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The Bachelor Party

[ Story by Bedo [email protected] ]

Wendy and I are both in our late twenties. She’s 5’6, 110 lbs., 34c, light blue eyes, and a natural redhead. Wendy has these beautiful soft thick lips… just perfect for blowjobs. Being a Natural redhead, her pubic hair is red and very soft. We’ve been together about 4 years, married a little over 2 years. She’s had a few boyfriends before me, but I could tell she was very inexperienced Sexually speaking. Wendy is a very modest woman. She wears a one-piece bathing suit in public. I’ve tried to get her to dress and act sexy in public, but she won’t. I’ve even tried getting her drunk and having my way with her on a secluded beach without any luck. However, when I get her in the mood at home she’ll do anything to climax. She’ll get this look in her eye that says “please take what you want… just let me cum.” I love to hold off bringing her to a climax just to tease her. She’ll start moaning and promising her body to me anyway I want it, just let her cum. She loves my fantasy stories about her and other men. These stories always get her excited and she can always climax during them. After she cums I use every hole in her beautiful body.

About 3 months ago I planned a bachelor party for my best friend, Michael. Wendy was to order the food and hire a “nice-family-type” stripper. The day of the party, Wendy picked up the food and cleaned the house. The guys started arriving around 7pm and the things began to get loud and rowdy. Wendy was upstairs getting ready for a night with the girls when the phone rang. She came down stairs and called me over. It seems the stripper had the flu and wouldn’t be coming. They tried to find a replacement; however, all the other girls were either booked for another party, or not available. Being a typical guy, I figured we had just lost the only real entertainment, and the party was going to die. So I began to panic. I told her she was going to have to help me think of something and quick. She grabbed the phone and I grabbed my cell, and we both frantically started calling other agencies.

After about 10 minutes we realized we were out of luck. I told her she was going to be our entertainment tonight and get dressed to strip. She just stared at me and said “no way” was she going to strip for my friends. I reminded her of her promise to arrange for a stripper, and that I had 15 semi-drunk friends downstairs waiting to see a naked female, and be downstairs in 10 minutes or I was coming up there to get her. She quietly said, “No.”

I held her close and began to lightly kiss her and pull her into me, grinding into her pussy. I reminded her of the many fantasies she’d climaxed to by just thinking about other men seeing her naked and forcing her to perform sexual acts in front of me. I could see in her eyes a small spark had been ignited, and I knew there was a good chance she would do it. As I placed my hands on her shapely butt and pulled her into me she said ok, but on her terms.

I reminded her she had 10 minutes, and went downstairs. There I was greeted with cheers and shouts for “Pussy.” I just smiled and said she’s on her way.

After about 15 minutes I began to wonder if she was coming down at all. As I started to go upstairs the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see this masked and capped female. I quietly said “Wendy?” and she just walked past me into the living room. She handed me a cassette tape and pointed to the player. As the music started I grabbed my video camera and sat down for the show. The stripper began to move to the music, clumsily at first, then with more confidence as the guys began to cheer and encourage her to “Strip.”

As I kept the camera rolling, this apparent stranger was removing her cape, exposing blond hair. She was wearing black. All black! Tight black jeans and a black tube top. It wasn’t long before She was pulling the tube top up. She walked to Michael and took his hands and placed them at the base of the tube top, and smiled. Michael began to raise the top up only to find a black bra.

Disappointed, he started to pull the tube top over her head. As he did I thought I saw a bit of red hair when the wig moved. However, the stripper’s fear was almost realized when he caught the top on the mask she was wearing. Quickly she grabbed the mask, straightened it and started dancing between Michael’s legs.

As the music continued, she walked a few feet out from Michael and with her legs straight, bent over and touched the floor, arching her back (I loved fucking her in this position. Her pussy almost grabs you and pulls you in). The black jeans she wore strained at the seams. As she straightened out she continued to the center of the room. There she reached behind her and unzipped her jeans.

Turning and facing Michael’ she began to slowly lower her jeans. As she lowered them there was no sign of panties. Lower until she exposed the top of her black thong panties. Turning her back on Michael, she lowered the panties to her knees and stepped out of them. I recognized her now. It WAS definitely Wendy, and she was magnificent. I’d never seen her move like that.

Wearing black bra and thong panties, Wendy got on all fours in front of Michael and arched her back. She began to simulate being fucked doggy style. AT this point Michael got down behind her and grabbed her hips. He then pulled her into his hard cock. Confused and scared, Wendy continued to thrust back into him (I just kept the camera rolling, hard as a rock).

Michael reached up and unsnapped her bra and it fell to the ground. All the guys were whooping and hollering by now. Wendy just kept thrusting back into his cock. It was then that all hell broke lose. Michael ripped off her panties and began to lick Wendy’s wet cunt.

Wendy didn’t move… it was as if she was in a trance. One of the guys unzipped his pants and knelt in front of her. He raised her head and moved the tip of his cock to those beautiful “blow-job” lips. She kept her mouth closed at first, just letting him touch her lips as she kept her mouth closed.

As Michael continued to eat her red-haired pussy, I heard that moan that told me she would do anything anyone wanted as long as she could cum too. She opened her mouth and let the cock slide past her lips. The other guys were screaming and laughing… just waiting for their turn. Wendy just moaned, sucked and moved her legged farther apart so Michael could lick her clit. She was surprised when she felt Michael’s hard 10-inch cock enter her pussy. She was almost shocked back to reality when Michael gave her a hard thrust… the full length of his cock in one hard thrust.

I heard another familiar moan and groan as he forced himself in as far as he could. As I watched my beautiful modest, innocent wife sucking another man, and fucking my best friend, I kept the camera rolling… hard dick and all. It was then that the guy getting the blowjob began to tremble and shake. He began to thrust farther into Wendy’s mouth as his sperm began to shoot down her throat. He kept thrusting until his entire 8-inch cock was down her throat. Forcing her head into his crotch, he used his hand to drain his cock of all fluid.

As he pulled out he grabbed his semi-hard cock and slapped her four or five time in the face with it. As he did, the remaining cum was forced out on her lips and chin. He stood up and said “best blowjob ever. You gotta have this bitch suck you off.” Another cheer went up as Michael began to cum in Wendy’s pussy. Everyone started chanting, “Fuck the whore! Fuck the whore!”

Next in line behind Michael was Barry… ex-jock, black as night, 6’5 and 300 lbs. When he pulled out his cock there was a gasp. It had to be 12 inches long, and as thick as my arm. All he said was “open up bitch I’m gonna fuck your brains out.” Wendy just stayed there on all fours… head on her arms, eyes closed, moaning quietly. As Barry placed his monster cock at the lips of Wendy’s pussy and began to slowly push, her eyes opened… she stared at me in panic.

Being the loving husband I am… I smiled and kept the camera rolling. Holding Wendy’s hips, Barry began to force his monster past her outer pussy lips and into the sweet passageway. Wendy was no longer moaning, she was almost yelling in pleasure. I had filled her pussy with dildos before, but she had never had an object so large inside her. Barry just kept pulling her farther in, until he could tell… that was it… he’d reached the end. He still had 2 or so inches before he was all the way in.

As the guys whooped and yelled for him to “fuck her till it comes out her mouth,” Barry was moving in and out trying to make Wendy relax. Then in one swift movement, Barry thrust all the way to his crotch. Wendy screamed a moaning scream, and started crying… she was cumming. She always cried when she came. Barry continued thrusting into her and she stayed there, butt in the air… pussy full of hard black cock.

Barry began to cum in my beautiful fertile wife’s pussy. He had no mercy on her… he just pushed her out than pulled her back into himself, controlling the speed and depth of each thrust. Wendy was screaming … to make matters worse, another guy pushed his hard cock into her mouth. Wendy began gagging and screaming… almost in panic.

She could tell she had absolutely no control in this situation and she couldn’t even see me because the cock in her mouth did not allow her to look to the side. With one final deep thrust Barry lifted Wendy into the air. The blowjob stopped and there was only moaning, mixed with crying, shouts from the guys, and me… keeping the camera rolling.

At this point Barry let her drop to the ground, and emptied what was left of his cum on her back. He then took his fat finger and pushed it into her sloppy pussy, then pushed it into her butt in one movement saying “come on guys. Someone fuck her in the ass.” By this time Wendy was finishing the interrupted blowjob. I could tell she had cum again, probably several more times.

She would never let me fuck her in the ass. In fact, that area was off limits completely. Barry looked at me, pointed and smiled. I handed the camera to the guy sitting next to me and undid my zipper. Barry took some more cum out of her stretched pussy and pushed it into her ass. Kneeling behind this beautiful woman was her loving husband, getting to fuck her in a very unloving way.

Taking the suggestion from Barry, I placed my penis at the puckered hole and lightly touched it. I felt Wendy move forward, and I instinctively grabbed her hips and buried my 8-inch cock all the way into her. She began to scream and curse trying to move away from me. But the guys held her still so I could fuck her as hard and as deep as I wanted. She was so tight, and I had watched so many guys ravage her body, I couldn’t last long at all. After about 5 minutes I came deep in her ass, and such a beautiful ass.

Afterwards I returned to my camera and let it roll. Each guy fucked her. Some in the cunt, some in the ass. Some were happy with a just a blowjob. Soon the phone began to rings. Worried wives and lovers wondering why their partner was out so late. One by one they began to leave.

Soon it was just black Barry and me. Wendy was still on the living room rug… she had cum over and over. She told me later she had lost count.

Then Barry said, “Wendy get up off the ground. NOW BITCH!” Wendy stood and removed her wig and mask, cum rolling down her right leg. Confused I asked him how he knew. “Only natural redhead I know is your wife. I’ve wanted to fuck her since the first time I saw her. Wendy, everyone knew it was you. We just wanted to see how far you’d go. I must say, you surprised us all.”

Then Barry said, “I’m not done with you yet cunt. I wanna see if this dick will fit in that tight ass of yours.” As panic crossed her eyes, she got down on all fours for one last fuck. “just kidding Wendy. Maybe next time.”

Barry then left and Wendy and I climbed into our backyard hot tub. She just stared at me. I thought maybe she was going to start yelling. But she didn’t. She just asked me if I would mind her taking on a night job. Private party stripping. “Sure” I said, “only if I can fuck that ass of yours once in a while.”

Smiling she melted into my arms. I knew our lives would never be the same.


  1. Just a real hot story, I married an female from India by arangement. She has 40HHH breasts and we have had two set of four daughters. I work for a group of black men and one wanted a party like you described in that my wife was to be the entainment when she was fertile. I told her that for me to keep my job I had to have her entertained the men from my office. She asked me how many men there would be and I told her over one hundred. She said ok if she could get a couple of other girls to help her out. She got her mother, a couple of aunts, and several of her sisters there were twenty of them. What they all had was three holes and massive breasts all leaking milk and all under forty and all very fertile. We had grandmother watch the eight girls and the party got underway. Nine months later my wife had six daughters and all the rest of the women had two to six daughters and my boss wants to know when he can have another party so they can knock up some females from India.

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    Great Blog enjoyed reading it thank you!

  3. it was grt reading ur sex stories

  4. Great story! I came right before Barry said he knew it was Wendy the whole time! Btw I’m a woman!

  5. I love hearing about hot wives getting fucked at batchlore parties I was once in the same position as Wendy and got fucked in every hole at my brother inlaws party. I agreed to be the stepper cause I wanted to know what it would feel like to be totally naked in front of a bunch of hot horny men. Well I soon found out what happens. And yes every time I read a similar. Just like you rebbeca I cum Fuck I am gonna cum just after telling you this.

    Carol l.

  6. very good story,wish I was at a bachelors party.

  7. I was fortunate enough to be able to strip at two bachelor parties. The first one I ended up pulling the grooms cock out and sitting on it in front of everyone. The second one I was shocked to see two guys from my work there (busted!) so I took the groom and the best man into the bedroom and had my fun. I did end up getting fucked by my two co workers eventually.

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