Swimming Lessons

My name is Karla and I’m thirty years old and in my second marriage. My new husband David is purchasing a larger sailboat. We intend to do some cruising and he has a lot of free time and we would perhaps go on some lengthy trips.

I had never learned to swim and at my age found myself enrolled in swimming lessons. I’m fine with boats just never learned to swim. The idea is for me to learn at least enough to save myself and the fact I love water helps make it interesting for me.

I was going three times per week to the club where David had a membership that offered afternoon classes and it was sort of nice that most of the people there were ladies. They were almost all much older then me but I knew a lot of them from the various clubs so I was comfortable.

I had bought a couple of semi bikini two piece bathing suits. I modelled them in front of the mirror when I got home and didn’t really care for what first hit my eyes. I have long black hair past my shoulders and of course I have the same below and just a little too much of it was poking out around the edges of that narrow strip style of bottom.

I decided to take care of that right away as my lessons started the next day. I went in the shower and let the water run on me as I soaped my tummy and pubic area until the jet black hair was laying down and almost looked like ringlets. I got a good lather with some soft lotion soap that would be easy on my skin.

I took the razor that I use under my arms, clicked a new blade in it and started around the outer edges. I trimmed from the outside in until it was smooth and there was only a strip left. I shaved between my legs all the way along and worked at getting it even. I was left with a trimmed strip that barely even covered the centre part of my private area.

I turned on the water and used the hand held to flush the bits of hair down the drain and then turned the warm spray on me and rinsed myself. I was a bit tender with slight razor burns. My skin is quite soft so I rubbed the area a bit with a skin lotion and it felt better and I rinsed and used my hand to comb it. The shaving and the touching and looking at myself down there in the mirror got to be a bit erotic.

I found myself going to the lotion soap and lathering the area again. I slid my finger between my legs opening the lips gently so I could rub inside my sensitive slit. The warm water sprayed over my body as I lay back and gently moved my finger until the wicked sexy sensation started. I used two fingers with one on each side of the sensitive little hard spot just touching it gently. When I inserted my middle finger between the soft folds I was again reminded how I was still small and tight there almost like when I was young.

I’m very responsive to touching but the best for me has always been what I did myself just like I was doing now. Many times I have done this in bed in the middle of the night and I have done it in the morning when I woke up after a dream. The dream was very often about something I could fantasize that I had never done.

My hips are starting to move and I pressed my fingers a little harder and then it started. It never takes me long before I’m tightening and squeezing my legs together and tossing from side to side. I could now lay back totally relaxed under the warm spray. The wonderful feeling just flowed though me.

I married my high school boyfriend Gary when I was twenty and spent four years in purgatory. I had got to where I never really cared for sex and actually believed at first it was overrated. Sex with him was usually on Saturday nights and didn’t really last very long. He was my first lover and we sort of learned together. I had tried a few times to inject interest into our sex life because I felt there had to be more then what I was getting.

I found some books and Gary threw them out . He eventually got mean and at times would hit me. He also got so wrapped up in his religion that he was impossible to live with. I eventually got up the nerve to leave and moved to the west coast and filed for divorce.

My new husband David is much older then me and he was the director of operations and co owner of the company where I worked after I was on my own. We met at a company meeting and he sort of took me under his wing during a bad time and we got along instantly. Our age difference was not a problem.

One night he took me to his hotel room and had sex with me after a company seminar. It was nice and I liked it as he was slow and considerate towards me. He is not a big man but very gentle and caring. I dont know if he considers me some sort of trophy wife but one thing I do know is that I seem to turn heads where ever I go.

I’m not the country club type and the party scenes are almost all something I can do without. My one biggest extravagance that David gave me as a wedding gift is my Mercedes cabriolet convertible and I love it. I keep in shape by running at least a couple of miles each day or more.

I tend to spend a lot of time in our home on the ocean working on some of my art projects and oh yes, we have a rather large swimming pool so the idea of getting to use it for a little more then sitting in the shallow end is also a good idea.

Anyway, I started my lessons and during the first few sessions we worked mostly at getting used to the water.. We did things like putting our faces in and learning to hold our breath properly and then we worked on getting used to opening our eyes under water. We moved on to laying out in the water and learning to float.

I was having a bit of trouble. I was not afraid of the water but the idea or lifting my feet off the bottom was bothering me a bit.. The class was getting ahead of me but that was understandable when you consider some of them knew how to swim a little before they started.

The instructor spent a lot of time with me and gave me a lot of extra coaching. His name was Jason and he was a very athletic and in excellent shape. He was the recreation manager and coached a lot of the different sports at the club along with teaching the adult swimming classes.

He was a tall blonde guy sun tanned and in great shape as well as being very sweet and to say the least very sexy. He gave me a lot of extra special attention. but I really wanted to get ahead and learn so we scheduled some tutoring lessons that would be private for me and I’m not sure but I sort of think that David was paying a little on the side.

The biggest problem we had was to get water time. The pool at that club was so busy that almost every minute of the day it was booked for lessons, public swimming or some event. I knew that Jason lived somewhere past our place because I had met him a few times going to work so I mentioned to David about the idea of getting Jason to Tudor me in our own pool in our yard. We talked to Jason and he agreed and I know David probably made it very worth while for him to help me.

My swimming went well and I was learning to actually stay above the water.. I was having trouble in some areas but Jason was very good to me and we got along fine and I got to know him and we were very comfortable together. He seemed to like me and I found him on a few occasions looking at me and perhaps showing a bit of extra interest.

We had been working on how to do what they call the “dead mans” float and he had helped me by holding me up while I held my body rigid and lay out in the water. I felt his hands on my body and for the first time I got a funny feeling and noticed that he was holding me with my body against his in the waist deep water. I felt his skin against me and I sort of caught my breath.

During the next couple of weeks we had about four or five sessions in our pool and I was by then really looking forward to each lesson. I found myself checking my hair and things before he got here. I even bought a more risqué bathing suit.

On many occasions now Jason was putting his hands on me to help me and in some cases I ended up in his arms if I went under. His hard body felt good against me and I was beginning to notice more and more how good he felt and I really enjoyed the time we had in the pool. I guess he must have too as his one hour lessons were dragging into an hour and a half and one day almost two hours.

We were scheduled for a late Friday afternoon session at our pool at a time that Dave was away to a meeting in the east and would not be home until Tuesday. I should really have called Jason and cancelled but I let it go and he came over. He was relaxed as he had a busy week. We got in the pool and he helped me with the breast stroke . He was teaching me the most primary swimming strokes as my main objective was to just learn to swim enough to save myself and get back to the boat if I fell in.

He was holding me up and had his hands under me and on me. We moved into shallow water and I noticed the front of his bathing suit and could see he was hard. It set me back just a bit but actually it also sort of excited me.

We moved to the deeper water and shortly I ended up in his arms only this time he did not release me and I never moved away but looked into his eyes and he brought his lips down to mine and kissed me. I brought my hands to his sides and moved against him and for the first time his body was flat against me. I felt his hard muscular arms and his thick firm chest against me. He kissed me again and his lips were soft on mine and he was warm against me I let myself go and slowly brought my arms up his back and hugged him tight to me. .

Jason nibbled my lips gently and then his tongue was in my mouth sliding back and forth under mine and I was lost. I could feel the tingling in my nipples as my covered breasts were flattened against his firm chest. The kiss lasted for ages. Our breath was mixed and our tongues moved together as he softly caressed me sliding his hands up and down me. It was so soothing and so nice and then he picked me up and carried me into the pool house and into the shower area. He turned the water on adjusted it and we stood together under the warm spray.

I let him undo the strings on my top and drop it bringing my full firm breasts out into the open. He cupped them and rolled the nipples as they hardened under the warm water spray. He hooked both hands in my bottom and slid them down and had me nude before him. I quickly held Jason him to me almost to hide him from looking at me. I felt my moisture flowing as his hard body moved against me.

This was so sexy I was really starting to feel something I had never felt before. We had turned the water off and were now just using the steamy stall. He released me slightly and slid off his bathing suit. I looked down and for some reason it didn’t surprise me that Jason’s cock was huge. It was standing straight up along his belly and the head was almost purple it was so hard.

I backed away but he held me close and took my hand and brought it down between us and I found myself holding it. I could only just get my hand around it and the skin was soft and loose and I slid it back and forth a little. It was long enough for me to get both of my hands on the shaft. I had never touched a beautiful cock like this and Jason kissed me again and I kept my hand on it stroking it slowly as if I didn’t want to let it go.

I was turned on like I had never been at anytime in my life. I felt the moisture between my legs just flowing. It was very warm and steamy in the enclosed large shower stall and as I stroked him I felt him gently pushing me down until my lips were on his chest.

I kissed and licked his nipples and I knew where he wanted me to go. I kissed Jason and whispered in his ear that I wanted to do something to him that I had never done to anyone and to please help me. With that I slid down his body without releasing the hard thick cock from my hand.

I was on my second husband and this was new to me as this was the first time I had even really had a cock in my hands in front of my eyes that I could examine. Oh I had seen both of my husbands but not like this where I it was right in front of me in the light. Jason was different and I realized that he was uncircumcised as well as being almost twice as big and very hard.

In fact that part of him was almost scary with the large protruding veins running the length of it. I slid the skin back and the large head popped out and I discovered that I could move the skin back and forth right over the head and Jason hunched his hips slightly and moaned.

I was enjoying this and I raised the attached sack with the two large balls and cupped them in my hand They were almost like eggs and I could feel each one in my hand as I gently squeezed them. I thought Jason was a beautiful man and I was so pleased that I was here with him. I bared the cock head and lowered my head and touched the tip with my tongue. There was a small drop on it and there was a bit of a salty taste as I felt Jason flinch slightly and then I licked the whole head.

I was not going to be shy and found myself comfortable as I licked under the tip and then pursed my lips and slipped them right over the spongy warm tip and sucked it gently. Jason moaned and brought his hands to the back of my head and I felt the pressure as he actually thrust a little bit of the cock into my mouth. I just held his balls in one hand, sucked him and stroked him with the other.

This was by far the most sexy thing I had ever done in my life as I had never been allowed to pleasure a man like this. Jason was moaning slightly and moving his hips as I let my teeth touch the underside of his cock . I used my tongue to caress and flick right inside the hole in the tip and was squeezing him and milking it with my hand. I was sucking it so hard that the saliva was running down my chin. It was like I was making love to his beautiful cock and couldnt get enough of it.

I was completely turned on and Jason was thrusting it into me as if he was fucking my mouth. And then he moved back from me and I felt his cock pop out of my mouth and it felt like he had taken it away from me and I just moaned out loud as I wanted it back. I stroked him gently and released him. I had the feeling that I knew there would be many other times where I could finish Jason and swallow his semen the way I wanted to right now. But like him I also knew there was something more we both wanted at this time.

He kissed me and moved back as his hand found his way to my lower tummy and his fingers gently tickled the soft narrow tuft between my legs. He slid his finger down the crease below the sensitive area of my mound to the almost dripping wet lips at my most secret opening. I was beside myself in the excitement and I continued to stroke and squeeze the large cock I had fallen in love with.

It had somehow become even harder now and bending upwards. Jason slipped his arms behind my legs and easily lifted me and carried me to a large couch in the main room of the pool house and lowered me on my back as he came down over me. His body was between my legs and he was gently moving himself on me.

My breasts were mashed to his chest and my nipples were hard as little marbles. He kissed my neck and ran his tongue along it and sucked my ear lobe as his hand was between my legs and rubbing me. Jason slid his finger into me at the same time he licked one of my nipples and nibbled lightly. I felt the tingle and the release of more moisture as he alternately sucked my very swollen breasts.

He began kissing his way down my body and was licking my tummy and relishing it as if he liked the taste of me. I knew what he wanted to do to me and I couldn’t wait. I had never had that from either of my husbands and I would never stop Jason. He was at my mound and I felt his lips right on my sensitive clitoral area and he actually settled over it and sucked.

I almost died it felt so good and I moved my hips towards him and from side to side and moaned loudly as I grabbed the back of his head holding him to me. He drove his tongue into my soaked slit and I felt him probing me and it was wonderful and I was loving it. He tongued me and sucked me and then stopped and kissed my mouth.

It was so sexy that I could taste myself on his lips and smell my musky odor. He was also very excited as he kissed me deep and used his finger on me below. He sucked me again and this time I brought my legs up and squeezed his head between them and started to move with him. He probed my tight opening with his tongue and gently held my hips and gently massaging them with his strong hands.

This was like heaven as I could feel the climax building in me and readied myself for the first orgasm that any man had ever given me. I humped my hips towards him and clamped my legs tight on his head. I looked down into Jason’ eyes as he continued his licking and sucking with his face almost buried between my legs. I became almost delirious.

I jerked against him and felt my body quiver and then the cold sweat and the infusion of moisture below and I was just went warm all over. It flowed through my whole body and was better by far then what I had been forced to do for myself over the years. I felt a little sad and upset that I had missed so much of this but Jason was not going to give me time to be upset as I thought about his large cock and what I wanted him to do to me now.

Jason moved up and adjusted himself between my legs. He kept himself at arms length as he kissed me and slid his tongue between my lips. I snaked both hands down between us and went right to the hard cock that was laying between my thighs and stroked it gently with both hands. I opened my legs wider, lifted my knees and positioned my hips. I heard Jason whisper in my ear. “This might not be a good idea Karly, are you sure you want this”?

I answered by bending his cock down with both hands and guided it to my open slit. I slid it back and forth wetting it and then forced it into the tight inner ring and pushed up and whispered back “just fuck me Jason just do it, I want you so bad” and he lowered himself to me. He flexed his hips and smoothly thrust the cock I had fell in love with into me for the first time and like a warm thick tube it slid deep up into my tummy much deeper then anyone had ever been in me.

I had never felt a cock as nice as that and the thickness of it was stretching me inside and giving me pleasure like never before. He had most of it in me but I wanted it all. I clasped his back and brought my legs around him and moved my pelvis giving a hard push upwards and the rest of it slid in smoothly. I could feel it go right to the end and there was no more room.

I felt completely full. Jason started to move it inside me I moaned softly in his ear loving the soothing sliding of the hardness inside me. He would draw it out until only the head was inside and then slide it back in deep and then be took my hips in his hands an fucked me faster. He was starting a rhythm with his thrusting and I swear I could feel each large vein on the shaft as the sensations rippled through my soft open body.

On each deep thrust I could feel his balls against me and they were right up in my crack under his cock. He was doing me hard and fast and I was almost in heaven. I had never had sex like this before. The difference was that my husbands had vanilla sex with me but my Jason was giving me a real good fucking and that is what I craved. I was getting it good, in fact I was I getting it more then good. I squeezed his hips with my thighs as I wrapped my flailing legs over his back and used them to hold him to me as I moved with him.

I was covered in sweat and the couch was squeaking steady from his hard thrusting and then I felt a much more intense hot flushed feeling coming over me. I drove myself up at him and raked my hands over his back and started to breath harder and faster. I felt I had a million new nerve endings where our bodies were joined and I screamed and whimpered and felt an extra heavy warm flow release out of me.

Jason had given me a wet orgasm and it was like something that had been building up in my body bubbled out of me all over Jason and soaked his pubic area and balls. It soaked and lubricated our union as it dripped onto the couch. Jason just held me tighter and we could hear the wet noises his cock was making from my wet infusion and he really began fucking me harder. The way I had cum seemed to get him so excited he was moving me on the couch with each hard deep thrust.

He had been giving me all of his cock for some time now. I was somehow not near as tight as I had been before he opened up a whole new area in me. He was whispering to me and really enjoying himself as I wrapped my arms around him and held him close to me. I wanted this part to be for him. I moved myself with him and got myself into his rhythm and I knew he was close and I wanted all of what he had .

I whispered in his ear “cum in me Jason, I want your seed in me do it now babe”, I tightened my legs around his hips and dug my heels in as I felt his cock thicken, throb and jerk slightly. He pushed it deep and stopped thrusting and then I felt the pulsating and a couple of harder throbs followed by a hot feeling inside me. He almost flooded me with a large spurt of semen that was directed right into the very opening of my cervix. And then it was another and then another and it was starting to just drain as he held it deep in me.

I could feel the thick mucous liquid running out of me along with the wetness from earlier and we were soaked and sticky wet. My mound was now a real sticky mess and I could feel Jason’s cock still filling me as he lay on me catching his breath. I hugged him and gently caressed his sweaty back.

Jason became my lover from that day on and our affair lasted for almost a year and we fell in love and became very close but it was not something that could continue so with much pain we separated and Jason took a job almost half way across the country and we kept in contact for a while by phone and email but eventually drifted apart. I contented myself with a few hobbies and took up golf and yes we did get the sailboat and did some cruising.

I got to be an accomplished swimmer as during that first year Jason spent a lot of time with me in the pool every time that Dave was away. I was really missing Jason and never stopped wanting him back.

One day a couple of years after this I was home in the afternoon when the door bell rang and David’s sister and a couple of his friends were at the door. They came in sat me down and told me that David had just suffered a massive fatal coronary and had passed away instantly. I was almost devastated as I did love David dearly and didn’t know what to do. His sister and her husband and of course David had business managers that took control over everything and made all arrangements.

It took almost a year for me to get my life together again. David’s estate was settled and he had some children by his previous marriage but I was willed the house we lived in, a share of the company and seven million dollars as well as some pension funds. I was more or less set for life except for the one thing that was missing that I wanted so bad.

But one day that thing I wanted the most came to me when the phone rang and it was Jason telling me he was in town for a while and asked me to meet for lunch. He had been away for three years on a government exchange program in Europe and was just returning home to stay. He never married and had not been aware of my situation. I wanted to see him so bad I couldn’t wait and almost ran to the closet to get changed so I could be there with him.