Private Party

I’ve had some memorable experiences at some house parties, but none can really compare to one that happened a few years ago. The lesson is this: don’t be afraid to let the night take you where it will.

A casual friend at work told me that he was having a party at his house that Saturday. It was nothing fancy: just a few dozen friends getting together to have drinks, listen to loud music, perhaps dance a bit, and hang out by his pool.

The offer was made early in the week and sounded good. By the time Friday rolled around, however, I was beat. I thought I’d spend the weekend catching some much-needed Z’s and watching baseball.

But my wife would have none of that. I’d told her about the party earlier on when I’d gotten the invite. Renee said I could sleep in on Saturday morning, but that night I’d better be ready to take her out for some fun.

I could definitely see her side of things, so I sucked it up. I took a quick shower to reinvigorate myself and threw on some fresh clothes. Beginning to catch my second wind, I actually started to look forward to some socializing on the drive over.

Upon arriving, my work friend Ray poured us drinks and introduced us around to some of the other people at the party. As we talked and mingled, Renee and I got separated for awhile. No matter. We’re not the type of couple who needs to cling to each other at a party.

We’d catch each other’s eyes from time to time as we moved in and out of different small groups of people. I’d smile and she’d smile back and wink. After a couple of hours, I felt a tug on my arm. Renee extracted me from a conversation I was having with another couple and pulled me aside.

She was a little bit flushed and obviously tipsy. She explained to me how she’d just been in the kitchen having a conversation with a tall good-looking guy named James. I recognized the name as that of another co-worker. Renee went on to tell me how James had been shamelessly flirting with her and how she’d gotten a little turned on by his suggestive talk. She told me she was ready to go home and have a little “one-on-one” time.

I told her that she’d wanted to come to this party and it seemed a shame to leave so early. I said if she was really that worked up, we should find a secluded spot in Ray’s house and take care of business right then and there. The naughty twinkle in her eye told me that she liked my plan.

We snuck away from the small groups of people, crept up the stairs, and found an empty bedroom. No sooner had I closed the door than Renee was all over me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me to her, and jammed her tongue in my mouth. She licked my neck and nibbled on my ear lobe.

Not to be outdone, I started to strip her clothes away while she continued her pleasurable activity. Once I had her completely naked, I began to caress her body all over, playing with her ample bosom and curvy bottom. This really got her turned on and had her writhing around.

By now she was so horny that she reached for my belt, undid it quickly, and pulled down my fly. In one continuous motion she pulled my pants down around my ankles, pushed me onto the bed, and jumped on top of me.

Renee wasted no time in getting right to the business at hand. She kissed her way down my chest, over my belly, and quickly engulfed my now-hard cock in her mouth. I groaned in pleasure as she drew her tongue up the under side and licked the head. I propped myself up on my elbows so I could get a good look at this magnificent blow job.

As I did so, I saw something through the haze of pleasure covering my eyes. The bedroom door was ajar and a male face was watching us with a riveted gaze. I recognized the face as belonging to James, the co-worker who had been flirting with Renee a few minutes earlier. I would later find out that he had watched her come over to me after their conversation and followed us up the stairs, having a pretty good idea of what was about to happen.

He saw that I had spied him and started to back away. But I smiled and motioned with my head for him to come in. James slid in the door, opening it as little as possible, and closed it behind him without making a sound.

Renee was still sucking on my cock with great abandon and so had not heard our visitor. As she continued to work on me, James pulled out his own hard cock and began to masturbate. He was staring quite intently at Renee’s gorgeous ass as it moved back and forth while she worked on me.

I could see from James’ face that he was doing the math in his head. The angle at which Renee had thrown me down left me in the middle of the bed, with her atop me on all fours and her ass right at the edge of the bed. He was dying to get in on the action, but still a little bit timid to make the first move.

So I motioned again with my head for him to come on over. That was all the encouragement he needed. James walked out of his pants and over to the edge of the bed. He pulled his cock up and put it at the entrance to Renee’s pussy from the rear.

At this new sensation, Renee’s eyes flew open and she pulled her head up to see what was happening. Anticipating this, I had my hands ready. I quickly grabbed both sides of Renee’s head before she could release me and pulled her mouth back fully onto me.

Sensing what was then happening, Renee moaned around my cock as James pushed into her from the rear. He put his hands on her hips and gave another gentle push. Renee was so worked up by now that she was providing her own lubrication. James slid in slowly at first, pushing in just a bit and then backing off ever so slightly.

If I thought Renee had been enthusiastic about sucking me before, I hadn’t experienced anything yet. She started swirling her head around and really fucking me with her mouth. Meanwhile, James got into a steady rhythm and started really pumping into her.

I reached around my own legs and started caressing and squeezing Renee’s boobs. She took one hand and started to slide it up and down my shaft in rhythm with the bobbing of her head. She started getting into a steady rhythm then: pushing herself forward onto my cock, and then backward onto James, who really grabbed her hips then in order to hang on and keep up.

I was the first to loose it, coming with a force I’d never known before. James was next, grunting loudly and pulling himself deeply into Renee. This set Renee off and she stiffened before collapsing forward onto me.

After a moment, James seemed embarrassed and put his pants on and backed quickly out of the bedroom. He was a bit flushed and muttered something I couldn’t understand.

Renee and I looked at each other and laughed. We lay in each other’s arms for awhile before getting our clothes back on and sneaking back down to rejoin the party. We tried our best to act as if nothing had happened, but I suspect our flushed faces and too-happy smiles might have given us away.