Pictures Of His Wife

I had been friends with Matt since grade school. We had visited each other in college, helped each other out of troubles, and I attended his wedding a year ago. Matt had married a girl he’d been dating for two years, Christy. We had gotten together numerous times and I got to know her well. I found her to be very cute and sweet. She treated my friend well and they seemed to have a good home life. Matt never had big complaints and was rather reserved especially when it came to the subject of his married sex life. I felt comfortable asking him how she was in bed… and he felt comfortable telling me she was great. That was the extent of it until I brought up taking nude pictures.

“Hell ya. Christy is very cooperative in that area, buddy. I got quite a few Polaroids of her wearing lingerie. She doesn’t pull that shit out very often but, when she does, I get a few pictures of her.”

“You ever take more hard core pictures of her? Does she let you take pictures of you guys fucking and stuff?”

“Yea, I take some of those. You know, man. Whatever I am in the mood for, she is all good about it. I put them in a box and look at them once in awhile. I figure if things ever go bad, I got those to fall back on,” he said with a smile. I could see his lust for taking pictures of his wife ran deep. Evidently, it was one of his kinks. We discussed this subject a couple of more times but, Matt made it clear that he could never show me the pictures of Christy.

I understood the values behind Matt’s reasons for not showing me the pictures but, I couldn’t stop thinking about his wife posing for dirty pictures. She was a young bride in her early twenties. Brown, shiny hair topped her girl-next-door face. Her body looked soft and curvy, not fat. She was somewhat, above average in the chest and I had often tried to see down her shirts when she exposed her cleavage. I couldn’t stop picturing Christy in some lacy outfit looking obscene in front of Matt’s Polaroid. I should have respected my friend’s privacy… I couldn’t stop thinking about those pictures. My mind went to work on a plan.

A few months later, Matt and Christy were going out-of-town. Matt gave me the key to his house and asked if I could get their mail and such. Of course, I was jumping out of my skin at this opportunity to hunt around his place. They wasn’t gone but a few hours before I was in their room, carefully rooting through their stuff. I looked through their dresser, examined Christy’s underwear drawer thoroughly, and moved to the closet. There, on a shelf in the back, was a small, wooden box. I pulled it out but, it was locked. I knew how to pick the lock. Nothing was gonna stop me from getting in that box. Sweat broke out on my forehead as I fumbled with the lock. I knew how to pick the lock but, I wasn’t very good at it. My hands shook as the lock opened.

I looked through the forty or so Polaroids stored in the wooden box. Christy was wearing a lot of make-up and frilly lingerie in some, others showed her nude posing and masturbating. I almost came in my pants at the site of her red fingernails disappearing into her pussy. She had shaved her lips smooth leaving only trim, brown hair above her clit. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my dick out of my pants and began stroking hard in my best friend’s bedroom to forbidden pictures of his wife.

My fist increased the pace on my cock as I saw pictures of Christy sucking Matt’s huge penis. Her pouty lips wrapped around the base in one picture which I assumed meant she was deep throating all eight inches. I came on their floor at the site of Christy spread eagled wearing a black bustier, matching garter, and hose. Her tight pussy was being invaded by Matt’s cock. He must have held the camera above himself to take that picture. I was still shaking from my orgasm as I gathered up the pictures.

I borrowed them long enough to scan them on to my computer. I would never show them to anyone. I just coveted the fact that I had copies of Matt’s wife naked and could look at them whenever I wanted. Matt never suspected a thing since I cleaned up my mess and replaced the pictures as I had found them. The more I looked at the pictures, the more my obsession with Christy grew.

It was one thing to look at your friend’s wife naked, it was another to want to fuck her. I started having fantasies that we were having sex… all kinds of sex. The dream girl in my head became Christy. She would do anything in my lurid thoughts… suck my dick, let me fuck her, and beg for it in her ass. Everything about her turned me on. I tried my best to hide it around them but, I think Matt began to suspect things.

It appeared things between Matt and Christy was fine. They never fought in front of me or showed any signs of unhappiness. Matt never mentioned Christy showing signs of discontent. I don’t even know if he really knew. She was becoming colder to him in bed. She would dress more provocative when Matt wasn’t around. I heard that she was very flirtatious around town but, I never heard of her doing anything beyond that. Matt was out of town when she called me late one night. She said the cable was out and asked if I would fix it for her. I told her I would come over as my stomach rolled thinking of being alone with her.

She answered the door in a tight, short dress and black heels. My dick began to harden as I climbed behind the television and wiggled the cable wire. The picture adjusted to a home movie. It was Christy being fucked my a man from behind. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I turned around, embarrassed at the site of my friends in live action.

Christy was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. I noticed she had on black thigh high hose because her bare thigh was exposed from her skirt riding up. Her pale breasts were almost pouring out of the neckline of that tight dress as she looked at me with a smile on her face.

“That’s Matt fucking me. He taped us having sex one night. Do you like what I’m wearing? Matt loves when I wear sexy clothes for him.”

“Yea, you look great, Christy… but, ummm…. should you be showing me this tape?”

“I don’t give a fuck. I just like to watch it sometimes. You can hang out and watch it with me, if ya want. Here sit down.”

She moved over on the couch which caused her dress to completely expose the tops of her stockings. I sat down next to her and she draped a leg over mine. I was completely rock hard and bursting the front of my pants. Christy noticed this and began stoking my dick with her stocking foot. She had removed her heels and leaned back on the couch with her legs in my lap. I could see up her dress and gulped at the site of her bare pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties and was stroking my cock through my pants.

“It looks like you like watching me get fucked. Are you staring up my dress? Shame on you, looking at your best friend’s wife’s pussy,” she giggled. Her foot was rubbing my hardness and I noticed her pink labia poking from her puffy pussy lips. There was moisture visible. My mouth was completely dry and my heart was beating way too fast. I grabbed her foot and tried to push it away.

“Christy, we can’t do this. Matt wouldn’t like it, at all. He’s my friend and I can’t mess with his wife.”

“You can’t mess with his wife but you can look at her pussy? I’ve seen the way you look at me,” she said as she undid my pants. Her hand reached into my boxers and began rubbing my prick. She was grinning at me with her eyes sparkling. My thoughts jumbled when her head moved into my lap. She was doing to me what I had seen in those pictures. It felt amazing. Her warm mouth moved up and down my dick with noisy, sucking sounds. Her wet tongue was circling rings around the tip and her hand stoked the base of my cock. Her long hair draped across my thighs.

The screen showed Matt fucking her and she was yelling in the back round. She was telling Matt to fuck her harder, don’t stop, and how good he felt. This added to my excitement and I felt my orgasm approaching. Christy stopped sucking me and stood up. She unbuttoned her dress and slid out of it. I felt her waist incased in that tight, black bustier as she climbed on to my cock. She grasped hold of it, aiming it at her entrance. She moved up and down, working it into her tight, moist pussy. Her hands pulled the tops of her lingerie down to expose her large, pink nipples. I leaned forward and started feasting on her tits. My head was swirling and I concentrated on not cumming too soon. Christy was moaning and bouncing on my rock, hard cock as I kneaded her ass. I licked my finger and began playing with her asshole.

“Yes, oh god, yes. Stick it in my ass. Please, I’m gonna cum. Fuck. Yes, fuck me,” she breathed in my ear. I slid my finger in her tight bunghole and could feel my prick through the thin wall separating her pussy from her ass. She arched her back and buried my cock deep into her cunt. I felt her spasming vaginal walls suck at my hard shaft. That’s all I could take. I shot my load into her pussy without concern about getting her pregnant. Luckily, she was on the pill.

We held each other for some time before she went upstairs to get cleaned up. I pulled up my pants and looked around the room. The video was still playing. I walked over and pressed “eject.” I left with the video to add to the pictures. I figured Christy would have to explain where the video went and could never tell Matt that I took it. He would wonder why I had access to it in the first place.

I stroked myself silly to that tape for months after that day. Christy never asked me why I took it or to give it back. So, I just kept it. She smiles at me in a different way, now and I picture her riding me all the time. I hate doing that to my good friend but, I just can’t resist his woman. I can’t wait for him to go out of town again.