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Virgin 18 Year Old Red Head

[ Submitted by an anonymous reader ]

Spending a few days going in and out of the house to get moved into our new house we got to meet most of our neighbors. We are in early 30 and most of the neighbors are much older than us.
Over the years we would sit and watch this red head girl spend hours in her yard practicing softball, running or other sports. She was not skinny at all more muscle and thick, not fat, on no not fat at all just very athletic. My wife and I would sit and wonder how this girl would be able to run with her breasts as big as they were, she was very attractive and always had on small tops and tight shorts.

One night my wife was going out of town. I figured I would be able to relax catch up on some work and relax in the pool or hot tub. Close to midnight I got in the pool and started to swim some laps when I looked up and there she was standing over me. I was stunned that she was there and tried to stay in the shadows not to let her see that I was swimming naked. She asked if she could go swimming and I thought this could really get me into trouble with my wife and more importantly her father. She said she was just coming back from my belated 18th birthday party and wanted to relax some, before I could say anything she had her cloths off and was standing in the night naked in front of me. My cock grew large with out notice. I knew she was in good shape but I could not believe how tone she was and how young and perfect he soft skin looked not being covered in sweat like I usually see her when she is outside.

Our yard is pretty private thanks to the high trees I planted last year so I did not worry about being seen by the neighbors or her parents. As she slowly walked down the steps in my pool I just watched her move slowly. She came over to me and asked if I liked what I saw which of course I said yes. As she walked closer to me she said I see how you and your wife look and watch me and you both motivate me to want to be good.

As her breast pushed up against my chest I told her I could not believe you this barely legal red head was standing naked against me, she said I want more than that so you better be ready. I have fooled around but for the most part I am a virgin because I am not going to give my self to just anyone. I like that you and your wife look at me and always treated me with respect. Suck on my breasts she insisted and she pulled my head closer to her. I started to nibble on them and she said you can be rough with them I like being bitten. So I started to bite and pull on her massive breasts while my hand reached around to feel her ass something I have watched for so long.

As I guided her to sit down on the top step into the pool I moved my hard cock in between he massive breast and started to stroke my cock bringing it right to her face but not allowing he to suck my cock just yet. I made my way down her flat firm stomach until I reached her pussy it was neatly shaved and red hair like her head, I could not believe that I might be the first man to fuck this pussy, with great care I started to massage it with my finger, I could not believe how tight her pussy was it was fighting to allow my finger inside. With every small push my finger started to win and her moans became loader, I now was finger fucking a barely legal red head and my cock was as solid as it gets.

I looked at her and she said are you ready to taste a virgin pussy. I moved my head down to her pussy and I started to lick it hard as, she started to move her hips and arch her feet out of the pool onto my shoulders which gave me even more easy access to her virgin pussy. As I started to get a good pace going We hear her dad come out and yell for her, Just as I started to stop she grabbed the back of my head and said don’t you dare stop sucking my virgin pussy, may dad can look for me all night I am 18 now and plus he can’t see in your backyard. So with that I continued to suck her pussy and finally got a second finger into her wet but still very tight pussy. She stated to say she was going to cum and a few seconds later she started to relax on to the concrete, As I started to climb up on her she urged me to suck her wet pussy and make sure all her virgin juices are not wasted as she just watched me suck her pussy. After a few minutes she said she was cold and needed to go inside. Once inside she asked if I liked her pussy, dumb questions I thought but I answered yes anyway.

As I went for a towel I came back and she asked me to sit on the couch and she was going to suck my cock, she quickly moved down to kneel in front of my cock and started to slowly take the tip of my cock into her mouth, I watched this girl that seemed like she was just a kid the other day grow up and now had her swallowing my cock like she was a pro. She would suck them look up at me with her big eyes and glowing read hair and just smile. Saying I have waited along time to suck a cock, she took my entire cock into her mouth once again and started to suck it harder and harder she started to tell me I better shoot deep in her mouth so she could catch all of her first cum from her first cock. A few minutes later I started to tighten up and I told her to prepare to take her first cum and she just smiled as it went down her mouth to the back of her throat. As we layed there she just said that was a great time but get hard fast because I need your cock into my virgin pussy as she started to finger herself and working the juices around the lips of her pussy.

As my cock grows hard again and I start to move on top of her my cock reaches her tight virgin pussy I ask her are you sure you don’t want someone your own age or someone your in live with she said no just fuck me hard. With that said I pushed my cock slowly into her virgin red haired pussy and watched her face frown with pain, I could not believe how my cock was getting treated to such a rare thing a tight virgin pussy. I pushed further and I could feel her pussy giving way and then her frowns turned to moans and I knew that I was in and was going to start to pick up the pace. I worked my cock hard and pushed deeper and deeper, as she moaned and yelled at me to fuck her hard, I was so turned on that the sweet innocent polite girl was now yelling me to fuck her hard and work her virgin pussy. I picked her legs up and placed them over my shoulders and tried to climb as close to her as I could I kept of my pace and was not sure how long my cock would last, she told me she was coming and that my cock better give he the pleasure she dreamed about, I thought cock don’t fail me now as I pushed my cock in and out of he pussy.

Finally she cried and moaned out that she had cummed and it was just at the nick of time, I told her I would pull out so not to cum in her virgin pussy with no condom on but she said don’t dare I want to feel cum shoot to the back of my pussy and I know you and your wife can support a child it my virgin pussy gets pregnant on its first cock encounter.

With that said I shoot my load deep as I held her hips and drove my cock for one final deep push, a part of me wanted to get this barely legal red head pregnant and that thought brought my cock to become even harder. It was going on 3 am now and just as I asked her if she had any regrets my phone rang and it was my wife. I told her she had to be quiet and she said why I told her to call us around 3 am so I could tell her how lucky she is to have a loving supporting man to fuck anytime.

My only regret is that last weekend when I turned 18 you did not see your wife’s pussy licked by a younger barely legal red head. With that she grabbed the phone from my hand and told my wife we are going to bed so I can feel what it is like to sleep with a man. We will see you in the morning when you join us. As we layed there in bed I could not believe what just happened and what was just said.

Updated: August 13, 2008 — 12:26 pm


  1. Well did you get her pregnant? Was that the end of it or are there more stories about this girl and you and your wife?

  2. the next story better have your wife gettin in on the action

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