Jamies Pool Party

Being a senior at University I live on Campus most of the year except during the Christmas, Summer and the other holidays when I try to make it home as much as possible. My new life started with a pool party and sleepover my sister wanted to have after her junior year in college. Seeing as our parents were off on one of their regular business trips, I was left in charge. I told my sister, Jamie, it was okay with me but that no boys could sleep over due to the wishes of our mom and dad.

She wanted to know how many girls could come. I told her I didn’t care how many showed up but that she tell me so I could shop accordingly. We have a pretty damn big house so they could sleep upstairs in one of the guest rooms or downstairs in the living room where they could watch movies or do whatever they wanted. She invited 22 girls.

I grilled out on the BBQ. I cooked steak, king prawns, burgers and some other things the girls liked. I noticed that the sausages were getting very popular as the cookout progressed and the girls were getting slightly tipsy from all the drinks they’d had. They were giggling away while such words as ‘blowjob’, ‘rockhard’, ‘Pussy’ and ‘penis’ or a variety thereof reached my ears every once in a while. At around ten I cleaned up and went upstairs to watch TV and get out of their way.

At about one in the morning I woke up to splashing noises coming from the pool. I had to piss so I went to my bathroom, which joins my bedroom and has a door to the hallway. I heard the girls talking about boys. I looked out the bathroom window and got an instant hardon. They were all skinny dipping. The pool lights were on and since the light wasn’t on in the bathroom so they couldn’t see me. The girls were around the same age, their late teens and one or two were twenty.

One of my sisters’ best friends had stayed at the house many times, I had never given her a second look ‘til now. I also hadn’t seen my sister naked since she was about twelve, she had filled out nicely.

I was getting really hard but then I thought to myself, “You saw them growing up. You’re eight years older than most of them”. I really had to get a steady fuck. I was listening to them talk and picked one out to wank my cock to. I had to come. I hadn’t seen bodies like these for over a year.

When one of the girls named Jane told the girls she was so horny she could fuck the football team, things started getting steamy. She started playing with her pussy and asked if any one wanted to help her come. The only black girl at the party had a body to die for with quite large breasts with very erect nipples. She told Jane she would help her if she returned the favour. The black girl started licking her pussy and Jane went wild. I was starting to get into it. I was stroking fast when the door opened and one of the 18 year old girls walked in with a towel around her. Her long blond hair was wet from the pool and so was most of her delicious young body. She was so gorgeous that I almost blew my load. I turned around with my nine three quarter inch cock in my hand and her jaw dropped.

“Hi I’m Claudia. I see you were enjoying the show. I don’t feel like getting into the girl thing right now,” she said playfully. As I was trying to put my cock away, she grabbed my hand.

“Okay, got a proposition for you,” she said as she slowly massaged my cock with her other hand.

“Shoot,” was all that really came to mind.

“Very well. Here goes, what would you say to instead of jerking off to something, I do it for you and you do it to me,” her face had broken into a very horny smile and before I could say anything, she’d dropped her towel, she was naked aswell.

I didn’t know what to say. She dropped to her knees and started giving me the best blowjob I’d had in years. She could suck it most of the way in and was doing a damn good job. After about five minutes I picked her up from the floor and put her on the sink and started licking her pussy, she was very wet and tasted wonderful.

After a few minutes I stopped however, something she wasn’t all too happy about at first. Then she watched me lock the door and carry her to my bed. If anyone came looking for her we would hear them at the bathroom door. She spread her legs and told me to take it easy since she’d never taken a cock that big. I slid in slowly, letting her stretch and not hurt her too much. Her juices were so hot, I got in a little faster. In no time I was pounding her pussy, she was going crazy. As she was panting heavily in my ear, she came while bucking her hips beckoning me to continue. I slowed down so I wouldn’t blow my load too soon. I made it a good slow fuck. I stopped for a minute as a thought hit me, I didn’t have a rubber on or for that matter in the house. I told her I was out of practice a little not to mention the fact that it was rather late. She told me I didn’t need any practice.

“When you come, try to pull out. If you can’t, don’t worry. I’m on the pill and I’ve just been checked for any STD’s,” she said as she rubbed her VERY wet pussy.

Seeing as I too had just taken one of the University STD tests myself I started to ride her once again. I kept up a quick pace and before long she was making tiny yelps of pleasure and she came again. That, for me, was the point where I blew my load deep into her young teenage pussy. After a slight breather she went into the bathroom to clean up and told me they were still going at it at the pool. To come and see. She was in front of me, still naked. I looked over her shoulder and saw Jane and about half the girls eating pussy. My sister was having her own pussy eaten by a gorgeous Asian girl that I already knew but who’s name I couldn’t remember. My cock was getting hard again. I bend Claudia over and pushed my hard cock back into her pussy again.

I was looking out the window and fucking Claudia. She was looking out of the window aswell and had put her knees on the toilet lid. She started moaning again and for a moment I thought of taking her back to the bedroom. I decided against it, the thought of being caught by my sister or someone else had given it an extra edge.

Claudia’s tiny yelps soon gave way to some very loud screams of ecstasy that echoed

through the neighbourhood and caught the attention of the girls downstairs by the pool.

“Claudia, you okay girl?,” my sister called.

She carefully made her way towards Jane and the others, all the while having her pussy eaten by the gorgeous Asian girl.

All Claudia could do was moan, “Yesss yes Ohhh”.

This stirred up some giggles and a few of the girls, including my sister, went inside to take a look at what Claudia was doing. I was getting more and more exited at the prospect of getting caught by the girls, so apparently was Claudia. She was screaming it out in pleasure. I bend myself somewhat forwards and rapped my right arm around her perfect belly. I made my way to her absolutely throbbing clit. This was more than she could handle and I felt her pussy contract around my cock, over and over again.

“Ohh g-god,” she panted as I continued to finger her clit and hammer my cock into her young pussy.

“Claudia?,” a concerned call penetrated the sweaty atmosphere of the bathroom, “are you alright in there?”.

All that Claudia could muster in her current state was a, to me very horny sounding, moan. The girls on the other side of the door however seemed to think that she’d been sick. They started fiddling with the lock of the bathroom and in no time at all they had the lock pried open.

“Claudia?,” my sister Jamie called in through the door, they couldn’t see us yet.

“You need some help or something?,” Jamie called in sounding very unsure that that was the right thing to say.

Odd question under the circumstances so I smiled and hesitated for a moment or two and than said, “No thanks we’ll manage”.

There was a very abrupt silence on the other side of the door, as if they were taken completely aback that I was in there with their friend.

“I’m coming in,” Jamie called and rattled the door knob heavily.

“Yesss Ohh g-god mannnn yesss,” Claudia whimpered under the tremendous force I was putting her through.

There was a gasp behind us and I turned my head to see four glistening, wet and naked girls standing in the door opening looking at us with looks that told me that they were still supremely horny.

“MIRO!? What the…well fuck are you doing to Claudia?!,” my sister yelled in astonishment.

I looked at her, all the while not slowing my banging the young, gorgeous and very horny Claudia, smiled heavily and said, “Exactly that!”.

Jamie suddenly walked in and looked at Claudia, who was, other than smiling dreamily as she raced towards another orgasm, perfectly alright. Jamie looked into the slight space between Claudia’s and my body and gasped again as she saw my massive cock pounding into the wet teenage pussy of her friend.

“Jesus that’s really grown over the years hasn’t it?,” Jamie said as her nipples became instantly erect again.

“I don’t know, it’s been like that since I was about seventeen,” I said with a grin on my face.

I had slowed my fucking of the gorgeous, yes she was and frankly still is, Claudia.

“Hey girls come take a look at this,” Jamie said suddenly, and motioned for the three girls who were still in the hallway to come in.

The thought, “This is really awkward” flashed through my head, but then I felt two pairs of hands sliding across my back and one hand pinching my ass cheeks quite painfully.

The tiny, beautiful Asian girl with shoulder length black hair who had been sucking my sisters pussy earlier came standing next to Jamie. Her figure was magnificent and my hardon became if possible even harder. My desire grew as I saw the other two girls come into view aswell. Sonja, a simply gorgeous redhead with bright, dragon green eyes and milky white skin and a high rate schoolgirl body was my sisters best friend and a brunette with beautiful brown eyes and a body that could keep the entire porn network on the Internet in business for decades.

“Miro this is Elise,” said Jamie indicating the gorgeous brunette, “And this gorgeous redhead is ofcourse Sonja ,you’ve met many times and another one that you’ve probably already met, the lovely and very horny Lynn”.

They all nodded and seemed to keep their attention focused on my cock.

“Are you sure Mom and Dad said that we couldn’t have any boys over?,” Jamie asked playfully, as she stoked her fingers along Lynn’s hips.

“Well yeah pretty sure. But if you’re really that horny who am I to deny you some pleasure. After all you just passed the first year of college and you’re old enough to make these decisions yourself I’d say but you know Mom and Dad. Go ahead and call some. Knowing you they’re probably already underway or just outside,” I said as Claudia sat down on the toilet lid and stared around at the other girls with a somewhat drained yet satisfied look on her face.

“Thanks Miro! GUYS COME ON IN!,” Jamie yelled downstairs and I heard the front door open and about thirty seconds and ten pair of feet later it closed again.

Jamie kissed me on the cheek, gave my cock an unexpected little squeeze and said, “Don’t wait up for us. Oh and give Claudia a good…no a great night. God knows she’s deserves one. Been studying all year, no parties or anything. So gooooodniiiight,” and with that she, Elise and Sonja left the bathroom.

Lynn however hovered for a while and than lent towards me and whispered, “If at any time you feel the itch, call me up here and we’ll have some real fun”.

She kissed Claudia a goodnight. Although it wasn’t a normal kiss, it was a little too long for that, plus the fact that she kissed her on the lips. After a last and rather sensual wave she left the bathroom.

Claudia looked up and smiled her lovely smile again. She looked even more beautiful in the moonlight beaming in through the open window.

“I’m getting a bit cold here by the window. Shall we go into your bedroom again?,” she asked and nodded towards the door on her left.

I looked out of the window and saw that most the guys my sister had invited were already gathered in varying states of nakedness around the pool.

The girls were either giving blowjobs or having their pussies sucked. Lynn however wasn’t outside and I even wondered why.

“Yeah let’s. I have a few more tricks I want to try on you,” I said and picked her up into my arms and carried her into my dark bedroom.

Someone seemed to have turned off the lights. I put Claudia down on the bed and walked over to the light switch. CLICK. Nothing happened, it was just as dark as before. I walked over to my desk and clicked on the desk lamp. Again nothing. I looked at my alarm clock and noticed that it wasn’t working either.

“Damn power failure,” I muttered as I looked into the street below and saw that the streetlights weren’t working either.

“You can just open the curtains on all sides seeing as it’s a full moon out,” Claudia said somewhere in the dark room.

I did so and made my way back to the bed.

“Lie down on your back,” she said and pushed me down and sat down on top of me. She picked up a sheet from my bed and put my hands against the headrest which was made of oak wood with large circular holes puncturing it every fifteen inches or so. She pulled the sheet through two holes on either end of the bed and tied my hands with it. I have to say this excited me aswell as scared me a bit.

“Basic Instinct,” came to mind.

I felt her soft hands gliding downwards over my torso. My cock stood instantly at attention again. She leaned down and we kissed passionately. Our tongues entwined and searched each others mouths. Then however I felt something so odd, it didn’t register at first. I felt two silky soft hands gliding upwards over my legs. They didn’t belong to Claudia because those were resting on my chest. I opened my eyes looked at Claudia. She had her eyes closed. The hands were still making their way towards my crotch. This excited the hell out of me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young woman’s shape behind Claudia climbing onto the bed. At this Claudia opened her eyes aswell and pulled away from the kiss. She looked around and saw Lynn sitting naked behind her.

Lynn shrugged and smiled, “Sorry couldn’t wait. I’ve wanted this guy since the first moment I laid my eyes on him two years ago”.

Claudia apparently didn’t seem all too surprised, I however was.

“Eh now then I have a question. My bedroom door is locked and you left through the other door in the bathroom. How did you get in here?,” I asked staring at Lynn’s moonlit silhouette.

Her hands went through her long black hair when she stretched and the outline of her gorgeous figure was visible. I had the sudden urge (oh well maybe not so sudden) to start licking her all over but than remembered that Claudia had tied me up.

She seemed to have noticed the defined spring in my cock as she did this, because instead of answering she said, “Now the reason I’m here is to have sex with you….both of you if you don’t mind”.

Taking our silence as affirmation she crawled across my legs.

I felt her pussy juices streaming over my legs as she did so.

“God she’s hot,” shot through my mind. And she was, she really was.

She sat herself down right behind Claudia and let her hands glide over Claudia’s hips upwards towards her wonderful breasts. As she touched them ever so slightly Claudia let out a gasp and a soft moan followed closely as Lynn pinched her already stiffening nipples. Claudia reached behind her and found my rock hard cock and started stroking it slowly. Lynn looked down and saw that which she had come there for and inched forward some more. I could feel the wetness of her pussy against my balls.

“I want you Miro,” Lynn groaned in a hoarse voice as her hands took over from Claudia’s.

“Well there’s not much I can do now, can I?,” I said slightly waving my rather immobile hands.

I saw Lynn smile and before I knew it she had slid herself onto my cock. Gasping slightly as it’s massive form penetrated her, Lynn lowered her rather tight teen pussy onto me. Lynn let out a heavy moan as she came to rest on my balls.

“Oh god this thing is enormous,” she whispered to Claudia who was turning around to sit herself down on my face. I took in the lovely scent of Claudia’s wet and positively dripping pussy. I was feeling rather helpless at that point although I wasn’t complaining, on the contrary I was having the night of my life.

Claudia swiftly untied my right hand and told me to rub and finger her pussy. I did so and found that she was still planning on sitting herself down on my face. Lynn came up slightly off my balls and then plunged herself down again letting out a hoarse groan that didn’t exactly fit with her petite frame. Slowly but steadily she rose again further this time and then plunged herself down again over and over again each time letting out the same hoarse groan. I have to say after a few times it really started to turn me on. Claudia in the mean time had lowered herself onto my face and was making me finger and tongue fuck her. My fingers slowly caressed the outsides of her wet pussy as my tongue licked her hard clit. I don’t know which it was that made me so immensely horny, Lynn riding and groaning away on my cock or the lack of oxygen that Claudia provided with her wet and great flavoured pussy on my face, probably both. It was at that point that I heard a noise, a familiar noise at that. It was the creaking floorboard in the middle of the hall outside my bedroom. It couldn’t have been someone familiar with the house since they all knew it was there. Then nothing. Since Lynn and Claudia were groaning and breathing away I couldn’t hear anything outside the room anymore. I think I actually considered having a look outside my bedroom door, but since Lynn was riding me so wonderfully, that thought was quickly banned from my mind.

“Ooh yesss. Stick your tongue in baby,” Claudia moaned as I accidentally licked her tight little asshole. One of the odder requests I’ve had in my life but I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to keep the horny teen happy and satisfied.

I grabbed her side with my left hand and lifted my head somewhat more and stuck my tongue as far as it could go into her ass. At this she let out a gasp and her pussy lips contracted around my fingers.

Lynn was bouncing away on my hard cock and I had to use a lot of self control not to come just yet.

“Ohh yah yah yah yesss Ohh yesss,” Claudia loudly let out in a voice most unlike her own. Just as she came, Lynn reached her peak aswell and her body shuddered and shook and contracted around my cock.

“My god yesss!!,” Lynn shouted before her voice trailed off as she was kissed by Claudia. That’s when I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load far up and into the gorgeous tiny Asian girls pussy. After what seemed like five minutes our orgasm’s subsided and Claudia and Lynn slid off me and curled up on either side of me.

“My god that was the best sex I ever had,” Lynn panted and kissed me on the chest.

“Well Thanks but you’re still young trust me it will get better and better as the years go by and your experience grows,” I smiled and kissed her on her forehead seeing as she was so small she didn’t reach beyond my throat.

Claudia lit a cigarette and was silently smiling and twirling her fingers through my chest hairs. Every now and then she took a drag from the cigarette and passed it on to Lynn who in turn passed it to me. I had just lit another three because the sharing of the cigarette made for very little time for enjoyment, that’s when I noticed something whirring from my right and I looked around and saw a small handheld camera standing on the dresser next to the door.

“That’s strange,” I muttered, “I haven’t heard the door open or close but then again there was a lot of ambient noise in this room”.

I was sure however I had locked the door when Claudia and I had entered the room earlier. Still Lynn had found a way into my room so someone else could have aswell.

“Did either of you see anyone enter my room in the last thirty minutes?,” I asked the smoking and somewhat sleepy young girls.

Claudia looked up and bit her lower lip in concentration then said, “Don’t think so but then, I was rather occupied”.

The horny smile creased her lips again and laid her head down on my chest again. Lynn however had remained silent and was looking towards the door.

“Lynn?,” I asked. She snapped out of her daydream and looked me in the eyes.

“Yeah, I did. Jamie put that camera there and sort of asked me not to tell,” she said as a somewhat guilty look swam over her face.

“Don’t worry about it. She’s kinda kinky like that,” I said shrugging.

As I looked at the camera again I noticed that there was a cable running from it and under the door. I got up and walked to the door and opened it. Sure enough the cable ran through the length of the hallway and down the stairs into the dining room.

“It seems that Jamie has put us on display. I’ll bet anything that they were watching us go at it downstairs”. At this they both seemed not at all surprised or embarrassed. On the contrary it seemed to turn them on.

“Let’s go see,” Claudia said and took my hand and Lynn’s and walked us downstairs. I didn’t have any special desire to take a look at what was happening downstairs but Claudia and Lynn obviously did.

As we came to the bottom of the stairs we heard several moaning voices emanating from the dining room. Lynn started giggling somewhat nervously, it was quite funny to see the completely naked teen losing it over a couple of moans after what she had…correction, we had endured a couple of minutes before. Claudia seemed too interested in what was happening in the dining room to notice Lynn’s attack of the giggles. She leaned forward and opened the dining room door to a gap of about ten centimetres so that we could all see through it into the dining room. What I saw amazed even me. In the dimly lit dining room we saw four guys were sitting there jerking themselves or each other off next to a naked female form that was simply drenched in their come. I didn’t recognise the girl, but then again I didn’t know half of them, not to mention the guys. The scene before me however excited the hell out of me somehow. I couldn’t believe I wanted to be one of those guys. As I watched the scene unfold on the dining table, Lynn leaned in closer and I saw her breathing quicken again. I looked around and saw that Claudia was sliding her fingers ever so gently over Lynn’s nice and tight butt. At that moment a very pretty girl entered the dining room. She was, for lack of a better word, perfect. I had seen her before, though she wasn’t at the BBQ that night so she must’ve arrived with the guys. She was about 5″6 and her black hair was finely braided and shiny, reaching down to her shoulder blades. Her eyes were dark brown close to black and her complexion was sort of a lighter shade of ebony it wasn’t quite Latino and it wasn’t quite black but somewhere in the middle, she did look somewhat familiar though. She was wearing a short white somewhat see-through halter top that showed off her b-cup sized tits and revealed her lovely belly. Underneath that she was wearing what looked like a purple g-string. I must’ve shown my fascination with her because Claudia giggled a little and put her hands over my eyes.

“She’s actually the youngest girl here,” she said matter-of-factly and made a distinct tutting noise to show her makeshift disapproval.

“How old is she? She can’t be that young. Just look at her she can’t be less than twenty,” I smiled as my cocksize increased slightly again.

“She just turned eighteen two weeks ago and yes she is very hot,” Lynn whispered into my right ear and grabbed my cock. She slowly, almost teasingly slowly, started to jerk back my foreskin and lightly brushed the head with her tongue.

A shudder ran through me as I thought of caressing that gorgeous young body.

“But then I already have two gloriously beautiful girl’s standing right infront of me. Why then wasn’t I content with what I had,” I wondered in silence.

I wanted this girl so badly I didn’t even notice that I was being guided to the table by Claudia and Lynn. The come soaked girl looked up at us with a somewhat glazed look on her face. She had a very satisfied if somewhat stoned smile of her face. Her hair was covered in come aswell as was most of her body. She didn’t seem to mind though, she continuously took a finger, wiped it over her body and licked off the come.

“Where’s Lillian?,” Lynn asked the guys sitting on the table still jerking off themselves and each other. They exchanged curious looks and hunched their shoulders.

“Dunno but if you find her please tell her that we want her,” one of the guys said as he rubbed his neighbours large cock that rivalled my own in size I dare say that it was bigger.

“Football team,” shot through my head with a very stereotypical notion that now all football players were gay in my eyes.

We walked over to the kitchen door and saw that my sister was having some serious sex on the kitchen table. The hulk that was pounding into her looked as if every muscle in his body was tense and a look of intense concentration was fixed upon his face. He was pounding into my young sister at a very hard and quick pace. Jamie’s legs were wrapped around the hulk and she was squeezing her nipples continually. As she lay there flat on the counter being pounded her eyes were closed and her half mouth was open in a sort of silent scream. With every thrust the enormous hulk of a guy made into her, a barely audible gasp of pleasure escaped her mouth.

Lynn smiled and made her way slowly and silently into the kitchen. Claudia and I waited in the door opening.

“Hey Jamie,” Lynn whispered to my sister as she kissed her.

Jamie opened her eyes only half way and a sort of guttural noise came out and then she smiled

“Jason,” was all that she could say and pointed at the hulk called Jason, who continued to pound into her.

Lynn climbed stealthily onto the kitchen counter, lowered her mouth and slowly started to lick my sisters left nipple. Jamie’s eyes popped open and focused on Lynn again. She then smiled and put her hand under Lynn’s chin guiding her to her mouth. They closed their eyes as they kissed passionately and Jason the hulk didn’t even notice. He just continued his assault on my sister. Jamie suddenly opened her eyes again and let out a cry of ecstasy. Jason groaned and took out his monster of a cock. I heard Claudia gasp next to me as she caught sight of it.

“Jesus! That thing must be a foot long and as thick as my wrist,” she whispered her eyes fixed on it.

The hulk let off another groan as Lynn and Jamie started sucking the largest cock I’d ever seen. I took Claudia’s by her wrist and backed away from the kitchen door.

“Where are we going?,” Claudia whispered, seemingly reluctant to tear her gaze away from the scene infront of her.

“Living room,” I said pointing to the door right ahead of us.

We made our way into the living room, where a sight of utter roman orgies met our eyes. Eleven or twelve girls were lying in various positions throughout the living room getting fucked, licked, fingered, spanked or were giving blowjobs, handjobs and some were being done in Russian style, but all were completely drenched in either come, sweat or both. Lillian however wasn’t there and neither was Sonja. Jane, Elise and several of the girls I had seen earlier in and around the pool however, were. Elise was being fucked rather hard by an enormous guy who’s head seemed too small for his body. He reminded me somewhat of the comic character the Tick, except for the fact that he wasn’t blue. She was moaning loudly as her pussy was being pounded and her ass slapped every once in a while by a massive hand. She seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly. Several girls including the black girl who turned out to be named Latisha were being licked, fingered, dildo fucked or just plain fucked infront of the fireplace on the rather tasteless white bear skin rug. They were breathing very heavily and now and then a high squeal came out of one of the girls’ throats that showed that they were enjoying the sleepover immensely. Claudia seemed to be all too ready to join them.

I nodded, smiling broadly and in a deeply overdone voice said, “Go ahead my lover. I’ll be back once I find Lillian”. She smiled, kissed me and waved before going over to join Latisha and the rest of the gang on the bearskin rug. They seemed all too happy to welcome them in their new quest to satisfy their lusts. For it was lust making instead of lovemaking they were doing. I watched them go at it for a few minutes with a terrible desire to go and join them. I resisted however. Lillian was on my list and I wasn’t going to do anyone else.

I left the living room through a side door and I followed the cable through the hallway where I stopped just short of walking into my fathers study annex office.

Now there was something to see. Sonja was lying back in my father’s chair with her legs resting on the desk. Completely naked and squeezing her brown nipples and every once in a while licking her breast and giving out a small moan in self-induced pleasure. She had her left hand deep in her pussy letting it out every so often with a satisfied moan of pleasure. Her body was glistening with sweat and her skin reflected the moonlight filtering in through the windows. She appeared to be alone and she was watching the television. I heard familiar sounds coming from the speakers around the room. I looked at the large screen and saw myself in action with Lynn and Claudia. As I watched Sonja masturbate, my cock began to grow again. I hadn’t had so many erections in one night before, I was quite amazed at how horny I could be really. I slowly entered the room. She didn’t even notice when I sat down on the leather couch, which was situated against the wall next to the door. I watched her go at it for several minutes from the comforts of the couch. Then just as she was about to come I cleared my throat loudly. Something I shouldn’t have done because Sonja in her condition jumped with fright so that she and my father’s desk chair tumbled to the floor. She quickly looked over the desk, so that I was looking at a mass of dishevelled red hair and a pair of dragon-green eyes. A smile split across her pretty face and she stood up and climbed on top of the desk where she sat in a low crouch. I could see her shaved pussy glistening with pure pussy juice. She looked remarkably like a tigress ready to pounce her mate, and so she did. With a great jump she reached the couch on which I sat.

“Hey there tiger! Wanna ruffle?,” she said in a voice that was not unlike a cat’s purr.

“What? Oh err…yeah sure why not,” I uttered in surprise as she climbed on top of me.

And soon Lillian was banned from my mind as Sonja kissed me with such passion that I forgot who I was for a while. This girl made me change my mind about her completely. Sonja was definitely not the timid girl I had taken her for during the last two or three years. Her hands were everywhere on me, it was like she had more than one set. Slowly and teasingly she traced her hands up my inner thigh. She pulled away from our kiss with a loud smacking sound. Her hands caressed my face and her sweet sensuous lips kissed mine ever so gently. She lightly brushed her fingernails down my neck and over my torso, where she twirled her fingers through my chest hair.

She smiled and whispered, “How are you enjoying your evening”.

I grinned and said, “Well I have to say this is pretty much turning out to be the best night ever”.

With that I sat up and took her face into my hands, kissed her gently and carried her over to the desk. She weighed practically nothing at all. I cleared the desk with one sweep of my hand. I had to buy my father a new desk lamp and a telephone but it was well worth it. I sat down on my knees on the desk next to Sonja and caressed her tight young body, seeing it respond to my movements. We spend the next half hour exploring each others likes and dislikes. Sonja, it turned out, liked it when I nibbled her ear and whispered the things I wanted to do to and with her into her ear. She didn’t like to be on the bottom however so in the end she turned out to be on top of me. Which was fine by me. I could see aswell as touch everything better from the bottom anyway. She licked her way down my neck and over my torso. Her right hand massaging my cock and the other my balls. She quickly made her way onto the floor again and kneeled between my legs. I felt her warm breath on my cockhead and a slow trickle of saliva drooped out of Sonja’s mouth and onto my cock. She rubbed it ever so slowly and then let her tongue flick over the head very fast before taking it into her mouth. She started pumping me as if her very survival depended on it. I have to say it was different from what I had known so far but it wasn’t bad on the contrary it was the best blowjob I’d ever had. Her right hand jerking the bottom half of my cock and her lips and mouth pumping the other half. Fast and hard. All too soon I felt an enormous flood of sweat trickling down my forehead and back. Sonja, it so seemed, was having the time of her life giving me my blowjob I was having one aswell. She was moaning and breathing very heavily as she pumped me into her mouth. For a second there I thought she might have been hyperventilating. Her eyes were open but I could see only the whites still there. Just as I was about to shoot a load of sperm into her throat, I stopped her. Something told me that she would blow a vessel if I ‘d done that.

“What?,” she said rather distractedly as she looked up from her position on the floor.

“Don’t want to blow just yet if that’s okay with you,” as I said this she came up from the floor and kissed me.

Our tongue’s wrestled each other as she climbed on top of me. Her breasts lightly brushing against my torso. Her nipples were hard and her breasts slightly sweaty. Her breathing was still somewhat erratic but that I figured came from her arousal. I know for a fact that my breathing was beginning to lighten my head a little. She positioned her lithe form over my cock and plunged down in one go. Her pussy was wet and stretched a lot more than I would’ve thought possible. She was still extremely tight though. There was a low grunting noise of which I don’t know to this day who made it, me or her. She slowly eased herself up and than down again letting out a small gasp of pleasure. Her pussy perfectly fit around my cock, she started riding me a little faster and harder, every time letting out a small gasp as she plunged herself down again. I ran my hands up and down her back with teasing softness. She didn’t mind. On the contrary it excited the hell out of her. Her fingers dug into my chest and neck as she bend forwards to kiss me once more. After about three minutes she released from our kiss and started riding me again at a very up tempo. Her face broke into a smile as I gently massaged her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples.

“Ohh yeah harder…pinch me harder,” she whispered as she rocked her hips backwards and forwards. I lightly increased the pressure on her nipples until I was squeezing them so hard that Sonja dug her nails into my chest again. She squealed in pleasure as she rode me at a rapid tempo.

“Ohh yesss that’s it baby now pull them and twist my lovely nipples. Ohhh yeah that’s it. Oh oh yah oh god I’m gonna come,” she whispered under her breath.

She started bucking her hips heavily and I felt her pussy contract around my cock. The pulsating motion her pelvic muscles made pushed me over the edge aswell. I came…twice. I blew my load deep into her and that’s what she really liked. She threw herself onto me and rode me some more. She kissed me on the forehead on my cheeks, mouth, down my neck and then slid off my cock and downwards. She rapped her mouth around my still semi-erect cock and started licking off the come that remained. I lay there for at least fifteen minutes just having my cock and balls licked by a gorgeous girl I’d never really gotten to know over the last two or three years.

“You okay?,” she asked after a while.

“A bit light headed but yeah I’m okay. You’re indeed one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and I have to say this; You give the best blowjobs I’ve ever had and you’re simply amazing to have sex with. I’ve never actually come twice,” I smiled and caressed her beautiful face.

“You okay?,” I asked her as I sat up.

“Tired as hell and a bit hungry, you?”.

“Yeah I could eat. What time is it anyway?,” I asked and turned around to face the grandfather clock in my fathers study. Four-thirty in the morning. I carefully opened the door of the study and let Sonja through first. I followed and caught up with her just before she went into the living room. She turned around and placed her hands on my chest and stood on tiptoe. I smiled, took her into my arms and kissed her. We kissed for ten minutes without pause and then she hugged me and I her. We only released our hug because her stomach grumbled. We didn’t go through the living room since that was still packed with moaning and groaning of the people still going at it. We took the long way around and went through the sun terrace, through the garage and then carefully into the kitchen just incase my sister was still in there. She wasn’t. I fixed Sonja and myself a couple of sandwiches and grabbed a bottle of Bacardi and a box of fresh strawberries. Seeing as I’m allergic to champagne and all other grape products it was the logical thing to do. We climbed the stairs and walked through the hallway to my room. Every room we passed, and that’s about six, was filled with sounds of people having sex. Behind the third door, the games room, we heard a guy groaning that he was to be fucked harder by his friend.

Who answered with an o so familiar voice, “Shut up bitch and suck her pussy”.

My neighbours’ son Daimi who lives just across the street. Sonja burst into a fit of giggles as she heard this and rushed into my room. I came in after her and shut the door.

“So what would you like first, roasted turkey or sugared strawberry’s?,” she asked as she sat down at the small table by the window.

“Err roasted turkey first I think, ‘cause I don’t think we’ll sit here long enough for the sugared strawberry’s to stay on the toast,” I smiled and sat down on the table infront of her. She picked up the plate and carefully took off the strawberries.

“How about some different seasoning than sugar?,” and with this she stood up and walked over to the bed and laid down.

“Never mind the roast turkey then,” I mumbled, more to myself than her, and made my way to the bed. I crawled on top of her and kissed her sweet lips. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue and licked my lips with a sensual look in her eyes. Her eyes looked straight into mine, flicking from one eye to the other and back again as if searching for some look of non-sincerity. There was none. She kissed me and than softly pulled away just enough to look me in the eyes again.

“I think I love you. I think I’ve loved you since the day we met,” she whispered and smiled.

“And I you, my love,” I said as I caressed her beautiful face, kissed her again and then added, “But as for now let’s eat”.

Sonja sat up and grabbed the strawberries again and, as I looked on in wonder, bit off the top and rubbed her nipples with the other half. She looked up after doing so and smiled, “Wanna taste?”.

I raised my eyebrows but didn’t say a word. I lowered my mouth to her breasts and lightly licked around the side of her nipple as I softly massaged her both of her breasts. A shudder ran through her body as I did this and Goosebumps appeared on her silken soft skin. The strawberry taste on her nipples was wonderful and as I sucked and licked them, something or rather someone fell down in the bathroom. A heavy thud was followed by a simpering of a girl. I looked up and Sonja seemed too engulfed by the sensations in her body to have noticed.

I took my mouth of her nipple immediately getting a rather irritated look from her and so I quickly asked, “Did you hear that?”.

She hadn’t because she looked at me as if I had uttered something in a foreign language.

“Wha’?,” she asked still looking at me with a somewhat disappointed look on her face.

“There’s someone in my bathroom and I think he or she just fell down,” I said and made to stand up and have a look when the doorknob rattled.

“Yes? What? Are you okay in there?,” I asked still seated on the bed.

“No not really I think I sprained my ankle just now getting out of the tub,” a very small voice said at the other end, “Can you open the door please?”.

I looked up at Sonja for her consent, and after a small nod of her head I stood up and unlocked the bathroom door. Out came a limping yet very beautiful girl with long black braided hair and wearing a beach towel. A bruise was forming on her right arm.

“Lilly?,” Sonja asked, “Oh god are you okay?”. Sonja stood up and simply rushed to the aid of the very familiar looking girl. It was Lillian.

“Yeah I’m fine. I fell asleep in the tub after my run in with Josh,” she said with a wry smile.

“Oh my god Josh….your Josh? From Beta-Zeta-Kappa?,” Sonja said as she settled her friend down on my bed.

At this point I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable standing there naked with a semi boner and two beautiful women in my room and on my bed, though neither was paying me much attention for the moment.

“Oh by the way this is Miro he’s my…well he’s my lover for now and we’ll find out what we’ll be in the morning,” she said as she saw Lillian taking a look at me out of a corner of her eye after which Sonja added, “this is his room. He’s Jamie’s brother. Oh and Miro, this is Lillian. My best friend”.

Lillian looked around fully now and noticed my semi erect cock. “Err…Son? I don’t mean to be intruding here but were you just about to have sex with Jamie’s brother?,” Lillian asked with a slightly lopsided grin as she continued to look at my cock.

“Yes I was and not for the first time tonight either,” Sonja said nodding and smiling heavily and looking from me to Lillian and back again.

“Well I have to say that he does look rather appetising, doesn’t he?,” Lillian said with a wicked smile on her beautiful face, the bruise on her arm and her sprained ankle long forgotten.

Sonja stood up and took a few steps and came to rest behind me. At that point she caressed my arm with a sensuality I had never found in other women before. I looked around at her and saw that she was ready to get on to the ‘business’ we had begun earlier. I turned around and rapped my arms around her waist and kissed her soft and tender lips. Her kiss was even more sensual than her touch. About halfway through the kiss I opened my eyes for some reason and saw that Lillian was watching us with great pleasure. The towel that had covered her earlier was open and she was lightly pinching her own nipples. A sight that I, as every straight guy on the planet, found to make me extremely horny. As we kissed, Sonja’s hands were running up my back and through my hair, over my torso and through my hair again. She was really turned on, even more than she’d been before.

“Ohh my g-god,” she whispered into my ear as I slowly and softly kissed her neck. Lillian all of a sudden let out a very hoarse groan. Sonja and I both looked up and saw her sitting on the edge of the bed with three fingers buried deep in her pussy and her other hand rubbing her clit.

“Wow Lilly,” Sonja gasped as she looked upon her friend.

“Do me p-please! Now! Ohh yesss come on please,” Lillian moaned to both Sonja and me.

I looked at Sonja with a questioning look, Sonja however nodded and guided me onto the bed. Lillian took her fingers out of her extremely wet pussy with a squishing sound. A fair aroma reached my nostrils as she did so. Her hand immediately reaching for my cock and rubbing it till it was good and hard enough for her liking. That’s when she guided it to her pussy, which she opened up with her left hand and with her right she guided in my cock.

I went into her in one thrust at which she exclamated, “Holy God-damn motherfuck! YES oh yes fuck me with that massive cock of yours”.

I have to say for such a young petite girl she really gets nasty in bed. I started fucking her very slowly as Sonja got onto the bed and lay down next to Lillian caressing her friends’ belly and slowly through her pubic hair and then to her absolutely throbbing clit.

“Oh fuck yes harder! You bastard! Fuck me harder!,” Lillian shouted as she arched her back and bucked her hips.

“Well do it already she seems to want it enough,” Sonja said as she looked up, her beautiful green eyes full of lust.

“Okay well Lillian just remember you asked for it,” I said as a great grin formed on my face. Lillian opened her eyes in shock and looked at Sonja just in time. I thrust into her with tremendous force and picked up the pace tenfold.

“Ohhh MY G-g-g-god Yes Yes Yes oh g-g-god YES,” and so on and so forth followed at an ever increasing volume of her voice as I fucked Lillian harder and faster. Thank god I’d already had sex before that night. This time it was much, much easier not to come. As I was fucking Lillian, Sonja was watching us and caressing Lillian’s young yet very well developed body and curved in all the right places. Sonja seemed however to want more.

“You okay, grmph oh yeah, Sonja you in need of anything?,” I asked as I felt Lillian’s pussy contract around my cock and felt her body shake beneath me.

Sonja looked up and nodded, “Yeah I am in need of something. That!,” she said and pointed to my cock which was still riding her best friend.

“In due time love,” I said and added to Lillian, “Unless you’re done with me already?”.

Lillian’s shouts had reduced to a long and rather loud whimpering moan.

“Huh? What?,” Lillian asked as she looked at me through rather glazed eyes.

“I was just wondering if you were done with me yet or that you wanted to get to the good part,” I said grinning heavily again.

Lillian however looked even more shocked than before. “What? You mean this wasn’t the good part? There’s no way. But yeah I’m ready in more ways than one,” she whispered.

“Good than get up on all fours and spread your legs a little wider,” I said as I took my cock, which was positively dripping with pussy juices, out of her tight pussy and took to the floor. Lillian did as she was asked and Sonja sat down infront of her face.

Lillian settled down on her elbows and reached for Sonja’s pussy.

“Oh my you are wet now aren’t you love,” Lillian said teasingly as she brushed Sonja’s pussy with two fingers.

“Oh you have no idea. I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet before. Ohh Lilly yah that’s the spot right there Ohhh YES!,” Sonja moaned as Lillian quickly rubbed her clit and inserted three fingers deep into Sonja’s drenched pussy.

I positioned myself behind Lillian and slowly entered her tight pussy again. I immediately picked up the pace. It was starting to get hard not to come, both for me aswell as Lillian. I noticed as her breathing became shallow and somewhat laboured. Sonja was really enjoying herself as her best friend was doing very well by her.

Unexpectedly Lillian shouted, “Ohh Jesus fuck yesss oh yesss Oh you bastard!”.

Her body shook and she let out several muffled groans as she buried her face in my sheets. I was really close now but I suddenly realised that I didn’t want to come inside Lillian, I wanted to come inside Sonja and Sonja alone.

Lillian was taking several deep breaths when I took my cock out of her and got off the bed. I sat there on the bed for a moment with my eyes closed trying to make the desire to come subside. It sort of worked. It was quickly made useless however when Sonja slowly brushed over my cock with her wet fingers. I looked up at her face and saw that she was smiling the same horny smile that Claudia had displayed earlier that night. That smile will be with me until the end of my days. Lillian was watching all this with a very satisfied look on her face from the position she had taken on the bed. She was lying on her side with her hand propped up under her head. Her gaze held mine for what felt like a long time.

“Miro?,” I heard a soft voice say somewhere very far away.

“Miro?,” the voice called again.

“Mmh…what? Sorry what?,” I said absent mindedly as I pulled my gaze away from Lillian.

“Where were you just now?,” Sonja asked as she crawled her way over the bed towards me.

“Just getting a little tired I guess,” I yawned and looked at my watch. It was nearly five thirty in the morning now and I had only slept for an hour or two.

Lillian at that moment yawned loudly aswell and crawled over to my pillow and lay her head down.

“Yeah I could do with some sleep aswell, but first I want to make you come,” Sonja said as a simply wicked smiled washed over her face. She pulled me down onto the bed once more and situated herself on top of me. Slowly she eased onto my cock and started riding me cowgirl style, as she had done in my fathers study earlier. Every time she went down she let out a tiny gasp of pleasure. I reached up and started massaging her wonderful breasts softly and running her nipples between my index finger and thumb. Just as she started letting out those oh so horny tiny yelps as she had done before just before she’d come, I heard a loud snore coming from my left.

Lillian had fallen asleep. Sonja moaned and her body shook and her pussy muscles contracted. That for me was boiling point and I blew my load deep into her. It seemed to last forever as our bodies shook and we came.

We kissed and hugged and caressed each others bodies for the next thirty minutes or so when finally Sonja also fell asleep. About four minutes after that the sun came up. I watched the sun come up from my balcony as I smoked a cigarette and ate the last few remaining strawberries. I crawled into bed at around six thirty that morning and slept between Sonja and Lillian until I felt someone caress my chest hair and kiss me. I opened my eyes only far enough to see who’d kissed me. I smiled at the sight that met my half closed eyes. Sonja was lying next to me wearing my bathrobe and a towel around her head.

“G’mornin’ wha’timeisit?,” I asked in a low grumble as I stretched out my arms and wrapped them around Sonja’s neck, pulling her closer and kissing her. It took a few moments before Sonja was able to answer.

“The time is two o’clock in the afternoon although most of the guests are still either asleep by the pool or in their beds. Lillian is taking a nap by the pool aswell, she enjoyed herself immensely last night and for that matter so did I. Although I was hoping to do this more often,” she said as she took a place on top of me and smiled loftily.

“Well I’d like that aswell. Infact what do you say we make it dinner tonight and brunch in about fifteen minutes,” I said as I opened her robe and glanced once again at her simply perfect body.

“You know what?,” I asked as a grin appeared on her face.

“I’m not really awake yet, so humour me,” she yawned and ran her fingers down my sides, causing me to giggle slightly.

“This is going to be a great summer,” I said.

She smiled at this, leaned forward and kissed me softly as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Yeah I think so too. Come on, let’s have some breakfast”.