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I knew we needed a small vacation after work had been so stressful lately. A nice, long weekend to get a way a bit so we could relax. The summer was the hottest it had been in a long time and I could tell you were dying for the water. As a surprise, I made arrangements to stay at the coast and visit the beach.

Thursday afternoon I picked you up from work. You smiled but I could tell you were wound up.

“Guess what?”

“Chicken butt?” you reply sarcastically.

I grin, “No, something better.”

“Hey, you missed our exit.”

“No, I didn’t. We’re going to someplace better.”

“This isn’t one of those ‘Heaven’s Gate’ things is it?”

I roll my eyes. “NO! I’ve booked a nice little weekend getaway for us.”

I nearly wreck the car as you lean over and hug me tightly.

We arrive at the hotel and find our suite. It’s very nice and we unpack and jump into the shower. One of our favorite things is to take a shower at a hotel *never ending supply of hot water* together and just relax. The rest of the evening is spent making love in the suite and showering. We stop once, however, to eat the pizza we had delivered by room service. I enjoy watching the delivery guy’s eyes bulge out of his head when you open the door wet and naked to accept the pizza.

Friday morning we wake up energized. We haven’t felt this good in a long, long time. After a brief discussion, we feel that the beach is too tame for us at the moment and decide instead to head to the waterpark close to the hotel. I surprise you yet again when I show you the bikini I want you to wear. I picked it out the week before when I thought of this trip. It’s a hot pink thong that displays your beautiful bottom shamelessly. The top is simply two small triangles of hot pink cloth that cover your nipples but little else. You wear some sexy cutoffs (faded blue and very frayed around the edges) and a tight, white, half tee-shirt over your bathing suit that does nothing to subdue the pink color underneath. I love those cutoffs because they reveal your fine, round ass cheeks. You know I get such a thrill walking down the street knowing that all the guys are turning their heads to get a glimpse of you.

As we’re waiting in line to get into the park, you give me a knowing smile as you catch guys looking at you. Since you’re wearing shades you can look and see them gawking at you. Hell, wait till they see the bathing suit underneath!

We enjoy ourselves for about two hours. Your top has come off twice at the bottom of slides. That was fun, too. We decide to explore a little bit and find something interesting. The park has a set of caves they built to swim in. Cascading waterfalls run constantly down the sides of these caves. Once inside, we find we’re very secluded. I kiss you as I prop you up on a ledge of smooth rock next to a waterfall.

“I think we could get in trouble in here.” I grin.

“Yeah, I think we could” you kiss me.

We begin kissing passionately. I rub your warm, wet breasts and feel your nipples stiffen under my touch. Your hands travel down my shoulders to my chest and to my crotch. I lean back and enjoy the sensations tingling through me. I freeze as I notice a shadow on the wall. A wild thought occurs to me and I step back away from you behind the waterfall that’s next us. Behind it is a small alcove where I can watch you.

You’re confused at first but you realize once I duck out of sight that I want to watch you. You wait a moment and a dark, athletic guy in his mid 20’s comes around the cave. He’s wearing a tight speedo that leaves nothing to the imagination.

“Oh, sorry to bother you.” he mumbles.

“No bother, I was just relaxing here. You won’t bother me if you stay a moment.” you give him that man-killing smile of yours and I tremble with excitement. I notice your nipples are still at attention. I see his eyes drop to them. You make small talk with him. He makes some comment about the seclusion of the cave. You grin because you know the ice has been broken.

I see his big hands run up your thighs and squeeze your ass. He pulls you to him and your lips and tongues are exploring each other’s mouths. My cock stiffens when I see your hands cupping his firm butt and then pull his speedo down. He sits on the ledge and you stroke and rub his thick cock. It grows under your deft touch. I watch in rapt fascination as your tongue flickers over his bulbous head. I see you glance over at where I’m secreted. You know it makes me seethe with lust to see you with another man’s cock in your mouth. You know how hot I think you are when you take a man orally. I begin stroking my own cock as I see your lips encompass his thick shaft. You take him all the way down to his base and then move all the way back up. His stiff cock is wet your saliva. You then take his balls into your mouth, gently sucking on each one.

I see his chest heaving and his head is tilted back. He’s gasping because of your skill. His hands roam to your breasts and frees them from their flimsy confines. He pinches your nipples and it serves to make you intensify your efforts on his cock. My vision reels as I see you suck and bob up and down on his cock. You feel his cock swell. You give him long lingering suck and then jack his cock feverishly. He arches his back and a jet of cum that hits your mouth. You point his cock to your chin, letting his load hit your chin and neck. You know how it turns me on seeing you like that. My own orgasm overtakes me and I have to try hard to be quiet. Fortunately, the waterfall covers all but the loudest of sounds.

As my orgasm subsides, I notice you and your lover looking at something. I look past you and notice a couple standing there with there jaws dropped. The couple enters the secluded spot. She is tall, blond and very tan in a royal blue bikini. The bikini top seems to be straining to hold back her very large nipples. He has a boring black trunks on but you can tell they’re tented with his erection. Apparently, they liked the show, too.

She smiles and moves over to you in the waist-deep water. She kisses the spurt of cum on your chin away. She moves down to your neck and licks it clean. She whispers in your ear and you look up at her husband and smile. He grins back and takes his place up on the ledge. You look at his pants and see an obvious bulge. His wife asked you to give him the same treatment. My heart is racing with excitement. I can’t believe the show going on only a few feet away. Despite my previous shattering orgasm, my cock is tingling with renewed vigor.

With deliberate patience and care you remove the husband’s trunks. His pale shaft glistens. You wrap your small hand around it and tongue it smoothly along the tip. I see him close his eyes and lean back savouring every nuance of the experience. She is watching your mouth intently, rubbing her hands reassuringly on your back. One of her hands drops between her thighs and finds it’s way into her bikini bottoms.

He begins to moan with delight as your tongue and mouth advance further on him. I see his tool disappear into your loving lips. I nearly faint as you look up at him: your beautiful eyes wide with innocence but with a hint of eagerness. My cock stiffens to painful proportions as I stroke it. I hear his moans change as you lower yourself to his balls and caress them and take them into your mouth. You moan your own pleasure as you feel new hands on you. The dark, handsome stud you blew earlier has recovered his interest and has pulled down your bikini bottoms and is tonguing your pussy from behind.

I have to use one hand to steady myself in the water as my mind tries to process all the stimulation. It’s almost more than I can handle but I dare not look away. You’ve returned to some earnest sucking. Your lips urgently stroke on the husband’s shaft as your lover enters you from behind. I hear you cry out and stop sucking for a moment as you become accustomed to your stud’s big cock hammering you. I see your hips rock with his thrusts. Your hands are gripping the hubby’s thighs as you return to sucking his engorged cock. His shaft is dark and intensely aroused. I see him gripping the ledge as his wife urges him on with dirty talk. Your lover’s hands grip your hips firmly as he takes you. Your breasts bobble back and forth wildly.

Suddenly, you pull back from the older man’s cock and catch all his cum on your tongue as he cries out. You know I love to see cum on your tongue. You swallow his load and clean off the last little gouts that seep out with the “after-shocks” of his orgasm. Your stud also seethes with the throes of his own orgasm, burying his seed deep within you. Everyone seems to realize how crazy the situation is and swims away leaving me alone with you. I place you up on the “pleasure ledge” and pull your bikini all the way off. I begin fucking you hard, squeezing your breasts and firmly pinching your nipples, letting you know how hot you’ve made me! You look up at me licking your lips lasciviously (how’s that for alliteration?). Your wanton display let’s me know how much you enjoyed pleasing those men for me. At that moment, my orgasm overtakes me and I add my own load to the one already there. I collapse on top of you, breathing your name and thanking you for such a wild, wonderful vacation.

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