The Masseuse

My wife and I have been married for three years now. We often fantasize about different scenarios while we screw. Most times I think it turns me on more than it does Marianne but there was this one particular fantasy that never failed to get her really hot.

She would put on a blindfold and pretend I was a masseuse she had hired for the evening. Sometimes I would see a side of her I didn’t know she had. She would get really wild and get into the part. It was a real turn on just watching her react as she pretended to fuck another man.

I always wondered how she would react if she was faced with the real thing. Would she get as hot if she knew it was a real masseuse and not me? I was pretty sure she would get even hotter and the idea of that made me secretly want to see it happen.

I guess I had really been keeping an eye out for someone to play the part for several months now but it wasn’t until I ran across Pete that I realized I was serious. We met in a bar and got to talking. It turns out that he is a real masseuse and that made me think, “I wonder what my wife would think of this guy?”

He was as tall as me at six feet or so but he was a bit better built from what I could see. “Yes, she would definitely want to fuck this guys brains out if I let her,” I thought, “Especially if his cock is as big as he is!”

Then from out of no where I blurted out, “That’s pretty funny, just last night my wife was telling me her fantasy about her, a masseuse, and me and here I meet one!”

“What does she look like?” he asked.

I pulled out a picture of my sexy wife. She was wearing a black teddy that left the nipples exposed and stretched between her pussy lips.

“Wow,” he said, “I’d love to fuck her!” He looked at me to see my reaction and handed me the picture back. “How would you like to really make it happen?” he asked, a little more serious.

The next thing I knew I had invited him over to meet my wife the next evening. We planned that he would show up around six and surprise Marianne. He offered to bring a portable message table but I told him the bed would do just fine.

I went home that night and had a hard time sleeping. I wondered if I should go through with it but after thinking about it more I realized that I couldn’t wait to see the reaction on Marianne’s face. I didn’t tell her a thing because I had it all planned out to be a surprise.

At about three o-clock the next day I told her I had a special treat for her today at six. I told her since she had such a hard week I decided to treat her to something she had never experienced, a message from a real masseuse.

Her mouth dropped open and she looked at me with disbelief. “Are you serious?” she said. “Sure, why not?” I asked her, “I know you would love to get a message.”

“Mmmm,“ she moaned, “But you know how much that will turn me on!” She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, “You’re just messing with me aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not,” I told her, “I think you can handle it if you get really hot during your message. I’ll just have to take care of you afterwards.” I laughed to myself because I had no intentions of taking care of her afterwards. Pete and I were going to fuck her all night after he got her so hot she couldn’t stand it any more.

Finally I convinced her I was being serious and she looked at the clock. “I have to take a bath and get ready!” she said as she hurried off to the bathroom. From how excited she seemed you would think that I had told her my true plans instead of making her think she was just getting a message.

At five thirty Marianne came upstairs wearing a towel. “I’m ready now,” she said.

She wasn’t wearing anything but a towel but her hair was all curled and she was wearing make-up and lots of perfume. “I’d say you were trying to impress someone,” I told her.

“What makes you say that honey?” she replied, “I’m not wearing a thing yet.”

“Yeah, but you smell great and look even better! I said, “ And if we had time I would jump you right now!”

“Oh no you don’t!” she said, “You’re not going to mess up my hair before my masseuse gets here.”

I wasn’t sure how to take that and I didn’t have time to worry about it because just then the doorbell rang twice. “He’s here babe,” I said and went downstairs to answer the door.

I let Pete in and we headed right up stairs. Marianne was standing right where I left her, just froze in place. Her mouth opened in a gasp as we walked in the room.

“Uh, hi,” she almost whispered as she looked at Pete standing in front of her. It was obvious she liked what she saw but she was trying not to let me know.

Pete unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He opened the briefcase he brought with and took out some body oil. “Shall we get started?” he asked Marianne.

“Please do!” Marianne told him, “What do you want me to do?”

“Well for starters take off that towel and lie face down on the bed,” he told her as he bent down to take off his shoes.

Marianne unhooked the towel and let it fall to the floor. She standing two feet from Pete with her shaved pussy right at eye level. Pete looked up, licked his lips and told her, “Okay, now get on the bed.” “Usually I use a message table that I can walk around. Doing this on the bed I’m bound to get oil on my pants because I have to straddle you,” Pete told her, “Do you mind if I take them off?”

“Uh, sure I guess it’s okay,” she said and looked at me, “Honey?”

“Go ahead,” I told Pete, “I wouldn’t want you to ruin your pants.”

Marianne climbed up on the bed but never took her eyes off Pete as he took off his pants. I swear Marianne was drooling when she saw his cock bulging out of his briefs. I figured he would be big enough for her but I wasn’t prepared for this. Pete was already at least six inches already and he wasn’t even hard yet. Marianne stared at the outline of his huge tool and mouthed “WOW.”

Pete grabbed his oil and straddled my wife’s ass. He poured oil all over her back and down the crack of her ass and began messaging her back. He leaned forward and the bulge in his briefs wedged in between her ass cheeks.

Marianne was already moaning from his strong fingers on her back when she felt his cock throbbing between her oiled cheeks. She wiggled her ass and spread her legs a little like she was trying to get comfortable but I knew better. Her new position had pushed Pete’s cock against her pussy and was making her moan even louder.

Pete was moving up and down her back and pushing his growing cock against Marianne’s pussy. You could see his huge rod straining to break through his briefs.

Marianne looked over her shoulder and said, “You look uncomfortable. If Ken doesn’t mind why don’t you take those off too.”

Pete looked at me with mock concern and I told him “If Marianne didn’t mind, I didn’t.”

He stood on the bed and slipped off his briefs. He tossed them off the bed and squatted back down letting his cock fall right back into place against my wife’s pussy. His cock was really starting to swell and was nine inches and still growing.

Pete splashed some more oil on her back and leaned forward again to reach her shoulders. I was standing at the foot of the bed and could clearly see the head of his huge rod pushing between her very wet pussy lips.

This was making Marianne crazy as she tried to casually work his fat head deeper into her aching pussy without me noticing. She was squirming under him as he messaged her cheeks and rubbed oil all over. Then he moved down and started on her legs.

“Ohhh, that felt so good!” Marianne gasped. I knew she was talking about his cock pressing into her pussy and not the backrub.

I finally couldn’t take it any more and I took off my pants and stroked my rock hard cock.

Marianne looked over at me and said, “What are you doing?”

“I thought I might come over there and stick my cock in your mouth,” I said, “You look so hot I can’t help my self.”

Pete had just finished rubbing her feet and told Marianne, “It’s time to flip over now sweetie.”

Marianne rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide. “Come here and put that big cock in my mouth,” she told me. Then she looked at Pete and said, “And you, I need a lot more of that and since my husband already let you stick your fat head in my pussy I’m sure he won’t mind!”

I didn’t mind at all and shoved my cock into her waiting mouth. Pete knelt between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her wet pussy before pushing the head just inside.

“Oh my god, you’re so big!” She moaned. He was easily two inches across and ten inches long. My wife’s pussy was stretched to the limit as he slowly pushed the head in and out of her.

Pete reached down and fingered her swollen clit as he pushed in a few more inches. Marianne srceamed, “Yesss!” and started bucking against him trying to work more of his cock inside her. She was cumming already and we were just getting started .

I pinched her nipples and she swallowed my whole length. My balls were resting on her nose and she was trying to get me deeper still. She was still cumming and couldn’t get enough.

Pete pulled his rod out of my wife and bent over to stick his toungue into her wet mound. “Oh yeah! Lick my clit please!” she pleaded.

I pulled out and rubbed my cock on her lips. “Honey, I need to sit on his cock,” she said, “You can still fuck my mouth but I need him right now!”

She got up and pushed Pete onto his back. Then she squatted just above him and guided his cock into her pussy with both hands. As soon as she had him inside she grabbed my cock and took it down her throat. While moaning around my cock she sank down to Pete’s balls taking every inch of him into her aching pussy.

Pete groaned, “Yeah baby, fuck me good.” He looked up at me and said “Your wife has the tightest pussy!” She was sliding off him until only the head was in her and then forcing his huge cock all the way in in one thrust. Over and over she sank onto him until she was whimpering and just bouncing up and down on him as fast as she could.

I pulled out of her mouth and let her go wild on his cock. Her eyes rolled back and I watched her whole body tense as she started to cum. She grunted out “Fuck me harder!” and kept bouncing on his cock. She was cumming all over Pete’s balls. It was running down onto the bed. My wife gets really wet when she comes and when she’s stimulated just right she’ll squirt halfway across the bed.

I reached down and rubbed her clit between my fingers and that sent her over the edge. She pulled off his cock and let go a gusher all over his chest. Pete just stared in amazement as she impaled herself back onto his rod. “Cum in my pussy,” she said and milked his cock with that sweet pussy until he started shooting his load deep inside her.

When Pete stopped cumming I pulled Marianne off him and pushed her onto her knees. I spread her legs wide so I could see Pete’s cum dripping out of her pussy and rubbed the head of my cock in his cum before sliding myself into my wife. She sounded sloppy wet as I pumped her hard. My ball were slapping her clit and she moaned and came again. I pulled out and shot cum all over her ass and up onto her back.

Pete was still hard as rock and he took my place behind her and nudged the head of his cock into her. He reached up her back and rubbed my cum all around using it to message her as he started pushing in and out

Marianne grunted every time he buried himself into her and after a good fifteen minutes she started to scream, “More, fuck me, Yes fuck me!” Pete kept it up until she quieted down then he pulled out and said, “Come here and swallow my cum baby!”

Marianne wrapped her lips around his cock and tried to take as much of it as she could down her throat. Pete didn’t last two minutes and I saw her cheeks bulge out as he came in her mouth. She was still bobbing up and down on him, his cum oozing out of her lips as they slid along his shaft. She had to get every drop out of him before she stopped.

She fell back onto the bed and sighed, “That was the best fucking message I’ve ever had guys, thanks!”

Pete got up and kissed my wife’s cum soaked lips. “I better get going now but you call me any time you need another message honey,”

I told him we would definitely need him again and Marianne piped up “You better make sure you get his number!” Somehow I don’t think she’ll ever want to play masseuse with a blindfold again. At least not when she can have the real thing.