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Military Wives Go Black

This was one of those times my Air Force husband was deployed for several months leaving me, his wife, to deal with my sexual frustrations. At the time my husband was a sergeant and assigned to a cargo aircraft crew deployed in some distant land.

A few days after my husband had deployed, by chance I saw his bosses wife (Major’s wife) in the Base Exchange and we chatted a few minutes. His wife Lori, asked if I would have lunch with her the next day and I accepted.

At lunch, Lori and I were chatting and she casually moved the discussion to sex. She was very blunt about it and wanted to know if I ever cheated on my husband. I sort of said, “Uuhhm, welllll, yes I guess I have.” I was thinking, wow, this woman gets right to the point and was wondering where this was going to lead.

Lori continued, “Me too. Isn’t it great to have some fun now and then? I bet you get lots of offers, as great looking as you are and all. Believe me I get my share. Are you with someone yet? Are you thinking about it? Tell me. I can keep a secret.”

“Actually I don’t have anyone in mind or have anyone but the urge is there,” as I giggled. “So how are you doing in that area, Lori?”

“I’m looking around. When it comes to sex, I don’t have anything against it.”

I was really getting a different opinion of the Major’s wife now. I had thought of her as a prudish woman who looked down on the lower ranks and here we were almost like old friends talking about having a fling while our husbands were away. I had never thought of her as enjoying sex. Lori was a very attractive lady and there is little doubt that she turned eyes when she walked by. She was perhaps an inch or two taller than my 5’ 9″ frame. We had about the same figure and could have passed for sisters. Anyway I was really getting to like Lori.

I giggled and said to Lori, “We are sitting here like a couple of alley cats, talking about playing while our Tom cats are away,” as I giggled some more. “Have you ever wondered what our Tom cats are doing when they are out of our sight?”

“Yes,” Lori replied, “and they are likely thinking of some little evil plots just as we are. Isn’t it exciting? They are likely having some fun and we deserve ours as well.”

“Yes, I love thinking of little evil plots that include sex, Lori. What are we going to do about it?” as I giggled some more.

“Brenda, there is a club near here called the Salt and Pepper Club where they serve cocktails and have dancing. I would like to go there but don’t care to go alone. Would you go with me? We can just have a drink and maybe dance some. Do you like to dance?”

“Yes I like dancing but am not too good at it. I enjoy music as well so I guess I am in on the deal,” and giggled.

“Great, I will pick you up about 9 PM Saturday night and we will see what we can scare up,” as she chuckled and winked. Of course we have to be extra careful and not be found out by our own Tom’s as you call them.”

Saturday night we arrived at the Salt and Pepper Club and found it to be very dark with some slow music playing. We found a table and ordered drinks. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I realized there were several young looking black men, likely airmen from the base, and a few older white women. It appeared that all the women had a young black man at their table. I asked Lori what kind of place were we in.

She chuckled and said, “The name says a lot. The Salt and Pepper club is for blacks and whites to socialize and I have heard that there are a lot of ‘young black Toms’ in here looking for some momma cats who are away from their Toms.

Just think of how many young airmen are away from their girl friends and family for the first time and think of how horny they must be and thinking of playing with the pussy cats while the Toms are away. I have heard that this is the place that the young airmen come to get some of what they are missing by being away from their honeys. Do you have a problem with this set up? Are you uncomfortable with being admired by black men?” Lori asked.

Oh no, I am fine with it. My first time to cheat was when I was 20, been married a year and the man was a 40-year-old black man. I can still think of him and get rather horny,” as I giggled.

“Good Brenda, I am glad you are not offended by all this, I was not sure. I sort of like the idea myself.”

I could tell that most of the women looked to be older and married and the guys seemed to be young and unattached black men. There were probably 20 young black men at the bar looking us over. By this time in my life, I was very aware of how many young black men considered it a goal in life to take a white man’s wife to bed and pump his black balls dry in her sweet white love canal. I was not being judgmental, just thinking of what was real in life and considering it a privilege to help one realize the dream of his youth. To some young black men, getting some white honey in bed was a rite of passage and it showed hat he was a real man.

I giggled and said to Lori, “I feel like a young girl in the candy store and have all this chocolate to look at wondering which one to try.”

“Oh girl, you are so funny. I love the way you express yourself. I feel the same way. I love chocolate and just thinking of all those cum filled balls sitting there makes me want to take them all home and ride them until I have taken every last drop,” as she laughed.

I glanced around and realized that two young black men at the bar were watching us with keen interest. It was not long before they walked over to our table and asked if they could join us. Lori and I looked at each other and nodded approval as they sat and introduced themselves. Both were very black (I love very black), handsome and young, perhaps 19 at the most. The one that seemed to have his eye on me introduced himself in a deep southern black accent as JB and the other with the same accent said he was Rex. JB turned his attention to me and Rex started chatting with Lori. Soon we were dancing on the dark floor where it was difficult for anyone to see what was going on (The club knew what was happening and made it convenient).

As JB pulled me close, he moved his hands to my bottom without any objection from me. We were soon doing the belly rub, as I felt his now erect hard black joy stick being rubbed against my womanhood making me gasp for breath. I saw little beads of sweat breaking out on JB’s forehead and I knew he wanted to take this momma cat while my Tom was not looking.

I noticed that Lori and Rex were doing as well as us. I was feeling like an alley cat waiting to be pounced upon by a young Tom as he finds her wandering by unattached. I knew now that the young Tom needed to strut his stuff and the momma cat wanted to sample some young eager hard young cats again. I knew that I was ready to be that cat for this young Black Tom Cat.

Lori and I excused ourselves and went to the ladies room. While in there, Lori asked me, “What do you think? I like my young Black Tom. How is yours?”

“Mine is perfect,” I responded. “He is one horny stud and is about to rape me on the floor,” as I giggled.

Lori said, “Same here. Mine is like a raging bull and it is clear to me that he is hot for my white ass and I sure as hell am going to give it to him. If you want to, we can invite them to my house to continue the party there. We will have the whole house to ourselves to do what we want and tomorrow is Sunday so we can party and sleep in.”

“Great,” I replied. “I am game and I sure would like to show my young Black Tom what this White Pussy cat can do for him.”

We both laughed and gave each other a high five and back to the table. Lori took the lead and informed Rex and JB that we wanted to invite them to another party just for us four. They looked at each other and grinned, and both agreed it was a great idea. Off we went to Lori’s house. When we went in, Lori quickly showed me a bedroom and informed me it was mine if I needed it and hugged me, and said, “Honey if you are as horny as me, you will rape that young stud if you have to,” and laughed.

I informed her that I suspected that he would need no more encouragement, as JB had already told me that he and his friend had decided it was time for them to take the opportunity to get some white wife’s pussy as they had both wanted to but never had the chance before and decided to go to the club and see if they could get lucky. Lori smiled and said that was very hot information. She said she sure felt lucky to get a black guy who was a virgin for married white pussy. She would make it worth his wait and laughed.

We returned to our young Black Toms to pursuer what we had started. Lori and Rex immediately went to her bedroom and closed the door. I looked at JB and said, “Is my young Black stud ready to do the same?” JB grinned hugged me and replied that he was ready as we moved to the bedroom and closed the door.

At first he was very nervous as I slowly undressed for him, making little comments like, “Like these white boobs? Wanna play with these white boobs sugar? Wanna see more of this white wife, Sugar? Wait! Don’t touch now, let me show you all my white body, and then you can show me that sexy muscular black body of yours. Look at this sugar, I have a nice wet white pussy here all you have to do is move through the black curly bush and find it.”

I could see that he was getting damn horny now. He was perspiring and dripping sweat. He was actually drooling and whining as I made him sit on the bed and watch. It was now his turn as he got up and removed his shirt revealing his kinky black hair covering his muscular chest. He was shaking all over as he removed his pants and shorts revealing a now erect black wand.

I motioned him to me as I took it in my hand admiring my reward. I knew it was mine, and he was giving it to me. I looked at his black balls knowing that they were full and ready to explode. I gently played with them knowing that they would soon be filling this white pussycat full. I looked at the clear nectar seeping from the center of his black mushroom as I moved to lick it off and savor its taste.

I smelled his black shaft as the musk fed my erotic mind. He was now moaning and gently pushing the head into my mouth as I opened and took it licking around the head. I could now tell by his moans and thrusts that he was on edge and if I wanted those black seed deep inside me I had better stop immediately.

I moved to the center of the bed and motioned him to me as he moved to my side, I held my white lobe to him to take and suck like a baby. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was a mom with a sucking black baby. I opened my eyes and as I looked down at his face and his manhood.

I woke from my trance realizing that my baby was a full-grown man needing this mom for more than her milk. He was ready to become a man. I gently pushed his head down between my legs and closed my eyes as he licked and swallowed my now freely flowing juices. Now I realized that I was on edge as was my young black lover and I had better invite him into my cradle of love before we both exploded.

I moaned out, “Baby, your white pussy cat is ready. Come to me now,” as he moved up I opened my thighs to welcome this black man to my husband’s secret playground. JB was now wrapping his arms around me as I did him as he moved about seeking the lips that were saying come to me sweet chocolate cock and make me yours. Please me like no other has ever done my sweet Black Tom Cat. I now felt his rigid black rod entering my husband’s private playground as I opened the gate for my secret lover to enter so we both could enjoy satisfying our secret desires.

We were both holding tight as my lover started stroking and with each stroke I matched with one of my own savoring every inch of this young black stud’s sex tool, making me rise to new heights begging under my breath for him to take all he wanted to make me his white pussy cat for now. I felt him arch hard and freeze as his balls started shooting his black sperm.

With that knowledge, I let out a scream and could hear bells ringing as I had the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced as JB let his last drop of seed flow into my waiting white canal. We collapsed in each other’s arms and the last I remember was JB kissing me and rolling to my side as he said “good night baby.”

The next morning I awoke as the sun came through the window and looked at the young sleeping black man that had been so good for me last night. I saw the smile on his face and knew that I had put it there. I looked down to his now relaxed black rod as it lay there peeping out from his kinky black hair like a sleeping baby bringing a smile to my face as I remembered that this was one night that neither of us would ever forget.

I knew that we would not see each other again as he was being transferred the following week far away. I got up and dressed and made some coffee as I thought of the night before. I was thinking of my husband and what he would say about his white wife being taken by a young black Tomcat while he was not watching his white pussycat.

I knew that he would be very angry and even perhaps hurt. Well I was not going to tell him for sure. I was well satisfied by my black lover and decided that I had no regrets. JB soon joined me and greeted me by saying, “Oh baby, I had dreamed of last night ever since I could have wet dreams but I never imagined how good a white pussycat’s love would be.”

I smiled and said, “I am glad it was me. I will never forget my young black Tom cat pouncing on this white pussy cat,” and I giggled. “Actually we both had a mission when we went to the Salt and Pepper Club and we both got what we were after. I am glad I was the one to make your secret dream come true.”

Later after we had dropped the guys at their barracks, Lori drove to my house and stopped to let me out and asked, “Brenda, do you want to go back to the Salt and Pepper Club with me nest Saturday?”

“Look Lori, don’t even try to leave me out of this. At first I had my doubts about that club but now I am hooked. See you next Saturday at the same time. I hope we can have another party at your house,” as Lori chuckled and I giggled.

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