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My Wife Lisa

My wife Lisa is all that I could ever hope for and more. At 27 she is bright, full of energy and fun. I met Lisa three years ago. A friend of mine was doing some computer work for a real estate office and had become friendly with several of the agents ( Most of the agents where woman ).

As it turned out every Friday night these agents would go out for drinks after work, and one night David (my friend) invited me to meet them at a small club nearby. When I arrived there was David sitting with four girls from the real estate agency. David introduced me to girls and after a short time we where all drinking and having fun when Lisa arrived. I guess she had been working with a customer and so was a little late meeting everyone. Lisa was then 24 with long honey blond hair pulled back from one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen.

Lisa is about 5″7 with a small but firm chest, long legs and an ass from heaven. I was soon introduced and found Lisa also was Incredibly smart and funny. Looking back I realize that she basically owned me by the end of that first night. At the Time I was 34. Ten years older than Lisa. Lisa and I started going out after that first night and every time I saw her things just got better. On our third date Lisa and I went out for drinks and dancing. Lisa was a knockout dressed in a short, tight black skirt with a button down white silk blouse and shear white camisole underneath and with her Black high heels to accentuate her already great legs… wow.

About midnight Lisa suggested we go back to my place just to have a drink and relax. I was or course all for it. Once we were at my apartment Lisa asked me to get us some wine from the kitchen. When I returned Lisa was standing in just a white silk thong and camisole and still wearing her black high heels. She looked so incredible I was speechless till she called me to her. That night was incredible. We made love all night and most of the next day. Lisa and I became closer and closer and just as things looked like they could not get better they got worse. All of a sudden Lisa became with drawn and quiet around me. I had a hard time just getting her to smile. Then finally one night she just started crying. My heart was breaking watching this girl that I was so in love with in such pain. I begged her to yell me what was wrong. I would never have guessed what she would tell me next.

Lisa told me that I didn’t really know who she is, who she was. For the next hour and a half Lisa told me about how she worked for two years as a stripper before becoming a real estate agent. how she had traveled to different states and worked in all kinds of clubs as a dancer. For the last year she had not danced wanting to leave that all behind and live a normal life. then about three weeks ago her best friend had called her and begged her to work a private party with her.

The other girl that was supposed to do it had backed out and now it was just two days away. Her friend had told her how she had taken a deposit and had spent the money and didn’t have it to give back. Lisa agreed and did the party and now felt sick for having done it and for lying to me about it. Now I know this may sound strange but I had never loved Lisa more than I did at that moment. I took her in my arms and held her close, telling her how much I loved her and how the only thing that was important was that she loved me to much to lie to me. That night we held each other, Kissed and cried till dawn.

After that night Lisa and I were closer than ever before. I was of course interested in knowing more about the details of her past life but it took a long time for Lisa to be able to talk about it and at first it was just a little here and a little there but after awhile I learned more. At first I was just interested but then I found myself wanting to hear more and more. I found myself becoming obsessed with thinking of her naked in front of dozens of men. Just the though would get me incredibly excited and it was not long before Lisa could tell.

At first I think she was confused but then realized what a thrill it had become for me. One night we were to go out for dinner. When I arrived to pick up Lisa she was dressed in an ultra short Black Leather skirt, White knee high boots and a short black sweater that revealed her flat stomach. For the second time I was speechless. Lisa asked if I was ready for our date and all I could do was nod stupidly. She said she was driving tonight and for me to get in. I did as she told me.

As we where leaving I asked where we were going and she said just sit back and enjoy. twenty minutes later we where walking into a strip club. in a minute all eyes where on Lisa. Lisa whispered in my ear. well you wanted to know more about my life, so here we are. We sat down at the Bar and to my surprise several people working there knew Lisa and stopped by to say hi. Everyone was very friendly and someone even bought us a drink. after a few minutes a girl came up to Lisa. Lisa introduced me to her best friend Hilery. Hilery looked to be about Lisa’s age with dark eyes and hair. A little shorter than Lisa but with a great figure as well. We all said hi and Hilery stayed and had a drink with us. Hilery was definitely likeable and there was no question why Lisa Liked her so.

After a few minutes Lisa got up to say hi to some other people she knew from the club. anywhere Lisa went all the men’s eyes where on her and I just got more and more excited. a few minutes later Lisa was back and I could barely keep my hands off her. She reached down and felt how hard I was. She just laughed and said we better get you out of here before you have an accident. In the car Lisa chided me about getting hard watching the girls strip. when I told her I never really looked and that

I just got hard watching everyone watching her. she just smiled reached over, undid my pants and gave me the greatest blow job I had ever had. Later we went back to my apartment where Lisa put on some music danced and striped for me. We fucked all night long. the next day we layed in bed and talked about how much I got turned on thinking about her performing in front of a group of strange men. Lisa took the hint and started talking about her being nude in front of so many men and men reaching up and touching her legs and her ass. I was rock hard again in a minute and Lisa and I fucked for over an hour as she continued to talk. It was incredible. About three weeks later I met Lisa for lunch on Friday.

After we were done eating Lisa told me she had heard from Hilary. It seems that Hilary was asked to do another private bachelor party and wanted to know if Lisa would do it with her. Lisa said that she would call her after lunch and tell her no. So I asked why she didn’t say no in the first place. Lisa just kind of looked away and said I don’t know. I asked her how she felt about it. She said well at first I though that If you would come with me I would do it. the thought of dancing for a bunch of guys in front of me kind of turned her on. I said then lets do it. She said wait a minute you don’t know what goes on. First, you would have to be there as my escort not my boyfriend. Second, sometimes there is sex. I don’t do it myself but Hilary might. It depends on the deal she made. I don’t want to freak you out. I thought about it for a minute and said So lets do it. Lisa just smiled nervously and said well .

OK. Pick me up at 7:30. Then she got up and kissed me and left. I was a wreak for the rest of the day and when I finally picked up Lisa she was dressed in the same Black Leather Skirt, White Boots and short top she had worn the night we had gone to the strip club. She looked HOT. Lisa just looked up gave me a kiss and said ready for work and smiled. Lisa gave me instructions on how to get to the place. We would meet Hilary there.

We pulled up in front of a high rise apartment building and went up to the 21st floor we knocked and were ushered in. there seemed to be about 15 or 16 guys standing around drinking. the Host led us off to a bed room. Hilery was not there yet so he told us we could just stay there and wait for her. Straitened her self up and checked her music and the two of us waited. after about twenty minutes the guy came back in and asked where the other girl was. Lisa didn’t know and tried to call her but got no answer.

Lisa got off the phone and said she was sure she would be here any minute. Almost another twenty minutes later there was still no Hilery and the Guy once again came back to ask what was going on. Lisa said she would go ahead and do the dance with out her. but the guy asked what about the Groom. Lisa said what about him. Well Hilery had agreed to take care of him as part of the deal and that was what they wanted. Lisa said she was sorry but she did not do that. The guy got really mad and started to yell that was the deal and that was what he paid for. Lisa looked at me and asked him for a minute alone. When he left She asked me what she should do. I said I don’t know did you ever do anything like that before. She said she had once shortly after she had first started doing private parties.

She had been drinking and things just got out of control and since then she never drank or did sex at a party. I told her that if she was alright with it I was OK with it. She opened the door and called the guy back in. She said she would do it but she needed a drink first. he asked her what she wanted and she said vodka. a minute later he came back with a bottle and two glasses. He left them and said whenever she was ready was fine. Well I could tell Lisa had already had a drink or two before I picked her up and now she tossed down a half full glass of Vodka like it was water. She put some more in the glass and just sipped it for awhile.

I kept telling her it would be OK and to have fun with it. I told her how hot I was just thinking about what she was about to do. Fifteen minutes later Lisa was feeling no pain and said well lets do it. I carried out boom box playing and Lisa walked out behind me Dancing slowly. The Guys in the room looked like they had done pretty well drinking during the time that had gone by and they where all shouting and clapping. Lisa danced around and brushed all the guys. The guys where getting there feels in while they could. Then Lisa danced back into the center of the room and moving like a cat.

Slowly she removed her top to a thunder of clapping and shouting. Next Lisa turned her back to everyone bent over and slowly slid her Leather skirt down over her hips. Now Lisa was swaying her ass and hips. All she had on was her Boots and a white thong. once again she walked and brushed all the guys standing and this time the guys had a lot more to grab. and for the first time I looked at Lisa and she seemed to be lost in the moment. The guys started chanting take it off take it off. Lisa slowly walked to the groom. who was sitting down. Lisa turned her back to him and sat on his lap. slowly rubbing her ass over it.

His hands where on her tits in a flash. Lisa just moaned and leaned back into him, still moving her perfect ass over his cock. Then Lisa stood up turned to face him. Took his hands and pulled him up in front of her. Next Lisa slowly dropped to her knees and began removing his belt. soon he was naked from the e waist down and Lisa held his Hard cock in her hand, She slowly rubbed it against her face and Lips then took it in her mouth. I watched as Lisa slowly moved her soft red lips over his and down its length. She kept sucking him for about three minutes. Watching her and listening to the sucking noises was making me crazy.

Then she stood up again in front of him. She took his hands and placed his thumbs inside the sides of her g string. It didn’t take him long to have the thong at her feet. she pushed him back into the chair and kneeled over him. She took his cock and guided it into herself. The moan she let out nearly had me cuming in my pants. It was also clear that her show was effecting everyone else the same way. One of the guys standing next to the chair started to rub her tits another guy, on her left bent forward and took the other in his mouth.

This was not part of the deal. It was supposed to be for the groom only, but Lisa didn’t protest. a few of the guys looked over at me as if to see if I was going to say anything, but I was just transfixed watching My Lisa slowly fucking this stranger in front of me. The guys took my lack of action as a green light. The guy that originally started rubbing Lisa’s tits now had his cock out and he placed it in Lisa’s hand. Lisa just started stroking it. In another minute the same guy was pulling Lisa’s head to his cock. Lisa took it in her mouth and started sucking it while still fucking the groom. after a few minutes the groom came and the guys moved Lisa off him and onto the floor.

I thought that she would stop them from going further. The guys started taking down there pants one guy had already placed his cock in Lisa’s mouth, another guy was now moving to position himself between her lovely long legs. I watched that night as Lisa got fucked and sucked off sixteen guys, many taking her twice. At about 3:30 AM I myself placed my cock in my now well used wife, she watched me intently to gauge my feelings after cumming, I kissed her softly and whispered I love you. her reply was a sweet smile.

It was 6:30 AM when the last guy crawled off Lisa. I got her up and brought her to the bathroom. I put her in the shower and got her clothes. Still wet I helped her put her clothes on and got her out of there and back to my place. Lisa slept for hours and when she woke up next to me, she began to cry, realizing what she had done. I kissed her lips and told her again how much I loved her and how incredible I though she was. Three months later I proposed.

Lisa and I have been together now for a little over two years. we never did anything like that again but to this day all I have to do is think about that night and I am on fire.


  1. Ur story made me wet wish I could watch that too

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  3. I just love the thought of my wife fucking other men. Makes me so hard whenever we toss around the idea of her pussy filled with other mens cum.

  4. My wife had the pleasure of stripping at two bachelor parties. At one she managed to ride on the grooms cock in front of everyone. At the other, she took the groom and best man I to a bedroom for an hour and got royally fucked. The funny thing is that at the second one, just as she pulled off her bra, she noticed two of her co workers in the crowd. After that night she ended up getting fucked by both of them several times later on.

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