Welcome To The Neighborhood

“Hold the elevator!” Called Brad, as he and his wife Sue raced along the empty corridor of their apartment bock. As the door began to close, he saw a small, slender hand hit the door open’ button on the control panel, and the door slide smoothly back with a quiet hum.

“Thanks” he said as he stepped aside, allowing Sue to enter first.

“No problem”

Brad looked at the owner of the voice. A young woman he had not seen in the building before. A petite frame, clothed in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. Brad smiled at a pretty, heart shaped face framed by short, rather severe, brown hair. Brad saw that his wife had also noticed the woman and was also smiling sweetly at her. Brad had known that Sue was bisexual before they were married and that she had enjoyed several sexual liaisons since. He didn’t mind in the slightest, as long as she related her experiences to him later when they went to bed! The one thing that they had never yet managed to accomplish, was for Brad to watch his wife with another woman. Still, he lived in hope!

As the elevator came to a halt on the tenth floor, Brad and Sue let the young woman exit in front of them. Brad felt his arm being squeezed tightly as they followed her along the landing towards their apartment, and were both highly surprised to see her unlock the door to the apartment next to their own. It had been very obvious from the way that Sue first looked at the young woman, that there was an attraction there. Definite electricity, almost like an animal magnetism. As Brad and Sue entered their apartment, their hushed conversation was immediately concerning how Sue would approach the woman next door. Personally, Brad could not see the immediate attraction. He preferred to see women in attire similar to that which his wife habitually wore and that she wore then.

As Sue entered the kitchen to put the groceries that she was carrying away, Brad slipped up behind her circling his strong arms around her small waist. He put his face to her hair and inhaled the fresh scent.

“Mmmmmm, what are you after!” Sue commented with a small laugh

“Just you baby” He replied letting his hands drop to the front of her short leather skirt and lifting it slightly to reveal her smooth black stockings and matching suspender belt.

“I could see the way you were looking at our new neighbour. I know you too well. Was she making you just a little warm down here?

“Oh God …yes!” she whispered as her husbands insistent fingers found the front of her small lace panties.

No further words needed to be spoken. Brad knew that his sweet wife was hot and horny. He could feel the heat emanating from the crotch of her panties as his fingers roamed gently over her covered mound, seeking out the thin waistband. As he located the thin strip of elastic, he slipped his hand down inside, tangling in the soft blonde hair of her pubic region. Sue was now breathing hard as she faced the kitchen window and gripped tightly onto the edge of the counter for support, as Brad’s searching fingers slid gracefully between her slick lips. For several seconds, Brad worked his experience fingers along her lips, each time stopping just short of her hard clitoris. Sue’s breathing suddenly turned to long deep moans of pleasure as at last his finger flicked over the stiff bud and then rolled it between his finger and thumb gently. As she neared a powerful orgasm, Brad began working his fingers more urgently inside her soaked panties, using two fingers to gently spread her swollen lips and then sink deeply inside her dark, vaginal tunnel. Pounding his fingers in faster and faster, as he knew she liked, he felt her whole body tense and stiffen. Gently using his teeth to nibble on the back and side of her neck, he was rewarded by a quiet sigh and a warm liquid seeping over his already wet fingers.

Sue turned, kissed his lips tenderly as her orgasm subsided and began to drop to her knees in front of him. She knew he was hard, she had felt his erection pressing into her bottom while he masturbated her.

“No. Not yet.” Brad whispered to her as he stopped her in her tracks. “While you’re still in this mood, you should go next door and introduce yourself!”

“You naughty man! What makes you think anything will happen, anyway?”

“Oh come on, honey. I saw you two checking each other out in the elevator! Anyway, if nothing does happen, you can come back and suck me til I cum down your throat!”

Sue giggled. “OK. But I’d better change these panties first. You’ve made them all wet!”

“No. Just leave them off, OK?”

Sue looked at her husband. He seemed deadly serious. She thought about it quickly. It would not be the first time that her husband had asked her to leave the apartment without her underwear. In fact she really quite enjoyed the freedom that it afforded. Pulling up her skirt, she wriggled her pert little bottom sexily, and rolled the wet undergarment down her long, slender legs and stepped out of it. Leaving Brad standing against the counter with an obviously raging erection, she grabbed two beers from the fridge and headed for the door.

“Wish me luck!” she called over her shoulder.

“I doubt you’ll need it!” he retorted with a wide grin.

As the door closed behind her, Brad moved quickly to the wall that divided the two apartments and, putting his ear close began to listen.

Sue stepped out into the hall and used her free hand to straighten and smooth her leather skirt. She tapped lightly on the door and waited. Within a few seconds, the woman that they had seen earlier answered the knock.

“Hi. I’m Susan, Sue actually, we already kinda met in the elevator earlier” She said proffering a beer forwards.

“Oh hello. Yes of course” The young woman replied with a hint of a sexy smile. “I’m Sandy. Will you come in?”

“Just thought I’d welcome you to the neighbourhood!” Said Sue, as she sat on a large sofa that Sandy had indicated.

Sue noticed that the baggy sweatshirt that Sandy had been wearing earlier had now been discarded in favour of a small sleeveless vest. Much better, thought Sue to herself as she studied the younger girls lithe and slightly muscular body. On the top of Sandy’s shoulder, and very noticeable was a large, strawberry coloured birthmark. Sandy noticed her looking at it.

“Yes. It’s awful isn’t it?” said Sandy as she sat next to Sue on the sofa. “I thought about having laser treatment to get rid of it, but I’m not sure.”

“No. No” replied Sue “It’s beautiful. “It’s who you are. You should never get rid of your identity. I have one too. Would you like to see it?”

Without waiting for a reply, Sue Slid the thin strap of her halter top from her right shoulder and let it drop down her arm. Staring deeply into her new friend’s eyes, she slowly pulled the top of the halter down to just above the nipple on her right breast, revealing a star shaped mark. Gently she het her long finger nails trace seductively over the mark as she maintained the direct eye contact.

Sandy seemed transfixed by Sue’s actions. She could not seem to tear her gaze away from the sensual display. Sue’s fingers were gently circling the mark barely a fraction above her nearly exposed nipple as she licked her soft lips.

“Here. Feel the texture of it.” she said as she took Sandy’s hand in her own and guided it to her exposed cleavage.

Again, Sandy felt unable to refuse even if she had wanted to, as her fingers encountered the warm flesh and felt the rough texture of the birthmark. She became aware of Sue’s breathing now, as it became more irregular and slightly ragged. She felt her own body react slightly as Sue’s larger hand, still covering her own, closed, causing both hands to gently squeeze the entire area of her milky white breast.

“What are you doing?” asked Sandy with a half smile.

“I would have thought that was obvious, my dear. I’m trying to seduce you!”

Meanwhile, back in his own apartment, Brad had been listening intently. The walls were thin enough for him to be able to hear the entire conversation between his wife and their new neighbour. As soon as he heard Sue confess her intentions, he quickly stepped out on to the balcony, his excitement, as well as his penis, rising rapidly! From his position outside, he could clearly see into the adjoining apartment, and if her kept back, the curtain inside would prevent him from being discovered. He could now make out the two women sitting together on the sofa, and, if he wasn’t mistaken, he could see the younger woman’s hand clearly manipulating his wife’s large, ripe breast! This was what he had been waiting for all these years. It looked like it was finally going to happen and he was not about to miss a thing. Slowly he unzipped his jeans and began to massage his solid erection through the fabric of his underwear as he watched.

It was strange, thought Sandy, the way that women had an almost sixth sense when it came to recognising a fellow bisexual. As she had slept with men on the odd occasion, she supposed that she had to consider herself bisexual, but if she was honest, she much preferred the silky warmth of female skin! She was indulging herself now. Gently squeezing her neighbour’s soft breast. Sue’s top had now fallen down to her waist, completely exposing her womanly charms. Bending her head down towards the older woman’s ample chest, Sandy flicked her long pink tongue over the hardening nipple, feeling it swell deliciously beneath her wet touch. She felt Sue’s hand grasp her own again as Sue drew her fingers towards her mouth and sucked a long finger deeply inside and rolled her tongue over it sensuously. Sandy now felt her wet finger being guided and encouraged down towards Sue’s lap and between her spread legs. The naked flesh above the black stockings felt cool and smooth, as Sandy took the initiative and began tracing wet lines with her fingers around the woman’s inner thighs. As she traced her fingers higher, instead of the fabric of panties, that she expected to encounter, she felt instead the soft damp curls of Sue’s naked pussy.

“Mmmmm.” she murmured into her nipple that she was still teasing with her lips. “I see you have come prepared for me! And a little excited too, I think!”

Sue was incapable of answering coherently as she experienced the delightful feeling of another woman’s finger slide deeply into her vagina. Her hips lifted from the sofa to allow the fingers deeper access as her skirt bunched around her waist and her legs flopped further open in an obscene pose. Her whole body felt afire, as the digits seemed to explore deeper and deeper with each thrust and she felt the painful delight of teeth gently closing over her throbbing nipple.

Outside, on the balcony, Brad was in a state of extreme excitement himself. No more content to feel his hard cock from outside of his underwear, he had released the large weapon and was openly stroking himself as he watched the action in the next apartment unfold. As his hand moved slowly up and down his shaft he could feel himself throbbing, could feel his balls tingle as the warm afternoon air played over his exposed private area. From time to time he had checked the street below him. Even though he was ten floors up, he had no desire to be caught and branded as a peeping pervert! He could clearly see his wife bucking her hips up and down from the sofa as the younger woman pounded her fingers into Sue’s open and wet cunt, and could see the look of painful delight on her face as her nipples were lightly chewed and bitten. This had to go down as one of the best days of his life, he thought with a chuckle.

Sandy was pushing three fingers faster and faster into the wet pussy of her neighbour. Her stocking tops were soaked, and she was still nibbling on the her nipples, alternately taking the left and then the right into her mouth and biting down. The harder she bit, the more that Sue seemed to enjoy it and moaned loudly begging for more. With a deep thrust, that sent Sandy’s fingers deeply into Sue’s pussy, and her thumb into direct contact with her quivering clit, Sue came long and hard. Sandy felt her legs begin to shake as her whole body lifted off the sofa and lunged forward, trapping her hand against her mushy pussy. The fluid began to literally run from her hole on to Sandy’s hand and trickled down her wrist.

“Your turn now!” breathed Sue with an excited gasp. “Kneel on the sofa and bend over the back, I want to eat you from behind!”

Sandy was happy to oblige. This experience, although quite unexpected, had left her extremely horny. She had not had a partner in over four weeks, and her trusty vibrator had been used frequently in that time. Climbing quickly into the desired position, she began to unbutton her jeans. Sue helped her to unzip them, and they, with her white cotton panties were soon discarded on the floor.

Brad had been continuously masturbating while he watched his wife moan and tremble her way through her orgasm, and was now on the point of cumming himself. He could feel his balls tighten and his whole cock swell in his hand as he watched. The deciding factor had been to see his new neighbour bend over the back of the sofa. As he saw her smooth round ass appear before his eyes, and her pink puckered anus and shaved pussy come into view as she lost her jeans and underwear, Brad lost his semen. The strength of his climax took him a little by surprise, as his knees buckled and he released a long repeating stream of cum that splashed lewdly against the glass balcony doors.

Sandy had thought that she had heard a noise from outside, but was too excited to care. Knelt on the sofa, resting her head in her hands, she spread her shapely legs as far apart as she could and waited with baited breath.

Sue looked at the younger woman’s displayed body with sheer lust in her eyes. She licked her lips greedily anticipating her next move. Kneeling on the floor behind her neighbour, put her head in a direct line with Sandy’s raised butt. She put her fingers between the girls legs and was happy to feel that she was in a very excited state. Sue’s fingers slipped easily into Sandy’s hot, wet pussy as she finger fucked her slowly. Pulling her buttocks gently apart, Sue lowered her head and inhaled the sweet feminine aroma. It smelled so compelling, so appetising as she sunk her face between the spread globes and let her tongue slide from one end of Sandy’s slit, to the other. Sandy, was no longer quiet and let out a howling moan. As Sue felt her body tense, she took the opportunity to force her long pointed tongue deep into her tight hole, seeking out all the sensitive areas that only a woman would understand. As she fucked the sweet hole with her tongue, she let her long, wet index finger drift over the rounded swell of Sandy’s buttocks and slide into the deep cleft between them, searching for the tiny pink hole. As her fingernail found and scratched lightly over the tight nether orifice, Sandy pushed her hips backwards with a deep groan. Sue’s tongue continued to lave sensuously over Sandy’s slit, flicking at her hard clit as it passed, her fingernail gently exploring the petite woman’s anal ring. Moving her tongue higher, Sue licked over the anus wetting it and then gently slipped her finger in to the first knuckle. Returning her tongue to Sandy’s vagina, she began to fuck the pussy with her tongue and finger her ass at the same time.

Sandy could not hold back any longer. Her naked toes curled involuntarily as her climax began to overtake her. Starting at her pretty feet the sensations travelled up through her legs and centred in her seeping vagina and convulsing ass. He whole body shook uncontrollably as the orgasm wracked her entire petite frame causing her to scream out in pleasure.

Brad watched with a broad grin on his face as Sue reluctantly detached her lips from Sandy’s wet and open pussy, as both women sat on the sofa and kissed deeply.

“Mmmmm. That was some introduction!” breathed Sandy I hope that we can meet again soon! Perhaps all three of us could get together sometime!”

You read my mind! thought Brad as he silently tucked his now soft penis back into his jeans and entered his own apartment. As he closed the door behind him, he waited for the return of his very sexy wife.