The Train

As is my fancy when I am not dressed in jeans and a T- shirt, I enjoy dressing up. I like the 50’s look and I have a dark blue suit, jacket and full pleated skirt, with the hem a few inches above the knee. I usually wear stockings, the black sheer shiny type, suspenders (or as you call them garter belts) and quite high heels. My skimpy knickers are of satin, which make me feel really sexy especially since my pubic hair has grown quite thick and bushy since a long lost boyfriend persuaded me to shave it off.

I can feel it inside my knickers, fighting with the satin as I walk…it is almost arousing. I also wore a white brushed nylon blouse which hung and clung to my unsupported breasts which seem to acquire a motion of there own under it when walking…especially when wearing the four inch heels. I am a brunette and my long shoulder length hair I wound into a coil on the top of my head. I never wear too much make up, but enough to arouse interest and accentuate my full lips and large eyes.

Anyway hopefully now you can imagine me, as I tripped down to the station and caught the post rush hour train. It was a warm sunny spring day and I took no overcoat, just a brief case for my notes. The journey down was totally uneventful and I arrived at Seymour Hall and sat through the rather boring seminar.

Afterwards I went to a snack bar with some friends I met and we chatted, rather forgetting the time and by the time I left, it was the rush hour and I had forgotten how crowded London becomes at that time…really crowded and how people do it day after day…well it beats me. Anyway I was standing on the underground platform, what you call a sub-way, waiting for a train, together with what seemed the rest of the world, when I saw a man looking at me…In that way men do. To say our eyes met across a crowded station platform would be an exaggeration, but we did have that intense eye contact.

In that moment my eyes and brain took in the most amazing details. He was tall, dark haired, about 40 years old, slightly olive complexion, Italian? No… further south. Egyptian? No… too fine featured. Saudi? Kuwait? Perhaps. Lebanese? Yes Lebanese I think.

Wow! My heart skipped a beat; he was handsome and well- groomed, Amani suit, silk shirt, and hand made shoes, a flash of gold on his hand as he flicked something from his jacket. He was slim without appearing thin and in that instant before he looked away his eyes seemed like deep pools of dark desire… my heart skipped another beat.

I walked slowly back and forth on the platform and he watched me all the while, pretending not to, but I saw him look away each time I turned. I was parading for him, moving my hips and ass and standing rather provocatively, with one ass cheek higher than the other and legs slightly apart. My jacket fell open revealing my breasts, the nipples full of desire and at the moment I caught his eyes on me I stopped, drawing his eyes to mine and smiled. His reaction was one of surprise and sudden anxiety. He licked his lips nervously and quickly looked away.

Oh shame! I thought… but then my daydreaming fantasy was rudely interrupted by the warm draft of air coming down the platform, indicating the next tube train. The people surged forwards and I seemed all of a sudden in a crowd. The brakes screeched as it drew to a halt, there was a clicking noise and the doors drew back. Fortunately I was well positioned and as three or four people fought their way out against the tide of the waiting crowd, I was pushed forward and forced into the train by those behind.

There was the usual adjustment inside, each with his or her standing room; one man deciding that even reading the paper with it folded to the size of a handkerchief was impossible. So I hung there from the strap, looking vaguely into the back of the man in front of me, when my senses caught the smell of cologne… my brain analysed the aroma… it was Fahrenheit… a classy male perfume. It came from behind me and I felt a rush of excitement, my neck hairs tingled… It was him, behind me.

We were not touching, but I could feel his heat on me, occasionally his breath on my neck and the thought of him there started to consume me. If I allowed myself to sway with the train’s movement, I could feel him against me, gently pressing into me. I could sense his reciprocal movements and we started playing a game, the two of us pressing into each other.

He was exciting me beyond belief and his image filled my mind, one knee started to tremble but I was pulled from this image as we arrived at the next station, the train jerked and we all swayed with the motion and in that instant I felt him against me, pushed into the cheeks of my bottom. I had no time to think as more people pushed in and we were all packed together even closer. There was a general moan as we all felt the same emotion… too many people… too close together.

The train jerked, all the people moving as a mass and it rattled away down into the tunnel, the lights dimming for some reason. He was still there, pressed into me firmly and as I stood still feeling his heat, I felt something else too…his rising desire. I relaxed my bottom as I felt it pressed into me, my mind working out how big he was. He moved with the train, but he also was moving with a rhythm of his own… like a message to me, and I followed his lead, moving and pushing back at him.

My mouth was dry and I licked my lips and tried to swallow the lump developing in my throat. I felt a hand on my hip, circling my left cheek and moving to my waist then upwards, under my jacket to my left breast. I looked down at it and watched as it explored my firm orb, the olive skin, the gold signet ring, the manicured nails, the finger feeling the hard swollen nipple, the thumb joining it and rolling it between them. I felt like putty in his hands and all the time I could feel his hardness pressed into the space between my cheeks.

I wondered if he could feel the pounding of my heart, hear it perhaps as the hand left its investigation there and was travelling down to my left cheek again, feeling and caressing me. There was a slight hesitation as it found the strap of my suspender belt and I could hear his mind working out my availability.

The hem of my dress was being lifted and the hand ran over my stockinged thigh, hesitating again as it reached my flesh. I sensed a slight tremble in it as it felt over and round onto the top and delved beneath my knickers into the thicket of my sex. I felt a hot, sweet draft of air on my neck as he gasped silently, cupping me and drawing me against him hard. I moved my left leg to one side for him and his finger found me immediately, teasing me open like the morning light on a flower, dipping into my sweet nectar like a bee, finding my hard stamen and moving it back and forth deliciously.

It was too much, too delicious and I abandoned better reason, feeling behind me for him, opening him and delving into him as he was into me. It was hard like steel, not large or thick, rather delicate like the owner and I drew it out feeling and massaging, dragging my nails over the circumcised head, it jerking as I did so. Sudden panic overcame me as the train thundered into the next station, I released him and he me… where were we? Did I care? Oh… relief… quick thought six stations to go.

Then people, one squeezed in front of me to get out and some more squeezed in from the platform. We were pushed back into a corner by the door, his arm now around my waist, securing me to him. We resumed our activities as I looked about in the carriage to see if we were noticed, but everyone seemed in a daze, tired after a day’s work. He was more urgent now and his hand was behind me, feeling my cheeks, pulling the knickers to one side and feeling through and under me.

I managed to spread my feet apart as he cupped my slit, feeling my wetness, sliding a finger along it and up to my anus, making me wet there too. He managed with finger and thumb to excite me in both places and I leaned as far forward as was possible as he entered my sex. The thumb was at the other hole and pressing there, gently but firmly and as I became excited it opened for it and his thumb slid into me too.

I wondered what we would do and in my mind I saw a session of quick mutual stimulation. I felt his balls and then started to pump him as he fingered me… so deliciously… I was not far from an orgasm and prepared myself to come quietly.

Another station, more people but the train was now so full that no one attempted to board. There was a loud whirring as the train stood there, a violent jerk, then off it speed again, into the tunnel and gaining speed… then a slowing… a jerk…and a screeching as it came to a standstill. A general moan came from the people, and then the lights dimmed and we all looked around in the strange light.

I felt my skirt being lifted at the back, and he pulled himself out of my hand while sliding his thumb out of me, quickly replacing it with his penis at the entrance. I stiffened, not believing that he was thinking about fucking me in the train. I was wrong, he was and I felt him start to push into me. I looked over my shoulder, my eyes wide with panic, whispering a ‘no’. I clenched my strong cheeks together and halted his progress, but fate intervened, the train jerked and pulled away quickly, some passengers losing balance, one falling back against me, pushing me back into him as my muscles released and he slid into me to the hilt.

I yelled out with surprise and some pain at the force of the impalement, the man who pushed me apologised thinking he had trodden on me. He looked strangely at me for a moment as he saw my mouth agape and eyes wide, then looked away. I could feel his hairs against my bottom, such was the depth of his penetration, but all was forgotten as he started to thrust in and out.

He was, as I said not large, ideal in fact for this activity, and I was not far away from an intense orgasm. He pushed and thrust into me, his hand finding my breast again, the nipple now long and thick with excitement. The other hand cupped me in the front drawing me onto him as he willed, then he stiffened and I felt his penis pump as he filled me, my own silent madness filling my head as he did so.

The train pulled into the next station and he slowly withdrew, re-arranging my dress for me. I leaned against him and he softly kissed my neck as we passed the next station. No words were said, but the feelings were strong. I reached up for the strap to leave when my station arrived, and looked round at him and smiled.

His eyes were full of wonder and emotion and he took my hand and kissed the back of it, looking into my face… Oh those eyes… I hesitated, I wanted to kiss him, I wanted him to make love to me properly, I wanted to eat him… I wanted… I wanted, but I turned and walked between the doors as they were shutting. I watched as the train slowly took him away, our eyes locked together… then he was gone, it was over.

I walked slowly along the platform with a strange mixture of emotions, like waking from an erotic dream. Then the light, the sun, normality again, the feelings already withering and falling from me like leaves in the autumn breeze… I sighed.

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