Wife Goes Back To School

I was tired of being a substitute teacher. Tired of not knowing where I was going to work each day, or if I was even going to work at all. After years of complaining my husband finally told me that I should go back to school and get a graduate degree. He said, it could improve my opportunities, and was he ever right.

I am 36 years old, and still look rather young for my age. People often think that I am in my mid. to early 20’s. And, at 5’5″, 100 pounds, and 34-A small tits, I fit in fairly well in graduate school at Marshall University. It was a busy life, so that’s why it was such a treat when my professor let us go early after taking a test last Thursday.

Not being expected home for a few hours, I thought I would take some time to myself and just relax. After all, I deserved it. Substitute teaching during the day, being a wife and mother, driving to Huntington, working on class projects, doing research, and sitting through classes that ended well past 9 o’clock. Yes, I needed some me time.

I left the classroom and walked to the Student Union. I ordered a drink and went to the lounge and found a seat. I sunk deep into the soft cushions of a couch, letting the world just slip away, and letting out a small sigh. “Long day?” A voice came from the side.

I flinch, startled as I returned to reality, “Yes. Yes, it was.” I said as I glanced around for the source of the inquiry. A tall good-looking young man stood at the end of the couch.

“Sorry for surprising you.” He said, “I’m glad we got out of class too.” He paused, “I have had so much work lately, with term papers, projects, and tests I don’t know if I will ever get done.”

“No, that’s OK,” I said. “Are you in my class?”

“Yeah.” He said, “I usually sit in the back. You sit toward the front of the class, on the right-hand side.”

“Um huh”

“Yeah, I noticed you a few times.”

“Alright?” I responded uncertainly.

“Mind if I set down?”

“No, go ahead.” I said.

He took a seat on the couch. Then took a drink of his drink. It was then that I noticed how good-looking and well built he was. I could tell he was athletic, with sandy brown hair, green eyes, and dark complexion. He wore tight fitting jeans, a gray MU t-shirt, and untied high-top shoes.

We talked about his school, where he was from, his family’s business, where I met my husband; that sort of thing. He told me that he was engaged but that his fiancĂ© had graduated last semester, and went back home to take a job as an accountant. He said that they visit each other occasionally on weekends but he still missed her and thought about her all the time. I told him that was very romantic and told him that I hoped it lasts. I hadn’t planned on opening up to him this way but it just ended up that way. Then I let out another sigh.

He asked if there was anything wrong, I said no at first but went on to tell him just how busy I had been lately, how I felt like I didn’t have a clue what was going on in class sometimes. I told him about some of my insecurities and explained the life of a substitute teacher. He gave a slight laugh and said that he was shocked. He said, that I was very attractive, and did not see how I could have any kind of insecurity. He went on to say that, he felt a little overwhelmed in class, and that by the way I speak up in class, he was sure that I knew twice as much as he did about everything. I blushed at the compliment and thanked him. I told him I didn’t really feel good about myself and wished I were ten years younger.

“What, back in Jr. High School?” he said.

I grinned, “No, 25, I wish I was 25.”

He looked confused. “Twenty-five, NO WAY! You are not,,, not thirty-five!” He said with a look of amazement.

“Yes, I am.”

“No, way!” He scanned me head to toe, checking me out more closely. “You have a hot little body, and I would never that you were anything over twenty-three.”

I blushed again. “Thank you” I said softly and looked away.

Then he really stunned me. He told me that he had actually come over to ask me out, but did not know that I was married. I quickly composed myself, smiled, and said, “So is that a problem for you?”

Once again, I had surprised him. He did not know what to say or even how to respond.

“Look, my husband doesn’t mind if I fool around. As a matter of fact, I kind of have his blessing, if that makes any sense.” I then reached into my purse and pulled out the condom that I had bought at a gas station, for just the right occasion. “But, what about your fiancĂ©?”

He shook his head in disbelief, finally taking a breath, but still unable to speak. “W, w, well… Um… Uh…” he tried.

I laughed, “Look, I have had a long day and I could use a little fun, and well, I don’t have to be home for another couple hours.” I then reached over and placed the square package into the palm of his hand. I still can’t believe that I could have been so bold.

He stared at the package in his hand for a moment. Still flustered, he stammered, “I, I, I live right around the corner, if you really want to?”

“Yeah” I said, and we walked out of the Student Union and around the corner to the towers. I followed him inside, crossed the lobby, and up a flight of stairs. We walked down a long corridor and finally arriving outside of his room. We spoke little as we walked together, both still a little anxious.

He opened the door, and I walked inside. He followed me in and walked straight across the room to the closet, opened the door and removed a hanger from the bar. He returned to the door, opened it, looked both ways down the hallway, and placed the hanger on the outside doorknob before closing it.

He turned around and we were standing only feet apart facing each other. He gave me a smile and took a step forward extending his arms. I put my hand up and he stopped at once then took a half step back.

Staring into his eyes I reached up and slowly started to unbutton my blouse. First, the top button, then the second, and the next until my shirt hung open exposing my skin and middle of my Victoria’s Secret bra. I reached up slowly and began pulling my shirt from my shoulders, letting it inch down my back, my bra coming into full view. I pulled my arms out, and tossed it to the floor.

Then, almost on there own, my trembling hands moved to my waist and unfastened my pants and slowly pulled down the zipper. I reached back to my waist and began to slide them down slowly. Gradually, exposing my bikini panties, down my thighs, past my knees to the floor. I step out of them and kicked them aside also.

Standing in only my bra and panties, facing this handsome college student, as his eyes fixed on me taking in every inch of my body. I still couldn’t believe I was doing this.

“You are so sexy,” he said. “You are really turning me on.”

“Really?” I said.

“Yeah, really.” He said, “let me show you.”

Standing right in front of me, he took off his shirt. “WOW” I thought. This guy is like an athlete. He then reached down and unfastened his pants and pushed them down his muscular legs to the floor. There he stood before me in his briefs. I glanced down and could see his growing bulge and new he was telling the truth.

He took a step toward me and I met him mid stride. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed, letting our tongues explore each other’s mouths. I moved my hands over his body, feeling his muscles beneath his tightly stretched skin. His hands moved down my back and cup my ass hard in his strong hands then caressed my thighs.

Our kisses grew more passionate, as we continued to explore each other’s bodies. His hands moved up my back and in one swift move he had unfastened my bra. I leaned back, dropped my arms and let it fall away.

“Mmmmm, yes,” I sighed as his hands found my breasts, cupping one then the other teasing my hardened nipples. I loved the feel of his strong hands on my breasts and he must have enjoyed it too since I could feel him getting harder pressing against my stomach.

We continued to kiss, pressing my breasts against his chest and grinding my hips into his erection. My hands moving down his body, over his hips and around his torso. I placed my thumb inside of his waistband and gently pushed his briefs toward the floor. His cock sprang free, completely hard, nearly 8 inches and fairly thick. Instinctively, I wrapped my hand around him and stroked slowly at first.

I kissed my way down his chest, sucking his tight nipples in my mouth. I moved my kisses down his stomach as his hands moved to the back of my head. Running his fingers through my hair. I stroked his cock only inches from my face, before I leaned forward and kissed the tip. His body gave shudder, as I continued to kiss up and down the length of his shaft. Finally, I opened my mouth and let his head slid between my lips, my tongue rolling over the head and under the rim. “Mmmmmm.” He moaned.

I still couldn’t believe what I was doing. I am a married woman, in a college guy’s dorm room, sucking his cock. The situation made even more arousing, knowing that I would tell my husband all about it later.

Giving my new friend a blowjob was really turning me on, but I wanted to know what this cock would feel like inside me.

I continued moving my mouth up and down his shaft, faster and harder, caressing his balls with my fingers. He moaned loudly, then pulled himself out from between my lips. “Wait, not yet babe, not yet.” He said, as he helped me back to a standing position.

We continued to kiss as he regained composure. Then he moved his hand down my bare back, caressed my hips, placed his fingers inside my panties and gently lowered them down my legs. I stepped back and he guided me to the bed. I sat down and my friend knelt between my legs and spread them slowly apart.

He leaned forward and I felt his tongue slide slowly up my wet pussy. I fell back and let out a moan. I was in heaven! He moved his tongue around my clit sucking it into his mouth. Harder and faster the intensity grew with each lap of his hot tongue. I could no longer fight the urge to cum and I had one of the most explosive orgasms that I have ever had as he buried his tongue inside me! My body shook as I gasped for each and every breath, “Uh… Yes… Fuck!” I squealed in delight.

After several minutes, he stopped and kissed up my body, over my stomach and to my breasts. His tongue running across my nipple sent chills shooting down my spine. I felt the warmth of his mouth as he sucked them into his mouth. He kissed up my neck and came to stop at my lips. Lying on top of me we kissed… passionately. I felt his hard cock throbbing against my stomach again.

Just then, my friend pulled back, leaned over the bed and grabbed his pants from the floor. He removed the condom that I had given him from the pocked, opened it, and rolled it over his rock hard cock.

“Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” he whispered.

“Yes…” I purred.

“God,” he breathed. “I have fantasized about you since the first night I saw you in class.”

“Really?” I asked.


I smiled, then rolled him over onto his back and straddled his muscular body. I rubbed my wet pussy along his hard cock. I loved the sensation and I could tell from his face that he did too.

“Well, now you don’t have to imagine,” I said as I lowered myself onto his excited cock.

We both moaned in pleasure as he filled me up. His hands were on my ass as I moved my hips back and forth moving him in and out. I leaned forward onto my arms and took long deep strokes, riding hard, my tits swaying with each thrust. Occasionally, I would sit straight up to catch my breath, grinding my hips slowly, enjoying the full sensation of my pussy. His hands playing with my tits, caressing my stomach, and massaging my thighs.

“You should get on top,” I said, after about 10 minutes, as I began to feel tired.

I rolled off slowly and laid back on the bed, my legs spread wide in the air, inviting my new friend inside. He leaned over me, and with one pushed buried himself deep inside me and started pounding me with his rock solid cock. He leaned forward and started kissing and sucking my nipples, as he pounded his meat inside of my body at a frantic pace.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes… fuck me… fuck me, harder…” I moaned.

I reached down and grab his ass and brought him deeper inside me. Our bodies moving together in a lustful dance. My body convulsing, my legs in the air, toes curled, my thoughts lost, my breath gasping in the pleasure from each deep, hard trust. I was basically hanging on for the ride.

“Oh God,” I moaned. “Yes… Umm… Eeeee…. Yes… Oh… Oh… Oh…” I cried, “I’m cumming,” as an orgasm slammed into me. Hot explosions of sexual release rocked my body he continued slamming his cock in and out of my wet pussy.

“Fuck… I’m gonna cum…” He groaned.

I grabbing his ass and pulling his hips into mine. His cock buried deep, I felt it twitch then the warmth of his cum as it filled the condom inside of me.

He collapsed on top of me, both struggling to catch our breath in a sweaty heap. Our muscles continuing to spasm. We stayed in each other’s arms for a few minutes, holding each other as his cock gradually went soft and fell from my well-fucked lips.

I gave him a kiss and got up from the bed. My legs felt weak from the physical exertion and it took several minutes to get dressed.

My new friend looked exhausted as he lay on the bed. I gave him another kiss, and said, “I’ll see you in class next week.”

I then left for home, with a great story to tell my husband.