Katie At The Strip Club

My wife Katie and her friends had made few trips to the male strip club over the years. Once for a 40th birthday party, once for a bachelorette party and stuff like that. I usually would stay up and wait for her and we would fuck like rabbits when she got home. With this not being a regular occurrence, I never really thought anything of it, other than our fuck sessions were usually a little more aggressive.

One of her best friends got promoted at her work and was getting transferred to another state. Just so happened that the strip club had some special all male show coming up, so the girls planned their only gig this year. As there were prepping and planning I would hear them giggle and say things that I couldn’t hear. They must have been remembering some previous trips as they seemed a little extra excited with this one.

A couple days later, some of the girls and husbands came over for the Sunday football games. We guys got to talking about the girls upcoming trip and I said that I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall at the club on strip night.

Dan turned and said “All you have to do is call and tell them you want the husband special.”

“The husband special? What’s that?” I asked.

“Well, if you want to be a fly on the wall, that’s almost what you’ll be.” One of them replied.

“Trust me; YOU will get more for your money than THEY will. Just be prepared because some things you see may surprise you.”

They both laughed and I wondered what that meant but was afraid to ask. My mind roamed trying to think of what I might see, but I guess I will just have to give it a shot and find out first hand. Strip night came up very fast and Katie was busy getting dressed and prepped. She did not wear anything special, just some tight jeans and a v-neck pull over sweater. Sure the sweater was a little tight, but that’s the kind of stuff she wore all the time.

The girls all met at our house and left for the club. Katie volunteered to be the designated driver as she was not planning to drink that night. All the girls looked very hot, and have a broad array of outfits. They are all wearing sexy tight stuff and my eyes are enjoying the sight.

Crystal is the oldest. At 52, she is quite stunning and built great. Natural platinum blonde hair, generous curves and very ample boobs. She is aging quite nicely with the perfect amount of wrinkles and lines. She has been on the boat several times wearing a bikini and she is very confident with her looks and body. I have jerked off more than a couple times with the image of her burned in my brain. She is wearing a denim skirt and v-neck shirt with a little cleavage.

Her daughter Kacey is a hot little slut of 25. She is much thinner and not as curvy with little A cup boobs. She did inherit her mom’s gorgeous face though, and all the guys are gaga over her. She usually wears clothing that exposes her midriff and carries it very well. She is a little fuck whore and will spread her legs without hesitation. Crystal is always complaining about her promiscuous ways. Kacey is wearing a very tight spandex crop top with no bra and a very tight pair of daisy duke shorts.

The party is for Tracey. She is tall and thin but with very big boobs. Tracey is probably the most reserved one in the bunch. I just don’t see her as the wild type at the club. Tracey is wearing a simple pair of jeans and top.

My wife’s sister Krissy is in town for the weekend and going also. Krissy is 2 years younger but they looking very much alike. Most people think they are twins. Krissy had very little in the boob department until she had kids, now she has some nice small B cup tits. Her personality is shit and I would love to grudge fuck her once, just to bust my nut on her face. Krissy actually looks quite good really. She also has a deep v-neck top that shows some cleavage and a very tight pair of jeans. I actually got a half a boner just seeing how the jeans are fitting her hips and ass. Her shirt is just short enough so it doesn’t tuck in and exposes the skin of her belly, hips and waist.

And of course, my wife Katie. At 43, she still looks pretty damn good. 5′-2″ and 115 lbs, dark hair with the kinky curly perm, full B boobs and very curvy hips which give way to her tiny waist. Katie is wearing a sleeveless button down top that is slightly snug and a pair of my favorite tight jeans. She must be wearing my favorite bra too as her boobs look extra delicious in that top.

The girls finally left and 15 minutes later, I took off for the club myself. None of the other husbands were going tonight, so I was going to figure things out on my own. They only thing they told me was to go to the back door that was painted bright purple. All I had to do was tell them I wanted the ‘Husband Special’ and I was in. Sure enough they were right.

I entered into a room that had a small bar and some simple tables and booths. Nothing about this room gave any indication about what was going to happen tonight. However, a lady named Faye came to me at the bar and said she would explain the process. She led me through a door that opened into the main club area. Much to my surprise, I saw maybe 75 women of all ages, just milling around talking to each other and drinking.

I was shocked at first, because I could see them, but I did not realize they could not see me. I was on the GOOD side of a 2 way mirror. The only thing the girls saw from their side of the club was a full mirrored wall. Actually it was 2 full mirrored walls and some of the girls would go right up to it and check their hair and make up. I could walk the full length of these two walls and put my face right up to them and the girls would never see me.

“Damn, this is special all right.” I said with great anticipation.

The lady explained that plenty of husbands come to watch the excitement from the confines of the dark rooms. See, there were these little rooms that were maybe 6×6 feet and had a big chair in them. The rooms ran the entire length of each wall. Each room had a great view of the entire club. This was every husband’s private sex show, but his wife didn’t know about it.

Faye set me up with a room and took my drink order. The show was about to begin and I could see the girls were getting a little giddy with excitement. The music started and the MC made introductions for each male stripper. There were at least a dozen small stages all around the room and the strippers were going to go from stage to stage throughout the night. Of course, there was a long stage that ran along the entire length of the mirrored walls and stuck out about 4 feet.

“Ladies, the rules for the night are as follows.” The MC stated, “There ARE NO RULES.” He hollered loudly.

The girls gave a big cheer and the volume of the music increased to a beat level. All the guys wore were g-strings and that’s it. At this point in time, I realized that this was not about dancing and stripping, this was going to be a ‘fuck fest’. My mind reeled in excitement wondering exactly how far my wife would go. If she did go far, should I be mad or glad. I mean, after all, I DID come down here to watch and the other husbands DID warn me. And after all, I AM spying, maybe I was willing to see her go far, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Some of the girls just lost their minds and started grabbing dicks as fast as they could. The g-strings lasted about 30 seconds before they were torn off. Girls were even taking their shirts off already, trying to get the guys to come their way. I lost sight of my group for a few minutes before I finally spotted them. I actually moved to a room that was closer to them. Actually, I was only about 5 feet away, with the 2 way mirrored walls as the only thing separating us. Man this shit is cool.

Crystal made the first move by flashing her gorgeous natural tits at the stripper. The guy’s cock was standing at attention and the girls would take turns touching and stroking it. It was all quite casual and the girls sort of seemed kind of timid in a way. Kacey stepped up and started to rub her hot little body all over the guy and he gyrated right back. They ground their crotches together and groped each other openly. Katie and Tracey took turns touching his ass. He would reach around and grab one by the hand and help them out. They giggled like 5th grade girls each time they touched him.

Another guy came to my group and started to dance with Crystal and Krissy. Krissy is somewhat of a priss and I figured this trip was beyond her likes. I was really shocked at how comfortable she looked. Both girls were rubbing his chest and stomach but avoided his cock. He pulled out some whipped cream and the games began. He stood on one of the small stages and gave the girls a sexy little twirl. They all hooted and hollered. The stage was nothing more than a wooden box that was 4 feet square and 2feet tall.

He squirted some cream on his cock and pulled Krissy over to him. He pulled out a towel and wrapped it around her like a privacy curtain. As she stood there with his cock at her face level, I was really wondering if she would actually lick it off.

Just as she bent her head down for a lick, he pulled the towel aside so the girls could see, by then it was too late for Krissy to stop. She had closed her eyes and took a long slow lick from the tip of his dick to the base. She sucked and slurped the whipped cream right off this stranger’s dick. I now see my sister-in-law in a whole new light. The rest of the girls just gawked in amazement as she did so, then they gave her a round of applause.

Krissy looked shocked at first, and then gave a playful little bow. The guys squirted more whipped cream and Crystal lunged for his cock. He was turned sideways to the mirror so I had a great view. Crystal just devoured his cock; she didn’t even bother with the whipped cream. She grabbed his hard did and jerked in and slurped her mouth up and down the full length. He whispered something in her ear and she then stopped. Krissy jumped back in and did the same.

I looked back to Kacey to see that her shirt was now lifted above her little tits and the guy was sucking on them while rubbing her pussy right through her shorts. He hips were moving in unison with his hand and the look on her face was of total ecstasy. Katie had moved behind him and had her hands on his hips and her boobs pressed tight against his back. She was also moving in unison with them. Tracey was standing there taking it all in, waiting her turn.

Krissy was doing a really good job sucking this guy off. I would have shot my load by now, but he just kept smiling away. Crystal got on stage too and was behind him, much like Katie; accept Crystals hands were rubbing his chest from behind. She would even let her hand slide down to his cock and feed it into Krissy’s mouth. What a sight to see. My sister-in-law sucking this guy off with great technique and sexy Crystal humping him from behind.

I looked back in time to see Katie’s guy turn so I had a view from the side also. The girls were switching up and Katie was now in front of him. Tracey and Katie were both stroking his cock while he played with their plentiful boobs through their shirts. He must have asked them something as they both shook their head ‘NO’. At one point, he even reached down and rubbed his hand on Tracey’s crotch and her body jolted in response.

Kasey was now behind the guy and grinding her little tits into his back. She would also steal a lick on his upper back as she caressed his hips and waist. Her ass was in constant motion which made my cock twitch with excitement. My hand moved to my cock as I could go no longer. I had dreams of seeing this little slut naked and thinking it might actually come true tonight.

It must have been dick sucking time again as Katie and Tracey’s guy got another stage. Same thing, he shot whipped cream on his dick and produced the fake privacy towel. The girls fell for it and moved in for a lick. He didn’t even bother putting the towel up, he just let everybody watch them lick the cream off his rock hard cock. The girls giggled as they licked and sort of looked a little embarrassed, but kept going. After finishing, he bent down and gave each one a little kiss.

It was pretty hot seeing my wife lick a stranger’s cock. She is not usually that wild, but I enjoyed it very much. Tracey got a little bold and leaned right back over to his cock again. This time, she just wrapped her lips around his knob and took the whole thing down to the root. He thrust his hips forward as her hand went to his ass and pulled him in further. His cock had to be half way down her throat. Her head whipped back and forth as she throated him deeply.

Katie looked very surprised at Tracey’s actions, but she also looked very intrigued. No sooner Tracey removed her mouth, Katie stepped over. She sucked his knob for a few moments while she stroked his length. She played with his balls and then took a deep swallow. She bobbed up and down for maybe 10 strokes or so. He bent down and whispered something and she shook her head yes. She proceeded to give him a full stroke and blow job.

Katie loves cum and I knew where this was going. As he approached his orgasm, he pulled her head away. He aimed his cock at her open mouth and shot a wad of man juice into it. She just left it open as he followed up with more thick white strings of cum.

She pulled away and swallowed with a huge smile on her face. Tracey came over and gave her a ‘oh my god, I can’t believe you just did that’ look. Katie just looked to be in bliss and stepped back out of the way. She sipped her drink with a look of satisfaction.

By now the other 3 girls were really going to the next step. After Krissy sucked this guy for a few minutes, she took her shirt off revealing a very sexy bra and her gorgeous tummy. He hopped on the floor and hoisted her up onto the box. She lay flat on her back with her tummy arched up. He stood over her head and lowered his cock into her inviting mouth.

Krissy slurped and sucked like a race horse. After a few minutes, this guy shot his load of man juice onto her tummy. She sucked his dangling ball sack while he blasted a couple good wads of jizz. Katie was there to suck the cum off her sister’s sexy tummy, even her belly button was filled up looking like a cum pool. Katie made sure there was none left as Krissy got up and stepped aside.

I heard a big commotion come from the other side of the room and then saw the cause. Two big black guys called ‘The Kit Kat Boys’ sauntered their way towards my girls. They were well over 6 feet tall with muscles on top of muscles. Both were nude and had huge cocks dangling between their legs. This was not new to them as they were very comfortable with all the women pawing at them.

These guys were the main attraction and heard that Tracey was the reason for the party. The picked her up and the 3 of them got on stage and began to dance very seductively. The tried to sandwich Tracey in between them, but it was obvious she did not want to be a part of it. Tracey seemed very embarrassed and was not doing a good job of playing along. She motioned for Crystal to hop on stage which was met with a quick response. Tracey jumped down as Crystal relished the role of being in the middle of the sandwich.

Crystal was really into this stuff. She had all the right moves and motions. She played everything up to the hilt. She allowed these guys to grind into her from front and back. She would grab their cocks and take little strokes and kiss them with plenty of tongue. She obviously loved that they were caressing her boobs, ass and crotch as she gyrated with them to the music.

During previous conversations with the girls, they have all said that Crystal is 100% slut. Since her divorce, she has no interest in dating, only fucking. Older or younger does not matter, as long as she gets her weekly fill of cock. I have often though of how nice it would be to fuck her luscious body. I may not get a chance, but at least I was going to watch somebody else do it. Out of the blue, Kasey jumped on stage too, and was topless to boot.

Kasey rubbed her tits and tummy all over one guy from behind. Her hands reached around and stroked his cock. Crystal took that as a queue and dropped to her knees and began sucking him off. The other guy was behind Crystal and had his cock resting on her shoulder while he leaned over and massaged her boobs. In a moment, he had pulled her shirt off and released her nice boobs for me to see. Crystal was really getting into blowing the guy and got most of his cock into her mouth.

Kasey kept feeding the cock into her mother’s mouth. After a moment, the other guy went from behind Crystal to behind Kasey. He grabbed her by the waist and started to grind his cock into her ass through her tight jeans. She pushed her ass back in response and kept pace with his movements. Eventually he wrapped his arm around her and lifted her up. He dropped to the floor and lay her down on her back on one of the boxes.

He quickly licked her tight tummy and little boobs as she squirmed uncontrollably. She did not protest as he undid her belt and ripped her tight shorts off her thin but sexy body. All that was left was a pair of very tight thong panties which showed her pronounce pussy mound. He pushed his cock tight against the fabric and dry fucked her into oblivion. She finally had enough and she pulled the patch of material aside. She spit on her fingers and began to rub her clit vigorously. Her face was showing signs of fulfillment as she rubbed away.

Somehow, I had missed the fact that Katie, Krissy and Tracey had pulled up some chairs and were just watching the show. None of them were taking part in the action, but just appeared to be liking the activities. Every so often, one of them would say something to the other and then they would laugh. Krissy was actually sitting there in her bra.

The other guy was now undressing Crystal and moving her onto the same box next to her daughter. They both lay their side by side with two black guys standing between their spread legs. Kacey’s guys had taken his meaty cock and began to slap her pussy with it. He head was thrown back in passion just waiting for him to fuck her. He kept teasing her which just made her even more wild and thrashing in anticipation.

Crystal was getting her bald pussy licked and she was pushing her hips to meet the thrusts of his tongue. He grabbed her ass from below and smashed his face deep into her juicy pussy as his tongue probed her inner hole. She ran her fingers through her blonde hair as her head whipped from sided to side. He stood and licked a slow swirly trail up her entire body to her neck. He made sure to spend enough time on her tummy and nipples to make sure that she was his for the taking.

Meanwhile, Kasey could not take the teasing any more. She grabbed the guy’s thick cock and jammed it into her own sloppy wet fuck hole. He took the hint and made sure to push his man meat into her with one hard fast stroke. She screamed so loud, I heard it over the sound of the thumping music. He wasted no time picking up the pace and pounding her wet cunt heartily.

Crystal’s guy just let his hard cock do the work for him. He worked his hips to make his cock enter her thick labia lips with just the tip going in. He gave her short 2″ strokes letting the plum size head drive her crazy. Then, he too, just jammed his full length into her in one push. Her body arched back as it looked as if she let out a long hard groan.

I saw Krissy’s body twitch in response to the penetration that Crystal got. She even got up to get a better view from the side. She helped out by grabbing his thick meat and trying to stuff it in Crystal’s cunt even more. All the while, I am only 5 feet away, sitting in my plush chair, enjoying my own private fuck show.

Krissy’s hand was wrapped around his cock and stroking as it was sliding in and out. Her eyes were wide with excitement. He hand rubbed her own pussy right through her jeans. She even bent down and licked Crystal’s tummy and upper pussy mound. Crystal responded by running her fingers through Krissy’s hair and pushed her face down to keep working.

Katie had gotten up also. She went over to Kasey and her man. Katie bent down and licked Kacey’s clit which sent Kasey orbit. She continued to thrash about wildly and I could she was screaming. Katie also allowed her lips to slide the full length of the guy’s big cock as he thrust in and out of Kacey’s tight fuck box. The guy didn’t last long as he pulled out for his shot.

Katie and Kasey both had a hand jerking the spunk out onto Kacey’s gorgeous tight little body. Katie bent over to suck and slurp up all the thick strings of cum and made sure to dribble a little into Kacey’s accepting mouth. They even kissed with a little tongue before Katie returned to her chair.

Krissy and Crystal finally got their guy to finish also. He pulled out and Krissy got down on he knees in front him and between Crystal’s wide spread legs. She sucked Crystal’s bald pussy as the guys shot load after load of thick white gobs of jizz all over Krissy’s face and Crystal’s pussy. Krissy did the same as Katie and sucked it all up. Crystal bucked an orgasm of her own as she actually squirted some of her pussy juice onto Krissy’s face.

I, myself could hold back no longer. I shot my load to the visions I had just witnessed. My body spasmed as I unleashed a few good torrents of man jizz. Fortunately, there was a full box of Kleenex and a trashcan. These people know the business very well. I have now experienced the ‘Husband Special’ and let me tell you it was special indeed.

Sure enough, my wife sure looked good licking that guys cock, it was really hot. But even surprised me more, by licking and sucking girl parts too. This was something I had been dying to see after the events with Don and Frankie years ago. I guess that some of wish had come true.

I hauled ass home as fast as I could. It was at least an hour until I heard Katie and Krissy walk through the door. She came over and kissed me hello and Krissy just went upstairs and straight to bed. I could tell she was horny as shit and I planned to take care of that. We made our way to the bedroom and she was all over me.

“Fun night?” I asked.

“Yeah, we had a blast, some of the girls got really wild.”

“I’ll bet your sister was a typical stick in the mud.”

“No, I think she actually had a great time for a change. I saw a side of her that I’ve never seen before.”

“Why? What did she do?” I asked while pretending not to know.

“Oh, let’s just say that her husband would not approve.” She replied.

I let her start doing all the work, while I just laid there and enjoyed.

“Wow, so this is how it feels to be a ‘Kit Kat Boy.'” I blurted out.

Katie suddenly stopped and looked at me, half shocked, half relieved.

“You know about that?”

“Let’s just say, I had a front row spot to the whole show. And I sure did enjoy it.”

Katie looked at me with sly look, I kind of think she knew I was there all along, but never really said. She got right back to the task of giving me a blow job. We ended up having some great sex that night, as we always do after her nights out. Hopefully, they make plans to go again, sometime in the near future…