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The Office Fuck

It’s funny how things happen. You go for years thinking you know someone reasonably well and then right out of the blue, you get the biggest surprise of your life.

That’s just what happened with me at work and involved a colleague I’d known for about five years. She was okay in the looks department, but had a nice figure and also a mischievous side to her. I’d been working in the office for a couple of years, when she joined as an assistant to a colleague of mine. Our office was open plan, so at times we all spoke with each other. When Ann joined she was quite shy, but gradually came out of her shell. She was in her mid twenties and single but, shortly after joining us, started a steady relationship.

Initially she didn’t seem to like me that much. I gave her no reason to dislike me, but we just seemed to get off to a bad start. However, gradually she started to warm to me and my sense of humour, and we often had little chats about family and stuff outside of work. There was no attraction from my side, but I just liked talking to her as a friend. We also sat opposite each other quite a lot of the time, so would share small talk throughout the day.

She often ate her lunch in the office and, after being there about a year, she was eating yoghurt. I noticed a bit of the yoghurt dripping out of the side of her mouth and pointed it out to her. She smiled at me and very provocatively wiped it away with a finger before licking it off. I know that seems daft, but there was just something really horny about the way that she did this.

Maybe it was the glint in her eye, or maybe the naughty smile on her lips, but at that moment I got the impression that she was flirting a bit with me. Later, when we were alone in the office, I asked her if she often let things drip from her mouth. She replied, “No, I always swallow the lot, doesn’t everyone?” That little remark made me so horny and I said, “what else do you do, that I don’t know about?” She replied, “Ah, that’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

I didn’t know if this was a challenge she was throwing out to me, or if she was just being a bit risqué, but it certainly made our conversations a bit naughtier afterwards.

It’s amazing what you discover about people just by asking them straight. Over the next few weeks I found out that she just adored sex and that her and her, by now, husband were at it like rabbits. She told me that she loved being fucked up the arse and also fucking in public places, where there was a risk of being caught. I used to go home from the office so hot and wank myself stupid. On the odd occasion that my wife wanted sex, I would imagine I was fucking Ann.

I formed the impression that Ann was just being a big tease with me, as she made it very obvious that her and her husband were at it all the time as they were trying for a baby. She’d come in some Monday mornings and tell me quietly that he’d spunked up her about twelve times over the weekend. There was no reason for her to tell me this, other than we got on well together, but I must admit that I started to get a little jealous of her husband. Or maybe it was envy that they were having such a lot of sex, whilst my wife had gone off of it recently and most of my satisfaction came from wanking myself off.

Despite the fact that she was happily married, Ann and I started to flirt with each other quite a lot. It was nothing outrageous and I never thought it would lead to anything, but we did get on very well with each other. One day we were all talking about France and Ann said how much she liked the French accent. I could speak a little French and very quietly said something to her. She didn’t understand what I’d said, but said she liked it. Unfortunately her colleague heard what and understood what I’d said and told me off.

This intrigued Ann and she kept pestering her colleague and me to tell her what I’d said, but neither of us would. Just before I left for home that day, Ann caught me outside the office and she asked me once again what I’d said, obviously knowing that it was a bit rude. Eventually I just told her that I’d said, “I’d very much like to fuck you.” She looked a little stunned and I apologised and got my coat and left the office and went home, thinking that I’d got myself into some trouble.

I was in a lot earlier than Ann the next morning and when she came in, she smiled and said hello as she normally did, which was a relief to me. She took off her coat and revealed a tight fitting, low cut sweater that really accentuated her breasts and cleavage. She never wore clothes like that at work and I was wondering if it was for my benefit. The other Guys in the office noticed also, as a couple of them made comments to me about her tits during the day. I knew Ann had a good figure, but I’d never really noticed what shapely tits she had until she wore that sweater.

It so happened that I went to get myself a coffee and she came into the kitchenette area at the same time. I apologised to her for what I had said and she said, “Don’t be daft, I know you were just playing with me.” I told her that her top looked lovely and she smiled and said, “yes, it does show off my assets quite well, doesn’t it?” I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound and said, “yes, very nice round assets, quite a handful I would imagine.” She smiled at me, but we couldn’t say anymore, as someone else came to the kitchen and I went back to the office.

For the rest of the day I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Ann and her cleavage. She caught me looking a few times and smiled at me. Fortunately no one else in the office seemed to notice our flirting.

Even though I’d come in early, I’d decided to stay a little later and hopefully speak with Ann after everyone else had gone. I don’t know what I expected to achieve, but quite enjoyed our little conversations.

After everyone else had left I started to speak with her and apologised for my behaviour again. She said that she didn’t mind and found it quite flattering. I stood up and walked around so that I was stood next to her. Looking down I had a magnificent view of her soft round tits in her sweater. Ann looked up and saw me looking and said, “Are you enjoying the view?” I replied, “Yes it is rather nice actually, sorry, I shouldn’t have been so obvious.”

She’d been complaining of a sore neck earlier in the day and I put my hands on it and started to massage it. She tensed initially at my touch, but then relaxed as my hands caressed her. After a while I moved my hands around to the front of her neck and stroked her neck and the top of her chest above her breasts. I let one hand slip down slightly, so that it just started to feel the softness at the top of her breasts and, as she didn’t object, started to move it down slowly under the material of her sweater.

Ann said, “What are you doing?” I replied, “Feeling your breasts, is that ok?” She said, “You shouldn’t, it’s not right.” I replied, “But it does feel good doesn’t it?” She just nodded and I took this as an invitation to continue.

My hand moved further down and I pressed my fingers so that the softness of her breast depressed, allowing me to slip under her bra and cup her breast completely. Her nipple was very hard and I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger. She obviously liked this a lot, as her breathing got louder and deeper. I pinched her nipple harder and harder and the more I did, the more she moaned. God, this woman was so sexy. She looked me straight in the eyes and looked so fucking horny, almost as though she was possessed.

I sat down next to her and started to lift her sweater. She grabbed my hands and said, “No, you can’t do that.” I pushed her hands away and said, “But we’re both enjoying it. Besides, I want to see your magnificent tits.”

I pulled her sweater up over her mounds and then pulled her bra down, so that both of her nipples were revealed to me. Her nipples were both really large and erect and I bent my head down to take them into my mouth, sucking and chewing them in turn. This was so risky, as people were moving around on the corridor outside of the office; but that just added to the moment.

I let a hand fall to her legs, which she parted slightly, allowing me to slide up beneath her skirt. My hand moved up towards her pussy and pressed against the material of her tights and panties, feeling the heat and dampness seeping through. She pushed herself forward, lifting her bottom off of the chair a little, so that I could pull down the front of her tights down and work my hand into her panties. Her pussy had a thin strip of hair down the mound and her hole was sopping wet.

I worked a finger into her cunt hole and started to finger fuck her, pinching and biting her nipples hard at the same time. She panted and looked lustfully back at me, undoing my trousers and releasing my cock. She gripped it tightly and wanked it with long hard strokes, with the look of a whore on her face. I said, “God, I want to fuck you right now.” She replied, “Go on then.”

I pulled her off of her chair and under the nearby desk. It was so dangerous, as I knew that the cleaner could walk in at any time. But I was so horny and wanted to feel my cock buried deep inside her wet cunt. I pulled her tights and knickers down over her thighs, but couldn’t get them off without removing her boots. She lifted her knees up and I manoeuvred myself so that her tights were wrapped around my back. She grabbed my cock to guide it to its target and I slid easily into her tight box, her wet cunt sucking me deep into her.

She was so fucking horny and we fucked so passionately there on the floor beneath her desk, kissing and cuddling. She’d pulled her top and bra up, so that her tits were out pressed against me.

We heard a knock on the door, so stopped with my cock buried in her up to the hilt. We were lucky, as a security card controlled the door and the cleaner didn’t have hers with her. I could just see the cleaner’s legs through the glass, but knew that we couldn’t be seen, so started to move my cock in and out of Ann’s tight pussy.

“Fuck me John, Fuck me hard baby,” she said.

“I can’t hold on much longer, I need to spurt soon, do you want me to pull out,” I replied.

“Just a little longer Honey, I’m nearly there,” she said and then added shortly after, “Now Honey, I’m cumming, give it to me Baby.”

That was all I needed to hear and my cock erupted inside her, shooting spurt after spurt of hot spunk deep into her womb, Ann’s orgasm coinciding wonderfully with mine.

We just lay there and she kissed me passionately. “I was a virgin when you first knew me and yours is only the second cock I’ve had in me,” she whispered.

“Did you like it?” I asked. “Oh yes, it was good,” she smiled.

I pulled out of her and saw her lying there, my spunk oozing out of her freshly fucked cunt hole and her nipples erect on her large tits.

That first fuck was to be the start of a pretty frantic relationship between us, where I discovered that first appearances can be deceptive.

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