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Sweet and Innocent Amy

It was “girls night out” and Amy really needed to get out with her friends and let off some steam. Work was driving her nuts and she hadn’t just cut loose and relaxed in months. She dressed pretty casual, but still sexy. She had on her red silk low cut top that really showed off her great 36c tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her long blond hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. Her make up was flawless, and her red lipstick perfectly matched her shirt. Although she as just wearing jeans, they were tight and her ass really filled them out. The lace of her black thong just barely showed over the top of her jeans. She put on her wedding ring, diamond earrings that matched, along with a matching diamond solitaire necklace. She wasn’t dressed to thrill, but she couldn’t help but look hot.

“Where are you off to dressed like that?” Her husband Steve asked.

“I’m going to go out with the girls, and blow off a little steam, work’s really sucked lately and I deserve it.” Amy casually replied.

“A little steam, huh? If I didn’t know better I’d say you look like your going out to get laid.” Steve said jokingly.

“Me?… I could never do that.” Amy said shyly.

“I don’t know, look at how you’re dressed, you’re lookin’ pretty hot..”

” Well….I ..Uh” she paused.

“Too bad.. I’d have to give you such a spanking for being such a bad little girl…” He said playfully.

“Mmm…you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

The words rolled off her tongue suggestively. Amy and Steve were very much in love. They had been married for five years, and Amy, although very sexually free at home, was incredibly faithful and quite shy away from her man. They had both fantasized about her having wild nights of sex with strangers, and although she wanted to try it, she was too shy to ever think about making it a reality. Her pussy began to get a little moist just thinking about.

“We’ll just have to see how the night plays out” She said playfully as she let her hand brush up against Steve’s cock.

He kissed her deeply and played with her tits through her shirt. This made her nipples stick out and show through her silky top.

“Now stop it, you wouldn’t want to ruin my make up for the other boys, …now would you.” She purred.

When her friends got to her house, she kissed Steve goodnight and said’ ” I’ll be back shortly after the bar closes.”

He walked her out to the car and they waved to each other as the car drove off. His mind raced with excitement, although, they both knew that she couldn’t do it. Steve just walked back into the house, grabbed a beer, and settled in for the night.

When Amy and her friends walked into the bar, all eyes were on them. Every one of them was easily a nine or better. Amy and her friends started doing shots and laughing about the crappy week it had been at work for all of them. They were all just kind of hanging out when Amy noticed that she was beginning to get a little drunk. It doesn’t take much to get her drunk, and by her count she had done at least eight shots.

At long last she was starting to mellow and just enjoy being out. With a table of three hot girls laughing and doing shots it didn’t take long before men started coming over and flirting. Pretty soon they all found themselves out on the dance floor having a blast and just cutting loose. As her single friends started hooking up, Amy found herself more in the company of men and less with her friends.

“What the hell, I’m here to have fun, I’m going to just enjoy myself.” Amy thought to herself.

“Can I buy you a drink?” a strange voice said.

“Sure” she answered quietly.

“My name is Travis, and I’d love to dance with you.” The stranger said.

“I’m married” she told him.

And he said, “Well ‘Married’ it’s only a dance, and it sucks to dance alone.” He answered.

“Sure why not,” Amy said as she noticed that her friends were already out on the floor with men they had met that night.

It was still really early in the evening when her friends came up to her and said, “We’re going to the club across the street to check out the band that’s playing there.”

Now she found herself alone with this man, who she found mildly attractive, dancing and drinking.

That’s when the D.J. played a slow dance. Travis led Amy out to the dance floor. There they were in the middle of the crowded dance floor. He felt good as he held her tight. She pressed harder against him. He smelled good. The alcohol seemed to melt her inhibitions away. His hands moved down to her ass. Somehow, no matter how wrong it seemed, her lips found his and they began to kiss passionately.

“Let’s go have a cigarette.” Amy said.

They went outside and were chatting casually and smoking. Mentally she was finally releasing the stress from the past week and feeling more comfortable with him. “Do you want to go to my car and make out?” Travis asked her.

‘No’ is what she what her brain told say, but “That sounds like fun,” is what actually came out. She gave him a deep kiss when they reached his car. He opened the door for her and she sat down. When he got in, She grabbed him and started tongue kissing him for all it was worth. She didn’t know what had come over her, but she knew where it was going to end up the way she was behaving.

Travis stopped kissing her for a second and asked, “Do you want to get high?’

Amy thought for a minute and then replied, “Fuck yeah..”

Amy hadn’t smoked pot since high school, but tonight it just seemed to be the next logical thing to do.

Travis pulled out a pipe and loaded it up with some killer weed. She lit it up and took a big hit.

“Oooh yeeahh…..” she said as this first hit started to hit her. She hadn’t noticed him start the car; she just kept on hitting the pipe.

“That’s it ‘Married’,… smoke all you want..” He laughed.

Her pussy began to get very wet as she remembered how horny she is when she gets high.

“Well, tonight’s going to be the night I guess..” Amy thought to herself. Drunk, and now high…this is going to be one hell of a night. Travis put the car in gear, and pulled out of the parking lot. It was a short trip back to his place and she hit that pipe as much as she could on the way there.

Amy Looked at her cell phone when they arrived and realized that it was only 9:45pm. “We must have got there really early.” She thought to herself.

” So, I Guess you brought me back here because you thought that if I was high you could fuck me?” Amy asked sarcastically.

Travis just looked at her blankly, surprised by her directness.

“Well, what are you waiting for stud, take me inside….” She cooed.

Travis was about to find out what Amy’s husband already knew, that once she gets started, she is completely insatiable.

As soon as they got in the door, she turned around and grabbed him tight and deeply kissed him. He reached down and grabbed her shirt and pulled it up over her head revealing her gorgeous tits.

“You like what you see?” she said seductively.

He just put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

“This is it’ She thought, “This is when I become a Slut”

She dropped to her knees, looked up at him one more time and then quickly opened his belt, and jeans. She paused slightly when she saw his huge cock. This was all happening so fast, even she couldn’t believe it.

“You wanna to fuck my mouth? She said, still stroking his cock with her hands.

“Fuck yeah!” was all he could say before she took him balls deep into her mouth again. She worked herself into a frenzy and now she was totally free. She worked his cock with both hands and pumped it while she sucked and bobbed on it like a cheap whore. She loved the way it felt as she took it in and out of her mouth. She took it deep down her throat as he fucked her mouth. He gripped her by her ponytail and push her head down on his shaft. She loved being treated like this. She took it out of her mouth and licked it all the way down to his balls while she looked up at him with her best ‘fuck me’ eyes. She paused staring at him while she took his balls into her mouth. Still stroking his cock she sucked his balls like a royal slut. She took it back in her mouth and sucked it up and down at a fever pitch.

“UUHHHNG!!!” he groaned. She was clearly having an effect on him.

“Don’t cum yet stud,…I need you in my pussy.” She purred.

If Amy was going to cheat, she was going to get used like a total and complete whore. Yeah, no sense in going half way, she was going to have a completely dirty story on what a nasty bitch ‘Innocent Amy’ had become on her night out.

She wanted that cock in her hole now. She slowly stood up and slowly peeled her jeans down. He just stared at this gorgeous blond who was now stripping in front of him.

“You like what you see? Hmmm?” she said playfully. “Now your gonna see the whole package.”

As Amy peeled her thong down and kicked it away, she thought to herself “there’s no turning back now, I’m about to let this guy fuck me like a cheap slut… and I like it”

Amy spread herself out on the floor in front of him and opened her legs wide to show her perfectly shaved pussy. Stroking her soaking wet pussy with her left hand, she could feel wedding ring rubbing he clit as she shoved her fingers in and out of her cunt.

“Are you gonna stand there and watch, or are you gonna fuck me?” she said, licking the pussy juice off her fingers.

He got down on the floor and started kissing his way up her legs until his tongue found her pussy. He licked and sucked it feverishly. Amy definitely liked spreading her legs for this man. She spread wide for him as his tongue expertly lapped away at her swelling clit. She grabbed the back of his head and shoved it against her cunt.

Her mind wandered to her husband and how much of a slut she was being. She imagined him watching her getting used by this guy and it turned her on even more.

“Oh fuck… OH FUCK… YEAH, LICK THAT CUNT!! MMMNNMNMNGG!!!” she screamed as she came hard.

She shook violently as the orgasm ripped through her body. She grabbed him by the hair, pulled him to her mouth and kissed him hard. She stopped only long enough to say. “FUCK ME!”

His cock was rock hard and the sight of it made her tremble with slutty anticipation. She closed her eyes tight and gasped as she felt his cock enter her. This was the first new cock she had in her since she had gotten married.

“Why does something so wrong feel so god damn good?” Amy thought to herself as she spread her legs wide.

” THAT’S IT! FUCK ME HARD..FUCK ME LIKE A GOOD WHORE…OH..OH..OH..OOHH!! THAT’S WHAT I NEED!!.. YEAH!! MMMNMNMNGG” She couldn’t control herself. She loved being a dirty slut. He held her legs up high and fucked her good. Her tits bounced hard as he slammed deep into her willing hole. He pounded her cunt deep and hard. God she loved cock. She spread as wide as she could. She wanted to be slammed hard and deep. He drilled her cunt relentlessly. Her pussy squeezed his cock tightly.

“GIVE IT TO ME!! HARDER!! ..YEAH..FUCK MY HOLE… FUCK ME… YEAH!” the words just poured out of her mouth. She began to finger her clit as he drove his cock into her soaking cunt. She came hard. Her body shook and she arched her back, which allowed him to drive deep into her convulsing pussy.

Right then she screamed, “FUCK MY ASS!..YEAH, You HEARD ME, ..FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE ASS.. I want you to drill me good.”

As Amy rolled over and got up on her hands and knees, she couldn’t believe what she had just let pour from her mouth.. “He’s gonna ream my hole”, she thought to herself.

” I’ve never let anyone fuck my ass before, not even my husband.”

“Well he did want me to go be a ‘Naughty Girl’ tonight,” Her mind raced with slutty anticipation as she felt the tip of Travis’ prick pressing against her virgin ass.

His cock was so wet with her pussy juice he didn’t need any lube. She clinched her fists and bit her lip as he slid his cock slowly into her waiting asshole.

Amy couldn’t believe what she feeling as his hard cock slid into her tight asshole, and how much she was loving it.

It made her cunt boil feeling his huge prick in her ass.

“OH GOD YEAH!!!!!!….mnnng…yeah uh uh uh OHHH OOOOHHHH”

You like my cock in your ass don’t you?

“Uh huh,” she said breathlessly.

“You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you?”

“UH HUH!!” she gasped as he began to drive it in and out of her ass.

“Then SAY IT!!” Travis commanded.


God she loved being drilled good.

She reached back and rubbed her clit and fingered her cunt while he stuffed her ass like the dirty little bitch she was becoming. She came her hardest this time. Moaning and panting like a dog in heat.

He pulled out and she swung around to catch his big load all over her perfectly made up face. It was hot and sticky and felt so good on her face. She raised her fingers, scooped a big drop and licked it down while she stared at him.

“Man she’s fuckin good!” another voice said.

“Yeah she is, … you guys want some?” Travis asked.

Just then she noticed that his two roommates had been standing there watching her get used like a cheap whore.

One was a tall, tan, surfer looking man in his early twenties with blonde hair. The second was a very athletic looking black man about the same age. Tim and Ron were their names. This wasn’t what she had expected, but before she could say anything, she felt herself being picked up and carried into the master bedroom.

“Our turns now Trav… Ha Ha!” Ron said to Travis as he threw Amy over his broad shoulder. He carried her with no regard to her comfort. Her pussy exposed, and her upper body dangling down on his back

“Am I really going do this?” she thought to herself. “FUCK YEAH I AM!!!”

As soon as she hit the bed, she laid back and said “Who wants me to suck their huge cock? Just then Ron put his big black cock in front of her face and she began to suck it in with everything she had.

As soon as she got Ron’s cock in her mouth, she felt her legs being pulled open so Tim could enter her dripping cunt. She took the cock out of her mouth long enough to say “You better drill me good …”

He slid in deep. The two roommates started pounding her relentlessly.

“YOU LIKE THAT WHORE?!?….Yeah look at the little bitch take it…” Ron said

With one cock drilling her mouth, she couldn’t do anything but moan loudly. This was awesome. Amy was really getting into it. Total release, total animal fucking..all the cock she could handle.. “I’m a total slut now….I wonder what my husband would say if he could see me like this?…mmmmmmmmmmmm… “HE’D LOVE IT” She thought.

Just then Travis said, “Smile for the camera Bitch!!!”

She looked up the see Travis filming all the action.

At first Amy was alarmed, but she thought to herself “Fuck it, if I’m gonna be a porn star, they BETTER film it.”

She took the cock out of her mouth long enough to look at the camera and say “You like this boys… your own little private porn star?.. Well, FUCK ME…POUND ME GOOD…yeah, just like that….OOOH YEAHHH..MMMMMNNGH” and she stared into the camera as the grabbed the big black cock by her face with her left hand, making sure the camera had a good shot of her wedding ring, and sucked it balls deep back into her mouth. She sucked hard and gave Ron one hell of a blowjob, sucking and stroking his huge black cock while Tim relentlessly pounded away at her dripping wet hole.

“Here it comes bitch!!…Nnngh!!!!” just then Amy felt a huge load of cum fire down her throat. Ron gripped the back of her head tight as he fired another shot in her mouth. She didn’t miss a drop. Now he took over the camera. Everyone switched positions. Amy climbed on top of Travis’ cock and leaned forward so that Tim could slide into her waiting ass.

She stared straight into the camera and said “Are you gonna double fuck me.. Hmmmm??? ” That’s it, Put it in my ass….OH GOD!!!! MNNMMNMMM”

Her eyes rolled back into her head and she bit her lip as she felt Tim inch his huge cock deep in her ass.

“Look at this whore take it… it’s like she cant get enough!!” Ron exclaimed.

” I can’t!…” she said panting. She began coming and screaming hard now.


Tim pulled out of her ass and moved in front of her. Ron got the camera in real closed as him started unloading on her face. Tim got one shot off before she grabbed his cock and stuck it in her mouth, making sure not to miss any more cum as he fired it down her throat.

Feeling that warm cum in her throat while she was still riding Travis’ cock made her cum again. Now Travis fired a load deep in her. She purred like a cat as she felt his rod pumping shot after shot in her needy cunt. She kept riding him until his cock was completely soft. She rolled off him and laid on the bed stroking her pussy spread eagle for the camera. She spread her lips and made sure you could see the come oozing from her hole.

“You’re a dirty bitch aren’t you ‘Married’?”

“Uh huh” Was all she could say, her head still reeling from the fucking she just got.

” Hey ‘Married’ I think your cell phone is ringing.” Tim commented nervously.

“Well, bring it here then.” She replied. “Quiet… it’s my husband.”

The guys just looked at each other nervously while she talked to him.

“Hi honey!… yeah, I’m having a good time…No… they left and went to see the band at the club across the street…uh huh…Yeah…I’m pretty drunk…no, I’m okay, I found a ride. Yes, I’m sure… uh huh…”

Amy continued her conversation with her husband while the guys nervously listned, “Oh, my rides name? His name is Travis…. Mm hmmm…No really Honey, I’m okay…”

“He bought me a couple of drinks…we danced some…No, we left the bar…mm hmmm… yeah…. Oh yeah… we’re at his place…” she continued.

“Yeah, it’s sort of a party you might say…what kind of party?” She giggled.

“Well, I smoked some pot and got really high… yeah… I think I want to smoke some more. No wait, I know I’m gonna smoke some more” she bragged to her astonished Husband

That’s when she told her husband, ” Wait a second, let me put you on speaker phone.”

“So are you stoned?” Steve asked.

“I’m really stoned.. Ooh yeeahh” Amy Giggled

” I thought you told me that you get really horny when you smoke pot” Her husband asked, knowingly.

“Uh huh” she cooed, “You know what, I’m gonna get Travis to take a picture of me taking a hit off the bong with my camera phone so I can send you a text with the pic. Call me back when you get it.”

“Okay..” he said as he hung up.

Amy handed her camera phone to Travis, And thought to herself, “this is it,.. this is when he gets his wish, ‘Innocent Amy’ is now a whore”

She put a huge wad of pot in the bowl, held it in front of here so it rested between her perfect tits, and told Travis to get as many pictures as she could as she took a long deep drag.

She motioned for Ron to film her while she did this. She made sure that it was clear in all the pictures that she still had her Wedding Ring on, she was totally naked, and that she was thoroughly stoned. All this made Amy’s tingle with excitement. The water gurgled loudly as she took a big hit, and then another. It felt good as it hit her.

The phone rang again. Everyone in the room waited anxiously as Amy thought to herself, “Here goes..” and she put it on speaker phone.

Her Husband’s first words out of his mouth were, “Your Naked.”

Amy giggled and said, “You’re very observant.”

“So I guessed that you..” Steve started as he was quickly interrupted.

“Well you said that you knew that pot makes me horny, .. (She laughs as she talks) What else was I supposed to do?” She purred.

“This is definitely a surprise” Steve stated bluntly.

“Oh, I know” Amy replies, ” But not nearly as big of a surprise as I got when I found out that his roommates watched it all, and then they fucked me too.”

Amy Continued “Yeah,.. They all fucked me… REAL HARD too. Oh! And all of them came in my mouth, my pussy, and MY ASS!!”

“I even had them in all my holes at the same time” Amy stated, still not believing what she was telling her husband, “oh, and one of them is BLACK.”

” I see…” was all her husband could manage to say.

“And they’re filming it too…” she said, “This IS what you wanted, right?…”

There was a brief pause and then her husband spoke.

Steve replied, “Of course it is.”

A look of relief came over everyone’s faces. Even Amy’s.

She loved Steve very much still, and knew that she would have been devastated if she had hurt him.

Steve then continued, “So you think this makes you a ‘Naughty Girl’ now huh?”

“Well then your gonna have to prove it!” he said loudly

“Uh,..Okay” she said playfully, ” How about I just leave the phone on ‘speaker’ and let you listen to your sweet, innocent little wife get pounded like a cheap hooker.”

Steve then said firmly, ” Well boys, she may be my Wife, but tonight she’s your WHORE!”

She set the phone down by the bed and left it on. She then took another loud, gurgling hit off the bong and announced, “That’s some good shit!!” she commented as she let the smoke out slowly.

“DAMN ‘Married’, you’re just a little stoner slut, aren’t you?”

Steve then said “That slut’s name is Amy, isn’t it Honey?”

“Uh Huh” She said breathlessly, still exhaling from her second hit. ” You want me high so you can use me good, don’t you?… Well my husband is listening, SOMEONE FUCK ME!”

“I guess it’s MY turn to ride your little white pussy, isn’t it bitch?” Ron commented.

“Yeah… you wanna fuck me with your huge black cock?” She said ever so playfully.

“WELL COME FUCK ME THEN!!” She demanded.

Tim took the camera and got a good shot of Ron’s big black cock sliding up in her cum filled hole. She just closed her eyes, rolled her head back and gasped as he entered her.

“SHIT….MMMMNMN…GOD YES…GIVE ME THAT HUGE BLACK DICK…” the words just flowed out of her mouth. That cock had to be at least ten inches long, and hard as a rock.

“God Steve, Its bigger than yours, and I’m taking it ALL! Every rock hard inch.” Amy gasped. She was taking it all the way in. He pounded her mercilessly and she took it all. She lifted her legs and held them behind the knees to let him get in deep.

“You like my pussy, HUH?… DO YA,… DO YOU LIKE FUCKING MY PUSSY,..UH..UH..UH…OOOOOHHHH” She played to the camera and the phone for all it was worth.


Ron rolled her over on her hands and knees, smacking her ass while he drilled her.



With that, Tim handed the camera to Travis and grabbed her by the ponytail and shoved his cock in her mouth.

“How’s that you cunt?!,..Yeah that’s it….You like it, don’t you Amy?” Tim said snidely,

That was it, she had lost her anonymity, they knew her name, knew that her husband was listening, and strangely it made her even more excited.

“I’m going to fuck your face hard now, YEAH! Your husband hears you gagging on my cock now and you love it, don’t you?”

“Mm hmm!” was all she could get out while he forced his cock down her throat.

She was getting drilled from both ends. In one night she went from ‘little miss Innocent’ to an absolute whore and was loving every minute of it.

Tim shot another load down her throat and pulled out while he was shooting to get some on her face and in her hair.

Now she was looking like the slut she was becoming.


“Yeah Bitch!!” he replied still pounding away at her cunt from behind.

“You love fucking other men’s wives… DON’T YA!!!” She gasped between strokes.

“We sure do, you little SLUT!” Ron Replied. And with that he slapped her ass hard.

“NNNNGHH!! THAT’S IT… TREAT ME LIKE A WHORE…” She yelled, as she came again.

As soon as she caught her breath she screamed, “NOW FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT HUGE SNAKE!…I WANT YOUR CUM IN MY AAASSSS!!”

Her husband yelled from the phone, “You better fuck her ass good, I want it nice and loose when I pound her later.”

Travis got in close and got a good shot of Ron’s big black cock slowly disappearing into Amy’s asshole.

“Don’t get all gentle now, you heard my husband, fuck my ass!!… FUCK ME HARD!!” she commanded.

She reached one hand back and began fingering her cum soaked hole feverishly.

Ron pounded her ass relentlessly. Amy came and came Hard. He drilled her for at least ten minutes. A distinct groan could be heard coming out of the phone as her husband came HARD thinking about the animal fucking his sweet, innocent, little Amy was receiving.

Tim and Travis watched in amazement as this gorgeous blonde wife was getting drilled mercilessly while her husband listened to every moan and stroke. Neither of them could believe what they were seeing, and that they had Amy’s, and her Husband’s permission to film it.

“I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR WIFE”S ASS NOW!!” Ron yelled so it could be heard over the phone.

” Give it to me!!” Unload deep in my aassss!!” Amy begged, “GOD YESS!!”

Ron grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back hard while he pumped his cum deep in her willing ass. He made sure that Travis had a good camera shot of the look on her face while he filled her.

“Your bitch loves to get fucked good ‘Mr. Husband’,… don’t you?” Ron stated loud enough to be heard at the phone.

“God yesss!!” She said breathlessly.

“She sure Does,” Steve snapped back from the phone.

As she lay on the bed catching her breath, every man in the room just stared at her, completely worn out from fucking her every way they knew how. Here was a gorgeous blonde bombshell. Any man would be lucky to have her, and her husband had just made her fuck them.

As Amy looked at the three roommates, she realized that she had just worn out every man in the room.

That’s when Amy picked up her phone and said, “Well Honey, I said that I’d be home shortly after the bar closed….”

‘Yes?” Steve replied.

“Well, it’s only 11:55, the bar closes at 3:00am, and I’ve got more ‘whoring’ to do.” She said very matter of factly, “I’ll have one of the boys take me back to the bar after I clean up.”

“You’ll just have to sit at home with your imagination and wait for me, I’m hanging up now.” She purred.

She calmly picked up her clothes and purse and headed to the bathroom.

Travis took the digital video camera over to his computer and burned a copy of the video onto a C.D. for Amy and her husband to watch.

She came out of the bathroom looking perfect like nothing ever happened and said plainly, “Take me back to the bar.”

As the car pulled back up to the bar Travis asked, “Are you really about to go back in there and find someone else to fuck?”

Amy just looked at him, smiled and replied, “Meet me here next Friday and I’ll tell you then.”

Before he pulled away she added, “Oh, and get a couple more guys next time, I wore you three out too fast.”

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