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Seduced into Sin

Lori Callan stood and examined herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Just 20 years old, Lori was proud of her body. The oval shape of her face was a perfect frame for her large, hazel eyes and full sensual lips. Her skin was smooth and seemed to blend in perfectly with the long golden strands of her hair. The shoulder length straight style suited her, as her neck was long and slim, tapering down to feminine shoulders that were not quite broad enough for the ample proportions of her breasts. The rounded twin mounds stood off her chest like two ripe overgrown peaches, the deep valley between them dark and inviting. Though large, her breasts were youthfully firm and required no support to stand straight out, pointed and proud, and perfect. Her waist was narrow and her belly flat, the smooth flesh topped by the lightest down below her navel which pointed like an arrow to the curving mound up between her inner thighs. She looked sensual, yet innocent as a lamb.

The truth was that she was almost as innocent as a lamb because her full sexual potential had not yet been tapped by anyone, least of all her husband Charlie.

She had met her husband Charlie when she was a 15 year old sophomore in high school and he was a senior. They had continued dating for five years until Charlie had graduated from engineering school at State U and had then married.

Though they had both been born and raised in Chicago, they agreed that they wanted to start their new life in a small town. When Erickson Engineering in the town of Springvale had advertised an engineering position Charlie had interviewed and been accepted for the job.

Both he and Lori were so excited they could hardly wait and when they had found the beautiful old house for sale on Elm Street everything had seemed just perfect.

But in fact, everything was not perfect. As low man on the totem pole, Charlie was being given all the shit jobs that nobody else wanted and as a result he was working 14 hour days six days a week to keep up. By the time he came home at night he was so exhausted he often went straight to bed without even eating.

When she thought about it she realized the she and Charlie has only made love eight times in the three months they had been married and she could feel the frustration and need building in her body. Though raised in a strict church-going environment and still a virgin when she married she had quickly learned to enjoy the feel of Charlie’s cock as he introduced her to the pleasures of sex and now after such a short time it seemed to be gone.

And then one day things changed forever.

Lori was taking the trash can out to the curb for pickup, her mind a thousand miles away as she thought about her situation, when she walked straight into the woman who lived next door.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Lori stammered. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“That’s OK,” Linda Sampson answered. “My name’s Linda. I guess we’re neighbors and it’s high time we met.”

“Lori Callan,” Lori said as she held out her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Lori. Would you like to come over to the house for a cup of coffee?”

“I’d love to,” said Lori. “I haven’t met anyone from the neighborhood yet and maybe you can tell me about the area.”

“Sure,” said Linda. “Come on, let’s go.”

The two women sat in Linda’s kitchen, chatting and drinking coffee. Then Lori looked up to see a handsome stranger standing in the doorway looking at them.

Linda looked up and said, “Hi sweetheart. This is our new neighbor Lori Callan. Lori, this is my husband Art. He’s a financial adviser and works a lot from home. It’s good to have him handy whenever my urges kick in.”

Lori blushed furiously at the sexual innuendo but quickly gave her hand to Art. “Nice to meet you,” she said.

“Likewise,” responded Art. “I hope we’ll get to see a lot more of you, now that we’ve met.” Linda smiled knowingly at the double-edged comment, which Lori had missed.

Later that night, as Linda undressed for bed she asked Art. “Well, what do you think? Is she a candidate for our little club?”

“No doubt about it,” answered Art. “She’s just dying to be fucked. She just doesn’t know it. It would be a shame to waste all that potential.”

“How do you want to handle it?” asked Linda.

“Just keep inviting her over for coffee every day, and we’ll take it from there.

So every day Linda would invite Lori over for coffee and a chat. Art would be sure to wander in and out of the kitchen as they talked and Lori didn’t really notice that he had taken to wearing a bath robe much of the time. Gradually Art would let more and more of his body show through the front of the robe until one day Lori gave a gasp as she realized she could see his thick cock bobbing up and down through the open front as he walked. She quickly averted her eyes but was aware of a little tingle up between her thighs as she glanced back. Yes, she hadn’t been mistaken. She could see his cock and it seemed to be growing as she looked. The big head was now poking out through the opened front and soon it was pointing straight up as Art chatted with the two women, seemingly unaware of his exposure.

Then Linda said “Lori, today seems like a good day for a bloody mary. Would you like one?”

“Sure,” said Lori, her gaze still riveted on the thick cock on display in front of her.

Linda made the drinks. Lori’s was almost three-quarters Vodka and she gulped it down in three mighty swallows, her mind confused by the conflicting emotions she was feeling. All her instincts told her she should rush out of the house, but she knew if she did her friendship with Linda would be over and she couldn’t risk that. So she just sat numbly and stared at Art’s big cock. For one brief moment she felt an almost overwhelming urge to reach out and take it in her little hand and bring it to her mouth. She had never done that, not even with Charlie. Then the tremor in her body passed and she blushed as she met Art’s bold gaze.

Then Linda took her hand and led her into the living room.

“There’s something I’ve wanted to do to you, Lori, since the first day we met. You’ll love it, I promise you. Open up now…allow yourself to experience new things like you said you wanted to the other day over here…come on…”

As she spoke Linda was slowly unbuttoning Lori’s blouse until it was fully open and then she pulled it from her skirt. Lori’s bra was now exposed and Linda and Art could see her full breasts heaving beneath the constricting cups. Art quickly moved behind Lori and deftly unclasped the snaps and drew it down over her arms before tossing it on the floor. Lori was now naked from the waist up and she knew she should flee, but the feel of Art’s big hands now reaching round from behind and roughly kneading her exposed tits, pinching the rapidly hardening nipples, had her glued to the spot

Linda’s deft fingers now unfastened the button at the top of Lori’s skirt and then the zipper was drawn down and the skirt was pooled at Lori’s feet. She was now standing in only her sandals and bikini panties and Art’s hands continued to pull and squeeze her breasts, her nipples now rock-hard as they stood out proudly from her chest. Then Linda’s fingers hooked into the sides of her panties and drew them down over her thighs and she meekly stepped out of them when prompted.

“I bet you’re dying to get fucked, aren’t you?” Art whispered in her ear.

“No…Art, for God’s sake…

“I bet your cunt’s on fire and is making you a liar, Art said, sticking his hand between her legs and feeling the dampness of her pussy hair. “It’s damp all right.”

Lori groaned as he slithered a middle finger into her tight little cunt-hole. With a desperate effort she tried to tear herself free from the two sets of hands mauling her body. But Art only increased the speed of his penetrating finger and Linda squeezed her tits savagely.

At last she was led to the couch and they pulled her gently down.

“No…I don’t want this,” she groaned, refusing to look as her friend’s soft lips kissed up the inside of her thighs. She tried to pull Linda’s fingers loose, but in squirming around the young blonde only succeeded in inadvertently separating her now desire-swollen lips.

Lori’s whole body jumped as she felt Linda’s heated wet tongue licking moistly on the inside of her straining thighs. She tightened her hands over her pussy, making a desperate moaning sound. She could feel the nipple of her clitoris becoming large and erect as it swelled under her finger. She tried to hold her hand there over her pussy to protect it from the hotly invading tongue of the older woman. Undaunted, Linda’s tongue licked on and on, attempting to force it’s wet way between her fingers and causing little electric thrills to sizzle up and down her spine.

The more the tongue probed, the harder Lori resisted, realizing with a shock that her struggling was causing a greater, more uncontrollable excitement in herself. Linda’s tongue began darting around, probing for a weakness. Lori, in order to prevent her, kept moving her fingers. The desperate defensive movements only served to intensify her lewd pitch of arousal. Her hotly moistening cunt was now dilating around her fingers, her weak moans increased as Linda’s burrowing tongue found the one unprotected corner of her wetly quivering pussy and slowly forced her fingers to the side. A second later she was licking lustfully while Lori gritted her teeth, fully aware that Art was watching her with an amused smile on his lips.

Then, in a surprise move, Linda darted her head lower and her tongue found the soft unprotected crevice of Lori’s tightly clenched buttocks. Lori’s mind seethed as the tantalizing tongue licked lasciviously while Linda’s fingers worked to part and widen her defenseless ass-cheeks.

Then…oh God… Lori shuddered in ecstasy and shame as she felt the brunette’s tongue tip flicking hotly over the sensitive mouth of her tiny puckered anus. Then it was slithering up inside it! Never before had she felt anything so lewdly exciting. Linda was right. If it feels good…it is good!

Before she could have another thought the brunette’s mouth and tongue were working gluttonously on her unprotected cunt. Lori twisted and turned but her frantic squirming soon lapsed into an undulating motion, a lewd and up-thrusting movement designed to get that long worming tongue deeper up between her hungrily pulsating pussy lips.

Her nakedly besieged cunt was tingling with each delectable lick of Linda’s flicking wet tongue along her vaginal furrow. It was too good, too warm and exciting to even think about resisting. Involuntarily, Lori wrapped her long trembling legs around the other woman’s head in an effort to bring that beautifully probing tongue deeper into her insatiable little pussy.

Suddenly, Lori became aware of Art, now completely naked at the foot of the sofa with his monstrous cock in obscene readiness in one hand. He didn’t move yet, just continued jerking his lust-inflated penis back and forth in his hand. Lori knew what he wanted…but it just didn’t matter. She coursed her eyes over Art’s thickly distended cock, held like a red-hot poker in his hand, and swooned with rapture at the deftly licking tongue bringing a wild joy to her now hungrily flaring cunt.

Linda pulled herself up from between Lori’s legs and crawled on top of the young blonde so that their large melony breasts were crushing against each other. Linda ground her upraised buttocks, then thrust them down, rubbing her dark-haired pussy against Lori’s quivering young cunt, exciting the young blonde to an almost unbearable peak of passion.

“Spread your legs, honey,” Linda said as she writhed on top of her. “Open them as wide as you can!”

Lori mewled with savage pleasure as Linda continued to rub her cunt against her heatedly aroused loins. Now the two lustily crazed women ground against each other in erotic repetition as Art crawled nakedly onto the couch beside them. He sat down at the head of the couch and brought his hips on a level with their heads, rubbing his long throbbing cock back and forth, just inches from their gasping lips.

Lori was out of her mind with lust now. Her trembling wet lips parted, taking in the entire blood-engorged head, then closed softly around it.

With Linda lying on top of her, Lori began sucking harder, wanting to get more of Art’s cock in her mouth. At the same time, she felt Linda slipping down her body again until the brunette’s tongue was once again fucking rapturously in and out of her hungry young cunt. Lori responsively drew in her cheeks, holding the base of Art’s rigidly pulsing cock with one hand while she bent her knees and split her long slender legs as wide as possible for his wife licking up between her thighs.

“Mmmmmmmm…aaahhhhhh,” she moaned around Art Sampson’s lust-thickened hardness.

The nakedly squirming blonde could feel the beginnings of orgasm rushing upon her, but just before it arrived, Linda broke off and crawled on top of Lori again, pressing her warm voluptuous body down against the young blonde’s and supporting herself on her elbows.

My turn,” the brunette whispered to her husband. Lori felt Art pulling away from her, felt his cock’s hot thickness slip from her lewdly ovaled lips and watched as he offered it to Linda’s sensual mouth.

Lori sighed in excitement as she watched the raven-haired woman’s mouth, scant inches from her own, hungrily suck on the thick cock.

She watched as right over her face, Linda began pulling her ovaled lips back and forth over the long fleshy cock. Unable to resist, Lori began licking and gently biting the lower exposed half of Art’s glistening wet shaft. He groaned and slipped his eagerly throbbing hardness out of Linda’s mouth and back into Lori’s, setting up a rhythm of moving from one soft warm mouth and then into the next. Back and forth he went, his hips moving gently from one woman to the other, with both Linda and Lori each greedy now to draw her lips hungrily around him. One would suck him while the other would alternately kiss his long thick shaft and the kiss the other woman’s cock-swollen cheeks.

With a curse, Art broke free of the two wildly excited women and crawled to the foot of the sofa. Linda smiled and moaned “Fuck me…now…fuck me.”

The older woman rolled on her back and a moment later Lori saw Art eagerly fucking into her, could see his sperm-laden balls slap down hard against her friend’s upturned ass-cheeks. Linda moaned, lurched sideways and kissed young blonde newlywed deeply on the mouth, her tongue running and squirming deep into Lori’s passionately willing throat.

Then Art withdrew his wetly glistening cock and shifted his weight until he was between Lori’s legs. She could feel his hot, impatiently throbbing cock slowly parting her saliva-matted pubic hair and pressing against her greedily pulsating cuntal lips. Now it was her turn to be fucked, she thought, almost delirious in her happiness and desire. Linda slipped to the side, giving room to her husband who made one smooth thrust which rammed his long thick cock far up into Lori’s warmly clasping cunt.

“Oh, yes, Art, fuck me, fuck me hard…I can’t wait any longer…I need it so bad,” Lori cried, cupping her friend’s husband’s tight-clenched buttocks and pulling him deeper into her cock-hungry pussy while Linda kissed her hotly on the mouth.

Linda’s husband fucked both of them, alternating between their nakedly gyrating pussies for what seemed a blissful eternity.

And then suddenly Lori was cumming…”Aaaahhhhh…God…my God…I’m cuummmmmingggg,” she cried as she fell back on the couch, her spasming pussy still clenching and unclenching around Art’s wildly pumping cock. Then she felt him thrust deeply into her and stop, his cock spewing rope after rope of hot cum deep into her, and then it was over and Art rolled weakly from between her thighs.

A short time later Lori finally came to her senses and quickly dressed and left. As she went out the door she glanced back to see Linda starting to nibble once again on her husband’s cock, which was slowly starting to stir. Her mind was a confused jumble as she thought to herself, “What have I done. And how will I ever tell Charlie.”

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