Two is Better than One

When I first got my own apartment I was stuck. The apartment that I was getting was going to be occupied for two weeks after my first day on the job. I was in a real bind so I asked my parents if they knew anyone in Atlanta that I could stay with. They told me that they knew a couple that had a daughter named Sharon that lived in Atlanta that would probably put me up for the two weeks that I needed. When I first got off of the bus Sharon was there to meet me with her roomate Dawn. I hadn’t seen Sharon in years. In fact the last time I saw her was when she was 13. When she was that old no one was really attracted to her, but now she was a knockout! She was a tall and slender red head and was wearing a bikini top and a spandex miniskirt. Her bare legs were perfect and I could see that she had very well formed breasts. I walked up to her and told her who I was and I saw her nipples harden as soon as she began to look over my thick chest and arms (I work out almost religiously). She told me that her roomate was waiting back at her apartment and we got in her small car.

It was a little cramped with my suitcase, but it we made it work. I was admiring her smooth legs work the pedals as we drove down the freeway. Damn she had a fine ass too! I wondered if I would be able to seduce her once or twice during my visit.

When we finally got to her apartment I hauled my suitcase out of the car while I watched her run to get the elevator. I wanted her really bad. We barely fit into the cramped elevator, but I didn’t mind. Her soft body was pressed close to mine all the way up a glorious ten floors. I thought about what it would be like to snuggle with this incredibly sexy woman. Little did I now about what would happen very soon. We walked down the hall and when we got to her door she searched her purse for the key. “Shit,” she said, “I can’t find my key.” She rang the doorbell and waited impatiently for her roomate to open the door. The door open and there she was, the second most beautiful woman I had ever seen. The blonde had a towel on her head and another one that hung loosely around her huge breasts and barely covered her ass.

“Hi, I am Sharon’s roomate Crystal, come on in. Sorry about it taking so long, I was just getting out of the tub.” “No problem,” I said, “Where do I put my stuff?” Sharon said, “Just take them into the other room and we’ll deal with them later. I want to talk with you. The last time we met was 7 years ago!”

I put my stuff down and checked out the place. It was only a two room place with a single bathroom. The bedroom had only one large bed and I wondered if I’d be sleeping with these two girls. I walked into the bathroom to put away my toothbrush and found a vibrator just laying there on the sink! I checked to see if anyone was coming and then licked it to taste the pussy juice. Crystal had obviously just been using this! I could tell that this would be a fun two weeks Well, we sat around talking in the kitchen/eating room and it was pretty boring stuff. The standard pleasentries were exchanges and then Crystal went back to the bedroom to change. Minutes later she walked out of the bedroom wearing black stockings with garters, black silk panties and bra, and nothing else! She asked Crystal about the wearabouts of some article of clothing or another but I didn’t notice, I was to busy looking her over! She left the room to finish getting dressed and Sharon resumed talking, “She’s such a flirt, sometimes I think that she would screw anything that moves (my heart leaped at the thought). Well, will you be joining us for dinner tonight?”

“I really don’t have any plans, if you don’t mind me tagging along, where are you going?”

“Nowhere special, we were just going out to a fast food joint, and rent some movies.”

It sounded fairly innocent, but Crystal emerged from the bedroom wearing a black leather mini skirt, a very short miniskirt, and a thin blouse, and I wondered if it would be that innocent. Sharon went in to change and Crystal started coming on to me as soon as Sharon was gone. She sat on my lap and began to caress my shoulders. “Sharon will be in there for about fifteen minutes, wanna have a little fun?” I responded by bringing her head close to mine and giving here a french kiss. Our tongues probed each other’s mouths and I slid one hand into her blouse. I undid her bra and felt her nipples harden at my touch. I massaged them slowly and she let out a very quite moan. Suddenly realizing that Sharon might hear we pulled away from each other. Sharon came out and we went to eat.

The meal passed with little trouble and we went to rent the movie. When we got to the movie store, I was suprised to find that they rented a porno! The first one was a playmate video but the other one was about a married couple and another woman having sex together!

“You don’t have a problem with our choice of film, do you?” inquired Sharon. “No, I don’t”

“Good, I hoped that you wouldn’t.”

We went back to the apartment and went into the bedroom where the VCR was. We watched the tape and all three of us admired the beautifully formed bodies slide in and out of the clothing. Sharon started to pull off her halter top and I gazed at her small pointy nipples. “Do you think that they are as good as the ones in the video?” she wondered aloud.

“Yes, they are better, because they are right here!” I said and took one of them into my mouth. Crystal came over and enveloped the other breast between her louscious lips. Sharon began to moan and I lifted my head to give her a passionate kiss. She slide off her skirt and Crystal and I pulled off her panties. I planted my face into her mound of red hair and sucked and licked her pussy lips. Crystal took off her shirt and bra and then stood up and removed her skirt. She undid her garters and took off her panties and then refasted them. She got on top of Sharon and I moved my head out of the way. I moved my head to watch their pussies grind together. Then I Pulled their legs apart and nuzzled two gapping pussies at once! First I would work on one and when she was about to cum I would work on the other one. Finally they couldn’t take it any more and they begged for release from this fit of passion. I removed my head and after short protests from the girls I told them to 69. I lay next to them as they sucked each other to orgasm after orgasm. By then the video tape had finished and I went into the bathroom and got the dildo, then I looked under the sink and found several other sexual devices. I found another vibrator, this time sculpted to look just like a real dick, a double ended dildo, a bottle of lotion, ribbed condoms, and some lubricant. I took these out of the bathroom with me and went back to the bedroom where the girls were just finishing climbing off of each other. “So, you found our toys. Do you want to play?” Crystal asked. “I think that we can find use for these toys,” I said. Crystal was still wearing her gatered stockings and fucking a girl with those on was one of my biggest fantasies. I decided that I wanted to live it out tonight. Sharon put the other tape in and started it up. “Let’s imitate the sexual positions that we see on the tape! I bet that we’ll find some really fun stuff to do.”

Crystal and I both agree that that was a good idea. The movie was going a little slow and my dick was itching for a good piece of cunt, so I fast forwarded it to one of the good parts. This had the two girls sixty-nining and I was really disappointed. The guy was rubbing lotion all over them. I got out the lotion and Sharon and Crystal got on each other. “Wait,” Sharon said, “who will play the wife and who will play the mistress?”

“Crystal looks like the wife so you will be the mistress.”

“Good, being the mistress makes me feel sexy!”

Soon the slurping and sucking sounds of the girls tasting each other got pretty loud and I was getting a little bored of rubbing lotion on their backs and sides and bits of tit that were sticking out, but I was in luck, in the movie the mistress was on top and the man went around to face her ass. He kissed his wife while his wife was eating out his other woman and then he planted his cock into the other womans cunt, doggystyle. The most suprising thing was that the wife kept licking away! I manuevered around the pile of orgasmic flesh and pulled apart Sharons pussy lips. I rubbed my head to get her juices all over my head. She suddenly came from Crystal’s and my teasings and I slowly pushed my now enourmous cock into her tight little snatch, aided by her extra juices. On the first thrust my cock only went in three of it’s magnificent nine inches. I pulled out and prepared for re-entry. I pressed slowly in and my dick sank in another three inches. Sharon squeeled in delight. I pulled out another time and shoved my dick in really hard. I felt her vagina widen to accomidate me. I slowly pumped her cunt in time with her moans. I began to fuck her sex box faster and harder. She came again and I thrust my dick home one final time and emptied my load. Our combined juices flowed from her cunt into Crystal’s gaping mouth. I sat back and watch the girls have fun with themselves and cum a few more times. By now the sex scene had stopped and we needed a rest. We watched the remainder of the movie and kissed and did some heavy petting.

Another hot scene came along and we paused the movie to get ready. The girls got out the double ended dildo and I took a pill to give me a hard on. We played the movie and the stars were riding the dildo together. I didn’t need the pill, because this sight got me going so much that I got really hard anyway. Their pelvises were grinding together and they were french kissing and squeezing each other’s tits. Soon the guy in the movie was wacking off onto the girls. I started spanking it right there. Soon I exploded all over them. My fat wads of cum drenched their bodies and they rubbed into each other’s skin like it was sun tan lotion. I couldn’t contain my self! Soon we were all on the bed together and licking our combined juices off of each other. “Fuck the movie!” I said, “I want you Crystal.”

“Good,” she said, “I have want to feel your rod pumping me ever since I first saw you. But I want to be on top.” I had no problem with that so I lay down on the bed. My dick had gotten limp, so Sharon started sucking it. Soon my dick was back to it’s biggest size and Crystal prepared to mount me. She started to remove her black stockings. “No,” I shouted, “leave them on, I want to feel the nylon rubbing my legs while I watch you ride me and Sharon masturbate.”

Crystal thought that it was a pretty sexy idea, so Crystal and I cleaned all of the sex juices from the vibrator and gave it to Sharon. Crystal stood over me and positioned herself to go down on me. She open her legs to reveal her swollen pussy lips. She spread them and put my head in between them. She slowly lowered herself until it wouldn’t go in anymore. Then she’d rise up until I thought that she would let go of my tool, but then she’d start he desent anew. I watched, amazed, as my dick sank further and further into her cavern of joy. Finally she was seated on me and my cock was firmly implanted into her love hole. She paused to let her vaginal muscles take a hold of my dick and gave Sharon the signal to get going. Sharon started running the vibrator in and out of her cunt with and almost uneartly fervor. She screamed and moaned for release and Crystal started to ride me. She’d lift up with her legs and then go down, all very slowly and gripping my rock hard cock with her pussy muscle the whole time. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe that both of these really hot women were using me as their sex toy. I was elated. I rubbed Crystal’s thighs and felt were the nylons ended with their tight elastic edges and then her soft flesh began. My hands ran up to her hot snatch. I began to rub her clit and noticed that this greatly increased her pleasure by the look on her face and her cries for more. Both of the girls were shaking and screaming in their approaches to orgasm. Finally they let out a final primordial yell and fell limp. Crystal was lying still on my chest and I pulled her close to me and rolled over. I kissed her softly and left her there to rest. Sharon wiggled her finger at me, motioning for my to come close. She wispered for me to get on her to fuck missionary style. I climbed between her open legs and got ready to screw I until we both came. I massaged her breasts and kissed here deeply. I slid my dick into her waiting sex box. I pushed in and pulled out slowly and easily and she arched her back in response. My first slow fuck of the night went on and Sharon sighed in delight. I kissed her and nibble on her ear, neck and breasts and wispered romantic suggestions into her ear. I stood up while she lay back on the bed and grasped her legs right below the knees. I pulled them up to make upsidown V’s and rocked my pelvis to run my phallus in and out of her pussy.Softly, silently, she came and her body shook from the pleasure, still waiting for myself to cum, I increased the power of my thrusts to give her multiple orgasms and bring on my own. Soon I felt a great pressure building inside of me. I knew that I was going to cum gobs and gobs of hot wet semen soon. I came close to Crystal’s ear and slowed my thrusts.

“Why are you slowing down?” she whispered. “I am ready to cum, do you want it in your cunt or somewhere else?” I asked.

“I want you to cum inside of me, I want to feel your waves of pleasure filling me with your love cream, I want to fill me and then eat me out, then kiss me so we can both taste our juices.”

Hey, sounded good to me. I suddenly increased my tempo and the pressure from my insides welled up, I exploded inside of the most beautiful, sexy woman that I had the occasion to meet. I stopped pumping my lover and waited to calm ourselves. I felt my dick still erect within her body and brought it out to suck on while I cleaned her pussy. Sharon finished cleaning off my dick and let it fall loosely from her mouth. I took this as my cue and took a mouthful of pussy juice and cum. I pressed her lips to mine and parted them with my tongue. Our tongue touched and tasted the flavors of our mouths and sex organs. We both swallowed the results of our love and collapsed, holding each other in sweet ecstacy.

We slept the night away and in the morning we all went to work.

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