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My Wifes Other

My wife is beautiful, tall and trim with dark hair. She has really nice big tits and a great ass. She was a 18 year-old virgin when we met. She didn’t stay a virgin very long. She was ready and willing to get fucked. As she always has been. Guys are always looking at her with a look that say they want to fuck her. Hell, the first time I went out with her I just wanted to fuck her! She is naturally a friendly and outgoing type person, so this makes her seem like she is always looking to get fucked, and she is.

We had been married about 2 years when our sex life started faltering. She seemed less and less interested in us being together sexually and making love. At this point in our life I had a gut feeling she wanted to fuck other men. We would read the stories in men’s magazines that readers had sent in about different sexual experiences. We both enjoyed reading about all the horny wives that would fuck their brother-in-law or the boss fucking his secretary at work. There were the stories about couples swapping partners and orgies. We talked about what it would be like if we fucked someone else. We discussed it several times but made no decision as to if we would do it or not. We both strongly agreed, that if we did, we would tell the other all about our experience. Since my wife had never fucked anyone else, (that I knew of), the thought of fucking someone else was all very exciting for her. She couldn’t wait to get some other guys cock into her!

This is where our story begins:

We had a friend that we partied with and sometimes had over for dinner, as he was a single guy. We would go out and do things together also. In a short time period he became very attracted to my wife. I had no clue about this, but I’m sure my wife did. When we were all together they acted no different than they ever did. Sure I saw him giving her looks, but all the guys and men we knew or were around looked at her that way. They wanted to fuck her.

My wife would kind of hint at the question of wanting to fuck someone else but not really come out and say it. She never really said what she wanted. We still had sex but I could tell she wasn’t aroused or turned on by me anymore. It wasn’t fun for her and she would not orgasm. I had a job that I worked at from early in the mornings to late at night sometimes, and Saturdays were not uncommon.

It was on one of these days that I worked until late in the afternoon on a Saturday. I came home and my wife was just getting stuff out to start dinner. Our friend was over having a drink. My wife said he was going to have dinner with us. As I walked in I said hi. I looked at him and he had a funny sheepish look on his face. I went straight from the front door into the bathroom to piss. As I was pissing I noticed my wife’s wet bikini on the towel rack. I went back out and walked toward the kitchen to say hi to my wife and kiss her. She wouldn’t look me in the eye. I said hi, and she said hi as she hurriedly kept working on dinner. She looked sort of frantic, like she was trying to be busy when she wasn’t. I said, looks like you went swimming. Not looking at me, she said yeah, they had been over at his place swimming all afternoon and had got back right before I walked in. At that moment……I knew she had been fucking him.

Later that night as we were in bed we talked about how her afternoon went. She said he had called about ten o’clock to ask us over to swim and I wasn’t home, so she went on over by herself at eleven. I thought this to be very coincidental. He asked us over when I conveniently wasn’t home; he had never asked us over before, especially on a Saturday morning. Plus he knew I didn’t swim. I knew it was a pre-planned activity on their part. I asked her if she had changed there at his place or did she wear her bikini over. She said she changed at his place in his bedroom, but had the door closed. I asked her what she would have done if he had come in while she was naked and he saw her tits and ass? She smugly replied…. …”nothing he hasn’t seen before”. I said; what do you mean? When did he see your tits and ass before? She tried to change the subject and cover-up what she had just said but I persisted. She finally said after they had finished swimming that they were back at his apartment having drinks. While they were having a drink he leaned over and kissed her. I asked then what happened? I kissed him back and then came home, and that was it. I asked, then what did you mean by, “nothing he hasn’t seen before”? Oh that was nothing she said…haha……I was just kidding. I knew she wasn’t kidding! If you had just got home..…what were you doing until five o’clock? Oh….we were swimming! For six hours? She said ……..yeah…….

I thought about this for a few weeks trying to sort it out. One: I knew she was fucking him. Two: From her saying…(a couple of times in our conversation)…”nothing he hasn’t seen before”…..let me know in no uncertain terms that he had already seen here naked before today and that she had been fucking him for a while and this wasn’t the first time. What should I do? I didn’t know what to do. Then one day I came home early because work had been slow. It was about 11:30am. I hear a knock at my door. I open the door and there’s my neighbor from down the hall. She is about 5 years older than I am. She is about 5’6” tall has brown hair, a nice round ass, and pretty fair tits. She has a daughter but is recently divorced. I saw your truck out there she says, what’s for lunch? I laughed and said I didn’t have anything and was going to go get a hamburger or something. She said to come on over to her place and have something to eat. I said ok, I’d be over in a bit. Then she left.

I knocked on her door and heard her say come in. I went in and she had some sandwiches ready. I sat down and started on my sandwich. Do you eat pussy? I was dumbfounded. Do I what, I said? Do you eat pussy she laughed? I saw her cat walk by and not knowing what else to say I said, yeah but not one that fuzzy, as I pointed to her cat. She laughed, and then said, I want to get laid. I had no words. She kept talking about it and told me she wanted to fuck me. I told her I was flattered. Truth was, I am really shy and I didn’t know what to do. She asked me if my wife fucked around. I told her about my wife and our friend, that I knew she had been fucking him. She said I should fuck her right now before she had to go back to work. I told her I would think about it and went back home.

A few weeks later she was at our place when our friend came over. As soon as he walked in I introduced him to Linda. No sooner had I done this than she said…….this the guy that’s fucking Marlene? I nodded yes. Marlene’s eyes bugged out, she looked like she would shit! Gary got a little smirk on his face that told it all, they were speechless. Then Linda says……cool……lets get this party going. We all got some drinks and went into the spare bedroom where we had our stereo and bean bags. I laid down on one with Linda on one side and Marlene on the other. Gary was on the outside next to Marlene. We were in there less than five minutes listing to music and talking when I heard a loud “pop”! The noise I heard was the snap on Marlene’s pants being popped open. Gary must have stopped and looked my way because then I hear her say to Gary, it’s ok, go ahead! I thought…..we’ve hardly been in here for two minutes! Then I hear zzzzzzzzzzip. I look out of the corner of my eye and I can see Gary opening and pushing Marlene’s pants down in front. She is lifting her hips to help him. Her panties are shoved down too and I can see the top of her pussy hair. Her pants are unzipped and opened wide; her bikini panties are now pushed down enough for him to get his hand easily down inside the front of them to play with her pussy. I could see he had his fingers inside her panties and pussy working her slit over. She had her eyes closed and was moaning lightly and rocking her pussy up into Gary’s fingers. She was very wet because as Gary finger fucked her I could hear her pussy making a squishing sound. I was talking to Linda so I hadn’t noticed, but he already had Marlene’s top pulled way up too and was sucking and playing with her tits as she was not wearing a bra. In less than five minutes Gary had my wife almost naked and approaching an orgasm. Something I hadn’t been able to do since the first six months we were married! Linda sees all of this action going on and is getting hot. She puts her hand on my cock and rubs it through my pants. I am reluctantly squeezing and feeling her tits as I still feel awkward. I can’t keep my eyes off of Gary fingering my almost naked wife and sucking her tits. By the look on her face, Marlene is loving it! Linda and me are staring at Gary working Marlene’s pussy over. Linda whispers to me, look at him fuck her with his hand! He’s really working her clit! I’m jealous! Lets go to my place. I want to suck your cock! As we get up to leave I look at Marlene, her legs are spread wide open and her pants and panties are now down off of one leg and around the other ankle and my cousin Gary is kissing her willing mouth hard and ramming all the fingers on his left hand really hard into her hot dripping pussy! I was surprised he wasn’t hurting her, being that rough with her pussy. She is lifting her hips up in rhythm with him as his hand slippery and glistening with her juices plunges into her soft hot wet hole again and again. I can actually see his whole hand go into her wet pussy all the way up to the knuckles! She is lost in ecstasy and is approaching an orgasm. As Linda and I started to leave, I thought; they look really familiar with each other. My wife never even knew I left with Linda.

Linda’s daughter is asleep in her room as it’s like 12:30am. We go into Linda’s bedroom and lie on her bed and start kissing. She is rubbing my cock and I’m squeezing her tits through her light tank top. She sits up and unbuttons my Levis, then proceeds to pull them off and drops them on the floor. I pull off my shirt as she takes my underwear off.

I move over to her and pull her top over her head. I look at her nice soft tits, she has huge nipples, she is wearing no bra and I put one of her large erect nipples in my mouth and lightly suck it. She moans lowly as I move to the other nipple. I do not want to neglect any part of her. Lying back on the bed she unsnaps her pants and I grab hold of the cuffs. I jerk her pants off and am pleased she is wearing very small light blue bikini panties that don’t quite cover her pussy. I let my hands glide up the inside of her legs and over the bulging mound of her pussy. I rub her pussy through the light silky material of her panties. Her pussy is soaking her panties. She moans and says she loves it. I let my finger slip under the elastic of the leg band and pull it aside so I can see her pussy. She has a lot of pussy hair. I slip my finger into her hot wet pussy and push it in. She has her eyes closed as she humps her hot pussy as I finger her hot hole. I grab her panties at each side as she lifts her ass up and I slowly slide her panties off of her full round ass. We are both naked and she is more than ready to get fucked.

As I look at her hot naked body the thought comes to my mind that Marlene, who at this very moment is just as naked, and hot, is getting her hot pussy sucked and fucked by our cousin. I know she is sucking his cock and fucking him with all she has. Marlene really loves to suck cock. She is probably on top of him sliding up and down his big hard slick cock or on her knees getting banged hard from behind. Probably both!

Meanwhile Linda has my cock in her mouth sucking me with all she has. She stops long enough to tell me she is going to stick her tongue up my ass. She then moves to my ass and licks my ass and starts tonguing it. She is stroking my cock as her wet tongue slips in and out of my ass driving me crazy. This makes my cock really hard. I feel like I’m about to cum so I stop her. I don’t want this to end yet! I get between her legs and start licking her wet pussy. I can’t believe how hot and wet she is! Marlene is never this wet or hot! I roll her onto her stomach and get her on her hands and knees. I am under her pussy licking her clit. She told me this is what she really likes, having her clit licked. She said at work she goes into the bathroom when she is thinking of me, pulls her pants and panties off, then puts one foot up on the sink to get good access to her twat and rubs her clit until she cums at least twice. As I am licking her clit I lightly bite it as I slip a wet finger up her ass. This just about takes her over the edge. She spreads her legs as wide as she can and lowers her snatch with more force onto my tongue. I know she is close to exploding. She is going crazy. I am squeezing her ass as I lick as fast and as hard as I can. I wet another of my fingers and push both of them up her tight ass. This does the trick……..she clenches my fingers with her ass and at the same time makes a funny sound as her pussy drenches my face with her pussy juice. She has her pussy locked onto my face and is grinding down on my head. Her pussy shot it out sort of like a cock does when a guy cums except it is not as thick. Every time her pussy convulses she squirts some more cum into my mouth. As her convulsions subside she rolls off of me before I suffocate and says that was the best eat-out she ever experienced.

Then she is on my cock like she hasn’t had one in her mouth for a year. She sucks it differently than my wife does. My neighbor is kinda weird too, she lays on the floor with her body and legs on the bed. Her head is down as the rest of her is on the bed. Then she tells me to straddle her with my knees on each side of her head facing the bed. I do this as she takes my cock into her mouth. I can feel as she sucks my cock that she is getting all of me into her mouth. I guess this inverted position makes it easier for her to get all of my cock into her mouth. This is fine with me as it feels super good. I start fucking her mouth with my hard on. She is rubbing and squeezing my balls lightly. I grab her legs and get them higher and her head more to the floor as I fuck her mouth fast and hard. She is taking all of my cock in her mouth easily as I can feel my balls tighten and I know I’m going to cum. As I start shooting my warm cum in her mouth she sucks my cock all the way down her throat. I have never been sucked like this!

Linda gets us a soda and we lay there talking. Do you think Marlene is getting fucked really good right now she says? Yeah….fuck!….I know she is. I told Linda I didn’t know what was wrong. Marlene is not sexually attracted to me. She thinks I don’t know that her and Gary have been fucking for a while, but I do! Linda laughs and starts sucking my cock lightly, slowly getting it hard again. I want you to fuck me good she says. My cock gets harder and harder as she sucks away on it. When it’s good and hard I tell her to get in the doggy position. She is on her knees and elbows with her head resting on the bed. She has her fingers working her clit over really fast and is making that funny little noise again. It’s fun to watch her masturbate because she enjoys doing it so much and she’s good at it. At the height of her self-stimulation she tells me “to fuck her hard and deep”. I get my cock right to the opening of her slippery wet pussy and then in one hard thrust slam it all the way into her as hard as I can. I think even she is surprised and lets out a little cry. Then she tells me to do it again! So I pull out of her hot hole and with a long hard stroke again, I slam it all the way to my balls. Now she is begging me to keep doing it the same way. She is rubbing her clit so fast I am amazed it doesn’t fall off. I keep fucking her the same way, hard and deep as I can. After I have cum once it takes me a little while to cum again so I can really pound a pussy the second time around. And that’s what I was doing to her. I was fucking her hard and fast and she was rubbing her clit the same way and crying. I was fucking her so hard and fast I thought I was going to pass out. Every time I slammed into her she would whimper. I started unloading cum into her with hard long squirts. With every squirt I would push into her hot pussy as far as I could. It felt as if my balls were being forced into her pussy too. I tried to get my cock to touch the other end of her twat. The whole time I never lost the hard pumping rhythm until I was done in. I rolled onto the bed next to her. She just collapsed flat on her stomach with her legs spread and my cum leaking out of her well-fucked pussy. After I caught my breath I asked her if I had hurt her. She said, no, why? I said, well, you were crying. She laughed and said that when she has a tremendously hard orgasm it feels so overwhelmingly great that it makes her cry. Then she went on to say that I was one of the best fucks she ever had, and if Marlene didn’t want to fuck me, she would. Walking out the door Linda hands me a key to her apartment and says, next time I want you to fuck my ass like you did my pussy tonight…hard! I told her she could count on it!

As I walked back to my place I wondered if Gary had fucked Marlene as good.   Marlene fucked Gary a lot of times after that night. Once, after that, cousin Gary and I both fucked Marlene at the same time……….But that is, as they say, another story!

Updated: January 17, 2009 — 3:27 pm

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  1. My boyfriend and I used to trade off with another couple in our apartment building a few years ago. He was a real gym rat and built really big. Muscles everywhere. His wife was also fit with blonde hair and huge fake tits. My boyfriend first fucked her in the laundry room. He told me and I wanted the hunk to fuck me. I caught him as he came in one day and asked for help. It took all of two minutes before he was grabbing my tits and ass. It was a fun relationship and provided some nice variety.

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