My New Wife

I was going out with Rochelle for about six months. I knew her, and we were friends for 9 years. She is very pretty, slender with hot body, a brunette with big dark eyes and dark naturally tanned skin. She has nice square shoulders, 36 C breasts and a nice wide ass. That comes with the territory because she is of Mexican heritage.

During those 9 years she was married and so was I, and just recently we both got divorced. After a few months of going out to clubs etc. both her and I got tiered of the bar scene.

That’s when we got together for one date and the rest is history. I proposed to her 3 months ago and she accepted. Because of our family situation, I had two kids and she had two kids from our previous marriages, we didn’t want a big wedding and decided to elope at Lake Tahoe chapel.

After the ceremony we came back to Sacramento. It was Saturday night and since we didn’t have a reception we decided to go out and celebrate. We got a babysitter for our kids and went out.

We started in a club near the house we were renting. When we walked in, it was evident that my new wife was going to attract attention all night long. She was wearing a short leopard skirt that left her beautiful dark long legs bare, accentuated by the black high heals on her feet. Her brown blouse was buttoned down in front but it was just short of meeting the top of her skirt so it always left her stomach bare with her belly button showing. She wore just the right amount of make up with red lipstick that always left her lips looking moist.

She was hot and a lot of guys were checking her out. I felt safe because I knew how she was, unless I initiated something, she wasn’t going to start. She attended church every Sunday with her kids and never went out. She was very sexually inactive and always had sex in a missionary position. That was one of the things I was looking forward to, was to try different things sexually with her. My new wife was a 32 year old virgin when it came to sex.

I immediately ordered us two shots of tequila each and a beer to chase it down with.

“Honey, take it easy, you don’t want me to get drunk right away…” She said.

“Well since this is our wedding night babe…anything goes…” I answered.

She drank the shots anyway and we went out on the dance floor. After a few minutes I could tell the shots were taking affect because she loosened up a lot. She was dancing with her hands above her head, moving her hips to the beat of the music. Her short blouse pulled up now exposed her whole mid section. Before we left that place I had another two shots and she managed to have one more.

We went to this bar that I was told sometimes some wild things happened in. My friends told me that one time they saw a girl get nailed right there in the corner of the bar while everyone in the bar was watching and cheering on. Of course I didn’t tell that to my new wife.

We went inside and I ordered us some tequila shots with beer. We both drank three shots this time and set by the bar. My wife was drunk. I could tell by the way she was swaying on her bar stool. I was feeling pretty drunk myself.

The music started playing so I took her by the hand and walked her out on the dance floor. The world was spinning; I held her by her hips and pressed her against me. We danced in the middle of the dance floor. I was grabbing her ass and squeezing it and she didn’t mind, I was feeling her up on the dance floor in front of other people. I don’t think she knew where she was at that time.

The music ended and we walked back to the bar passing a lot of guys that were watching us dance on the floor. I was tugging her by the hand and I gave her a quick look over my shoulder. As I did that I saw a guy reach out and feel my wife’s ass. I looked at her face and noticed that she wasn’t bothered by it one bit. I stopped pretending to give some one a passage between the crowds, but in reality I peeked again at my wife.

It was a black guy that was looking at my wife’s ass and rubbing it with his hands. We were in between the crowds and no one else but few immediate people saw what was happening. My wife was just standing there letting this stranger rub her ass. His hands rubbed her ass and in the process lifted her skirt up to the point that her white panties were showing from under the bunched up skirt.

He looked at me briefly and smiled, I was continually looking at where his hands were. The people around us started to notice and formed a small circle. I saw another black guy put his hands on my wife’s ass and tugged her skirt completely up so it was rolled up around her waist.

God, this was getting hot. I felt so many emotions running through me, looking at my wife standing in the middle of horny guys that were slowly undressing her. Panic, anger, curiosity, anticipation were some of them, but most of all sexual bliss. I had a solid hard on from watching this.

Her panties were tight and hugged her pussy area well; everyone could see the gash between her legs and something else. A wet mark started to appear on her panties. I looked at my wife’s face just to see that her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. I let go of her hand and she reached out to steady herself. Her hands found some guys shoulders.

Another guy stepped in front of her and with one quick move pulled her panties down to her ankles. The feeling of being naked woke her up from whatever state she was in. My wife looked around, still drunk but at least coherent and aware of her surroundings.

“Oh my god…” She moaned as she felt her ass being rubbed.

She was looking from face to face of the guys that were surrounding her. Two guys grabbed her hands and held them spread, while another placed a hand on the inside of her thigh and slowly ran it up to her pussy.

She looked down at his hand and then at him.

“Oh God…what are you doing…”

Her face showed shock but quickly changed to express pleasure. I looked down and saw that the guy inserted two finger in my wife’s pussy and was slowly running them in and out. Her pussy lips spread apart showing her clit. At the same time she was getting her ass rubbed and spread apart that’s when I saw a moist finger slip into her asshole. Instinctively she spread her legs apart, stepping out of her panties, giving them better access to her most intimate parts.

My wife was looking from face to face as these guys were ravaging her, filling all her openings with their fingers, holding her in front of them as if she was nothing but a play toy for them to explore. They were doing this in the open as if performing a gang rape. Suddenly her eyes found mine and she let out a loud moan.


I saw her blouse lifted up above her tits and her nipples squeezed and tugged on. She had two fingers in her pussy and a finger in her ass pumping in and out of her. She was looking into my eyes and moaning loud now getting ready to have an orgasm like she never had before by the hands of some strangers and she couldn’t stop any of it.

She was lifted off her feet and her legs spread wide apart. These guys were manhandling her like a piece of meat. Thick fingers were running in and out of her pussy and ass and everyone had a clear view of it now. Even women that were at first disgusted by what she was doing, were watching in fascination, as my wife was being handled by these studs.

My dear bride was hanging on for her life, moaning like a whore, as the first waves of a powerful orgasm swept over her consciousness.

“Ahhh…Ahhhh…Ahhhh…” She screamed as she came.

This was the first time ever I saw anything stuck in her ass and her loving it.

“Oh God…yeahhhhh…fuck…ahhhhhhh” She screamed.

All the guys were pumping their fingers hard, her pussy and ass getting worked out. Their fingers well lubricated with her juices glistened in the light as everyone watched my wife getting ravaged.

After what seemed like several minutes, she came down and went limp in their arms. Slowly they brought her feet down to the floor and stood her up, withdrawing their fingers.

Some of the guys thanked her by giving her a squeeze on the ass or tit and slowly disappeared between the crowds. I walked up to my wife and again took her hand, pulling her towards the bar. As we walked she pulled her blouse and skirt down and covered her naked body.

When we got to the bar the bartender gave us drinks on the house. I looked at her and she gave me an unsure look.

“I don’t understand what happened” She said with apparent guilt in her voice.

She had tears in her eyes and I needed to come her down.

“Honey…don’t worry about it. It was one of those brief things that meant nothing but felt damn good.” I said quickly.

I leaned over and looking her in the eyes gave her a long sensuous kiss. She responded by kissing me back. She was calm now and I kept holding her hand for reassurance.

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