Poker Game

Stephanie, my girlfriend has heard for a while now about my buddies and the poker games I hold, she has always wanted to meet them and I told her the next game she was invited but she had to behave because Stephanie has quite a wild streak, she told me she would and sounded almost giddy looking forward to the game. I told her okay baby we will have the game on Saturday night.

Saturday night is here and steph is ready to play hostess, she is wearing a nice outfit, not to revealing but definitely accentuates her big beautiful round butt. The blouse shows just enough cleavage to get noticed but not so much so that seems slutty. Her skirt goes down to her knees but is very tight fitting. Steph has long dark hair that accentuates her beautiful blue eyes and porcelain skin.

Steph hears the doorbell and asks me if she can get the door, I said sure baby go welcome out guests. As she opens the door, my friend Andres arrives, he is always the first to arrive and tonight is no different.

He was shocked to see Stephanie because we have a motto at our poker games, no girls allowed, this is suppose to be boys night out where we can get together and talk and b.s. with each other without worrying what our wives think, by the way all the guys but me are married, so they really like coming to the games to get away from their wives.

So when Steph open the door he had not only a surprised look but slightly disgusted when he saw a woman was going to be there, that disgust quickly melted away when Steph turned around in reaction to me welcoming Andres in, as she turned to look at me, Andres couldn’t keep his eyes of her shapely ass, he noticed he was staring too long, looked up at me, realized he was caught and blushed, I gave him a knowing smile with a shrug off my shoulders.

To describe Andres, he is a Columbian friend, Latin like myself and is always talking about sex. Andres is about 6 feet tall, handsome guy, well built, dark hair, he enters my house with booze in hand, I usually supply the food and they supply the booze, he walks in and I introduce him to Stephanie, as they were getting acquainted, my door bell rings again and I go answer it, as I look back, Steph and Andres, seem to be hitting it off.

I open the door and my friend J.D. walks in, probably next to my other find Tom, J.D. is the most sexed guy I have ever met but seems to be full of shit, one of those empty drums that makes a lot of noise, don’t get me wrong J.D. is a funny guy he just talks a lot of b.s. when it comes to what he would do to a woman if he got a chance but he seems to be in actuality the most loyal to his marriage.

He looks past my shoulder and sees Andres talking with Stephanie, and is not in the least perturbed, he is concentrating on Stephanie’s ass and he doesn’t care if I see him looking or not, he is staring so hard he is boring a hole right into her skirt.

Finally without announcement Tom opens the door and lets himself in, Tom is the most sexed up, funniest, craziest dude you will ever meet, he will fuck anything and everything that has a pussy and he is the biggest flirt you will ever meet, to describe Tom and J.D., where as J.D. is short about 5 foot 7, Tom is tall. Around 6 foot 3, where J.D is skinny and spindly with dark hair, Tom is big and muscular with blond hair.

I explain to everyone Stephanie is cool and we can pretend she is not even there; we can talk among ourselves as we always do and Steph will serve as our hostess. I could tell the guys were a little reluctant to be themselves but I figured after a few hands and lots of drinks they would loosen up.

So we started playing no limit hold’em, and Steph brought out some munchies and beers for the guys, I on the other hand don’t drink so by the end of the evening I always have a leg up on the guys when they are to drunk to make proper decisions.

So we are about an hour into the game and my luck is not with me so far, I am not losing a lot but I am not catching any worthwhile hands and the antes are eating me up. I finally get two good starting cards and apparently so does Tom, so we both go to the flop and I am ecstatic because on the flop I caught trips, three of a kind. Three of a kind may not sound exiting but when you don’t play with wild cards and there is only two of you in the hand, trips is a pretty powerful hand, so of course I throw down a bet and Tom matches it.

Now Tom at this point does not have anything that can beat me, the best he can do is to go for an inside straight, which the odds are way stacked against him, so when the card is flipped and it doesn’t help him, I throw down another bet and he bets over me.

At this point knowing Tom he is probably bluffing, Tom loves to bluff and I love catching him on a bluff, so I call his bet and we wait for the next card. The next card is the kind of card that makes you nervous, even though he was most likely bluffing, if he was going for an inside straight he probably caught the card. I check, and he goes all in.

No what do I do, first of all I don’t have enough chips to call him, second of all if he caught the straight I am screwed anyway, but Tom bluffs so much and it would be like him at this point to bluff me off the hand that I can’t resist and call him.

“Carl, bud, you don’t have enough chips to call me.”

“Come on Tom I will owe you, I am good for it,”

“Sorry bud, you made the rules no money no call”

I told him to wait a second, I got up from the chair and walked into the living room to talk to Steph, I came back to the table with Steph right behind me, I showed her my cards I verbalized that Tom was mostly like bluffing and she looked at me, and nodded okay.

So I said to Tom, “hey man how about Steph will change into a very short maid’s outfit for the rest of the night if I lose this hand.”

At this point Andres and J.D. were both hooting and hollering for Tom to accept my bet.

“You got it Carl, I will accept those terms, tell me what you have?”

I flipped over 3 Jacks and smiled het had a bigger grin and flipped over his cards and sure enough the river card gave him the inside straight, I had lost, and a huge grin came over all the guys.

Steph: “What does it mean?”

Carl: “It means I lost baby”

” I thought you said Tom was bluffing”

“I thought he was baby, you know what the odds are for him pulling an inside straight.”

” I don’t care what the odds are, all I know is I have to practically walk naked in front of your friends all night, fine a bet is a bet, I will be back in a few minutes boys.”

Steph walks into my bedroom to change and all the guys were drooling with anticipation, we didn’t even bother dealing another hand, everyone wanted to see what Steph was going to wear.

She certainly surprised all of us, I had anticipated the maid’s outfit to be short but not that short, it barely covered half her ass, her butt cheeks couldn’t, and wouldn’t be concealed by the skirt, she was also wearing a thong and it sure was a visual delight to see my girl’s ass on display. I looked over at the guys and I swear their tongues were hanging out, I looked down through the glass table and every single one of them was adjusting his cock to make more room in their pants.

The were hollering and whistling, Steph walked over next to me, looked at all the guys and asked “satisfied?”

They all nodded and I suggested we deal the next hand, but Andres looked over at me and said “Carl, man you are out of chips.” I looked at Tom who had the most chips and asked to lend me some, he said

“It will cost you”

“What will it cost me?”

“Well with Steph’s permission I will give you $50 in chips if you allow me to feel her ass for 1 minute”

Steph looked at me and shrugged, “sure babe let him do it so you can get back in the game, I don’t mind.”

Tom counted out the chips, pushed them over to me and Stephanie walked over next to Tom, bent over and put her hands on the table, and said “okay big boy you have one minute, feel away.”

Immediately Andres and J.D. got up from their spots and walked behind Tom and Stephanie to enjoy the view, I looked at my watch and told Tom “you have one minute buddy.”

I watched Tom’s hand slowly lift her skirt up and flip it on top of her back, now we could all see her full ass and it simply looked amazing, perfectly round, waiting to be caressed. Tom places his hand on top of her butt and begins to massage it, he takes his other hand and puts it on her other globe, you could see his pants tenting up as his dick must have been hard as a rock. Steph starts to wiggle her ass, as his hands caress it, I was enjoying watching my girl being manhandled by Tom, I have always been a voyeur and my fantasy was coming true.

I finally told Tom “time’s up”, and I heard a collective sigh from all of them including Steph. As Steph got up, Tom gave her a playful tap on her ass, and a moan escaped her lips. I said, “watch it, she likes getting spanked” and I smiled as I said it, again the same groan, but much louder came from my guys.

So Tom asked, “okay what do we have to do to get the opportunity to spank her butt?”

I replied “hmm maybe the next time you lose a big hand to me, that will be your consolation prize for losing to me J”

So J.D. says, “what if I lose too”

I answer back, “Well, if it is a big enough loss then maybe you can spank her ass too.”

Then Andres chirps in “count me in I am losing all my money to you” and everyone cracks up.

So Andres couldn’t wait to deal the next hand and everyone goes all in, including me, we deal out all the cards and I flip over a pair of 9’s, everyone folds and they say you win and we all start to laugh. I pull all the chips over to me, and J.D. beckons Steph over to him.

Steph walks over to him, he points to his lap and Steph bends over his lap. J.D then lifts her skirt out of the way, rears his hand back and a loud whack is heard as his hand comes down hard on my beautiful girlfriend’s ass. She moans loudly which encourages him even more and he starts slapping her ass harder and faster till it turns beat red. You could feel the sexual tension in the air as Steph wiggles her ass on his groin.

Finally Andres says “come on man give me a turn at that ass.”

So Steph gets up from J.D.’s lap and we all notice a wet spot on J.D. and we don’t know if it came from Steph, J.D. or both. Andres pushes his chair back and Steph lays down across his lap. Andres is more tender, he starts to lightly slap her butt, but Steph tells him “come on Andres, act like a man, slap my ass baby.” That’s all the encouragement Andres needed to hear and he starts wailing on her ass, to the point that it starts to look painful, Steph is grimacing with every slap but she doesn’t tell him to stop.

Finally I cut in, “okay…okay Tom’s turn”

But Steph says she needs a break, her butt really hurts

Tom’s suggests “Hey Steph would you prefer I rub some oil on your butt to make it feel better.”

“Oh what a wonderful idea, hey baby can you go get the oil for Tom so he can rub it in for me.”

“Sure baby”, I get up and go into the bedroom to retrieve the oil.

When I return, I found that Steph and Tom had moved to the couch and Steph was already laying face down over his lap. I brought the oil over and handed it to Tom, He asked me to remove her thong so he wouldn’t get oil on it. So here I was removing my girlfriend’s thong so Tom could play with her ass.

Tom started to pour a handful of oil all over Stephanie’s red sore butt. We all watch the oil slowly travel down her crack until it past her sphincter. Then Tom handed me the bottle as we all watch his hands slowly start to massage the oil all over her ass. Andres and J.D sat on either of Tom to get a real good close up view.

We all watched in silence as Tom massaged all her painful areas, we watched as his fingers slipped down her crack and I saw her slightly wiggling her ass. She was really enjoying the massage. He let his fingers move down slightly more.

Tom was rubbing her ass all over and she was squirming under his touch.

I couldn’t believe his hands were all over her ass and I was allowing it, and she loved it. He got a little bolder and let his fingers glide over her small pink hole and barely touch it.

She gasped but didn’t move, Now I knew he had her, and we had crossed a big line in the sand, he got bolder and let his fingers glide down her crack and continued his downward movement till he hit her bald lips.

They were very wet, he let his pinky glide over one of her lips, and she gasped again. He moved his fingers further down and was now rubbing her pussy, she was extremely wet. He let his forefinger enter her pussy and she reacted by pushing her butt down on his hand, she wanted him deeper, soon he was driving his hand deep into her pussy and soon thereafter she had a mind-blowing orgasm.

At that point I saw J.D who was sitting near her head, take out his cock, he was so horny, he couldn’t take it anymore, then the most amazing thing happened, I watched Stephanie grasp his cock and bent her head down and took his cock into her mouth.

At this point Tom got up from underneath Stephanie, and she didn’t miss a beat, she continued sucking J.D.’s cock. So Tom stood up and took off his clothes at which point he pulled Stephanie up on her knees, knelt behind her and we all watched his cock enter her pussy and Stephanie gave us a loud moan as he sank his cock all the way inside.

Tom started fucking her deep and hard.

“Oh my god! Oh my God!” at this point J.D. started bucking his hips, grabbed Stephanie’s hair and started fucking her mouth as he exploded inside her mouth, he came so much that we saw some cum dribble out of Steph’s mouth, but she licked her lips and gather it all back in with a big smile on her face.

Andres quickly dropped his pants, pulled J.D. out of the way and drove his cock into her mouth, all the while Tom continued fucking her. We could tell Tom was getting close because he was really fucking her hard now and with a loud guttural moan he exploded inside my beautiful girlfriends pussy. His legs got weak and he fell over onto the carpet.

Andres, pulled his cock out of Stephanie’s mouth, grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dining room, he sat in one of my armless chairs, Andres sat down on the chair, with his cock standing straight up in the air, Steph stood over him, she looked down as Andres held hid engorged cock in his hand pointed at her pussy as she lowered herself, Andres’ cock broke through her smooth lips and we watched as Stephanie’s pussy slowly devoured Andres’ cock.

She lowered herself all the way till she was impaled by his cock, she then reached over and started to kiss his face till their lips met and started to French kiss. Stephanie made no pretense of what she wanted, she wanted to fuck Andres and she started to buck up and down on his cock. She kept riding his cock, Andres stood up holding her ass in his hands, his cock still in her, he walked over to my bedroom, we followed, as Andres laid her down on the bed, put her legs on his shoulders and really drove his cock into her pussy.

He had been fucking her for a good ten minutes when we watched him pull his wet cock out of her pussy, flipped her over on her knees, pull her ass up in the air while pushing down on her back, so it had a beautiful arch showing just her ass, we watched him grab his cock and slowly move it closer to her pussy and her entered her ever so slowly we could see her lips stretch to accommodate his cock.

I took off my clothes and laid down at the top of the bed in front of Stephanie and guided my cock to her lips, she looked up and smiled at me, and she mouthed the word thank you as she descended on my cock, and I knew why she had thanked me, she loved every moment and she was appreciative that I didn’t get jealous but instead enjoyed and participated in all her pleasure.

It was so sexy watching Andres drive his cock into my girlfriends pussy as she sucked the life out of my cock, I have never felt closer and loved my girlfriend more then at this very moment, because her pleasure was my pleasure, and we both new this would open a whole new world of experiences.

Andres was fucking her deep and hard I could see his cock enter her pussy over and over, sometimes he would slow down so we could watch it as if his cock was moving in slow motion, we could see Steph’s lips slowly open up each time he pushed it back in. My girlfriend loved every minute; she had just got fucked by Tom and now was enjoying getting fucked by Andres.

Andres started fucking her harder and faster, really driving his cock deep inside her pussy and then I heard that familiar scream as Stephanie came. Hearing her cum sent me over the edge and I exploded inside of her mouth, she swallowed every drop. Andres grunted and came inside my girlfriend’s womb.

He slowly got up with cum still dripping from his cock as he exited her pussy. He took his cock and rubbed the excess cum on her thigh and she just smiled at him.

At this point all the guys were spent and in unison they all said we better get going, we stayed in bed, as they were leaving the house, we heard Tom yell out, “hey Steph are you coming to the next poker came?”

Stephanie yelled back ” nothing could keep me away” with that we heard the door close, and Stephanie pulled herself up into my arms, we kissed and she fell asleep with her head resting on my chest.

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