Goldeneye Massage

My wife Julie and I decided to take a well deserved vacation to the Caribbean. After some research we decided on Jamaica. I went online to look at the different resorts, as we were looking for some privacy. I found a small exclusive resort called GoldenEye. It was expensive but very private. I searched online at work and printed a bunch of articles on the resort so I could take my time at home and read through everything later that night.

After dinner I sat down with a glass of wine and started reading the articles, while my sexy wife was getting our son ready for bed. She is a natural blonde, 5′ 4″, with an incredible body and 34C chest. She bears a striking resemblance to actress Daryl Hannah.

Most of the articles described the resort, amenities and of course, prices. One article I noticed was different. It was a blog and mentioned that GoldenEye was known as a place to go where well-to-do travelers can discretely explore their sexual fantasies with the local islanders. That was all it said, and it did not go into any further details. None of the other articles mentioned anything like that, so I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or possibly true. Thinking about it gave me an immediate hard on, as I pictured my beautiful blonde wife taking on a dark islander. Just then, my wife came downstairs and asked me if I had decided on a resort yet. Acting on impulse, I divided the articles in half, and slipped the blog to the bottom of the pile and handed her the papers, asking her to read the ones I did not yet get to. She got herself a glass of wine and sat on the couch across from me and began to read. After about a half hour and a glass of wine, she was getting closer to the bottom of the pile. She was tipsy at this point from the wine, it doesn’t take much, and my heart was beating wildly not knowing how she would react to the final page. Finally she began reading the last page and I noticed that she showed no reaction as she read it. She did not say anything and got up to get ready for bed. She dropped her pile of articles in the kitchen trash and asked if I was coming to bed. I told her I would be right up.

When I got up to the bedroom I was surprised to find my wife lying on her side in bed in a sexy blue see through nightgown. Her beautiful 34C breasts were barely contained in the thin material and her nipples were very erect. It was obvious she was not wearing panties. She smiled at me at told me to take out my cock, which I immediately did. She proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job and then had me lie on my back. She grabbed by cock and lowered herself, still wearing the nightgown. She was very wet, and she started to ride me like a wild animal, with her tits falling out of her nightgown and bouncing all over my face. Obviously, something had turned her on and I suspected it might be the article that she read. I had a tremendous orgasm as I pictured her in my latest fantasy. As we prepared to fall asleep, she told me that GoldenEye looked very nice and that I should book the trip. I fell asleep with another raging hard on.

Six weeks later we were flying to Jamaica. When Julie returned from the restroom on the flight I noticed she had removed her bra. She smiled at me and said she would not be needing one for the next five days. She had never done that before.

We checked into the resort and were escorted to our room by Lewis, a coal-black local who told us he would be taking care of us for the next five days. He showed us around the villa, which had an incredible outdoor shower just outside the bedroom. The large bed was covered by netting which hung from the ceiling. Lewis told us we had the choice of eating in the main building a short walk away of he could bring us our meals to eat in the villa. While he explained this I could see him discreetly stealing glances at Julie’s hard nipples poking through her shirt. She noticed as well but made no attempt to cover up. He told us before he left that he was available for anything that we desired during our stay. Julie seemed to blush a little at that comment.

After we unpacked Julie decided to try the outdoor shower while I relaxed with a drink and a good book. When Julie came back into the room wearing only a towel, I lost interest in my book very quickly. She walked up to my chair and seductively let the towel slide to the floor. I was surprised to see she had completely shaved her pussy. The nipples of her beautiful tits were standing straight out. She led me to the bed and immediately climbed on top and rode my cock while being more vocal than usual. I was hoping her moans of passions would not carry too far outside of our open windows. Afterwards, while snuggling in bed, I asked her what had gotten into her. She smiled in a seductive way and confessed she had been extremely horny since we arrived. For dinner, we decided to go to the main building and meet some of the other guests. Julie wore a short black spaghetti strap dress that was low cut, and showed ample cleavage. She was not only braless but decided panties were not needed as well. Only one other couple was there at the time. Karen was an attractive brunette in her mid 30’s wearing a skintight dress. Her husband Mike was in his fifties and appeared very wealthy. We learned that this was the second time that they had stayed at GoldenEye, and they had a villa along the path to ours. During several after dinner drinks, I noticed that Mike could not take his eyes off of Julie’s cleavage. While Mike and I talked guy talk, I did overhear Karen tell my wife that the massages given here were an amazing experience, and she might want to try one. Shortly thereafter, Karen and Mike excused themselves while we stayed for another rounds of drinks. After about 30 minutes, we were both feeling pretty tipsy. We decided to take a walk around the grounds before it got too dark outside. As we walked down the path, we noticed one of the hotel stewards entering Karen and Mike’s villa. We made our way to the beach. While sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean, I slid my hand up Julie’s thigh. She responded by opening her legs a little wider. My finger found her pussy to be very wet.

“Let’s go back to our room and fuck,” she whispered in my ear.

As we made our way down the path to our room, it was now very dark outside and there were very few lights along the path. As we passed by Karen and Mike’s villa, we heard what sounded like a scream, and then nothing.

“Did you hear that,” Julie asked.

I nodded and said “lets see if everything is OK.”

There was light coming from a single window in their villa, but we had to leave the path and walk through the dense foliage to get closer. Julie was clearly uncomfortable with this, but I convinced her we should take a quick look and make sure everything was OK. We were several feet from a partially open shuttered window. Lying on the bed was Karen, naked, and to our surprise, she was kissing their steward, also naked, who was lying on the bed next to her. Her hand was stroking his very large black cock. I could hear a voice that sounded like Mike, but we could not see him from where we stood in the darkness. The black man then laid flat on his back and we watched in awe as Karen straddled him. She reached back and grasped his black cock and began sliding up and down on the huge shaft while throwing her head back in ecstasy. Julie pulled my arm and motioned for us to get back to the path. I reluctantly followed her and we quickly made it back to our villa.

Once inside, with the door closed, she said “oh my god, I can’t believe we just saw that. Do you think anyone saw us watching?”

I told her it was too dark. “They must be swingers!” “Or just adventurous,” I said. Julie asked me to get her a glass of wine while she drew a bath.

” I need a drink to calm dawn after that.” She was soaking in a bubble bath in the tub as I brought her some red wine. Looking at the hard on poking from my pants, she asked if the scene turned me on. I smiled and told her that I would be waiting for her and went to refill my drink. When I returned to the bedroom she was lying in bed with the mosquito net draped over the bed. Her hair was pulled up and she was wearing nothing but a set of red silk thigh high stocking, which I had never seen before. I quickly undressed and slipped into bed next to her. She immediately went down and me with gusto. Between her amazing tongue and the memory of what we had just witnessed, I quickly shot a huge load in her mouth. Surprisingly, I stayed hard and climbed between those red stockings.

“Mmmh, she purred as I rubbed my cock against her wet and swollen pussy lips. “Fuck me baby, I need to be fucked badly.” While I playfully started to ease just the head of my cock in and out of her, I asked her if watching Karen and her black stud turned her on.

“God yes, it was hot. Did you see the size of his cock, it was huge.” As I slid in deeper, she arched her back in orgasm. I never felt her so wet.

“I’m so horny baby, keep fucking me.

“Pretend that a large black cock is fucking your pussy,” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh god”, she moaned, fuck me with your big black cock,” and exploded in an intense orgasm, as I came along with her. We both lie side by side, breathing heavily. I looked at her and she was covering sweat, panting.

“Did you like our little fantasy fuck, baby,” I asked.

“Mmmh, yes, it was wild, but I could never cheat on you darling, it’s just a fantasy.” I told her it would not be cheating if I was there and OK with it.

“Are you saying you want me to try that while we are here,” she panted.

“No one would ever know, except for us, I said, and one of the locals”.

“I don’t know if I could go through with it,” as she climbed on top of me and eased her pussy down on my hardening dick.

“Maybe we should arrange a that massage that Karen suggested, and see what happens,” I suggested. Julie did not answer but immediately started to come again like a wild woman.

The next morning she did not mention anything from the previous night. We ordered breakfast to our villa. Julie was wearing a red bikini, which was quite revealing, and she looked fantastic in it. Lewis arrived with our food and set it up for us. Julie did not bother to cover up in front of him. While eating, I noticed her nipples were hard and poking through her bikini top. She was aroused! After breakfast we went to the beach to catch the boat for a snorkeling trip.

That evening we ordered dinner in our villa. Julie was dressed in a tight blue sundress. While Lewis was filling our wine glasses, I asked him how I could arrange a massage for Julie? Her eyes widened in surprise and I thought she might object, but she said nothing. Lewis politely smiled and told us that he was a licensed masseuse. He said he could arrange a massage after dinner in either the resort spa or in our room. Julie intently looked at me but was silent. I said that our villa would be fine. He said he would return at 8pm and left. Julie asked me if I was sure I was OK with this, because she was unsure. I told her to relax and enjoy the massage, and to go for it if she wanted.

During dinner she downed several glasses of red wine, and was feeling no pain at all when Lewis knocked on our door at 8. While he unfolded his table, Julie excused herself. Lewis finished the table and then lit some native Jamaican incense. I asked if he minded if I watch, and he smiled and said it was no problem, in a thick Jamaican accent. I lowered the lights and lit some candles, hoping not to make it too obvious. Julie returned wearing a white terry resort robe. Lewis held up a large white towel and politely looked the other way as Julie slipped out of her robe and laid face down on the table. She wore only skimpy transparent black panties. Lewis covered her and folded the towel so that only her bottom was covered. Julie turned he head to the side and was looking at me while Lewis mixed up some scented oils and spread some on his large black hands. He asked her what type of massage she would prefer. Julie asked him what types there were to choose from. He told her they offer hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and a Jamaican Special. Julie selected the deep tissue and he went to work on her back and shoulders. It was an erotic site watching his glistening black hands slide over my wife’s oiled back. Julie seemed to be enjoying it and I noticed a slight moan as he kneaded her lower back. I had a raging hard on as I watched, wondering what, if anything would happen. He asked if she wanted her legs done, and she said yes. Lewis moved the towel up so that most of her panties were visible and began to work of her feet first, and then gradually higher. As he massaged her thighs, his fingers were getting very close to her private areas. She told him that he had magic hands, and he laughed and said thank you. Julie was looking right at me when she surprised me by asking what the Jamaican Special was. Lewis told her that it was a very special, complete body massage. He looked at me when he explained it was very erotic, very discreet, and something reserved for open-minded couples only. There was about 30 seconds of awkward silence, and then Julie shocked me by saying she would like to try it. Lewis smiled and asked her to turn over on her back. Julie hesitated for a moment and then turned over, revealing her perfect tan lined tits to our black masseuse. The towel was now on the floor, leaving Julie in just her tiny panties. Julie was breathing heavily as Lewis applied oil to her flat abdomen. He then asked if he could massage her breasts, and she whispered yes. Her nipples became rock hard as his black hands worked their magic on her tits. She began to quietly moan and rotate her head from side to side. It was then that I noticed a large bulge in his shorts. He looked at me and I smiled my approval to him. With that, Lewis asked Julie if he could remove her panties, which she responded by nodding OK. She lifted her hips and he pulled he panties slowly down her legs. Julie looked at me and asked me if I was OK. When I nodded yes, she told me she loved me. It was really going to happen.

Lewis poured more oil just under her belly button and started to work it in, moving closer and closer to her shaved pussy. When his fingers reached her pussy, she slightly opened her legs to give him access to her womanhood. Julie was panting now, and when he slipped a long black finger inside of her, she arched her back and exploded in a huge orgasm, releasing all of that erotic tension that had been building up.

“Oh my god, that was amazing,” she told him. He smiled and told her there was more to come if she wanted. Julie told him she was never with a black man before, and she was nervous. He told her that he would be very gentile and she could stop whenever she wanted.

“Have you ever fantasized about a big black cock,” as he unbuckled his shorts and they dropped to the floor. He wore no underwear and a semi hard large black cock about 9 inches long pointed towards the table.

“Yes, but I never thought it would happen.” As he pulled his shirt over his head, Julie reached out and grabbed his cock.

“I promise not to disappoint you,” he said as he offered her his hand and she took it, sat up, and got off the table. He led her to our bedroom. It was an amazing sight, Julie, her body covering in glistening oils, following him to the bed. She was no longer shy, and looked like an animal in heat. The nipples on her tits were very erect and pointed upwards. He motioned for her to sit on the edge of the bed, which she did. He stood directly in front of her and she reached out with both hands and started to stroke his black cock, which was growing. She pulled him towards her mouth and he stepped forward, she began licking the coal black head, then down the shaft, and finally his large balls. She then took him into her mouth, but could only fit about four inches. He was fucking her mouth and he asked her if she liked his black cock.

“Mmmh, it’s delicious, so big, so black.” A few minutes later, Lewis announced he was going to come. Julie did not pull away or stop, and he groaned loudly as he filled her mouth with large amount of him come. Julie did no swallow it, but let it drip out the sides of her mouth where it covered her tits and legs. Amazingly, Lewis did not lose his hardness, and instructed Julie to lie back on the bed. She excused herself to get cleaned up in the bathroom, and returned with her red stockings on. She bent down and gave me a wet kiss as she walked by and then lay on the bed. She slowly opened her legs wide to her new black lover and told him she was ready. Lewis knelt between her legs and rubbed his now 10-inch cock all over her swollen and dripping pussy lips.

“Tell me what you what,” he said.

Julie panted “fuck me with your big black cock.” Lewis smiled and eased the head in. Slowly he pushed in until it was about halfway in, and Julie cried out in a big orgasm, soaking his cock and the bed with her juices. Lewis then began sucking on Julie’s tits as he fed more and more of his black hose into her tight pussy. Her wet pussy was making obscene slurping sounds as he pushed in and pulled out, and she started having almost continuous orgasms, screaming how much she loved his big black cock. He announced he was going to come and she told him to come inside her, and he unloaded into her pussy. I shot my load on the floor. Lewis pulled out of her pussy with a slurping sound and excused himself to the bathroom. She noticed my hard on and got up and walked over to me while I sat in the chair. She then knelt between my legs and began to give me an amazing blow job. At the same time, Lewis emerged from the bathroom and knelt on the floor behind Julie, who moaned loudly and he rubbed his cock over her ass and pussy. He reached around and fondled her beautiful tits with both hands. Julie pulled her mouth off of my cock and said to me that she was going to be filled with that big black cock again. She was stroking my coke as he slid into her.

“Oh baby, that black cock is inside of me again, I love it. Oh fuck yes.” She lowered her mouth onto my cock and I erupted into her mouth, which she swallowed eagerly. She then told Lewis to get on the bed, and she climbed on top and straddled him, taking in his entire length in one motion. She began to ride him like a wild woman, while he grabbed and sucked her luscious tits. I lost count of how many times she had come. Finally, they both came together and she rolled off of him, totally exhausted. Lewis quickly got up and put on his clothes. As he folded up his massage table, he thanked us for an amazing time, and said goodnight. By the time I got back from walking to the door, Julie was asleep.

We had great sex again the next morning, and she thanked me for the adventure. I had Lewis return every night for the rest of our vacation to service Julie, who seemed could not get enough of his big black cock. We are already planning our return visit next year.