Wife Gets Revenge

Having been married for 10 years, I was somewhat discontent with my sex life. It wasn’t because my wife and I didn’t have sex. We had great sex and had it quite frequently. I just needed a change. I started to have an affair with a rather plain woman I had known for several years. I got out of work at about 8:30 each morning, swung by her house and knocked off a piece before going home to an empty house (my wife having left for work by 9 AM). This worked out great. I got laid, came home for a shower and got some sleep before the old ball and chain got out of work. Then I fucked up and didn’t even know it.

I was really beat one morning after work, but I stopped for a quickie anyway. When I got home, I crashed on the couch with out taking a shower and was out before I knew what happened. I woke up to a warm mouth on my cock which was as hard as steel. I moaned and moved. My wife lifted her head from my cock and said ” I just couldn’t resist that hard on when I saw it in those shorts. I hope you don’t mind”.

Mind? How could I mind? It felt great!

My wife sucked me until I came in her mouth, jumped up and said” gotta go back to work. See you later.”

About a week later my wife surprised me by asking to tie me up. I had tied her up a few times and she enjoyed it. I thought, maybe she is getting a little bored. So I said “sure, If you want.”

She stripped my clothes off me and had me lay on my back with my feet against the headboard. She tied my feet to the legs of the bed with 2 short lengths of rope she had stuck under the bed. As she reached under the bed I tugged on the ropes and realized she had done a good job. She tied my hands to the corners of the footboard just as efficiently.

She stripped her clothes off and without any preliminaries climb on top of me in a 69 position. I struggled to lick her pussy as she used her tongue on my cock and balls. My erection grew in her mouth as she worked my cock. Her finger nails scraped my buttocks and tickled my asshole as I cranked my head around to keep my tongue on her cunt.

I felt my climax started to build and she stopped. “Okay, Now” she called out and before I could think the bedroom door opened. I couldn’t see the door and had no idea who had come in. My wife sat up on her haunches and looked down at me with a rather scornful look on her face.

“Do you remember”, she asked, “when I came home for lunch and sucked you off on the couch?” I nodded my head and she continued, “I could taste your little Whore girlfriend on your cock. So I went out and got myself a couple of boyfriends.Today you get to meet them.” without another word she leaned forward again so her Pussy was only inches from my face.

The bed moved and I could see a cock and balls over my face. I started to protest and Cut it short with a yell as my wife’s teeth started to sink into my cock. “Shut Up” was all she said. I watched silently as a calloused hand spread my wife’s quim and she reached back to guide the cock into her. I had never seen anything like this. As the stranger’s cock slid into my wife, She sighed. As the cock came out, it was covered with her juice. I lay there silently for about ten minutes watching my wife get Fucked. She was obviously enjoying it. She was moaning and grunting as she pushed back against his thrusts. I watched his cock. It was about the same size as mine, about 8 inches long and a little more then an inch in diameter. At least he isn’t hung like a horse.

As I thought about the size of his cock, I saw his balls pulls up toward his body and I knew he was about to cum. He grabbed my wife’s hips and drove his cock in to the hilt and groaned. My wife pushed back and ground her ass against his groin.

As he pulled his glistening cock from my wife’s wet hole, gobs of his semen stuck to her cunt lips. As soon as he was off the bed, My wife pushed her right down to my face. The smell of her juices mixed with his filled my nostrils. Then her cum filled cunt was against my face and she told me, “Lick my pussy. Clean me up for the next round.”

I hesitated and she shouted, “Do it!”. I slid my tongue out and tasted her. His semen was slightly salty. Chunks of his sperm stuck to my lips and tongue. As I stuck my tongue into her, jism poured out of her and rolled to the back of my throat for me to swallow. For almost five minutes I licked and sucked my wife to remove the secretions of lust from her. Then, with no warning, she pulled away. A cock was in front of my face again. This one was uncircumcised and longer than the first had been, although, not as thick.

The owner of this penis, which must have been ten inches long, looked down into my face and grinned. His blonde hair hung to his shoulders and his blue eyes glistened as he guided his semi-erect cock to my wife’s now open hole. I watched the head and half the shaft disappear on the first stroke. As he pulled back, a small wad of cum clung to his cock for a second then fell onto my chest. His erection began to move back in and when all but about an inch and a half were out of site my, my wife grunted and I knew he had just hit bottom. He grabbed her hips and pushed the last of his meat into her and she began to shake as a low groan began to build in her throat. Then he pulled out until just the head was inside my wife and with blinding speed drove back into her with full force. His balls swung up and struck her between the legs and he pulled back for another stroke.

I didn’t have to watch long as he had very little staying power. After about 20 or 30 strokes he pulled back so just the head was inside her. I watched his balls move up and down and I could see the muscles in his cock pushing the semen along it’s length. When he had finished, he pulled out, and semen began running from my wife as she pushed herself down onto my face.

I knew what was expected this time and began to lick. This load was far thinner in consistency than the last but more salty. His load must have been huge as it seemed to fill my whole mouth when I tongued my wife. I began to wonder what would come next as she started to pull her groin from my face.

I didn’t have long to wait. I felt the bed move and saw a black man with a bald head looking down at me. His laugh was very deep and load. He climbed up behind my wife and the biggest cock I had every seen came into my view. It was hanging down from his groin, almost completely flaccid, and ended within an inch of my nose. His balls were as big as golf balls, the head of his cock was was the size of a baseball. This cock was about 13 inches long and I would have been unable to wrap my hand all the way around the shaft. He gripped his cock and gave it a few strokes. It didn’t seem to get any longer, but it got thicker and stood up more.

After he was erect, this guys shoved his cock against my wife’s wet, red and swollen cunt lips and pushed. The head of his cock disappeared into her, pushing her cunt lips out of sight as it went. On the first stroke he only got about an inch of that mammoth tool in before he started to pull back. He Pushed again and about a third of his cock went in. This time when he pulled out it looked like my wife was turning inside out. Her inner lips clung to his cock and were pulled into plain view. Again he pushed and this time he hit bottom, and 6 inches of his cock were still in view.

With a slow, deliberate pace he began to fuck my wife. He pulled back until the rim of his cock head came into view and the pushed back in until he hit bottom and she grunted. I watched as, over and over, my wife’s anatomy was deformed by this huge, black cock. Her juices ran down her legs and made them glisten.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock out of my wife and leaned back. She turned around and lowered her stretched out hole onto my cock and raised my digital camera to her face. Her friend grabbed my hair and forced the head of his cock into my mouth. My jaw hurt from being opened so far. Then as my wife clicked away with the camera he started to climax. His semen shot into my mouth and I began to gag as I was unable to swallow with my jaw stretched to its limit. He pulled his cock from my mouth and shot more cum onto my face and chest.

When he had finished, my wife climbed off me and left without a word. Her friends going with her. She returned twenty minutes later, threw an envelope onto the bed and cut the rope holding my right hand. Again, she left.

The envelope contained pictures of me with my girlfriend and the pictures she had taken with the Digital camera. It also contained an ultimatum. I was to end my affair or she would divorce me and ruin me. Her affairs would continue as she saw fit and I would be awarded sex 2 nights per week. The terms were spelled out very clearly and I had no choice but to acquiesce. And now I have become a slave in my own home.

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