The Sex Therapist

Susan my receptionist ushered the last patient of the day into my office. I was pleasantly surprised; she looked younger than her 30 years and was very attractive. There was a look of apprehension on her face.

“Hello Cassie,” I said with a warm smile, “I prefer to use first names, it makes people more relaxed, please call me Robert. It’s nice to meet you, please take a seat.”

“Oh thank you doctor, I mean Robert,” Cassie said nervously.

“I don’t know what your referring doctor told you about me but I am a qualified GP and also a qualified psychologist. My field of expertise is helping people of both sexes with sexual problems, whether they be physical or emotional or both. I have been reading the letter your doctor sent me and your problem is that you can’t orgasm, is that correct?”

Cassie blushed, nodded and looked down at the floor.

“Well Cassie, first I want to congratulate you for being so courageous.”

“Courageous?’ Cassie said, “You think I’m courageous?”

“Yes very much so,” I replied, “It takes courage to come and tell your sexual problems to a stranger. But the more you truthfully tell me the more I can help and if we can help you with your problem then your future will be a lot happier, OK?”

Cassie took a deep breath. “Robert all I know is that I’ve had enough of the frustration that goes with sex. It caused my marriage breakup and”

“Sorry to interrupt,” I said, “Tell me about the sex in your marriage. Do you think your husband was a good lover? Did he use any foreplay to arouse you?”

“No he never really cared about my sexual feelings,” Cassie was beginning to relax. “All we ever did was the missionary position, he was very quick and I was always left frustrated.”

“Did you ever masturbate when he wasn’t at home?”

Again Cassie blushed and looked away. “My mother told me that masturbation was dirty and wrong, so I’ve never tried it.”

“Well I can assure you that masturbation is OK and 99% of the population does it.”

“99%! That many?” Cassie was shocked.

“Yes it’s really OK to masturbate Cassie, but I’ll get back to that later.” I laughed. “Right now I want to concentrate on you, not the rest of the world.”

Cassie smiled and asked; “Do you really think you can help me Doc. I mean Robert?” “I’m pretty sure I can Cassie. First I have to examine you to ensure that your problem is not physical. If you go into the examination room through that door, take off all your clothes, put on the gown and I’ll be with you in a couple of minutes.”

Cassie took another deep breath and gave me a weak smile as she headed for the examination room, “OK Robert, I’ll put myself in your hands, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.”

“That’s a really good attitude Cassie,” I smiled back, admiring her shapely legs as she went through the doorway. I was looking forward to this examination!

I gave Cassie plenty of time to undress and compose herself then joined her in the examination room. I instructed her to sit on the side of the examination table while I checked her reflexes, pulse and blood pressure.

“Your blood pressure is up a bit but I think that’s probably caused by nervousness.” I said, “Just relax and you’ll be fine.”

I put the stethoscope in my ears and dropped the gown from Cassie’s shoulders. “Take some deep breaths please Cassie.” I instructed as I inwardly admired her lovely breasts while listening to her heart and lungs.

“That all sounds fine Cassie, would you lie down on the table please and put your head on the pillow.” Cassie lay down, her shapely boobs still uncovered. “I’ll just check your breasts for lumps.” Cassie nodded as I squeezed her firm flesh; a shiver ran through her as my fingers probed. “That’s great, no sign of any lumps, make sure you check yourself regularly won’t you?”

Cassie nodded; her face was a bit flushed. I thought to myself that I bet her husband never gave any attention to her breasts.

Cassie’s eyes opened wide as I attached some stirrups to the table. “What are those for doctor?”

“I have to examine your vagina Cassie to ensure that nothing is wrong in that area,” I said in my best reassuring voice. “Have you ever been to a gynecologist?”

“No never, never.” Cassie was really worried.

“Just relax Cassie, take a few deep breaths. This won’t hurt you at all and I’ll be as quick as possible, OK?”

“Oh OK Doc, I mean Robert, it’s just that………” Cassie’s voice trailed off.

“It will be alright Cassie, I assure you,” I said as I finished attaching the stirrups.

I stood between the stirrups; her gown fell away as I lifted her lovely legs into position, wide apart and open for my inspection. I slipped a pair of latex gloves on my hands and sat down on a stool. Cassie gave a long sigh as she felt my fingers touching the entrance to her vagina.

“Just relax Cassie.” I said as I slipped a finger into her slit. It was very wet when I withdrew it, obviously Cassie did not have a problem with lubrication. I admired her clitoris as my fingers spread her labia and probed slowly into the depths of her vaginal tunnel. The bright light allowed me excellent vision of her wet pink flesh and there were no visible signs of any problems. Cassie gave a moan as I withdrew my fingers.

“Are you OK Cassie?” I inquired as I picked up a speculum.

“Y’yes, I’m fine thanks,” Cassie replied in a husky voice.

“Good you are doing very well Cassie. I’m just going to insert this instrument for the final part of this examination. It will spread your vaginal wall to give me a better view and it may be a bit uncomfortable. Are you ready?”

“Y’yes I’m ready,” Again there was a quaver in Cassie’s voice.

My fingers spread Cassie’s labia again and I eased the speculum into her vagina. Because of the ample lubrication it slipped in easily and there was an “ohhhhhhh” from Cassie as the cold metal spread her apart. I was enjoying myself and taking longer than absolutely necessary, the medical board would not have approved! Finally, the examination was complete and I eased the speculum out of Cassie’s vagina. Again a long “ohhhhhhhh” from Cassie, this lady was experiencing feelings she’d never had before in her life.

“Only a more short examination Cassie, it will soon be over.” I stayed in position between her legs and applied some lubricant to my middle finger.

Cassie gasped as she felt my finger probing at the entrance to her anus. “Is this really necessary Robert?’ Her voice was almost a shriek.

I withdrew my finger and explained. “Yes it is Cassie. To some people the anus is an erogenous zone and I just have to check yours before I can make a final conclusion about your problem. Just relax and I will be gentle, OK?”

“Ohhh, I suppose so, nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I just got a shock.”

Cassie took another deep breath and relaxed herself as much as she could. My finger probed again and came up against the sphincter muscle. I pushed harder and it opened to let me in, my finger entering to its full length. Now I must admit that this was not really necessary but my past experiences had given me plenty of knowledge about what turns people on and I was testing Cassie in this area. I gently moved my twisting finger in and out, causing Cassie to moan once again, a loud “Ahhh” coming from her as my finger withdrew.

I removed the gloves, rose and stood beside her. “Well, you appear to be in excellent physical shape young lady. I’m sure that your problem is not of a physical nature so that is very good. Now I’d like to do some tests using the TV screen above your head and that computer over there. What I’m going to do is to attach these small sensors to different areas of your body. Through the wires they send messages to the computer. Basically it will tell us what turns you on! What do you see on the screen at the moment?”

“Fish in an aquarium,” Cassie replied.

“Right, fish are very relaxing to look at.” I explained as I attached the sensors to her body and her forehead. “What happens is that a sexual image will flash on the screen for two seconds only. Your body’s reactions, conscious or sub-conscious, will be flashed to the computer, in between the images the fish will return to calm you down for the next flashed image. Do you understand Cassie?”

“Yes Robert that’s fine.” Cassie was relieved now the physical examination was over.

“Some of the images may shock you Cassie, some are quite pornographic and graphic. There may be some pictures that you have never thought of in a sexual way before but don’t worry about them, you’ll probably enjoy a lot of them too.”

“These may be a little uncomfortable.” I said as I attached a clip to each of Cassie’s nipples.

“Ohhhhh, no that’s OK,” Cassie said with a smile.

I moved between Cassie’s legs again and held up a vibrator shaped instrument that was wired to the computer. “This is the last one Cassie, I’m inserting it into your vagina, OK?”

“Ohhhhh, that feels nice Robert,” Cassie smiled at me again, I think she was starting to enjoy herself a little. “Better than my husband I reckon!”

I laughed at her joke. “I’m glad you’re relaxed now Cassie,” I moved over to the computer, ” Now watch the screen and try to relax each time you see the fish.”

Each time an image flashed on the screen the computer would give a reading from zero to ten. Zero meant no sexual reaction at all while a ten meant that the patient was extremely aroused. I pressed the ‘start’ button and an image of a male and female in the missionary position flashed on the screen for two seconds. Cassie registered a “2” – not a turn on for her at all. The fish calmed her down until the next image, a female being massaged by a male – “3” – a bit better. At random the computer continued its program. The wilder the image, the more Cassie was turned on. Bondage and discipline images registered high as did forced oral, while ‘vanilla’ images registered low. Images of females being controlled by dominant males also registered high points. The highest score of “9” was an image of a female being raped by three males! Obviously Cassie had hidden needs and desires, needs that her upbringing kept locked away in the depth of her brain; denial is a very strong mental force.

Finally the program came to the end and the screen went blank, the computer printed out the results as I stood beside Cassie who swung her legs out of the stirrups and sat on the edge of the table.

“Oh wow, that was something else Robert,” Cassie said, “I would have liked to see some of those a bit longer.”

I grinned at her, noting that she was unconcerned about her nudity. “Well young lady, you certainly have some repressed desires don’t you? I’m going to ask you some questions and I’d like you to answer them really honestly, OK? I’m sure I can help you overcome your problem.”

Cassie nodded in agreement, “I’ll be as honest as I can Robert, I really want you to help me.”

“Right, do you like to take orders Cassie, do you like to be controlled?”

Cassie thought deeply before answering, “Y’yes, I do Robert.”

“Have you ever been spanked?”

“Spanked? Only when I was a child, and then not much at all, why Robert?”

“Because the test showed that being spanked is a real turn on for you Cassie, as it is for many people. Have you ever fantasized about being spanked Cassie?”

Cassie blushed bright red, obviously this question had hit right home. “Oh shit Robert, I don’t know how to tell you this but, yes, I have thought about it but it seemed so stupid. Do adults really spank each other?”

“They sure do Cassie, and thank you for your honest answer.” Again I grinned at her. “And what about being tied up and having sex forced upon you, have you ever thought about that?”

“Oh jeez, that computer really gets to the nitty gritty doesn’t it?” Cassie smiled back at me. “I guess I have no secrets from you do I? Yes, I do have these wild thoughts but as I said, I feel stupid and very lonely. I thought I was a bit of a nut case to be honest.”

“I can assure you that many other people have wild and kinky fantasies. Some of them act them out and some just keep them private; it’s up to the individual. I see nothing wrong with acting them out with a partner, as long as they both agree on the limits and have a “safe word” such as “mercy”. Do you see what I mean Cassie?”

“Yes I do Robert and I must admit that I feel a lot better about myself now.” Cassie was a lot more relaxed now. “But what about my orgasms, how can you help me with this problem?”

“Well I think that first you need to learn how to pleasure yourself Cassie, there is nothing wrong with masturbation, and once you break through that barrier it will be all downhill from there.”

“Oh God Robert,” Cassie blushed once again, “This seems silly but I just can’t bring myself to do it, and I’ve tried many times.”

“Lie back on the table and look at the screen again,” I said moving to the computer and inserting another CD. “This is a short scene of Ginger Lynn, a porno star of the eighties, masturbating herself, you’ll learn a lot from her I’m sure.”

I switched on the scene and watched Cassie’s eyes widen as Ginger slowly wanked herself to a body shaking orgasm. Once again I placed Cassie’s legs in the stirrups and then stood beside her. I took her right hand and placed it over her vagina, her hand stayed still. Her left hand I placed on her left breast, again no movement.

As the scene finished and the screen went blank Cassie looked at me with lust in her eyes and in a soft voice said, “Please help me Robert, help me to come!”

I smiled and pinched the nipple of her right breast with my left hand. My right hand slid down over her flat stomach and under her right hand. I slipped a finger into her wet slit and Cassie groaned with pleasure. My fingers moved to her clit and gently played, teased and rubbed causing guttural moans from Cassie.

“Pinch your nipples Cassie,” I ordered as I moved around to stand once again between her legs. Cassie did as instructed and played with her breasts and now rock hard nipples.

As I slipped two fingers into her sopping slit Cassie yelled, “Oh Robert fuck my cunt, fuck it hard!”

“Such language from a lady like you, I’ll have to punish you if you swear!” I grinned as I watched Cassie heading towards her first proper orgasm. “Play with your clit Cassie, come on you can do it!”

Cassie’s shaking hand slowly moved downwards. I grabbed it and placed it on her clit, moving it back and forward as my two fingers continued to move in and out of her cunt. It wasn’t long before Cassie got the hang of playing with herself and I stood back to watch. Perspiration was glowing on her skin and her body was shaking violently as the orgasm approached. I urged her on until suddenly her back arched, her eyes closed and a long, loud “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” came as the orgasm shook through her.

After Cassie calmed down and her breathing returned to something like normal she opened her eyes and looked at me. “Oh wow Robert, that was fantastic, amazing, terrific, oh shit, why did I wait so long? Thank you so much, your were just great.”

I took a towel and wiped the sweat from her skin. “My pleasure Cassie, you have made a big break through here today, congratulations. Now I want you to just lie there and relax for a while. Think about what has gone on and affirm to yourself that you are OK. I’m going into my office. When you feel ready I have a proposition for you. I think your next step is to accept a spanking. If you come into my office still nude I’m going to spank you. If you come in clothed I know that you’ve had enough for today. It’s up to you; it’s your decision. I don’t want to see you for at least ten minutes, OK?”

“Jeepers Robert, what a decision, I don’t know what….”

Cassie’s voice tailed off as I moved into my office and shut the door behind me. I went out to reception and Susan looked up at me and grinned.

“I suppose you’ve been listening on the intercom again?” I asked returning her grin.

“Of course, and I had a good wank too. Wow you did really well again, it was a bit like my first session wasn’t it?”

“Yes I suppose it was Sue, what’s your bet? Will Cassie want a spanking or not?”

“Dunno, somehow I think she might have had enough for today. If she goes will you spank me before I go home, please Doctor, please!”

“You’re incorrigible Sue, I better go back in, keep listening won’t you?”

“You bet.” Sue said, laughing at me again.

Back in my office I say at my desk and waited. Finally the door opened slowly turned and Cassie entered the room, she was still nude! She said nothing but her eyes were shining with excitement. I rose from my desk, moved a straight-backed chair into the center of the room and sat. I crooked a finger at Cassie and she nervously moved and stood in front of me. A shiver went through her body as I reached out and guided her over my knees. I placed a hand in the center of her back to steady her and the other hand fell naturally onto her beautiful arse. Slowly I rubbed her buttocks and upper thighs, moving her legs wider apart. An inquiring finger showed me that once again Cassie was very wet. My cock started to stiffen; Cassie wasn’t the only excited member in the room!

My first spank was very gentle and there was no reaction from Cassie. Slowly I spanked, making sure that I covered all of her buttocks and upper thighs. A little moan came from Cassie as I increased the pressure of the spanks. Slowly but surely her white skin turned a pale pink as I worked away, enjoying myself as I always do when I’m in total control.

“Ouch, that hurt!” Cassie cried as a hard whack caused her legs to kick.

“There’s a lot more where that came from young lady,” I said as the hard spanks continued to hit home. The pink turned to red and now Cassie was wriggling around on my lap.

“Owww, ohhhhh, ahhhhhh, ouch, oh it stings so much but I love it,” Cassie was enjoying her first spanking.

Whack, whack, whack, the hard spanks were really stinging my hands so I knew how Cassie was feeling. Her body was shaking violently now and I knew from experience that she was once again near orgasm. I stopped spanking and slipped my hand between her legs, once again masturbating her to another body shaking orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhh, I’m cummmming” Cassie shrieked.

I held Cassie across my knees as she calmed down. When she was ready I helped her to turn over. I held her sore bum off my legs and cradled her like a baby in my arms. There were a few tears in her eyes as she looked up at me. It was as if she didn’t know what to say, couldn’t form the words to thank me. Instead she raised her lips to mine and we kissed deeply, out tongues exploring each other’s mouth.

“I don’t think the medical board would approve of my treatment, do you?” I asked Cassie.

“Well they won’t be getting any complaints from me I can assure you,” Cassie finally found her voice. “That was just great Robert, how can I ever thank you for my giant breakthrough?”

“Come to my house for dinner on Friday night and I will continue your education, that will be my reward.”

“Really? Oh wow! That sounds great, I want to learn more and more and I know I can trust you,” Cassie kissed me again.

“OK, now go back in there and get dressed, I’ll look out some magazines and videos for you to take home. I’m sure you will enjoy masturbating while you look at them.”

Cassie smiled at me as she rose and went to get dressed. I opened the door to reception and Sue still had her fingers up under her dress.

“You go home now Sue, I’ll deal with you tomorrow after you type up the reports, and you’d better not make any mistakes!”

Sue stuck her tongue out at me as she gathered her handbag and headed for the door. “I’ll look forward to it,” she grinned, “And don’t worry, I’ll lock the door behind me! Goodnight, have fun! Oh, I don’t suppose you want me to give you a hand with Cassie?”

“Sorry Sue, she registered zero on the gay photos. I’m afraid you’ll have to miss out this time.”

Sue shrugged, “Can’t win ’em all, bye!”

“See you tomorrow,” I called as the door shut and locked. I returned to my office and wrote my home address on a piece of paper for Cassie; I was looking forward to Friday night already.

I hid behind the door to the examination room as Cassie re-entered my office. Jumping in behind her I placed one hand over her mouth and the other wrapped around her, holding her tight. A muffled scream of fright showed that Cassie was shocked and she struggled against my grip.

“Hold still bitch and you won’t get hurt, it’s no good screaming, Sue has gone home and nobody will hear you.” I said menacingly in Cassie’s ear. “You didn’t think you were going to leave here today without pleasing me did you? I’ve had a hard on since the minute I first saw you, and now I’m going to fuck you, you little cock teaser!”

With both hands on the back of Cassie’s shoulders I roughly guided her over to my desk.

“Owwwwww, oh shit, please don’t hurt me Robert, I didn’t know I was leading you on.” Cassie was sounding almost hysterical.

“Shut up you fucking bitch, bend over the desk and stay there, now it’s my time to have some fun!”

I pushed Cassie down over the desk and placed a hand in the center of her back, holding her down against her struggles. With my free hand I lifted up Cassie’s skirt exposing her panties then slapped between her thighs making her legs spread wide apart.

“Keep your legs wide apart you little slut,” I yelled as I gripped her panties and ripped them off.

“Yahhhhhh, oh god, why are you doing this?” Cassie was extremely worried.

“Never wear panties when you are with me, you useless cunt, keep still will you?” I demanded, whacking her a few times on her now bare arse.

Cassie was sobbing in her panic, but stayed still as my free hand undid the buckle of my pants, which fell down around my ankles. I pushed my underpants down releasing my hard cock. My hand felt between Cassie’s legs, oh how quickly this girl got wet. Quickly I guided my cock between her cheeks and thrust it to the hilt into her sopping cunt. Cassie screamed as she was fucked from the rear for the first time. I started slowly, gradually quickening the pace, plunging in and out giving her the roughest fuck of her life. Cassie continued to scream and gasp, was it with pleasure or pain? I held on as long as I could but finally blew my load as Cassie screamed in orgasm at the same time. I collapsed on top of her, perspiration dripping off my brow, and lay there as we both regained our breath.

Finally I stood and roughly helped Cassie to her feet, continuing to hold her tightly by the shoulders. She looked at me with shining eyes, a mixture of fear and lust, unsure of what was going to happen next.

I got in first before she could speak, “Cassie, shut up and listen to me. Your visual tests this afternoon showed that ‘play rape’ was a vivid fantasy of yours. What I just did was to make that fantasy come true. I know it took you by surprise but I thought it was the best way, and I know you enjoyed the fuck, didn’t you?”

Cassie stood there with her mouth open, as if unable to believe what she was hearing. I gently pulled her to me, hugging her close, feeling her shaking against me.

“You sure know how to take a girl by surprise don’t you? You bastard Robert, you rotten bastard.” Cassie soon found her voice. “I really thought that you were serious. You were right, rape is a fantasy of mine but you made it seem a bit too real. I was really scared for a while, but when your cock went into me all I could think about was the sex, it was fantastic, definitely the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

We embraced and kissed both knowing that Cassie’s future had been well and truly changed by today’s therapies.

“Do you still want to come for dinner on Friday?” I asked.

“You bet I do,” Cassie grinned as she straightened her clothes and picked up her torn panties. “I’ll take these home as a memento of today, and don’t worry, I’ll never wear panties again when I’m with you.”

I smiled at Cassie as I gave her my address and a parcel of videos and magazines, “Feeling better than when you arrived?” I asked.

“Oh, about a thousand percent I reckon, thank you so much Robert, your therapy may be a little unusual but it certainly worked for me, thank you so much, I look forward to pleasing you again on Friday.”

“Complete obedience on Friday Cassie,” I answered, “That’s all I want from you, complete obedience.”

Cassie kissed me and said, “Your wish is my command, kind sir, I’ll see you Friday. Bye for now.”

“Goodnight Cassie, see you Friday and don’t be late!