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Part Time Job

[ story by Sweetmeat ([email protected]) ]

I got pregnant the night of my senior prom, because my asshole husband, then boy friend, forgot to buy condoms and didn’t tell me he was fucking me bareback, so we got married right after graduation. I had a boy, my husband had gotten a job as a forklift operator, a job he still has, and we never had enough money, big surprise. My asshole husband fought me tooth and nail about me going to work, the old argument, a woman’s place is in the home raising the kid.

Well that lasted until my son was eight and wanted a computer for Christmas, then I told my husband to go fuck himself, that I was getting a job for Christmas, so we could buy the computer. I got a job at a chain toy store, stocking shelves from ten thirty at night until seven in the morning.

I started in the middle of October on a Monday and when I got to work, the other girl they hired wasn’t coming in, so that left me and a twenty year old college guy. I was only twenty six, so the age difference wasn’t to big a deal and he was really hot looking, so I told the manager we would manage okay without the other girl. As it turned out, it was a blessing for both of us that the other girl didn’t show. Now not being too sure what the job entailed and wanting to make a nice impression my first night, I had worn a mid length skirt and blouse and low heels.

It didn’t take very long before I realized I wasn’t really dressed for the job, but the only thing I could change was my shoes, so I shed them. All this time we were stocking shelves, Jimmy, the college guy was in a sleeveless tee shirt and looking really good. Now my husband wasn’t much in the bedroom, most of the time he was just interested in getting himself off, fuck what I needed and it had been a while since he had even bothered to stick his dick in me and I was fucking horny.

Now watching Jimmy, my pussy was dripping as I kept thinking about what it would be like to have his cock in my hot pussy. We had been working about two hours and I now had to go up on the ladder for the higher shelves, which didn’t thrill me much.

To top it off, the ladder seemed a little shaky to me and when I started to climb it, it was shaking a bit and I let out a yell, bringing Jimmy on the run. He grabbed the ladder, told me he would hold it for me and since it was now a lot sturdier, I climbed a few rungs higher, not realizing that with my legs spread out for better footing, I was giving Jimmy a show and he could see that my panties were soaking wet around my pussy.

I heard him make a noise and I looked down and saw him rubbing his crotch while looking up my dress. My poor pussy got even wetter knowing I was making him hot, God, I wanted to be fucked so bad, I was shaking a little, Jimmy stepped up on the ladder, I felt his hand on my leg, I froze as his hand traveled up towards my steaming cunt and when he got to my boiling pussy, he pushed my panties aside and put two fingers in my cunt.

I was so fucking hot, that when his two fingers entered my steaming snatch, I made a sound I had never made before, it was like an animal grunt, only loud and I came all over Jimmy’s hand. His fingers felt so incredibly fucking good in my needy pussy that when he pulled them out and told me to come down off the ladder, I groaned, no, oh no, put them back.

That’s he told me to come down so he could stick his cock in my fucking cunt and give me the fucking of my life. I almost jumped off the ladder.

When I was down to the last rung on the ladder, he stopped me, lifted my skirt up and pulled my panties down. Then he loosened my skirt took it off me. Looking up at me he told me to spread my legs and when I did he kissed the cheeks of my ass and then ran his tongue over my asshole, down to my pussy.

I almost passed out I was so hot from that, I love having my pussy eaten and it seldom happens with my husband and here was this stranger, licking my cunt. He got me off the ladder, leaned me against it, pushed my legs apart and buried his tongue in my cunt.

I screamed so loud and came at the same time, making my whole body shake like a leaf in the wind. Jimmy kept tongue fucking me for a while, then he clamped his mouth onto my clit, while putting his fingers in my raging pussy and sucked and finger fucked me to an orgasm so fucking powerful, I went down to the floor in a heap.

Jimmy picked me up, put me over his shoulder and carried me to an area where a display was set up that had a blow up bed for a kid in the display. The whole time he carried me, he was rubbing my ass and telling me what his cock was going to do to my pussy, driving me more fucking crazy then I already was.

He pulled the bed to the floor, put me on my feet, took my blouse and bra off, whistled, kissed both my tits and told me to lay down and spread my legs. I was on that blow up bed quick as lightening, legs spread, watching him get undressed. I was already impressed by the size of his boner under his pants, but when he took his pants off, I gasped.

His cock was a lot bigger then my husband’s and I was salivating waiting for him to put it in me. He got between my legs, began rubbing that magnificent beast all over my pussy, making me beg for him to fuck me. He worked my pussy over for a minute or two, then very slowly pushed it into my cock thirsty cunt. It felt so big sliding into my pussy, I thought it was going to rip my cunt apart, but my sweet cunt took it like a trooper.

When it was about halfway in me, it felt so fucking delicious in me, I wrapped my legs around his ass, grabbed his ass with both hands and pushed him all the way in. When his cock bottomed out in my pussy, I thought I died and went to heaven, it was fucking awesome and I came again.

Then he started fucking me real slow, pulling his cock almost all the way, very slow and then sliding it back in, still slowly, picking up speed with each thrust until I was in a place I had never been before. My little pussy had never felt anything like what he was doing to me and a bomb could have dropped and I wouldn’t have know it.

He was pumping my pussy like it had never been pumped before, then he took hold of my ankles and pushed my legs back to my shoulders and while holding my legs, he started fucking me hard and fast. I think I came every time he drove his cock home in my pussy, all I could do was moan and come as he really gave me the best fucking of my life. I don’t know how long Jimmy fucked me for, but it was a long time and I never came so much in my life, my ass was swimming in a puddle of my come.

All of a sudden I could feel Jimmy’s cock growing in my pussy, what a fucking feeling that was, already having his huge cock in me get bigger. I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn’t pull out and he stuck his tongue in my mouth as he started pumping his red hot sperm into my hot hole. I think I was delirious with joy as he came like fire hose going off in me.

My teenage lover must have been saving his come up for me as my husband wouldn’t come as much as Jimmy did that time, in three fucks. He let me put my legs down, but kept his cock in my super happy cunt, kissed me and told me what an amazing piece of ass I was. He also told me I was going to spend the rest of the night naked, as he planned on fucking and sucking me a few more times.

Life’s funny sometimes, here I was, twenty six, had never walked around naked in my life and now I was in a toy store, having had the best fuck of my life by a young man I had just met and I was going to spend the rest of the night naked with him. His cock was still half hard in me, he was kissing my tits and my sweet little pussy was trying to jerk his prick off, a little thing I learned using a dildo.

It sure worked on my first lover, his prick was getting harder by the second and he was moving his cock in and out of my hungry pussy again. He told me to wrap my legs around him and for me, it was a whole new experience in fucking, it made his cock feel even bigger in me. We fucked nice and slow, while Jimmy told me how wonderful my pussy was, that he loved eating my pussy and he was going to eat me again before the night was over.

He drove me fucking crazy, especially when he told me I was going to be his private little whore now, that I was the best fucking slut he ever stuck his cock in and I was born to fuck and suck his cock. Come just kept pouring out of my raging pussy, I didn’t think it was possible to have so many orgasm’s in a row and he was sure right about me being his private little whore, it was my destiny.

Somehow we did manage to finish stocking shelves in between having my pussy eaten by the best cunt lapper I ever experienced, getting fucked on my hands and knees and sucking Jimmy’s big cock, swallowing his sperm. It was by far, the best night of my life, I came more times for Jimmy that night, then I had my entire life up to then and when our shift was over, as tired as I was, I couldn’t wait to be naked with Jimmy again.

When I got in the next night, the manager asked me how it went and I told him Jimmy doesn’t talk much, almost a mute, which seemed to please him a lot. I didn’t have the heart to tell him the reason Jimmy didn’t talk much was because he was to busy fucking me in between working. He told me that as long as Jimmy and I could handle the work load, he wasn’t going to hire anybody else, which made me very happy and I assured him we could handle it.

In truth, it was not very hard to do. We had worked a system out the first night so Jimmy could take me whenever he got hard again and we could do everything in about four hours, so we worked for an hour, fucked for an hour, you get the picture. Our nights went like this, the store closed at ten thirty, when our shift started, everybody was out of there by ten of eleven at the latest and when Jimmy locked the door behind the last one, my clothes came off.

I would go into the managers office, sit on the desk, spread my legs and wait for Jimmy to eat my pussy, then we would change places, so I could blow Jimmy. After we got to taste each others come, we would work for a while and found out that some nights we had more free time then others and those nights we always did a sixty nine, Jimmy’s favorite, because when we did a sixty nine there was a lot of foreplay before we got down to eating each other out.

One night, about four in the morning, Jimmy took a display out of one of the windows, put a small table in the window, bent me over the table and fucked my brains out for the whole world to see. One car stopped to watch and for some reason, having somebody watching me get Jimmy’s big piece of meat rammed into my steaming cunt, made me so fucking hot, I squirted come for the first time in my life.

I made Jimmy let me suck him off before he came in me, to give whoever was in the car a real good show and I made sure they could see Jimmy shoot his come into my mouth. Jimmy made me show the person my pussy after I blew him and when we stepped out of the window, they honked their horn as they drove away. I was kind of surprised that I got so fucking hot having somebody see me totally naked and fucking and sucking a big cock, but it did.

Much to my disappointment, we never fucked in the window again, Jimmy thought it was too risky and he didn’t want us losing our job because of an overzealous cop. I found out that I liked to be fucked while standing bent over too, I loved to feel my hot cunt juice running down my legs and when Jimmy came in me, it felt like it was going to reach my tonsils.

He was fucking incredible, we worked together for about eight weeks or so and he fucked and sucked me at least four times a night, sometimes more, he was a horny mother fucker as they say. We did some other stuff too, like he made me play with myself as he watched, close up and I shot come all over his face. After the first time Jimmy made me squirt, it happened almost all the time after that and he loved to see me squirt.

My come was in every aisle in that store and I had given Jimmy a blow job in every aisle, plus the men’s and ladies rooms by the time we were finished there. Jimmy wanted to fuck me up the ass too, but when we tried, he was just too big for my poor little ass and I was really afraid of being in pain.

We tried a lot of times, Jimmy would lube me up real good, inside and out, but when he got the head of his cock in my asshole, I was scared to death and he stopped. The first time when he tried to ass fuck me and his cock head was in my asshole, he thought if he shot his load up my ass it might help. I reached back and jerked him off as best I could, which was good enough, because I felt his cock swelling in my hand and then he shot an awesome load of hot come up my ass. What a feeling that was, his red hot come shooting all the way up my asshole, I loved the feeling.

I loved feeling him come in my ass, so I let him keep trying, but what I didn’t realize for a while was that every time we tried, Jimmy got his cock a little deeper into my ass. It was about the tenth time Jimmy was trying to ass fuck me that I realized how deep he was in me, because after the first time, Jimmy would jerk himself off, so he could work his cock deeper into my hot little ass and now he was fucking my ass, nice and slowly, while working his cock deeper into me. What he was doing to my ass felt so good to me now, I loved feeling his cock sliding in and out of my ass, but I especially loved the idea he was going to come buckets in my ass.

I felt his cock swelling up in my ass, braced myself for that wonderful feeling that was to come and Jimmy had his hands around my hips when he started to shoot his load up my ass and he pulled me back against him, flooding my asshole with his come while he buried his cock all the way up my ass. He was already so far up my ass that it only hurt for a second and he was buried to the hilt in my ass.

Jimmy really liked fucking me up the ass and he ass fucked me at least twice a week until the last two weeks, then he fucked my ass every day. The day before our last day, Jimmy asked me if I had ever thought about being fucked in both my cunt and asshole at the same time. I had to admit that the thought had occurred to me and Jimmy said he would have a surprise for me our last night.

The last night there was very little work and after our usual cunt lapping, cock sucking session, we had everything finished in a little over an hour and I asked what my surprise was. Jimmy told me to have patience, so I asked him if he would fuck me in the window later on and he agreed. He put me on his lap and was sucking on my tits in between talking to me and he told me he had to go home for Christmas, he lived out of state, but would be back by the end of the second week of January.

I told him he had to leave his cock with me and he laughed, telling me to just think how hot my pussy will be for his cock when he gets back. He looked at the clock, said it’s time, told me to go fix our fuck nest up while he got my surprise and went to the front door. I was in my usual position, laying on the bed with my legs spread when Jimmy came back with a young naked guy, who had a cock almost as big as his, that got hard as a rock fast.

I figured, what the fuck, he was staring at my cunt, so I lifted my legs like Jimmy had taught me, to show off my hot little pussy and asshole, making Jimmy get hard. Jimmy introduced the guy as Kevin, telling me that him and Kevin where going to do things to my cunt, asshole and mouth I would never forget. Now just looking at those two hard cocks had my mouth watering, my pussy leaking and my asshole twitching, making me come out with, just what Jimmy’s little slut whore needs, two big fat cocks to suck and fuck.

I said, “I’m all yours boys, fuck me until I pass out, fuck every hole in my body, but do it now.”

Jimmy told me to get on my hands and knees so he could lube my asshole for Kevin and I got right into the position so Kevin could fuck me up the ass. But Jimmy had something else in mind, he lubed my ass, then slipped in under me, buried his cock in my pussy in one fast motion as I felt Kevin’s cock entering my ass.

I couldn’t believe I was going to get fucked in both my bottom holes at the same time, it was a dream come true. I now had both cocks filling my fuck holes and I could actually feel them rubbing together inside me, what a fucking awesome feeling, I shot come out of my pussy like a fire hose going off.

I now knew what being in fuck heaven really meant, Christ what a fucking feeling, being fucked up the ass and in my pussy at the same fucking time, it just didn’t get any better then this, except they were going to fill my fuck holes with their hot come. I was in such a state, I don’t think I could have told you my name, all I could feel was those cocks fucking me while rubbing together inside me and come pouring out of me.

I don’t know how long they fucked me, but it was a while before I felt Kevin’s cock swelling up in my asshole, I was making all kinds of animal sounds as I knew he was about to blow his load up my ass and when I felt his hot come shooting up my ass, I screamed and shot the biggest load of my life, my cunt opened up like a fire hydrant. Just as I stopped screaming, I felt Jimmy’s cock growing in my pussy, Kevin still had his hard cock up my ass, so that I was pinned between the two cocks and I realized Jimmy was sucking on my tit as he shot his load into my very needy cunt.

I screamed again as I felt Jimmy’s hot come bouncing off my cunt walls and my pussy opened up like fire hydrant again, I came so much, Jimmy’s bottom was covered in my come and he was laying in a puddle of it. Now Jimmy and I had a routine worked out for after he fucked me up the ass, we would go to the ladies room and I would wash his cock for him, while he washed my ass.

So after we rested for a few minutes, I stood up, come was still running out of both my pussy and ass and I liked feeling it run down my legs. I went to the ladies room with both of them following so they could watch me walk and I gave them a show that made Kevin say, Christ Jimmy, she is so fucking hot.

I washed Jimmy first, him being my main cock, then while I was washing Kevin, he got hard again, so I ever so politely, wrapped my lips around his cock and began to suck. Kevin let me suck for a few minutes, then said he wanted to fuck my pussy so bad and I said let me clean it first, but he was insistent, so I bent over the commode and let him ram his cock home.

Like I said, I liked being bent over and fucked and good old Kevin was fucking the shit out of me that way. He was really pounding my pussy and to my amazement, he got me so fucking hot so fast, I was coming again, God I loved being fucked like a tramp, bent over and getting pounded from behind. I loved it even more when Kevin’s cock started growing in me and he filled my pussy with his hot, juicy come. Now there was so much come in my pussy, when Kevin’s cock slipped out, a river of come followed it.

I sat down on the commode, legs spread wide open, come dripping out of my cunt and Jimmy came over to me with a raging hard on and for some reason, I wanted to suck his cock so bad, I grabbed it and shoved it into my mouth. God Jimmy’s cock felt so fucking good in my mouth and when I caught Kevin staring at me sucking Jimmy’s dick, I went crazy on that sweet cock.

I put a show on for Kevin, I licked Jimmy’s balls, licked his cock like a lolly pop, kissed it all over, then fucked Jimmy’s cock with my mouth while sticking my finger in Jimmy’s asshole, something I had found out made Jimmy come like a fucking racehorse, which he did. I swallowed a load of his come and still had a mouthful, which I showed to Kevin, as I swallowed it. Damned if Kevin didn’t have a boner again, so I waved him over and proceeded to gave good old Kev the same cock sucking treatment I gave Jimmy.

This time though, while I was sucking Kevin’s sweet cock, Jimmy lubed up my fingers on my right hand, making me wonder why he did all of them, but I knew why he did it, so I put a finger up Kevin’s asshole. He stiffened at first, then relaxed as I was finer fucking his ass and he seemed to like it so much, I put another finger up his ass.

He did the same thing again, stiffened, then relaxed and worked his ass so that he was fucking my mouth and being fucked up the ass. After a minute or two, he seemed to be enjoying it so much, I put another finger in his ass and he was making funny little sounds and stopped moving so I could really fuck his ass. I have to tell you, I liked ass fucking old Kevin’s ass while sucking his dick, it gave me a feeling of incredible power, then Kevin’s prick got bigger and he exploded in my mouth, making me swallow like mad to keep from choking.

Jimmy put me over his shoulder and carried me out to our “bed”, deposited me on it, telling me to rest while he took the display out of the window. My pussy was starting to boil over again, just thinking about what was going to happen and after a few minutes, Jimmy came back, put me over his shoulder and carried me to the window. This time I had two cocks to fuck me while putting on a show for anybody passing by and I had Jimmy’s cock in my pussy and Kevin’s cock in my mouth, when a car pulled up.

You can’t believe how fucking hot I got, knowing I was putting a live fuck show on for somebody and I was determined to give them a show of a lifetime. I had Kevin put his cock in my ass while Jimmy fucked my cunt, then they changed places and when I felt they were getting ready to come, I had Kevin put his cock back in my mouth. I wanted to show whoever was watching, how I swallowed Kevin’s come, so when Kevin started to come in my mouth, I pulled his prick out and made him shoot his hot load into my open, waiting mouth.

I know whoever was watching could see Kevin pumping his sperm into my open mouth and when I had a mouthful of hot come, I turned so that the person in the car could see me swallow Kevin’s come. I was so fucking turned on, putting this little show on, my cunt was literally pumping my love juice out like a water faucet and then I felt Jimmy’s cock growing in my ass and I screamed as Jimmy pumped his hot come into my asshole.

After Jimmy was finished fucking me up the ass, he put me on his lap with my legs spread, so whoever was watching had a great view of my well fucked cunt. Jimmy spread my cunt lips wide apart and made me finger fuck myself for whoever was watching and of course knowing that I had an audience, had me out of my mind hot, and when I came, it shot onto the window. When I took my hand out of my cunt, the watcher honked the horn in appreciation, so I slowly put my hand in my mouth to suck my come off of my hand and our watcher honked again, of course, I was deliriously happy. I had the sudden realization that I would love to be on stage, being fucked and sucked, in front of an audience, I also realized I was a little cunt whore, my true calling.

What a fucking night that night was, I had my pussy eaten while being fucked up the ass, had my pussy fucked while my clit was being sucked, talk about having a huge orgasm, got fucked in both my ass and cunt while sucking a cock, had my tits covered in hot come when they both jerked off on my tits for me. I liked watching them play with themselves, especially when they were about to come, you can see their pricks swelling in their hands, that now officially, was the best fucking night of my life. But the best was putting on a fucking show for an audience, in the window.

Whenever that moment came to mind afterwards, my pussy would leak like a sieve and I always had to find a place to finger fuck my poor little pussy. When morning came, I couldn’t believe I was still horny as all fuck and wanted more cock, so I told Jimmy that we would all go out for breakfast and afterwards we will all go back to my house as my husband would have left for work and my son for school, so that they could finish fucking me. Jimmy rode with me, while Kevin followed us to my place and Jimmy teased me the whole way, he had his cock out and was making me touch it and kiss it when we got to a red light, then taking it away.

By the time we got to my house, my poor little pussy was boiling, so I pulled into the garage and made Jimmy fuck me in the car and when we finished, there was a big come stain on the back seat, a memento of a great fuck. Oh yes, Kevin got in the car and I blew him while fucking Jimmy so I got to have come in my fuck holes at both ends, good thing I like cock cream.

The first place we went in the house was to my bedroom and this time, Jimmy fucked me up the ass while Kevin fucked my pussy, I just loved feeling the two cocks rubbing together inside me, it made me so fucking hot and when they came one after the other in me, I lost my mind.

Between the two of them that day, they fucked me in every room in my house, there were my come stains on my couch, my sons bed, the bathroom rug and there was a puddle of my come on the kitchen table that I would have left there but Jimmy took me back there and bent me over the table, stuck his cock up my ass and made me lick up my own come, it really wasn’t bad tasting and yes, Jimmy figured out that with a cock in one of my holes, I would do whatever he told me to do. Jimmy made me love fucking so much, I craved having a cock to use and I knew he had turned me into a little whore, always looking for a hard cock.

I fucked Jimmy and Kevin for the next two years, until they graduated, first at my house , until they got an apartment together, then we would have sleep overs and my lovers wanted to see me eat pussy, so they got me a girlfriend. Jimmy wanted to see me eat pussy in the worst way and when he told me that if I wouldn’t do this for him, him and Kevin were going to stop fucking me.

I panicked and agreed to let him bring the girl over so I could at least meet her. You know what happened, Kevin had me on my hands and knees fucking me, when Jimmy brought the naked cunt in, put her pussy at my mouth and told me to eat her cunt, which I did. There wasn’t a doubt in any body’s mind now that these two fucks totally owned me and if they wanted to fuck me in front of my husband, I would have let them, after all, I was eating pussy for them.

Their rational was that we belonged to each other and therefore should be willing to do what the others wanted and they wanted to see me kiss another girl, eat her pussy while one of them fucked me and to do a sixty nine with the other girl. I figured, what the hell, why not try it, I just might like it and besides, these two hot cocks were giving me all the good fucking I ever wanted, they kept all three of my fuck holes filled with hot come.

I was really happy that the first time I tasted a hot pussy, I liked it… but that’s another story, isn’t it.


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