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Surprise Lingerie Party

I was away on one of my usual business trips. I had already been away from home 6 days and I had 3 more left to go. I would be getting back on Sunday…missing yet another weekend to have fun. As I was sitting there in my hotel room that night… fiddling around online with my laptop… my cell phone rang. It was the owner of my company. Plans changed and he would not be able to make it out to meet me tomorrow. He said to go ahead take the next flight home if I wanted. I called the airline right away…figuring I could still make one that night and surprise my wife. Unfortunately, I could not get out until the next day, Friday evening. For some reason, I could hardly sleep that night. I just really wanted to get home to my wife. I guess I am just getting a little tired of all this traveling. Sometimes I think it might be time for a career change… but anyway… back to the story.

I decided not to tell Sue that I was coming home early. I figured when I got home she would be at the gym and I could sneak in the house and surprise her when she got home. It was a long flight to Denver. Then an even longer drive home from the airport. I stopped and got some flowers and then on to the house. As I pulled up, I was surprised to see that Sue’s car was home…so was her friend Elizabeth’s and quite a few others that I did not recognize.

I walked up to the front door and let myself in. As I opened the door, I heard a bunch of female voices in the house. So much for my surprise I thought. Just as I was going into the living room, I was stopped by a woman I had never seen before. She blurted out “Oh my goodness! It’s a man! What are you doing here?” she said as she caught her balance on the wall. “Oh, brining me flowers huh?”

I replied, “this is my house, and sorry, these are for my wife.” “Ohhhhh” she said, “you must be Sue’s husband” ” yes, that would be me.” I said, as I detected the strong odor of alcohol on her. “What is going on here? Where is my wife?”

“Well, we ladies are having a little party.” She giggled, “I think Sue is out on the deck.” So, that is where I headed. As I passed the living room and kitchen, I got a few squeals and giggles. Another woman looked at me in surprise and covered herself saying, “Eek, a man!” At that point I noticed that she a few of the ladies were wearing bras and panties, and some in teddies, there were two on the couch holding up a pair of stockings examining them. I thought “what the hell is going on, is this what they do whenever I am gone?”

I made my way to the deck and found Sue her friend Elizabeth and a few other ladies sitting in and around the hot tub. There was a table full of snacks and margaritas. Sue and Elizabeth were both surprised to see me standing there, flowers in hand. “Surprise, I’m home”. I said flatly. Then I smiled and said, “How is the most beautiful wife in the world?”

“Oh, hey Hun. I was not expecting you home today.” “Yeah? No kidding.” I said, “Looks like you are having lots of fun without me!” She laughed, “well, we decided to have a little lingerie party, just us girls” She appeared to have a pretty good buzz going. “Come on inside and meet everyone!”

She and Elizabeth hopped out of the tub and quickly toweled off, while giggling and giving each other that funny look that girls often do. They then came over and took me by each arm and dragged me inside. Sue took the flowers and put them on the counter, smacked me on the butt and said “thanks honey” Then she dragged me into the middle of the room and said “hey girls! This is my husband Ray. He just got home early from his business trip!” All the ladies then gave me a big “hi Ray!” I laughed and said, “what are all of you doing having this fun without me?”

Elizabeth whispered in Sue’s ear and then Sue sat me down on the couch and said, “how about we show you what we’ve been up to?” I sat back and said, “now you are talkin! What guy in his right mind would say no to that?”

Then Sue and Elizabeth grabbed a few bags, gathered the ladies together and left the room. I sat back and relaxed and thought to myself. “This is not such a bad welcome home… A house full of women drinking margaritas and trying on lingerie”. I could here them all laughing and talking in the other room.

At that moment, Elizabeth came in and turned on the radio. And said, “let the show begin!” She then ran back to join the ladies. Then, Sue came in wearing a pair of black patent leather platform heels, a black thong and a see through black tight little top that accentuated her nice round breasts and her nice hard nipples. She walked in front of me, turned around, and then bent over while looking at me from between her legs. She reached through and rubbed the bulge that was already forming in my pants. Then she ran both of her hands up her legs and then lightly touched herself through her panties. If that wasn’t enough, she sat back onto my lap and started to grind herself on me. Then she sat down on the armrest and leaned up against me and started to stroke the back of my neck with one hand while she ran the other hand down my shirt and started to rub my chest.

I heard some more giggling and in came two more ladies. Both wearing matching teddies one was a blonde in blue lace and the other a brunette in red lace. WOW! They did a little dance for me, then came over and one sat on each knee and gave me a kiss on each cheek. They then sat on the loveseat together as the next woman came in the room.

Out came a woman in white garters, white lace panties and thigh high stockings. She had a matching white corset that pushed up her large breasts quite nicely. I then looked at her face and realized it was the seriously tipsy woman that had greeted me at the front door. She strutted over in front of me and ran her hands from her thighs, up her stomach, and then grabbed her tits with both hands. She got a whistle from the ladies on the couch. Then put her hands on each of my knees and leaned forward giving me a good view of her nice cleavage. Then she continued to bend down with her head close to my lap. Her long hair dangling over her so I could not see what exactly she was doing. I felt a little embarrassed having her look at the obvious bulge in my pants. To my surprise I felt her touch me with her mouth through my pants. Suddenly, she bit me… not hard, but firmly enough that I flinched. She then popped up and strutted to the other side of the room and hopped on to the laps of the other two ladies, giving them a high five. This was just too much.

At that point, our friend Elizabeth came out. She too was wearing some black patent leather platforms, some thigh high black stockings with the seam down the back. She had a black thong and a great push up bra. She came across the room very slowly and stood in front of me. She ran her fingers through her hair as she closed her eyes and began to gyrate her hips. She hopped up on my lap…and while she straddled me, she pulled down her bra and shoved her breasts in my face. I had to laugh a little, because she had done this once before at a club last summer. This time she grabbed Sue and pulled her from the couch. They started to dance together. Elizabeth positioned herself behind Sue and reached around her and began to fondle her breasts. Then she slowly lifted the top up over Sue’s head and once again squeezed her breasts. Sue turned around and removed Elizabeth’s bra and then lightly kissed each of her nipples. Then they both came up and sat back down on each side of me.

Finally, the last 3 ladies came into the room. One in lace panties and bra, one in a tight little satin gown, and the other in lace body stocking. The three of them danced together and then some of the other ladies got up and joined in. I am sitting there watching all these women in lingerie dancing together for me and I just can’t believe this is happening. I said aloud, “somebody pinch me! I have got to be dreaming!” Elizabeth reached down and pinched me by the nipple and said, “If it was, would you really want to wake up?” I responded with an emphatic “HELL NO”.

I just sat back and soaked it all in. The drunk chic went over to a box sitting by some of the bags of lingerie and just dumped it on the floor. I looked to see a bunch of toys and assorted oils. She grabbed a bottle of flavored oil and tossed it to Sue. Elizabeth said, “ok, who would like to try a sample taste of our cherry flavored body oil?” All of the girls started to hoot and holler. Then, her and Sue literally ripped my T-shirt off me. If that was not enough, they threw me down on the floor and Sue undid my pants as Elizabeth grabbed them by the legs and whipped them off. I have to say, it felt a little intimidating lying there half naked in front of a room full of women… But, that thought was gone in a flash when they began to squirt the stuff all over me! I was overwhelmed. Then, the inebriated chic in the white lingerie practically attacked me! She began to lick all the cherry lubricant off of my chest. Then a few more ladies joined in. I was getting licked and rubbed all over by a bunch of women in lingerie with a good buzz on!

Then, they got even wilder. They began to squirt it all over each other. Breasts were exposed and women were licking flavored lubricants off each other, themselves, and me! Suddenly, off came my boxers. The ever so bold woman in white was the culprit. She rubbed her hands all over her well oiled breasts and then reached down and began to massage my thoroughly hardened cock. Then I looked up and saw the other women closing in. Some of them were watching and touching themselves and some were feeling a little bolder and started to rub me all over. I heard a buzzing and the blonde in red was holding a vibrator. She leaned back against the couch and spread her legs in front of me. She reached down and began to massage herself with her new toy.

I felt something moving up my legs. I looked down to see the brunette kissing and licking her way further and further upwards. She said, “Mmm, this stuff tastes so good.” She then positioned her head over my dick as the woman in white held it in her hand. “Let’s see how this tastes.” She said, as she licked the tip of my cock. Then her friend in white joined her in her taste test. I was doing my best to hold back as these two women licked my cock.

Next thing I know, there are a pair of perky little breasts above my face. I heard the woman say “would you like a taste?” as she lowered them towards my mouth. I licked her erect nipple and tasted the sweet cherry flavored oil. She moaned with delight. This was all I needed. I felt myself losing control. One of the two ladies working my cock was stroking it with her hand as the other one was lightly caressing my balls. The two of them could tell I was going to cum. They began to lick the end of my cock as they simultaneously kissed each other. I exploded and the two of them licked and kissed each other as I shot my load in their mouths. It was so intense. When I was finished, they continued to kiss each other passionately.

Sue leaned down and kissed me and said “well Hun, glad you came home early?” All I could do was smile and let out a sigh of satisfaction. She grinned and said, “my turn!” as she straddled my face. I grabbed her hips and began to lick her pussy gratefully. Elizabeth came over with a little vibrator and reached down and started to work Sue’s clit with it. She started to moan in ecstasy. I felt my cock begin to come back to life. While Sue was moaning and groaning, I heard another woman doing the same. The blonde who was masturbating with the vibrator came. She started to shout “Oh fuck, oh fuck, yeees!” as she climaxed.

Then I heard the woman in white say, “I am so fucking horny…I need a cock in me now!” I felt her grab my cock and she guided it into her pussy. It was nice and hot and wet. She instantly began to moan with pleasure as she rocked back and forth on my cock. As she fucked me I continued to eat my wife’s pussy as her good friend worked her over with the vibrator. Finally, Sue put all her weight on my face and began to quiver. As she climaxed the woman in white started fucking me faster and harder. Both women orgasmed simultaneously. Sue with her light moans and groans and the other woman squealing like crazy. I was ready for more!

After they finished and let me up, I sat on the edge of the couch. The blonde came over and started to stroke my rock hard cock. As she did, she others crawled over. All of the women were kneeling in front of me. Some of them were rubbing my legs while others had their hands all over my dick and balls. The Blonde leaned forward and took my whole dick all the way in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, each time taking the whole thing until her face was buried. It did not take long this time. My legs stiffened. It became so intense that I had to stand up. The blonde started to jack me off with both hands while the others were still kneeling right in front of me. I came so hard that it was almost painful. As I did, the women reached up and stroked me and opened their mouths as if they had to have more of me. They took turns licking and sucking my cock as I came. I felt my knees get weak and I collapsed back onto the couch. They all laid back and continued to play with each other as I watched.

Finally, when the attention was off me, I slipped out of the room and headed upstairs for a shower. As I cleaned the flavored oil off my body, I could not stop grinning. I had just lived every man’s fantasy. I got out, dried off and lay on the bed. I ran through it all over and over in my head until I drifted off to sleep. I woke up later to see Sue sitting there looking at me. Welcome home she said. I sat up and said, “wait a minute… I was dreaming! Man, it felt so real.” I was still feeling groggy and was trying to wake up so I could sort it all out. “Relax, she said… it was not a dream.”

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