempted on the one hand to put a stop to Bobbie’s lusty act. On the other hand I found myself hoping that she would stuff that monster in her mouth and let LD face-fuck her. My indecision and the probable excitement in my eyes gave Bobbie her course of action. Without fanfare, she guided the head of LD’s cock into her soft little mouth.

Bobbie bobbed up and down a few times, never taking her sparkling blue eyes from mine. Her actions affected me more than I thought they would. I watched with great surprise as my sweet, tender Bobbie wrapped her soft red lips around the biggest black cock that any of us had ever seen. She was furiously trying to make it bigger. It was working too. Satisfied that I didn’t disapprove of her actions, Bobbie looked away from me and focused her gaze on LD’s face. I don’t think that I actually approved of what Bobbie was doing, I was just too turned on to stop her. LD too was surprised to see this beautiful blond white woman sucking his big black cock. Her blue eyes mesmerized him as she licked and sucked the head of his cock. LD’s cock was bigger around than Bobbie’s wrist and longer than her forearm. It was all she could do to get the whole head in her mouth. Her soft plump lips were stretched thin as she attempted to swallow LD’s monster cock.

Bobbie could only manage to take three of the fourteen inches in her mouth. She did lick the shaft and LD’s balls, all the while gazing into his eyes. It was one hell of a show. LD was now fully hard and so were the rest of us. I don’t know what I expected to happen next. LD had managed to prove to Bobbie that his cock was as big as he said. She could have stopped but she didn’t seem to want to.

If I thought I was surprised when my wife Bobbie began to blow LD, nothing compared to what she did next. After giving LD’s cock a thorough tongue bath she slowing crawled up onto LD’s body dragging her big tits across first his legs, his cock and then his stomach and chest. She planted a big sloppy kiss on LD’s lips and allowed her tongue to wander into LD’s mouth. I was so focused on this that I didn’t notice that she had aligned her pussy with LD’s rock hard monster and slowly lowered herself onto the head of his cock.

I was alerted to the fact by Paul who said, “She’s going to fuck him.” Again I didn’t stop Bobbie. I was totally caught up in the lewd act that was taking place in my living room.

LD’s cock was so big around that it could only penetrate maybe two inches into my sweet Bobbie. She seemed to struggle to get the beast inside. She swiveled her hips to no avail. Finally, Bobbie broke the kiss and straightened up. This allowed her to put her full weight on LD’s cock. Slowly, more and more of the cock disappeared into Bobbie. She moaned like I have never heard her before. It was as though ever centimeter caused her to shake and shudder.

With eyes closed she lowered herself onto LD. Her pussy was stretch out of shape. It actually seemed to disappear. LD’s cock was touching both of Bobbie’s thighs as he impaled her. Her asshole was almost erased by the girth of LD. In the front her clit was mashed against LD’s shaft. This was no doubt causing the lengthy orgasm she was now experiencing. We all watched in awe as Bobbie took about twelve inches into her womb before she bottomed out.

She began now to rise off the beast. The big black shiny shaft revealed itself as she ascended. Before the head was able to pop out, Bobbie again began the downward journey. Now there was more lubrication. Each trip down then up took less time. Finally they were fucking in earnest. Bobbie even managed to take an inch more of LD’s cock. He was only about an inch from getting the whole thing into her.

For a moment I was concerned that Bobbie wasn’t protected. I didn’t know if she was wearing her diaphragm. I’m sure that it never occurred to her that she would be fucking during the ball game, much less fucking someone other than me. My rational mind didn’t relish the idea of her getting pregnant, especially with LD’s baby. I pictured Bobbie and me explaining to her parents why she gave birth to bouncing black baby.

I wanted to ask Bobbie about the diaphragm, but I couldn’t. I found that I didn’t want to do something that would stop the show. My concern began to slip into the background. I gave way to my own lust. The dark side of my mind actually hoped that Bobbie was unprotected. That made the act more dangerous. As it was, several taboo’s and social customs were being broken by Bobbie. Adultery, exhibitionism and mixed races are high on the list. Why not add the risk of disgracing herself by having a baby by a man other than her husband. It was about as slutty as a woman could get. That’s what consumed me. I liked to see my heretofore innocent wife act slutty.

As LD and Bobbie fucked, he helped her up and down by putting his big hands on her small waist. His fingers touched in back and his thumbs were only inches apart in the front. LD began to roughly push Bobbie down on his cock. Bobbie supported herself by placing her hands on the back of the chair. This allowed her big jugs to hang close to LD’s face. He took advantage of this and began to maul her nipples with his mouth. Occasionally, he would place one of Bobbie’s nipples between his teeth and pull it. Bobbie moaned loudly each time. I counted at least four orgasms in this position with her on top.

LD slowed his pumping and said, “Baby, lets do some doggy.” Slowly, Bobbie extracted herself from LD’s cock. She seemed to miss the beast immediately as she got off LD. He got up and Bobbie straddled the chair. She laid her head on the back of the chair and waited for LD’s invasion. Soon enough he buried his tool into Bobbie’s cunt. Her moaning began again. The action now was more intense. LD was in control now and the speed with which he pumped Bobbie was incredible. Bobbie whimpered with the intense pleasure. LD added to her passion by inserting his thumb into her ass. This caused her to moan loudly. A lengthy orgasm followed.

I was amazed. Bobbie has never allowed me near her ass. She always said that it was nasty and was not for sex. I could never persuade her. Now, she was having intense orgasms while my friend LD plugged her but with his thumb. There were certainly a lot of new things happening today. Not the least was that my wife was fucking a black man with a huge 14 inch cock. Bobbie was loving every minute. The strip tease and the blow job leading up to the fuck were new as well. I had never received that kind of treatment from my wife.

LD was continuing to pound Bobbie’s pussy while fingering her asshole. He had managed to work two of his large fingers into her ass. The froth of sexual juices from Bobbie’s pussy served as lubrication for LD’s fingers.

LD asked, “How are you doing, Baby?”

Bobbie replied breathlessly, “OHhhh.. Greeaat!!”

LD continued, “Do you like my fingers in your ass, Baby?”

Bobbie moaned, “I lovvveee it.”

LD said, “Want me to fuck your ass, Baby?”

Bobbie’s baby blue eyes popped open wide and she looked at LD with pure lust and said, “Oooohhhh yeeaaaa, LD, put it in.”

I was now shocked. I watched as LD pulled out of Bobbie’s well-stretched pussy and slowly pushed it into her asshole. Bobbie screamed with pain as LD enter her backdoor. Even with the lubrication from Bobbie’s pussy it was slow going. Slowly but surely he regained the speed that he used in her pussy. Bobbie was now screeching with each thrust. I then noticed that Paul and Tim were now standing behind the chair with their cocks out. When Bobbie noticed she didn’t hesitate; she started sucking on them as LD pounded her ass. She would suck on one for a while then work on the other.

The excitement of the whole scene was to much for Tim. He began bucking wildly. He filled Bobbie’s mouth with his load and she swallowed the whole gooey thing. This blew me away. She has never allowed me to come in her mouth. She licked him clean then turned back to Paul in time to get her face plastered with his load. She quickly latched onto his prick to receive the rest of his thick load. She licked him clean then worked the come on her face into her mouth.

LD watched this show as he pounded her ass. He said, “I see you like cum, Baby.”

LD added, “I’ve got a big load for you back here.”

He quickly pulled out of Bobbie’s ass and she spun around and sat down. Without hesitation she grabbed LD’s cock and stuffed it into her mouth. We all watched as she began swallowing the massive load. She swallowed about five times before LD stopped coming. She then licked the tool clean that had been buried in her ass. She was so nasty.

I was at a loss as to why Bobbie was doing these nasty acts to my friends. She first tasted my come on our wedding night and threatened me with my life if I ever came in her mouth again. She had always turned down my requests for anal sex and now she was licking the residue off a cock freshly pulled from her bowels.

Bobbie looked up from her cleaning job with those big blue eyes and said, “Anybody else want to fuck me silly?”

We proceeded to do just that. For the rest of the afternoon we fucked her every which way. I think her favorite was when LD fucked her pussy, Paul fucked her ass and she sucked Tim and me. The most surprising thing was how she cleaned us up after we came. She would lick our cock and balls and finish off by tonguing our assholes.

Finally, I had to ask Bobbie why she had suddenly become so nasty.

She paused for a moment then replied, “I don’t know, I guess LD just brought out the slut in me.”

Dumbfounded, I asked, “What about me? Don’t I bring out the slut in you?”

Bobbie quickly replied, “Honey, I’m sorry, but you don’t have a fourteen inch cock.”

So that’s how it was. My wife is a big cock slut. My wife was certainly no virgin before her special half-time, however, she was a gang bang virgin. The boys and I took care of that.

Bobbie made me promise that we will do this every Sunday. We’re halfway through the season and she’s had about fifteen different guys. Some were strangers that she met at the market. About two weeks ago she took on eight guys. She has learned to deep throat cocks now and has actually been able to take twelve of fourteen inches of LD’s cock down her throat.

Bobbie wants to start an amateur porno flick business. But that’s another story.

Oh. By the way, it turns out Bobbie was wearing her diaphragm. I wonder how she knew it would be needed that afternoon?

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