Just One Dance

I was with my girls at the club, same setting as any other club. Lights blinking along with the rhythm of the music. Foggy dance floor which you could hardly see due to the great lighting and the different clumps of people dancing with each other. They pretty much dragged me out saying I was in dire need of a drink. They, by they I mean Lani and Kristi, decided I couldn’t dress myself properly. So my outfit consisted of a black tank top with a built-in bra (which my 38Cs fit perfectly), a plaid miniskirt with no panties and my black boots. My long black hair cascaded down my back in loose curls.

You may wonder why I let my friends Tweedle Ditz and Tweedle Bum dress me as their Barbie. A week ago, I’d broken up with my boyfriend due to his need to fuck in every place he could think of. Sure, it sounds charming but the last straw was when I dropped my keys in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. I’m not a PDA kind of girl and though the sex was great that was too much in the open for me. As for letting them dress me up, I’d been a downer lately and decided to make it up to them by letting them make me up. I mean what harm could I get into at a dance club?

“Those men wanted to buy you drinks.” There were shots for each of us. Lani winked, Kristi smiled and I nodded. We downed them at the same time.

“The the brother on the side is just my type,” Lani giggled talking about the good-looking black guy sporting his Sean John Jump suit and his wide-rim “Player” hat to match.

“Girl, what are you talkin about? I mean he has the name of his game written all over his hat!” Kristi replied in her New York accent. “Now if you ask me Mister Edward Cullen look-a-like on the other side of “Mister Business, I’m too important to look up and show my face” is TOO good to be true.”

“Mister Business” as Kristi called him, signaled to the Waiter in which more shots were planted in front of us. Lani licked her glass and winked again, Kristi blew a kiss and I simply nodded toward them. It went on, us downing shots for 10 min. with minimum contact between the providers of the warm feeling we were getting in our throats.

“I guess Mister Biz is all yours Jules!” Lani giggled. “I mean you do like them mysterious, right?” Feeling the effect of the booze tingling I still held my ground.

“No, I’m not here for that! It’s our girl’s night, right? Let’s Boogie!” I grabbed Kristi, who already had a hold of Lani.

“Only if she never says “Boogie” again.” She laughed.

Turns out “LL Cool J” and “Eddie Cullen” caught up with us and ended up dancing Lani and Kristi away from me. I was in a corner watching everyone dancing. I felt someone come behind me and put his arms around me. That tequila made me think “what the hell, just dancing.” My ass started grinding against him to the music. (That throw-back tune “Let Me Buy you a drink” by T-pain was playing) I bent over which made it so my ass was right against his hard-on. I shook out my long hair, just to whip it back up. His hands that were on my hips cupped my tits when I came back up.


I turned around to see “Mister Business” with a fitted cap on. He smelled really good, despite the cigarette smell in the club.

“Come on baby, just one little dance… Please?”

He was tall, like 6’1 with dark brown eyes and full lips. His cologne was overpowering. I stood there looking at his handsome features, his head suddenly swooped down and he kissed me. He didn’t taste of alcohol at all just a minty sort of taste. I’m only 5’5 but n these boots 5’8 which made it easier for him to wrap his arms around me and cup my ass deepening the kiss. I felt him smile, when he lifted my ass and slammed me against the wall. His kisses became intense, his hands that were holding me up went under my skirt to cup my ass. I saw his eyes widen when he saw I wasn’t wearing any panties. Panicked, I pushed him away.

“Baby I’m sorry, one dance for real this time… Please?” His smile made me feel warm all the way down. Savage’s “Swing” came on and I gasped.

“You’re lucky I LOVE this song!”

I faced away from his as we grinded against each other. I could feel him hard against his jeans. I took his hands and lead them under my tank, he cupped my tits dry fucking against my ass.

“Your tits are so big, you want me to play with them don’t you?”

He started twisting my nipples between his forefinger and thumb. With his other hand he went under my skirt and cupped my naked ass, his fingers slid along my bare pussy. I squirmed against his hand which only made him play along my labia.

“HEY YOU CAN’T!” I screamed.

“You want it, because your pussy is already soaking wet.” I tried moving, but it only made his fingers glide along my pussy to slap my ass.

“Nobody is paying attention. No one will hear you if you scream. If you don’t go along with me, something might just happen to your friends.” I gasped. “That’s right, put your hands on the wall.” Humiliated and scared, I followed his orders. I could feel the juices from my pussy coating my pussy lips and start to trickle down my leg. His fingers scooped it up “Mmmm you taste good baby.” My body and mind betrayed me, I felt his fingers tease my pussy by tracing my pussy lips, then I felt his naked hard cock hit my ass. I wiggled against him and moaned when I felt him shove his fingers into my cunt.

“You want it don’t you baby?” He whispered, his breath hot in my ear. He sucked on my earlobe as I shook my head away.

“Then why are you so fucking wet?” He took his fingers out and his cock entered me fast and hard. I grabbed at the wall, I could feel him stretching my pussy. He had to be at least 9 inches and he has such a thick cock. He kept pushing in and out of my wet pussy, his balls slamming against my bare ass. I couldn’t take it anymore, I screamed and started grinding with him.

“Baby your pussy is so tight.”

I left one hand on the wall and used the other one to play with my clit.

“Mmm yeah… Fuck me.” He pumped faster in and out.

“I’m CCUUUMMIIING.” I came all over his cock.

He turned me around and kissed me with urgency. I played with his cock while we kissed he was still so hard from not cumming yet. He lifted my ass against the wall again. I spread my legs open and wrapped them around him. When he put his cock inside me, he buried his head in my titties while I humped my pussy on his cock. “Oh fuck.” I felt his mouth on my tank top sucking my nipples through the fabric. My nipples hardened as he clicked his tongue against them.

“Mmmmm… Yeah baby just like that. Oh fuck me harder baby.”

He started lifting me on and off his cock, I was about to cum again he started fucking me with no mercy my pussy muscles started tightening around his cock again, this time I felt him cum at the same time his seed shooting into me. We were smiling when we rearranged our clothes, he looked down at me.

“Jules, does this mean you’ll take me back?”

“Damn baby, I guess so… Just as long as this is the only public place we fuck at. I mean nobody even looked twice at us over here.” He laughed and started to get that look in his eyes again.