The Undie Factory

My name’s Tom, I am a manager at my Uncles factory, he is called George, aged 56. We make ladies underwear, lingerie, fun wear etc. My Uncle is basically – not a nice man, he takes great delight imposing his power upon others under him; he treats his work force (me included) like shit. Why stay working for him you might ask? I used to have my own business until things went bad, he bailed me out financially and now he holds the mortgage on my house, he owns the car I drive, and I am paying off money I borrowed from him. I dream that one day I will be able to break away, start my own business again but for now I need this job.

Late one Wednesday afternoon he called me into his office. He told me that he had two important buyers coming to see him on Friday, he was going to take them out for a ‘softening up’ dinner, then he intended to show them some of the new range we were currently working on. These guys represented the largest wholesalers in the country, they already dealt with us but if they liked the new range it would be worth a lot of money.

He said he wanted someone to model the range, someone who, as he put it would ‘try their hardest to achieve a big order’, someone who he could trust, and someone who had a lot to lose if the order didn’t happen. He had lost me, why was he telling me all this, what did he want me to do, model the range myself? He must have seen the puzzled look on my face, “I want Julie to model the range,” he said.

Julie is my wife; we have been married for 6 years. She is 28, tall, blonde and up until we got married she used to be a fashion / photographic model, she has still got her gorgeous figure and her sexy looks. When we first met she told me of her past, there was a time when she was short of money and briefly turned to glamour work to earn a living, sometimes posing with other girls and men for hardcore photos, I have some of the XXX magazines she appeared in and although I have never told her, I find them to be a big turn on.

I tried to tell him that Julie does not do modelling work anymore and would not be keen to start again, he looked at me with anger in his eyes, “let me put it this way Tom, if Julie does not do what I want you’re finished here, on the other hand, if she does and we get that order you can forget about the debt you owe me”. He knew I had no option, if I left now I would be ruined, bankrupt. “I will ask her tonight, it will be her decision”, I said.

He was taking great pleasure out of this, “I need to know first thing tomorrow, oh, and one other thing Tom, I almost forgot to say, tell Julie the order will rest with her”. “What are you saying” I asked, “look Tom, if we treat those buyers right the order will be as good as ours and we all benefit, just tell Julie to be nice to them, pamper them a little, indulge in their whims”. I should have hit him there and then but he knew how far to push me, how much I would take, he was expecting me to ask my wife to model lingerie and underwear for a couple of guys and then if need be to offer herself to secure the order, “there is no way Julie will go for it” I said, “why can’t you get a regular agency model?”

“don’t worry Tom, I want you to join us for dinner, then you will be present at the showing, you will be able to see nothing gets out of hand, oh, before you go there’s one more thing Tom, I don’t want you letting on you are Julie’s husband”. Over dinner that night Julie sensed something was bothering me and asked me what it was, I explained about my meeting that afternoon with my Uncle and what he wanted her to do, she exploded, “that bastard, just who does he think he is? He has not got the right to treat people like this, especially you – his nephew”. I let her go for 5 minutes, she was a little calmer now, “the thing is Julie” I said, “I’ll be there with you and it is not like you haven’t modelled underwear before is it?”

“I know that Tom, that’s not what’s worrying me, I don’t mind about the modelling side, it could be fun to do it again, it’s the part where I might have to, as you put it ‘be nice to them’, just how nice were you thinking of? How far would I have to go to secure an order?

I tried to reassure her, “I’m sure we are both worrying for no reason, after all these guys are simply looking to place an order, I should think that if they are not happy with the product that will be the end to the evening and it would take a lot more than one very pretty girl to make them change their minds, probably all you will have to do is be pleasant, maybe at the worst you might be expected to ‘fool around’ a little, to put up with some of their sexual remarks, you know what I mean”. She didn’t want to do it but if it meant getting out of my Uncles debt and the fact that I would be there with her she said she would.

“There’s one more thing love, they are not to know that I am your husband, as far as they are concerned you are a model hired for the night, but if at any time you want to leave just tell me and we will be gone”. I couldn’t tell her that in truth I was getting turned on with the thought of her parading around in front of four men who were probably thinking of one thing – SEX! When I left home Friday morning Julie and I had made all the necessary plans, there was a suite booked at a hotel in town, she was to make her way there early afternoon, and get ready. All the garments would be delivered to her there, then after dinner George, myself and the other two guys would arrive for the showing. Over dinner George was very free with the booze and by the time the meal had finished we were all a little plastered, when we reached the suite there was no sign of Julie, I looked in the bedroom and found her, she looked fabulous, her hair was styled in a very sexy way and make up was expertly applied, I asked her if she was ok, she said she was a little nervous and that she had drunk quite a few vodka’s over the past couple of hours. She then surprised me by saying how horny she felt with the thought of wearing such revealing clothes in front of strangers, when I said that I wasn’t a stranger she replied “tonight I don’t know you or George, you have made that clear, I am simply a girl who has been paid to model and to flirt with the four of you”, she gave me a sexy look and continued to get ready. She had a list of the garments she had to wear and in what order, I returned to the others and sat down. About 5 minutes later she came out, the first items were party dresses and evening wear, the dresses were all skimpy and revealing, most were very low cut and only just contained her tits, her hard, pointed nipples clearly visible through the thin material, some of them so short and with slits at the sides, the tops of her stockings were easily seen.

During her changes the talk mainly consisted of what they would like to do to ‘her’, how sexy she looked, I noticed bulges were appearing in their trousers – mine was no exception. Julie was certainly getting in to the mood now; she posed sexily, adopting positions that gave us all views of her cleavage and long legs, she stood with one leg lifted up on to the arm of a chair, her dress rode up, her smooth pussy clearly seen. The next half hour she paraded in lingerie, so sheer and flimsy nothing was left to our imaginations. Her firm tits now fully visible beneath the material, her next outfit being a white peephole bra and open crotch panties, she wore white fishnet hold up stockings, she sat on a dining chair facing us, her legs open, she wet a finger and used it to rub at her exposed pussy lips, her other hand playing with a hard nipple poking out of her bra.

The mood in the hotel suite was changing rapidly, the buyers minds were no longer on the order, Uncle George suggested they called a break with the showing, he said for Julie to wait in the bedroom, he asked them if they could discuss the contract, it was then one of them, a guy named Peter who I guess was about 50 came right out with it. “George, we all know the merchandise is ok, we’ve seen the specifications, the drawings, we’ve been through the costings, as far as we’re concerned we are just about ready to sign along the dotted line, but – there’s one thing you could do to for us to finalise the deal”.

George looked happy at the news, “name it!” he said, “If there’s anything I can do for you guys, you’ve got it”. Peter said that seeing Julie had made their pricks so hard he wondered if George might be able to influence her in some way, to get her to join them all for a ‘bit of fun’. George shot a look at me, he probably wondered how I was going to react, I simply shrugged my shoulders, taking this as meaning that I didn’t worry, he got up and went into the bedroom that Julie was using for changing, he returned about 10 minutes later.

“I asked her if she wanted to join us for a drink, she said she would love to and would be out as soon as she has changed, I suggested for her to wear number 23 on your list”. We all looked down at our running order sheets; my prick was rock hard in anticipation of seeing her. We refreshed our drinks and sat back waiting. The bedroom door opened and she came out, she had on a black chiffon robe, underneath a black quarter cup shelf bra that pushed up her tits and left the nipples and the majority of her tits exposed, her nipples were jutting out hard against the robe, she was wearing black fishnet stockings with suspenders, high heels and a tiny pair of panties.

She walked over to me, “Hi, my name’s Julie, are you going to get me a drink?”

“My name’s Tom” I spluttered, I fixed her a drink “Let me introduce you to the others”. Introductions out of the way Julie sat on the couch between Peter and Vic, George and myself were sat opposite them. Peter asked George where he found such a beautiful girl; George told him that they had used Julie before as a model for their catalogue.

Peter asked Julie if she was married, Julie told him she was but that she and her husband had an open relationship, they both saw others if they wanted to. I was surprised to hear her talk this way, after a couple more drinks Peter made his move, he put his hand on her thigh and started to slide it up and down getting nearer and nearer to her panties, she looked over sexily towards me and placed her hand over the bulge in his trousers, she turned to Peter and kissed him, she unzipped his fly, took out his prick and started to wank on it. Vic thought he would try his luck and slipping the robe off her shoulders started to maul and suck at her tits.

I wondered how far she would go, here I was seeing my wife sitting between two men she had only just met, and as I was watched them my prick was rock hard with excitement. Julie got up and slipped the robe off completely, then she knelt in front of Peter and pulled down his trousers, she took his prick into her mouth and started to suck him deeply, Vic had dropped his pants and was sat next to Peter, he was wanking on his stiff prick, Julie reached out and took his prick in her hand and played with it, Vic leaned forwards and cupped her tits as they hung down beneath her, she switched from Peter’s prick to Vic’s and gave him the same deep throat treatment.

Peter got up, he went behind Julie and pulled her panties to her knees, he knelt behind her and started to lick and finger her cunt, she must have been very wet as his fingers slipped in easily, he took hold of his stiff prick and rubbed it up and down over her pussy lips, then with a big lunge forced the entire length into her, she screamed out – not in pain but in pleasure, he fucked her hard and deep. She was still sucking on Vic’s prick, until now I was watching them intently, Julie was clearly enjoying herself, I glanced across at my Uncle, he had his prick out and was wanking it, he was huge, it must have been about 10 inches long and very fat, I have never seen a prick so big, I wondered if he was expecting to get a piece of the action, seeing how big he was I felt sure that Julie wouldn’t object. Julie was now lying on her back on the floor, Vic was between her wide open legs, his prick buried deep into her cunt fucking her hard, Peter was knelt to one side of her head, she sucked on his prick, she stopped sucking him, looked over to me and said “Hey you, Tom, why don’t you come over hear and let me suck you off” I was over in a shot, I soon had my pants off and knelt opposite Peter, she turned her head towards me and I slid my prick into her open mouth, she resumed wanking on Peter and we were both playing with her tits.

I noticed Vic start to tense up and he soon shot his load of spunk inside her cunt, he pulled out of her, Peter went and took his place and Vic came and knelt opposite me, I noticed spunk still dribbling from his prick, Julie turned to him and licked and sucked his prick clean. George was sat in his chair, his prick hard, still looking at us, Vic went and sat down, Peter was still banging away at Julie’s cunt and she had my prick deep down her throat, Peter then lay on the floor and asked Julie to lower herself onto his prick, she did so and soon was bouncing up and down on him, I stood in front of her and fucked her mouth deeply, Julie liked to be fucked in the ass, I wondered what it would be like to fuck her ass hole while she had Peter’s prick in her cunt.

I decided to try it and positioned myself with my prick at the entrance to her ass, it looked tight, I slowly pushed it in to her, a little at a time, she was very tight, I came out a bit and using my saliva lubricated my prick, it went back in a lot easier and was soon buried deep into her ass. So, there was my sweet wife Julie, one prick up her cunt, my prick deep into her ass, her tits being sucked and played with by Peter and my Uncle George sat watching, If someone had said to me four days ago this would be happening I would have thought them insane!

Julie was right into it now, she was urging us to fuck her deeper, harder, she was using language I had never heard her use before, acting like a different person – a whore, George stood up and walked over to stand in front of her, she took hold of his huge prick, her hand was not big enough to encircle it and she licked and kissed it. I guess now, that was the reason why George waited for so long; he was waiting for her cunt to get stretched enough so she could take him. She only managed to get the end of his prick into her mouth, as I fucked her ass I could feel Peter’s prick in her cunt, I felt his prick twitch and I knew he was ready to come, he said he wanted to come in her mouth so we both pulled out of her, Julie knelt in front of him, she took his prick in her mouth, he had his hands either side of her head pumping his prick deep into her mouth, he jerked his hips forward shooting his spunk down her throat, I saw her swallowing, when he pulled out of her mouth there was no trace of any spunk, he too collapsed into a chair. Julie lay back on the floor, George got between her wide open legs and rubbed his prick up and down over her pussy lips, coating his prick with the juices that were coming out of her cunt, she had her head turned to me sucking slowly on my prick, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer, slowly he slid his prick into her, she was moaning loudly, I watched as he buried his prick fully into her, she wrapped her legs around his back, then he started to fuck her, deeper, harder, she soon got used to his size and she screamed at him to fuck her hard – which he did!

As he fucked her he played and with her tits, I felt my prick throb and pulled out of her mouth, shooting my thick creamy spunk over her face, then using my prick rubbed it into and around her mouth, she took my throbbing prick back into her mouth and sucked hard, swallowing the spunk that was still oozing out. George said he too was going to come, he pulled out of her cunt in time to shoot streams of spunk up over her stomach, onto her tits which Julie rubbed into her nipples. Everyone was truly knackered, us guys got dressed and Julie went into the bathroom for a long, hot soak. Before they left Peter and Vic signed the contract, telling George they might possibly need another showing in a couple of week’s time and urging him to book Julie for the night. George said he would see me Monday morning at the office as he had some things to discuss with me and said goodnight. I made myself a drink and sat down, I thought about joining Julie but decided to let her have a relaxing bath, to be truthful I didn’t know what to say to her, should I have stopped what happened? She was in control, she knew what she was doing, she could have stopped at any time, and I didn’t force her to have sex. She had enjoyed herself tonight and so did I. The bathroom door opened and Julie came out, she was naked, she came over to me and sat next to me, I looked at her, lost for words to say to her, she leaned towards me and kissed me, “I think the evening went ok, don’t you?” she said laughing, it was as if we had just got rid of dinner guests.

“I’m sorry” I said, “I shouldn’t have got you involved.

“Look Tom, I enjoyed myself tonight and I think you did as well, George got what he wanted in more ways than he thought he would, Peter and Vic had a good time, so who’s complaining? What happened tonight was just about sex!” “Here” she said, “read this”.

She handed me a sheet of paper, I looked at it, it basically stated that George had written off the debt I owed him, the deeds of our house were to be handed back to us and I was to be made a junior partner in the business. I looked at her in amazement, “How? – When did this happen?” I asked, she told me that when George went to see her he had offered to return the deeds and write off the debt on condition she had sex with Peter and Vic, she had agreed but told him that if he too wanted to fuck her he had to make the partner offer to me, she told him that if he agreed she would also be willing to ‘entertain’ any other business clients who might need ‘persuading’ in the future. I pulled her tight to me and we kissed passionately, we then went to the bedroom and fucked for the next two hours before falling asleep.

Conditions at work have improved enormously, George is much more bearable, probably due to the fact that he visits us every now and then and joins Julie and me in a threesome, Julie looks forward to his visits, she loves his huge prick. He is going to retire soon so the running of the business will be down to me – there are several clients I think could use some of Julie’s ‘persuasion’, even a woman – now that could be interesting!