Kate Becomes a Hot Wife

My wife Kate and I finally arrived at our hotel in Cyprus, we had been waiting for this holiday for so long. The hotel was perfect, the room was very spacious with an open plan dining/kitchen room, and the bedroom had a double bed with an adjoining balcony. The balcony overlooked the pool area with a nice view. As it was early September there were no kids around, just a few couples of various ages. And the temperature was still very hot.

I sat on the balcony smoking a cigarette enjoying the sunshine when my beautiful wife came out to join me, I watched her light her cigarette and exhale a thick plume of smoke from her soft lips, my wife looked gorgeous, her petite frame standing 5″3 tall, only weighing 112lbs. I admired her beauty as she sucked on her cigarette, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. She was ready for the pool wearing her new skimpy swim-suit. A sexy light blue bikini top which was struggling to contain her delicious 32C bust, and a matching thong, showing off her toned bum cheeks. Kate pulled on a white see-through dress and crushed out her cigarette.

“Come on then, let’s catch the last of the sun” she said.

My wife Kate is 30, me, Paul am 32. We have been married 5yrs and met through working as insurance brokers. We don’t have any kids and try to live to the fullest.

We found a nice spot at the corner of the pool not too far from the pool bar. I noticed four other couples spread across the sides of the pool, much to my delight two of the four women were topless enjoying the peace and quiet. As I got comfortable on my lounger Kate turned a few of the guys’ heads as she unclasped her bikini top, releasing her firm milky white breasts to the hot sun. No sooner had I finished rubbing lotion into my wife’s back a skinny looking bar tender approached us.

“Hello, I am Nikko the pool bar manager, would you like something to drink?”

“I’ll have a beer please, Kate?”

As I looked at my wife I was shocked to see her squirt the lotion straight onto her tits right in front of this lad.

As Kate looked up at Nikko she began to innocently rub the white, creamy liquid into her chest.

“Ice water for me thank you”

Nikko walked back towards the bar grinning ear to ear.

“Bloody hell Kate! You nearly made the lad cum in his pants” I laughed.

“Don’t be silly I am sure he has seen it all before. And besides you like to watch men ogling me.”

“Yeah I wish I could watch them do more” I said smiling mischievously.

Kate slapped my arm playfully as Nikko returned with our drinks.

After a few hours we decided to have a drink on our balcony as the sun set, and then get ready for the evening. As we sat chatting and drinking I asked Kate if she enjoyed all the attention by the pool today.

“It’s no different than any other holiday, besides you were checking out all the other women”. She said.

“yeah, but I could see you checking Nikko was watching every time you put cream on your tits, it’s ok it gave me a thrill too” I laughed.

“You and your hot wife fantasies. Do you really want to watch another man fuck your wife?”

Her words alone made my cock twitch in my shorts.

“I know it sounds crazy but the thought just gets me going, come on Kate you’re telling me you have never wondered what it would be like.”

Kate sat back in her chair silently; she reached for a cigarette and took a deep breath as she lit it. She smiled as she exhaled.

” Ok, I admit I do sometimes wonder what it would feel like to have another man see me naked, touching and caressing me………… even sliding his cock into me as you watch. But it’s just fantasy.”

“Doesn’t have to be Kate?”

“Are you serious?”

“All I’m saying is, if the opportunity presented itself I would take it. If you agreed to?”

Kate finished her cigarette and walked back into the room, I watched as she sat on the bed and began to undress; I quickly followed, knelt between her legs and kissed her softly on the lips, working my way down her neck, gently nibbling until I reached her breasts. I took a nipple into my mouth and began to suck softly, feeling it harden instantly, I then placed both my hands onto her breasts and pushed her flat on the bed. I slid my hands down to her waist and hooked a finger either side of her thong, then slowly pulled it down her smooth legs. Kate instinctively spread her legs as she closed her eyes. I admired her tight shaven pussy for a second before I leant forward and began teasing her clit.. As I circled my tongue around her clit, I inserted two fingers into her now soaking hole. Curling my fingers upwards I began to steadily rub the roof of her pussy. Kate immediately arched her back and grabbed her breasts as the pleasure washed through her body. I stood up, dropped my shorts and grabbed my now thick cock. Kate gave out a deep sigh as I rubbed the engorged head of my cock up and down her slit, before thrusting forwards until my balls reached her arse.

“Fuck me hard……. please give it to me hard”

That’s all the invitation I needed. I placed my wife’s legs onto my shoulders, and thrust in deep, I quickly withdrew then trust again. As my animal lust took over I started to bang her pussy harder and faster, her moans got louder as I continued my assault on her body. Within a few minutes her pussy was soaking as she tightened her grip around my cock.

“Oh fuck….. That’s it mmmmm……. oh…….. I’m cummmmmming!” She cried out.

With that I felt my balls tighten as I shot my hot load into her body. Four powerful jets flooded her sweet pussy. As I collapsed next her on the bed she cuddled up to me, and we drifted off to sleep.

A few days into our holiday and I could see Kate was enjoying teasing our little Greek friend. I constantly teased her about what she must be doing to Nikko, or rather his cock. He was always around filling our drinks; my wife would sometimes ask him to sit with us as she asked about his personal life. At first she would put her bikini top back on, but as the days passed she began to get bolder and would just sit there topless chatting away. Nikko would steal glances at her charms as I pretended to read or sleep. Kate would give me little smiles, knowing that this was turning me on having a young lad chatting with her, as he checked out her gorgeous body. Back at the room we would have rampant sex as I told my wife what a slut she had been, bringing us to powerful orgasms.

On the last day I decided I’d have an afternoon sleep ready for our last night, Kate decided she’d catch a bit more sun first, as I left my wife I noticed Nikko walking over with another drink. When I reached our room I decided to sit out on the balcony to see if my wife’s teasing would lead to a little more. I felt both jealous and excited to see Nikko and my wife sat chatting and laughing. As Kate pulled a cigarette out of her bag Nikko immediately reached out with a lighter, she smiled as she leant forward sucking the cigarette to life. I too lit a cigarette and adjusted my shorts. My heart missed a beat as Nikko stood taking the sun lotion and sat behind my wife on the sun lounger, they continued to talk as Nikko began massaging the cream into my wife’s back and shoulders. I looked around the pool to see if anyone else was watching this, but only noticed one other couple cuddled up kissing on their lounger. Kate had her eyes closed as Nikko slowly moved his hands over my wife’s body, as he reached her waist he smiled as he massaged up the sides of her body gently caressing the sides of her breasts. Kate just simply led back into him resting her head on his shoulder. Noting her obvious arousal he moved his hands round to her front, softly cupping her breasts as he began kissing her neck. I pulled my cock free as he rolled her nipples between his thumb and fingers. With one hand cupping her left breast, he slid his free hand slowly down her flat stomach and smoothed over her mound through her thong. Kate arched her back slightly as he slipped a finger into the side of her thong. As I noticed the movements of his hand my wife spread her legs a little wider giving her invader a little more room. Very soon I witnessed for the first time, another man bringing my wife to orgasm as she bit her lower lip and bucked on his hand. As Kate came around she realised where she was and began to quickly dress. Nikko still smiling, kissed her on the cheek as my wife headed back to our room.

Once she was in the room I noticed her flustered look.

“You ok Kate?”

“Yeah I’m fine just too much drink in the sun I think? I’m going to grab a shower then get ready, the table in the restaurant is booked for 7pm”.

I couldn’t believe she acted as though nothing had happened, she knew how this stuff turned me on. Maybe she was going to wait for the right time? As the feelings of jealousy and excitement passed through my mind I decided to leave it, and see if she would tell me later?

Once I was showered and dressed, I sat on the balcony enjoying the cool breeze and the view of my wife getting dressed. She looked so hot as she sat on the end of the bed. She had tanned nice, giving her a sexy glow. She had done her hair curly, which always made her look sexy. I admired her beauty with wanton lust as she pulled her black thong up her smooth legs until it covered her shaven pussy, then standing up she stepped into her black dress for the evening. My cock grew hard as I watched her innocently pull the dress up over her body to cover her breasts. She sat back on the bed and fastened her black ankle strap heels.

“How do I look?” she asked smiling.

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful my love, all the guys will want to dance with you tonight” I laughed.

“Well you never dance so what do you expect a girl to do” she joked.

I wanted to fuck her there and then; she stood before me in a short black strapless dress, with three inch black ankle strap heels. Her lips painted cherry red as her hair curled over her shoulders.

Tonight I would fuck her hard as she confessed her pool antics.

After the meal we decided to check out the hotel entertainment. Adjoined to our hotel was a not too small nightclub which was shared by other hotels. We found a quiet table and opened a bottle of wine; I made sure my wife’s glass was always full.

“Hey don’t get me too drunk” she laughed.

“Nonsense, enjoy yourself, after all it’s our last night” I said smiling.

After a while I could see Kate was a little drunk, she was trying to get me up to dance when Nikko approached our table.

“Hi how are you both this evening? Have you enjoyed your stay?

“Yes it’s been great thanks, you work here to?” I asked, shocked at seeing him in here.

“No, not working here, tonight I party” he said laughing.

Kate childishly jumped up and grabbed Nikko, kissing him on the cheek.

“How about a holiday dance” she said flirtatiously.

Nikko looked at me for approval. Cheeky bastard I thought after what he has already done. But I nodded to him as the days images came flooding back.

I sat drinking with nervous excitement as I watched my wife dance with another man. Her arms draped around his neck as he held her waist tightly. After a few dances they returned to the table this time with a friend of Nikko’s. His name was Nickolas and worked at a nearby hotel. As I shook his hand I wondered if he knew about his friend and my wife.

As the night wore on the guys took turns dancing with my wife. I could see by Kate’s state I should have taken her home, but this urge just wouldn’t leave me, I wanted to see if something would happen, part wanted it to but part dreaded it. Before long all three of them were dancing together. Sandwiched between the two guys they began dancing her to a darker part of the club. I moved to the bar to get a better look, I sat down in time to see Nikko dancing behind my wife with his hands rubbing her thighs, slowly lifting the hem of her dress as he nibbled on her neck. Nickolas was dancing in front with his hands around her back squeezing her tight arse cheeks. Her dress was raised to her waist showing her thong. Then Nikko moved his hands to her arse and grabbed a handful of her soft naked cheeks as Nickolas slid his hands up inside the front of her dress to get a feel of her naked breasts. They continued to grope and kiss my wife until they had experienced every part of her body. Soon the music stopped as it was 1am. They quickly sorted themselves out and made their way to the table. When I joined them I could see Kate was ready for bed.

“Do you mind if the guys come back for a nightcap honey?” she asked.

She leaned to whisper into my ear so the guys wouldn’t hear what she was saying.

“I think that opportunity you were talking about has arrived”

She reached under the table and rubbed my cock through my trousers.

“mmmm something is hard…… is that a yes?” she laughed

My cock was raging, I couldn’t think straight, the lust was controlling me as I kissed her and said lets go.

Back in the room, Kate put on some music as I got everyone a drink. Walking into the bedroom Nikko and Kate were dancing as Nickolas sat on the bed running his hands up and down my wife’s beautiful legs. As I sat down Nickolas stood behind my wife and started to grind his groin into her arse, as they danced. Kate was giggling like a little school girl as the two guys ran their hands up and down the sides of her body. As Kate danced facing Nikko, Nickolas reached out and inched the zip of my wife’s dress down. Kate quickly turned to face Nickolas, giving him a knowing smile but doing nothing. Suddenly it was Nikko’s turn as he reached out and unzipped her a little more; my heart raced as her dress fell slightly revealing more of her deep cleavage. Nickolas leaned into her and took her face in his hands, Kate closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly, about to accept the kiss. As my wife and one of her lovers were locked in a passionate brace, Nikko unzipped her dress right the way down her back. Kate broke the kiss with a loud groan as her dress fell to the floor around her ankles. Nickolas immediately cupped her breasts and began sucking on her right nipple as Nikko began to kiss her neck and rub his hand over her covered mound. Just like the pool, Nikko slid a finger into the side of her thong and began to finger her hole. With one guy sucking her tits and another probing her hole, it didn’t take long for Kate to start bucking at the hands of these guys. She looked like a complete slut under a dark spell.

When her orgasm subsided the guys pushed her gently to her knees. Kate looked at me smiling with my cock in hand. Nikko unleashed an impressive cock, thick 7inch and cut. Kate took it in her hand as Nickolas cock sprung free hitting her in the face. He was easily 8inches, not as thick as Nikko, but just as thick as mine. Pre-cum leaked out of my pole as I watched my wife take another man’s cock between her sweet lips. She took turns sucking each one, while wanking the other. After a few minutes Nickolas led on the bed pulling Kate between his legs, she knelt between his thighs and cupped his balls as she slowly stroked his pole. I nearly exploded as I watched my wife slowly lick the pre-cum that was seeping out of his cock. I was so fixed on my wife’s blowjob that I hadn’t noticed Nikko rubbing his cock up and down my wife’s slit. I realised how stupid we had been getting caught up in all this and forgetting to buy condoms. But it was too late as Nikko thrust his cock into my wife’s pussy. She groaned around the cock in her mouth, as Nickolas held her head tight with both his hands. Nikko continued with slow deep thrusts, before grabbing her hips and ramming her pussy harder. As her pussy was being pounded from behind, her moans turned into cries of ecstasy, all the while trying to keep Nickolas in her mouth. As she came a second time on the cock brutally fucking her, Nikko shouted he was about to cum, this was too much for me and I shot my load all over the floor as my ultimate fantasy was coming true. Nikko lunged deep into my wife as held her tight, his loud moans were the sign that he was filling my wife with his hot seed. As he pulled out of my wife’s pussy, what looked like a gallon of thick creamy cum ran out of her body and dripped onto the bed.

Coming down from my own high I began to feel the mixed emotions I chosen to ignore previously. I lit a cigarette and walked out onto the balcony as Nickolas rolled Kate onto her back, lifted her legs onto his shoulders and drove his huge cock into her cum soaked pussy. Drawing on my cigarette I could hear my wife’s moans as she came again and again, on some strangers cock.

“That’s it…… fuck me hard…… oh fuck….. Yes………… fill me up baby” she moaned.

“I fill your married pussy with my cum wife. Yes?”

“Yes…. yes fill my pussy please cum with me”

With that they both gave out long groans of pleasure, and i knew my wife was being flooded with her second load of the night.

As the guys dressed and left, I walked back into the room to find my wife asleep. She led with her legs slightly open, her pussy was red and swollen with cum still leaking out her body. Now she really was a hot wife.