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Hayley At The Nude Beach

I woke with the sun shining through my bedroom window and smiled. My wife, Hayley and I had discussed going to Cobbler’s, our favourite nude beach, that day, but a weather report the night before had said it might rain. It was, however, ‘perfect beach weather’, as they say.

Hayley was already up. I got up too and walked downstairs to the bathroom. Hayley was in there having a shower. I walked in and had a piss, then turned to watch her.

Hayley and I have been married for three years. One of the first things that had attracted me to her was that she was, like me, an exhibitionist (in fact, on the night that I met her in a bar, I had been watching her dancing when I saw that she had let her blouse fall open so that her tits were hanging out). She loved posing for nude photos (some of which I had posted on the net) and when I told her that I liked going to nude beaches, she told me she had never been to one but was keen to see what it was like. She loved it, of course.

Hayley is 32 years old, and while I’m biased, I think she’s gorgeous. She has long, red hair, a wide, sensuous mouth, blue eyes and pale skin dusted with freckles on her face, arms, legs and the top of her chest. She is of slender build, but has large, slightly pendulous breasts with pale pink nipples. Her pussy is naturally covered with a mass of curly red pubes, but she usually has it shaved, especially when she plans on going nude in public, so that her slit can be more easily seen.

Hayley had just finished washing her hair. “Don’t forget to shave,” I said.

“You want to do the honors?” she asked.

“My pleasure,” I said, picking up my razor from beside the washbasin. Hayley stood with one foot on the raised side of the shower, and rubbed a bar of soap over her crotch. I knelt down in front of her. There was about a week’s growth of red stubble on it which I carefully shaved away, pressing my thumb over her slit towards the end of the operations so as not to cut her puffy labia. When she was quite smooth, she rinsed herself off, and I planted a kiss on her cool, wet cunt.

“You want to do me?” I asked. I stepped into the shower beside her. I hadn’t shaved my cock for a while, and there was quite growth of dark hair around the base of it and on my balls. Hayley soaped me up too, jerking my dick a bit to get it hard, which made it easier to shave. After about ten minutes of scraping with the razor, my dick and balls were as smooth as a little boy’s.

We got out of the shower. Hayley dried herself off. She didn’t bother to put on any underwear, but pulled on a short, sleeveless, white cotton dress. The material clung nicely to her tits. I put on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

The drive to the beach took about half an hour. We parked the car at the small car park above it, walked along the railing of the sports oval adjoining it, then made our way down the rocky slope that leads to the beach. Emerging out of the undergrowth, we walked along the strip of grass (on which there are invariably a few naked men lying) and reached the beach itself. I was thrilled to see it quite crowded, with a good number of women and a few families.

We walked along the sand, examining the bare flesh on show, a thrilling assortment of cunts and cocks. The sun was beating down hotly and we chose a spot near the rocks that gave us a bit of shade. A young couple sat just a few feet away. The guy was sitting up, sipping from a bottle of water. His girlfriend, who had long blonde hair, was lying on a towel on her back, her cute little pussy, shaved with just a strip of hair left, on display.

We laid out towels out on the sand and took off our clothes. I stood for a moment surveying the scene, thrilled to be standing naked amidst a hundred or more strangers. Then, sitting next Hayley, I pulled the blue plastic bottle of sun block out of the canvas bag we had brought with us. I squirted some onto my hand and rubbed it onto my face, arms, chest and legs and a little on my cock and balls. Hayley did my back, and then rubbed some onto herself, taking her time rubbing it over her tits — something a few guys doing their nude promenading up and down the beach paused to watch.

Hayley and I went for a swim — the water was wonderful, then had another stroll around the beach, letting our bodies dry off. I took great delight in watching the faces of men as they checked out Hayley’s naked body, and she of course she was revelling in the attention. Returning to our towels, Hayley lay down on her back, put her hands behind her head, and spread her legs.

I lay back on my elbows and watched a particularly pretty, full-breasted, olive skinned girl, possibly Greek or Italian, emerge from the water and walk off towards the raised, grassy area near the entrance to the beach. I made a mental note to try and get a closer look at her later. At one point, a skinny Asian guy with a stubby dick and a towel slung over his shoulder came up and stood staring at Hayley. Then he noticed me looking at him and took off.

We’d been on the beach about an hour when a dark-haired guy wearing a striped shirt and black jeans arrived and walked to a spot a few feet away from us. He took a towel out of the bag he was carrying, laid it on the sand, and began undressing. When he was naked, he sat on the towel with his back to us for a moment, then walked down to the water and had a short swim. Emerging from the water, he began to walk back towards us. He had thick black hair on his chest, his legs and above his cock. He knelt on his towel, facing us, and took a smaller towel from his bag and mopped his chest and arms with it. He caught me looking at him and smiled. “Lovely day, isn’t it?” he said.

“It sure is.” I said. “You been here before?”

He stood up and walked over to us. As he got closer I saw that, while the bush of pubic hair above his circumcised cock was intact, his penis and balls were shaved bare like mine. “It’s only my second time here,” he said. “It’s such a beautiful beach, isn’t it?”

“I know, we come here a lot. Hayley loves it. Don’t you?”

Hayley had sat up and was cooling examining the guy’s body. She had one knee drawn up, her hand resting on it.

“Loves the attention, hey?”

“Maybe I do,” she said, and let the leg she had raised fall to one side, giving him a perfect view of her pink slit, which opened slightly.

“Think she deserves the attention?” I asked. He didn’t look up, being too busy gazing at my wife’s cunt. I began to feel a twinge in my dick, the beginning of a hard-on.

“Oh, yeah,” he said softly. Then he snapped out of his trance. “Uh, you guys mind if I join you?”

“Sure,” I said. He went and grabbed his stuff, and came back and laid his towel out at Hayley’s feet.

“I’m Chris, by the way,” he said.

“Mike,” I said, “and Hayley.”

He sat cross-legged on his towel. “Yeah, just my second time here,” he said. “Always wondered what it would be like. I was surprised that there were so many people here.”

“Lot of people like to get nude,” I said.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me saying,” Chris said to Hayley, “but you’ve got a really amazing body.”

“Thanks,” she said. Still sitting with her legs apart, she ran one hand over her breasts, over her stomach until it reached her pussy. Her fingers lingered on her slit for a moment, then pulled it open a little, exposing pink labia wet with her juices.

She looked at me, and I saw that imploring look in her eyes that said she wanted to do something a daring. In fact, I knew exactly what she was thinking about — something we’d talked about a lot, but had done yet.

“Chris,” I said, “How would you like to watch us fuck?”

He tore his eyes away from Hayley’s pussy and looked at me. “What, really?”


“Um, where?”

“There’s a bit of a secluded spot up the hill there.”

“Well, yeah,” he said. “I’d…of course, that’d be great.”

“Let’s go then.” I stood up, picked up my towel and shook the sand off it. Hayley and Chris did the same with theirs, and we set off along the beach. I could feel my cock, now half erect with anticipation, bobbing up and down as I walked.

We climbed over the rocks at the entrance to the beach, walked along the grassy, tree-lined strip where a large group were having a picnic, and up a small track that you would have missed if you hadn’t known about it. We arrived at a bare spot between some trees, with a view to part of the beach below. The soil was dark brown and mostly covered in leaves and twigs. Hayley laid her towel on it, then sat down. She cupped her breasts in her hands and, bringing one up to her mouth, licked the pink nipple.

Chris sank down on his knees, his mouth open, and watched, fascinated. Hayley spread her legs wide and began to rub herself with her hand, and I could see how wet she was.

Sitting beside her, I kissed her on the mouth, then whispered in her ear that she should to turn over onto all fours. She did so, her bum pointing at Chris. I put my hands on her buttocks and spread them apart. Chris moved forward until he was at the edge of Hayley’s towel. He had his cock in his hand and was masturbating. As he watched, I slipped the fingers of both hands into Hayley’s cunt and spread her open. Chris’s eyes widened. His cock was really stiff in his hand now and sticking straight up.

“You like it?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” he said, his voice a bit shaky.

He leaned forward a bit, so that his face was just inches from Hayley’s pussy, so close he could smell it. Then he looked at me nervously and said, “Could I…would it be okay if I licked her?”

This was further than we’d gone with a stranger before, but this whole thing was developing a momentum of its own. “Hayley, he wants to know if he can lick you.”

“Oh, baby, yes please,” she said, wiggling her bum excitedly. You little slut, I thought. But I was into it. I nodded at Chris.

Letting go of his dick, he pressed his face against Hayley’s buttocks and began to lick her shaved slit. A shiver went through Hayley as did this, but then she began to sigh with pleasure. Chris was clearly an arse man, for he soon moved up from her pussy and began licking her arsehole with great enthusiasm. Hayley sighed louder, pushing back so that her bum ground into his face. I was wanking myself, enjoying the sight of this stranger eating my wife out.

After a couple of minutes Chris fell back, his mouth and chin slick with Hayley’s pussy juices and his cock resting stiffly against his hairy belly. I decided it was time for the main feature. With Hayley still on all fours, I knelt beside her and let the tip of my prick brush against her slit. To be honest, I’d wondered whether I going to stay hard with another guy watching me — the pressure was on, you realise — but to my delight my prick was as stiff as it’s ever been.

As Chris watched, I slid it into her and began to fuck her, making sure to keep my hip turned slightly to one side so that he had a good view of my cock going in and out. Hayley’s cunt was tight as usual and I fucked her slowly, knowing I wasn’t going to keep it up for long — it was too exciting being watched like this. Just as I was about to cum I drew out and shot lines of sperm over her back and arse.

Hayley sighed and sat on the towel with her legs apart. I sat beside her and gave her a long kiss on the mouth, and cupping one breast in my hand, lifted it and kissed the nipple. Then she lay back on the towel, her arms and legs outstretched languorously. Because of the tree branches overhead, her body was dappled by sunlight, with the sun on her swollen, wet pussy making it glisten.

Chris was kneeling on ground between her legs, his dick still grasped in his hand, his eyes on Hayley’s cunt. We’d already gone further than I had expected, but I didn’t want to stop now. I whispered in Hayley’s ear, “I think he’d like to fuck you. Should we let him?”

“Do you want him to?” she whispered.

“Yes, I think so.”

I looked at Chris. “It’s okay. Go on.”

Chris didn’t need any more encouragement. He straddled Hayley, his hands planted on ground on either side of her, and positioned himself so that the head of his cock was resting on her mons. Hayley looked down at it, then reached out and took it in her hand, stroking it a bit before guiding it into her. It was the first time I’d seen another cock go into her, and it looked wonderful. As he started to fuck her I kept kissing her face, one arm around her waist, feeling her body shake rhythmically as he pounded into her. She was moaning a little, her eyes squeezed shut.

Then I heard a rustling sound and looked up. The Asian guy I had seen on the beach earlier was coming up the path to towards us. He came through some bushes and stopped suddenly when I saw what was going on.

“Hayley, look,” I said, “someone else has come to watch. Someone else has come to see you being a slut.” She opened her eyes and looked over at him. Chris had seen him too and paused in his fucking, but then he resumed, doubling his efforts.

The Asian guy looked a bit scared and I thought he might run away again, so I motioned to him to come over, which he did. I’d been stroking my dick while all this was going and was pleased to find I was getting hard again. Kneeling beside Hayley, I brushed my cock over her face and then slipped it into her mouth.

The next few minutes had an almost dreamlike quality. It was right on midday now, and the sun was streaming down on us through the trees. A slight but welcome breeze had started to blow, cooling our sweating bodies a little. I could hear faint sounds of talk and laughter coming from the beach. And all the while, the Asian guy was standing and jerking at his stubby cock as he watched my wife fucked in her cunt and mouth simultaneously. It all seemed quite unreal.

The spell was broken when Chris groaned and was still — he’d obviously cum inside Hayley. He fell forward onto her, breathing heavily, burying his face in her tits. I drew my cock from her mouth and watched as the two of them kissed for a moment, then Chris, remembering where he was, got up off her.

I spread her legs wide apart and inspected her cunt, slipping my fingers in it and feeling Chris’s sperm in there. The Asian guy was having a good look too. He was still wanking himself, and Hayley, obviously taking pity on him, sat up and said, “Do you want to cum on my tits?”

He still didn’t say anything, but Hayley began to squeeze and play with her breasts, which were reddened a bit from Chris rubbing his face against them — he had a bit of stubble on it — and smiled at him lasciviously. The Asian started really jerking himself hard, a pained look on his face. I could see he really wanted to cum but was having trouble doing it.

“You want some help there?” my slut wife asked. Without missing a beat she pushed his hands away and grabbed hold of his cock. She began to play with it with both hands, fondling his balls and twisting the shaft this way and that. He stood with his legs apart, a look of ecstasy on his face. As Chris (who now seemed to me like an old friend to me) and I watched, she took his penis her mouth. She began to suck him enthusiastically until the saliva was running down her chin. It was amazing watching her do this. My only regret was I hadn’t brought my camera to record it — and everything else that had happened.

Hayley was kneeling now, her hands on the Asian guy’s hips. I ran my hand down her back, which was sticky with sweat, under her buttocks, and plunged my fingers into her pussy again. Wanting to maximise her pleasure — I realised she probably hadn’t cum yet — I began to rub the bud of her clitoris with my index finger. She was letting out little muffled squeals, and bouncing up and down on my hand.

Then I felt her body stiffen, remain still for an instant, and she let out an almighty groan. As sometimes happens when she has a particularly powerful orgasm, she squirted, and a thick, hot dollop of liquid landed on my palm.

As she came, the Asian’s cock slipped from her mouth. He grabbed hold of it, gave two or three hard tugs on it and, letting out a loud grunt, ejaculated. His sperm spurted everywhere, a few drops of it landing in Hayley’s hair.

Hayley fell face down onto her towel with a sigh, clearly exhausted. The Asian guy, who suddenly looked terribly embarrassed, turned and began to make his way quickly back to the beach, having still not uttered a word. Chris and I looked at each other and laughed.

Afterwards, the three of us went back to the beach and had a swim. We sat for a couple of hours sunbathing and talking, with most of the talk revolving around sex and perversity. When Chris said that, reluctantly, he had to go, we exchanged phone numbers, and I said that he was welcome to come to our house some time.

Hayley and I left the beach around 4pm. We climbed back up the rocky pathway and got to our car. We didn’t speak on the way home, but at one point I reached over and slipped my hand under her cotton dress and into her cunt, and thought about the fact that a stranger’s cock had been in it, and another in her mouth, and couldn’t wait to get home and fuck my red-haired slut again.

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